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  16. <title>What is the phlebotomy exam (NHA) going to be like?</title>
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  20. I took the phlebotomy class. I can't find online, any info on what to expect. How many questions will there be? Is it considered &quot;hard&quot;? The only part I'm really worried about is the order of draw and additives. My instructor didn't really go over it that much. I still studied and continue to do so, but I'm just not getting it. Its a lot to memorize.
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  27. <title>How to navigate "needing some time"?</title>
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  30. So i recently reconnected with a guy I knew ten years ago through mutual friends. Immediately there was spark. Good connection, good conversation, comfort in being yourself without fear of judgement. Just easy. It moved fast, I won't deny that. And in the beginning he expressed that while he had been on many dates since his divorce (April), he was gun shy. I took his lead, trying to give him the pace that he needed. But he seemed very much into it. In fact he was spear heading the pace, and us. Though for those first few weeks he acted the complete opposite of gun shy. We talked all day every day, we saw each other most days as well. He would say things like &quot;is it too soon to see a future with you&quot; or &quot;I could see myself falling in love with you&quot;, all that kind of stuff. Very sweet, very lovey-dovey, very open about emotions.
  32. Fast forward two weeks to when he became &quot;overwhelmed&quot;. We didn't see each other for a week, I am an anxious agonizer. It was a rough week for me. When I did see him he expressed he had been just as unhappy and that seeing me was the highlight of his week. That he does want to be with me, that none of the things he said were lies. But he's just not sure he's ready, that he is afraid to get hurt. Though also admitting he thinks he could have overthought it to the point were he wasn't even sure he isn't ready. When I expressed frustration because he had given me one impression only to rip the rug out, and that I didn't know how to be just his friend. He asked &quot;can you just give me a little time? for all I know I'll come home this weekend and just know I should go for it&quot;. He woke me up three times that night whispering in my ear that he's sorry he hurt me, and that he truly does like me. When were together it's just like it's always been. When were apart is when it's off.
  34. He was at a bachelor party over the weekend, was sweet and asked if I missed him and was thinking of him, and when I said yes he said the feeling was mutual. When I message him sweet things now he mostly just doesn't acknowledge it (I've stopped now) and I know I can't expect him to say it back now. When we talked about it &quot;he didn't want to give me false impressions&quot;.
  36. Last night I saw him again for the first time in the last week. I was pleasant, but more distance and less affectionate than normal. He noticed and brought it up. I said it was just confusing for me, to have him be so affectionate with me and so distant when we weren't together. He asked if I just thought no contact would be better, that makes me very sad so I said no.
  38. The night was great, as always. He told me that I do things to him and he does like me and he really does miss me. Just cause he can't offer me anything right now doesn't mean those things aren't true. He said something like he wished he didn't like me, because it would be easier.
  40. We were talking and he's like see you think you're the only one who thinks too much and I said the I don't let it run me thing and he responded by saying he does and kissed me on the forehead. I get being scared, I'm not knocking that. But the inconsistency is very hard.
  42. I don't know how to act. How do you distance yourself to protect yourself in case he doesn't choose you in the end, but still remain hopeful and best enjoy the time you get to spend together. Feeling like were &quot;together&quot; when were together, the picture of the &quot;false impression&quot; he's afraid of giving me; and the distance and confusion of being apart. I think there's great potential here, and I think he does too. But I've become very discouraged and unsure how to act or feel. I've never had a guy &quot;need time&quot; but actually stick around. Usually the &quot;need time&quot; is just an excuse to leave and soften the blow of it.
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  49. <title>At the point where a decision needs to be made. Propose or end it</title>
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  52. So I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years and my girlfriend is pressuring me with getting married. The issue is her sex drive is pretty low (We’re in our mid 20’s) and we only have sex once a week sometimes once every two and I feel like she only does it to keep me happy on routine. I’m afraid that once we get married this will get worse to the point I will be unsatisfied. I’ve brought this issue to her attention multiple times and it just ends up with her crying. It’s been over 2 years with this issue so I have given it some time. We get along really well and rarely fight but this one issue really concerns me. What should I do?
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