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  16. <title>Should I go back to teaching?</title>
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  19. 25/f
  21. I left my teaching job mid-year so I could search for a job that I loved. My whole life, I have had jobs that I have hated. It took 4 months of unemployment to find my current job.
  23. And I love my current job. However, I am in a financial crisis. I am in debt and I am trying to pay it off. I am trying to move out of my apartment and get my own (because I am not happy in my relationship), and I will need a new car, or a new-used car.
  25. Based on my calculations to pay off my debt, and to get everything I need, if I stay with my boyfriend and keep my current job, it will take YEARS.
  27. If I break up with my boyfriend, I will definitely be struggling and the only way I can do this on my own is if I quit the job I currently have and love to go back to teaching (which is the job that I hate).
  29. What do you think I should do?
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  36. <title>He lied to me--What should I do?</title>
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  39. 25/f
  41. I am talking to a guy. Let's call him Andrew.
  43. I met Andrew through mutual friends and I immediately had a crush on him. But I didn't do anything for years until later this year.
  45. I didn't really talk to him until then. When we first met up, I wasn't attracted to him. I was just getting to know him. When we first met up, he kissed me. He told me he thought we had immediate chemistry and he wanted to take me out on a date. I agreed.
  47. The next time we met, we kissed again. He said he wanted to see me again but he was going on an international trip for a month. He said he was going to travel to many places during this time. He asked I would be seeing a lot more of him when he got back.
  49. During the month he was gone, we were speaking everyday. However, the things he was telling me were missing so many puzzle pieces. It was as if I was putting together a beauty and the beast puzzle but was getting pieces from nine other puzzles, and none of the puzzles had all of the pieces.
  51. For example, he was apparently traveling to Europe, Australia, etc. but was still awake while we were awake and was inactive/asleep while we were asleep. If you were international, you would think there would be a time difference.
  53. I also found out geography was not his greatest strength because he somehow had internet the whole time when he flew from Melborne, Australia, to Moscow, Russia. He also was apparently buying his tickets at the last minute. That would be very expensive.
  55. At some point, I started getting suspicious and asked some of my close friends who met him before I did. Once I mentioned his names, my friends immediately got cautious and became overprotective. But it's because none of them knew what he did for a living, none of them really knew anything about him, either. Which became a red flag.
  57. My friend has a friend who went to school with Andrew. He was told he didn't have suits back then, he wasn't going to bars, and he was fairly nerdy. But he didn't know much about him because they didn't hang out.
  59. I ended up doing a background check on him and everyone that kept coming up was a different age. I had to confirm with Andrew's former classmate, that he lied about his age by only three years.
  61. Now that I think about it, I pieced it together. It explained why him and his friend looked at each other weirdly when he said he was 26. He's really 29. I can't wrap my head around why he would lie to me in the first place. It also explains when he told me his sister was 36, I said that was a large age gap, by a decade. And he paused and had to think to himself, realizing that he had lied to be previously.
  63. I have not confronted him, yet. That's because I have not seen him since he's gotten back. We tried meeting up, but we were not successful. He wants me to see him tomorrow, but I'm not sure if that's going to fall through, either.
  65. I don't know why he lied. I don't know if he was saying this to impress me, or if he's trying to impress those who went to high school with him (proving that he's different). I don't know if he's just messing with me. I don't know what he wants from me. All I was told by other people, was to be wary of him.
  67. What are your opinions? What do you think I should do?
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  78. we went for ice cream and the park....i had fun...but ....i know not everyone wants to screw after the first date but then again...why ask me to his place.... same shyt, diff guy....will it ever end....smdh, everybodies isnt a hoe ...there are a handful of folks who have some type of morals....this is a HUGE dating turn off for me....and why I like to turn down dates when dudes ask me out
  81. my friend replied to my question with the following
  84. No, it will never end. If you're going to date guys, then you're going to get asked for sex.  Adults have sex, that's reality. Having it on the first date would be too soon, though, IMO.
  87. Hon, refusing to have sex before marriage doesn't make you &quot;moral&quot; or better than anyone else - it simply makes you someone who doesn't want to have sex before marriage. I think you'd have better luck dating guys who are very religious. The whole &quot;purity&quot; thing doesn't make sense to most people who are not religious.
  89. I replied
  90. I don't think im better than anyone else cuz ive remained pure and moral by choice, I am not a after the first date or the 10th date and not married is whorish....
  92. whos right or wrong here
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