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  16. <title>How do I/ can I give permission to let someone else use my debit card?</title>
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  19. I’ll be moving to another state for a while and I want to give someone else permission to use my bank card/withdraw money from my bank. Do I have to add them to my bank account?
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  26. <title>F/15 grounded after taking the rap for sister [F/17]</title>
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  29. My older sister and I share a room. She'd been smoking for awhile and I'd been on her ass to quit since cigarettes are unhealthy and disgusting. One day our mom found one of her packs hidden in a drawer in our room. When she asked who they belonged to, I spoke up and claimed they were mine. I got grounded as a result.
  31. I told my sister that since I was taking her punishment for her, she owed me. She told me she'd quit smoking and hasn't since.
  33. I'm now two weeks into a month of being grounded. (Parents don't know I'm on the computer right now) My sister has been cigarette free the entire time. I know guilt tripping her like that was a little manipulative, but if it got her to stop, it's a good thing right? I know she wouldn't have quit if she'd been the one who got grounded. She just would've gotten better at hiding them.
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  40. <title>Bulimic friend</title>
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  43. 14 year old male. I was in a gender nuetral bathroom at school, and I heard vomitting from another stall. I stuck around to see if that person needed any help, and out came a female friend of mine of the same age. She didn't look like she had the stomach bug and kind of panicked when she saw me. After some questioning, I realized she was making herself puke and has been doing this for a month without anyone noticing, and begged me not to tell. I told her what she is doing is bad and she could really hurt herself, and she got all angry and defensive.
  45. I told the guidance counselor at my High school, and now she's getting a doctor for it and everything. The thing is, she's been my close friend for a very long time and now she refuses to talk to me and literally screamed at me for telling. I did this because I know how dangerous these eating disorders can be, and that people die from them. If she ended up in the hospital and I could've stopped in beforehand, I would not forgive myself.
  47. I really don't want to lose her friendship, and I'm wondering if I did the right thing. She's really upset. I just wanted to help. Do you guys think I'm right? How do I get her to see what she's doing is wrong?
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