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  16. <title>Why would he say this?</title>
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  19. Hello, right I’m trying to figure out what my boyfriend of few months meant by this when he said this the other day on the text message when I was away for a week and I was asking him, how much did he miss me, he said loads because you’re MY sally, how can I not miss you.’ When he said you’re MY sally, is he feeling something like owning me or something?? Or is he truly thinking that I belong to him??? Thank you
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  29. I'm a female who has been with both guys and girls. With girls, I like it in theory (meaning imagining myself dating, kissing, etc either a girl I know or an imaginary idealistic one) and in practice. I know for a fact I am a girl attracted to other girls. I like creating an idealistic man in my head and imagining dating him, but I can never meet a guy in real life who holds my interest. It's not just that they don't 100% meet my idealistic imagination, neither do the girls, but no matter what type of guy I go for, they can never sexually or romantically hold my interest. Guys just seem so basic and boring compared to girls. I'd be more turned on by an ugly/below average girl than a handsome guy, speaking from experience. However I still enjoy thinking about some sort of &quot;dream man&quot; who would be perfect for me, in a similar way that I imagine girls. I'm not sure what exactly this means. I identify as lesbian although occasionally I wonder if I am bi simply because of my own thoughts.
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  36. <title>Neosporin Ointment on vagina</title>
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  39. I caught her putting Neosporin on her vagina a few
  40. Times she doesn't know I know.we haven't had sex for weeks is she cheating
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