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  16. <title>I'm graduating high school but I dont know what to do because of my parents</title>
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  19. So this is my last year of high school and I'm not scared for it but I am scared of becoming an adult. I have super controlling parents that are really strict. I do hate my life a lot and I know a lot of people think that's just so typical of teenagers but I don't know. A lot of times I don't feel loved but alone. My dad acts like he loves me but he gets mad over the little things and yells. I feel emotionally abused and I don't know what to do. I want to enjoy my life when I am 18 but I don't have my papers such as social security, birth certificate,etc. I am scared to ask for the papers, and I know they won't let me move out because they're religious. I used to joke about it to my mom and she got so mad and told me never to joke about stupid stuff like that. I just want to enjoy my teenage years but they're all gone, I don't even go to school dances because my parents wouldn't allow me to hang out outside of our house, they allow me to bring my friend over but nothing else. I never experienced the high school life. I want to enjoy my life because I can't regain the 17 years I've missed. I don't even have money to move out, I am so impatient though I really need help and I don't know what to do when I graduate, I know I can't wait any longer and stay. Please help and give me good advice.
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  26. <title>MEN WOULD YOU DO THE FOLLOWING</title>
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  29. would u date/marry a woman with kids that are NOT yours and she is getting no child support/no help from the bio father/fathers?
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