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  19. So when I was applying for colleges in 2016. My mom is easily influenced by what her friends say. Her friends were telling her stuff like don’t let your daughter go to a far away school cause my daughter was lonely and depressed when she went away. Or tell your daughter to live at home it’s cheaper blah blah. So my mom basically controlled the types of schools I could apply to the furthest away I could go was a school 2 hours away. And the rest had to be in the area. So I applied to that 2 hour away school and I got in but I also got into all the schools in my area. The problem is I didn’t get into the program I wanted I got into all my backups and the school that was 2 hours away gave me an alternate offer. I would’ve taken it but my mom said why bother and told me to go to a school nearby (for a backup program that I didn’t even want to do) so that I can go from home. The reason why I’m writing this is because now my sister is going to college and my parents had the nerve to tell her she can live on campus. Mind you the school she’s going to is 30 minutes away by driving and an hour away by train. I don’t think it’s fair because if you’ve seen some of my previous posts my parents basically ruined my college experience from day one by not letting me live on residence and not letting me go to school clubs (since they start at 6, which since school is mostly during winter months it gets dark outside). I’ve been going through loneliness and depression b being at home because since I go to a commuter school (an hour away by bus, 20 mins by car) people just go to school to go to class and then go home, it’s hard to make friends that way and I believe if I lived on residence it would’ve been easier to make friends since I would’ve always been on campus. I expressed my anger to my parents and they said “you can live on campus when you’re doing your masters” as if undergrad and graduate school is the same thing. I haven’t heard of a masters student living in undergrad res, there’s student housing but it’s not the same thing as residence. What do I do? My dad also said that he thinks I’m scared of the real world and I need to grow up but how can I enter the real world when he’s sheltering me? All my parents are doing is enabling my social anxiety and I know if I lived on residence I could’ve conquered my social anxiety because when I went to orientation (I was only allowed to go to 2 out of the 10 orientation days) I went to orientation by myself and faught the anxiety by talking to a bunch of people I didn’t know.
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  26. <title>Car radiator water drying up when using aircon</title>
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  29. Hi. My car is an old 1998 Nissan but still in a good condition. I've been using it for about four years now. I haven't been using the aircon since I bought it the car from my sister because it had a faulty compressor. I fixed the compressor yesterday and the aircon is working fine but the water in the car's radiator starts to dry up after a short drive (even though the radiator had been working perfectly fine before the aircon incident, and still works perfectly if I don't use the aircon). What can I do to stop the radiator water drying up? I can't get a brand new radiator even if I wanted to, because it is an old car. Even if I buy a fairly used radiator, there's no guarantee that it will be as good as my current one. Your advice will be much appreciated.
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