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  11. <title>Mining News: Colorado budgets C$4M to expand stake in KSP</title>
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  13. <description>Colorado Resources Ltd. May 11 said it has made a final cash payment of C$150,000 and completed C$6 million of work at KSP, satisfying an agreement with SnipGold Corp., a subsidiary of Seabridge Gold Inc., to earn an initial 51 percent interest in the northern British Columbia gold property, a stake...</description>
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  16. <title>Mining News: Goldstrike, Newmont move toward Plateau</title>
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  18. <description>Goldstrike Resources Ltd. May 15 announced that crews and equipment are being mobilized to the Plateau gold property in central Yukon for the maiden exploration campaign under partnership with Newmont Mining Corp. This program will start off by outlining the full extent of numerous high-grade gold s...</description>
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  21. <title>Mining News: Settlement puts Pebble back in play</title>
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  23. <description>Last week the Pebble Project announced that it had reached a settlement with the EPA of pending litigation in conjunction with the agency's previous determination to block the development of the project. Essentially, the settlement means that Pebble will be able to resume the permit application proc...</description>
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  26. <title>Mining News: CopperBank funds Pyramid drilling</title>
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  28. <description>CopperBank Resources Corp. May 12 reported the closing of a C$1.4 million non-brokered private placement that included the issuance of 17.5 million common shares at C8 cents each. In April, CopperBank announced plans to carry out a roughly US$750,000 exploration program at Pyramid, a copper-molybden...</description>
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  31. <title>Mining News: AIDEA finds potential sites for Alaska-based graphite refinery</title>
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  33. <description>Graphite One Resources Inc. May 17 said that it has received a report from the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority that assess potential locations for a facility to refine graphite from its Graphite Creek deposit in western Alaska into advanced-materials such as coated spherical graph...</description>
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  36. <title>Mining News: Pebble door opens</title>
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  38. <description>After five long years of battling inside and outside of the courtroom, Pebble Limited Partnership and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have negotiated an agreement that opens the door for the enormous Pebble copper-gold-molybdenum project in Southwest Alaska to enter the permitting process u...</description>
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  41. <title>AOGCC lists topics for idle wells workshop</title>
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  43. <description>The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has a workshop scheduled for 10 a.m. June 17 at its Anchorage office to discuss possible changes in regulation of idle wells.
  44. On May 17 the commission released discussion topics for the workshop, including.
  45. \x95 Should idle wells be treated more like sus...</description>
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  48. <title>GAO recommends improved BLM data management</title>
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  50. <description>The Government Accountability Office has recommended that the Bureau of Land Management improve its management and tracking of data relating to the environmental impacts of permitted oil and gas operations on federal lands. In a newly published report GAO says that, although BLM has a process for ap...</description>
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  53. <title>CBP withdraws new Jones Act proposal</title>
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  55. <description>U.S. Customs and Border Protection has withdrawn a proposal that would have placed vessels engaged in the repair of offshore oil and gas installations within the constraints of the Jones Act. The Jones Act requires vessels transporting passengers or merchandise between U.S. ports to be manufactured,...</description>
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  58. <title>Senate upholds methane leak regulations</title>
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  60. <description>On May 10 the U.S. Senate rejected a resolution that had been passed by the House of Representatives that would have annulled regulations issued by the Obama administration for limiting methane emissions from oil and gas drilling operations. The Department of the Interior published the regulations o...</description>
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  63. <title>Alpine annual turnaround set for mid-June</title>
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  65. <description>Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. performed an 18-hour major maintenance shutdown of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline beginning 6 a.m. May 6, the first shutdown of the year.
  66. Various projects were scheduled, including isolation of below-ground piping at the Valdez Marine Terminal; functionality confirmation...</description>
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  69. <title>State approves changes to Alpine PA</title>
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  71. <description>The state has approved a change to the boundaries of the Alpine participating area at the Colville River unit to accommodate drilling activities at the new CD-5 pad.
  72. In a decision dated May 9, Division of Oil and Gas Director Chantal Walsh allowed operator ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. to contract a po...</description>
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  75. <title>DEC acts on Fairbanks air quality</title>
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  77. <description>Following a new ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency, changing the status of Fairbanks' inability to fix its air quality problems from moderate to serious, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has mandated measures to address air quality in the city.
  78. The problem arises from t...</description>
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  81. <title>Kenai Loop compression pushed to 2018</title>
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  83. <description>AIX Energy Inc. is considering a range of facility upgrades at the Kenai Loop field.
  84. The Texas-based independent is not planning to drill any new wells at the onshore Cook Inlet natural gas field over the coming year. But the company is continuing to evaluate several infrastructure projects, includi...</description>
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  87. <title>US '18 production at 10 million bpd</title>
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  89. <description>The average for North Sea Brent crude oil spot prices was $52 per barrel in April, up $1 per barrel from March, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said May 9 in its monthly Short-Term Energy Outlook. EIA said April was the fifth consecutive month that Brent averaged between $50 and $55 per b...</description>
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  92. <title>Hilcorp committed to Alaska investments</title>
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  94. <description>In a talk to the Resource Development Council on May 4 David Wilkins, Hilcorp Alaska senior vice president, emphasized the significance of Hilcorp's Alaska investments to his company.
  95. 'Overall, Alaska is important to Hilcorp,' Wilkins said. 'We've invested quite a bit of money. We believe it's a goo...</description>
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  98. <title>Repsol adds more interest at Pikka</title>
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  100. <description>Armstrong Energy LLC has transferred sizable working and royalty interests in a large package of North Slope leases to its longtime exploration partner Repsol EandP USA Inc.
  101. In a series of decisions dated April 5, the state Division of Oil and Gas approved the assignment of working and royalty interes...</description>
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  104. <title>Commissioners win confirmation</title>
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  106. <description>Gov. Bill Walker's industry-related appointments all won confirmation when the Alaska Legislature met in joint session May 16, day 120 of the constitutionally mandated 121-day Legislature, but well beyond the 90-day session imposed by voter mandate in 2006.
  107. The governor had called legislators into...</description>
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  110. <title>Icewine reaches target depth</title>
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  112. <description>The Icewine No. 2 well has reached its target depth.
  113. Drilling crews working on the onshore North Slope exploration well reached a total depth of 11,450 feet on May 15, according to a May 17 announcement from 88 Energy Ltd.
  114. Through its operating subsidiary Accumulate Energy Alaska Inc., the Australia...</description>
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  117. <title>HB 111 rolls to special session</title>
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  119. <description>The Alaska Legislature gaveled out May 17 without passing capital or operating budgets, a fiscal plan or House Bill 111, the oil tax and credit bill.
  120. Those items are among those listed on Gov. Bill Walker's call for a special session beginning May 18.
  121. HB 111 originated in the House Resources Commi...</description>
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  124. <title>Nikaitchuq North plan</title>
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  126. <description>Eni US Operating Co. has filed a plan of operations amendment with Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas proposing the drilling of two extended reach exploration wells from Spy Island into the Nikaitchuq North prospect, in the federal outer continental shelf of the Beaufort Sea. The prospect lies immedia...</description>
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  129. <title>A major challenge</title>
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  131. <description>A deluge of seismic data has been hitting the office of Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas as a consequence of exploration tax credits enacted in 2003 by the Alaska Legislature. The legislation, designed both to encourage new oil and gas exploration and to make seismic data available to companies inte...</description>
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  134. <title>1Q drilling down</title>
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  136. <description>North Slope development drilling dropped sharply in the first quarter from a year earlier, driven largely by the steep reduction in activities at the Prudhoe Bay unit as well as the continued suspension of development activities at the Oooguruk and Nikaitchuq units.
  137. BP, ConocoPhillips and Hilcorp, t...</description>
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