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  11. <title>Mining News: Is Donald Trump the new Andrew Jackson?</title>
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  13. <description>There have been numerous comparisons of President Trump to President Jackson in the news and elsewhere, some of which have not been flattering to either; however, it does seem reasonable to take a brief look at the past in order to make an educated guess about the future.
  14. First, the two men are extr...</description>
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  17. <title>Mining News: Independence stakes Sixtymile gold project</title>
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  19. <description>Independence Gold Corp. June 8 said it has staked a 4,835-hectare (11,950 acres) property west of Dawson City and next to the Yukon-Alaska border. Known as Stinger, this property is situated at the headwaters Yukon's Sixtymile, a mining district that has produced more than 500,000 ounces of placer g...</description>
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  22. <title>Mining News: Targeting Committee Bay gold discoveries</title>
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  24. <description>Auryn Resources Inc. June 13 announced the start of a 25,000-meter exploration drill program at its Committee Bay gold project in Nunavut. This 14-week program is focused on making new discoveries by testing 12 to 14 high priority targets within five structural corridors across the 250 kilometers (1...</description>
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  27. <title>Mining News: Millrock options 2 BC properties to Sojourn</title>
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  29. <description>Millrock Resources Inc. June 14 said it has entered into agreements to option its Willoughby and Oweegee Dome projects in the Golden Triangle region of British Columbia to Sojourn Ventures Inc., a Vancouver, B.C.-based exploration company. To earn full ownership of Willoughby, Sojourn must issue 1.8...</description>
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  32. <title>Mining News: Trilogy initiates $10M Bornite drill program</title>
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  34. <description>Trilogy Metals Inc. June 12 said a US$10 million exploration program is now underway at Bornite, a high grade copper deposit at the company's Upper Kobuk Mineral Projects in Northwest Alaska. Funded by South32 Ltd., a coal and base metals miner spun out of BHP Billiton in 2015, this program will inc...</description>
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  37. <title>Mining News: Palmer discovery drilling underway</title>
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  39. <description>Constantine Metal Resources Ltd. June 13 announced the start of a 7,000-meter drill program with two drills at the Palmer volcanogenic massive sulfide project near Haines, in Southeast Alaska. This is the first program under the newly formed Palmer joint venture between Constantine (51 percent) and...</description>
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  42. <title>Mining News: More Golden Summit oxide gold</title>
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  44. <description>Freegold Ventures Ltd. June 13 reported results from the first 11 holes of the oxide expansion drill program at its Golden Summit project about 25 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2016, Freegold published a preliminary economic assessment that evaluates a 20,000-metric-ton-per-day operation at G...</description>
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  47. <title>Mining News: PLP, ASRC team up to enhance AK Native contracting at Pebble</title>
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  49. <description>The Pebble Partnership and ASRC Energy Services, a subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corp., June 13 said they will be working together to provide business development and mentoring services aimed at enhancing future contracting opportunities for Alaska Native village corporations with landholdings...</description>
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  52. <title>Mining News: Cutting red tape</title>
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  54. <description>American miners hailed President Donald Trump's plans to slash the red tape holding back infrastructure projects in the United States as positive step in repairing the United States' deteriorating roads, rails, ports, and airports \x96 a move that could also bolster the industrial sector that would sup...</description>
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  57. <title>Oil Patch Bits: SafeVision LLC</title>
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  59. <description>SafeVision LLC is a leading provider of prescription safety eye wear, with its own line of exclusive wrap around frames and believes 'comfort means compliance.' SafeVision also provides its own line of spectacle kits for self-contained breathing apparatus serving the fire fighting and related indust...</description>
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  62. <title>US drilling rig count rises by 11 to 927</title>
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  64. <description>The number of rigs drilling for oil and natural gas in the U.S. rose by 11 the week ending June 9 to 927. A year ago, just 414 rigs were active.
  65. Houston oilfield services company Baker Hughes said 741 rigs were targeting oil (up eight from the previous week) and 185 targeting natural gas (up three)....</description>
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  68. <title>Rule change gives industry more time</title>
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  70. <description>A final rule by the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement published in the Federal Register June 9 doubles the time offshore oil and gas operators have to coordinate development operations and retain leases in waters of the U.S. outer continental shelf.
  71. 'This rulemaking extends the...</description>
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  74. <title>Administration assesses possible shutdown</title>
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  76. <description>The Walker-Mallott administration has established an incident command structure to prepare for the impact on the state of a failure by the Legislature to pass a budget by the end of June.
  77. Walker said in a June 8 statement that he was hopeful legislators would reach agreement on a budget, but, 'my t...</description>
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  80. <title>A large gas prone sedimentary basin</title>
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  82. <description>The Susitna basin, a broad sedimentary basin under the Susitna Valley to the north of Anchorage, presents an enticing target for hydrocarbon exploration relatively close to major population centers and the southern Alaska transportation infrastructure. But, with attention having been focused on the...</description>
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  85. <title>Role of Prudhoe as applied technology lab</title>
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  87. <description>Prudhoe Bay turns 40 this year. Like any milestone birthday, it's a time of reflection.
  88. Something lost on the public - and not well understood even within industry - is how the giant field, still the anchor of North Slope oil production after four decades, has become a kind of applied technology lab...</description>
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  91. <title>NordAq acquires Smith Bay interest</title>
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  93. <description>NordAq Energy Inc. has acquired additional minority interest in the package of Beaufort Sea leases that it once operated and later sold to Caelus Alaska Energy Smith Bay LLC.
  94. In separate transactions approved by the state Division of Oil and Gas in early May and announced in a recent lease report, N...</description>
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  97. <title>No movement on oil tax, credits</title>
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  99. <description>As the Alaska Legislature grinds toward the June 16 end of the first 30-day special session, the conference committee on House Bill 111, the oil tax and credits bill, has met once on June 9. It was an organizational meeting and the only action was votes, along party lines, rejecting both the House a...</description>
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  102. <title>DEC reviewing Sabre project</title>
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  104. <description>The state has prepared a preliminary draft permit for Cook Inlet Energy LLC to discharge pollutants associated with the Sabre exploration project on the west side of Cook Inlet.
  105. The Glacier Oil and Gas Co. subsidiary is planning an offshore exploration program at Sabre for early 2018 to study a sectio...</description>
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  108. <title>Extra time for Pt Thomson POD</title>
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  110. <description>The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas has given ExxonMobil Production extra time to submit a new plan of development for the Point Thomson field, necessitated by terms of the 2012 settlement the state reached with the company for the field's development.
  111. In an April letter, Division Director Chantal W...</description>
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  114. <title>Facilities restart issue</title>
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  116. <description>The state recently asked Hilcorp Alaska LLC to provide more information about its plans to restore production at three persistently dormant facilities in the Cook Inlet basin.
  117. In separate decisions issued earlier this year, the Division of Oil and Gas asked the company to provide more information ab...</description>
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  120. <title>Eni plan is published</title>
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  122. <description>The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has published Eni US Operating Co.'s plan for proposed exploratory drilling into the Nikaitchuq North prospect in the federal outer continental shelf of the Beaufort Sea. Having published the document, the agency says that it now has 30 days to decide whether to...</description>
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  125. <title>A changing world</title>
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  127. <description>When presenting this year's BP Statistical Review of World Energy on June 13 Spencer Dale, BP Group chief economist, reflected on the rollercoaster ride of worldwide energy markets and commented on the importance of distinguishing between the structural factors that drive long-term trends versus mor...</description>
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