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Preliminary Pie support

12:39 PM on Wednesday, July 9, 2003

The validator is now known as the "Feed Validator", because it now supports multiple syndication formats with different names. (Previously it only supported the seven different formats called "RSS".) Specifically, there is now preliminary support for Pie, based on the July 1 snapshot. As the format evolves, the validator will be updated to support it.

Source code for this new version is available here: feedvalidator-1.1.zip. It includes 225 new test cases for Pie, as well as the existing 326 test cases for RSS.

Developers wishing to integrate the validator into their own programs should be aware that the API has changed. rssvalid.validateURL (and validateString, and validateStream) used to return the list of logged events. These methods now returns a dictionary of {"loggedEvents":listOfLoggedEvents, "feedType":numericalFeedType}. Values for feedType are 1 (RSS 1.0), 2 (RSS 0.9x/2.0), or 3 (Pie).

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