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  3.  <title>Bioenergetic Spectrum: Bioresonant Life Sciences, RSS</title>
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  5.  <description>Bioenergetic Spectrum helps us understand living functions in terms of precursor engineering and how to apply alternative healing modalities. August 2020 Socialist Controls = Sadness, Science = Happiness Special - EXPIRES August 31st: Get 40% off all 2018-19 book and video packages by AP eMedia.</description>
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  12.  <title>About Bioenergetic Spectrum: Bioresonant Life Sciences</title>
  13.  <description>Learn How BioenergeticSpectrum compares to similar sites on life science and therapy which which provide good, loose, and new age buzz word interpretations.</description>
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  17.  <title>Bioenergetics Spectrum Summary</title>
  18.  <description>Bioenergetic Spectrum summary on this site provides you with insight on the schism between mainstream and esoteric life sciences.</description>
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  22.  <title>Collective DNA Consciousness</title>
  23.  <description>DNA forms an intelligent network which is influenced and programmed by words and frequencies. Includes relevant facts on psychic phenomena. Global Scaling Presentation from 2018 ETSC: Communication and Cooperation in Nature by Rainer Viehweger, M.D. Now Mobile Device Friendly including videos.</description>
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  27.  <title>Electronic Kinesiology</title>
  28.  <description>Introduction to advanced technology which encompasses successful healing modalities with no side effects.  Electronic kinesiology is the key function with a computerized instrument that combines the technologies of sound, light, homeopathy, and vibrational healing which emulates the action of the old radionics and psychotronic devices, the Rife generators, as well as produce millions of frequencies of colored light and sound...</description>
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  32.  <title>EMF problems in the North America</title>
  33.  <description>EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) bioeffect exposure builds in North America along with public awareness - and government denial.</description>
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  37.  <title>Genetic Defects and Project HAARP</title>
  38.  <description>In this treatise on mind control and genetic defects hypothetically caused by Project HAARP, examine how the technology works and possible bioenergetic effects of the nitrogen particle beam array. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  42.  <title>Health and Diamagnetism</title>
  43.  <description>Oxygen deficiency lends to the development of cancer cells and its effects can be eliminated by supplying purified oxygen.</description>
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  47.  <title>The Holographic Paradigm: An Introduction</title>
  48.  <description>The superhologram is the matrix that has given birth to everything in our universe, at the very least it contains every subatomic particle that has been or will be. Based on The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. Includes Titbit from PhysOrg on 2013 research on the holographic paradigm. New Presentation from ETSC 2018: Man, Machine and The Living Matrix by Karen Elkins. Now Mobile Device Friendly!</description>
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  52.  <title>Ley Lines, Cancer, and Earth Grid</title>
  53.  <description>Ley line Earth Grid compendium of study resources explain the function and geometry of the planetary matrix. How earth lines are pertinent to decaying processes and noxious to life. See an overlay of an earth grid on the Ring of Fire and a key transvection point in the Hawaiian Islands. Live tracking of Kiluea Volcano in Hawaii and further vulcanology phenomena. Anatomy, Embryology, Phylogeny of the Acupuncture Meridians by Charles Bagley, M.D., from the 2018 ETSC. Mobile device friendly.</description>
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  57.  <title>Microtubule Energy Models</title>
  58.  <description>Reference about microtubules, tubulin and protein filaments, their applications and research.  Virtual community of microtubule-centered researchers and enthusiasts.</description>
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  62.  <title>Microtubule Structure</title>
  63.  <description>Reference about microtubules, tubulin and protein filaments, their applications and research.  Virtual community of microtubule-centered researchers and enthusiasts.</description>
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  67.  <title>Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram</title>
  68.  <description>Intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and many similar information phenomena seem to be easily explained by means of the nonlocal quantum hologram. PROFESSOR ROBERT HARALICK'S PRESENTATION from 2018 ETSC: CONSCIOUS INTENTION, WATER and SUBTLE ENERGY. Now Mobile Friendly!</description>
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  72.  <title>Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group</title>
  73.  <description>Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group allows us to share ideas and perspectives on next generation healing modalities for advanced Health.</description>
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  77.  <title>ORMES and Homeopathy</title>
  78.  <description>ORMUS materials appear to play an essential role in resonance effects, whether they are photonic, sonic, gravitational, electromagnetic or somatic. AMP Updated for mobile devices.</description>
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  82.  <title>Periodic Table of the Elements</title>
  83.  <description>Periodic Table of the elements shows atomic number and weight, melting and boiling points of each element.</description>
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  87.  <title>The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck- David Hudson</title>
  88.  <description>Alchemy and low energy nuclear transmutation surround this true story of a mysterious shipwreck found in The Bahamas.</description>
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  92.  <title>The Poltergeist Machine</title>
  93.  <description>Poltergeist activity is electromagnetic in nature: High energy EM field generators cause the familiar ghostly phenomena.</description>
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  97.  <title>Power Lines and Cancer Risk</title>
  98.  <description>Power Lines and Cancer Risk in the United states and Europe...</description>
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  102.  <title>Bioenergetic Spectrum's Privacy Statement</title>
  103.  <description>Privacy Statement at Bioenergetic Spectrum explains your rights to protect your personal information as a web surfer!!</description>
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  107.  <title>Rife Ultra Microscope: Bacteria Chronicles</title>
  108.  <description>Royal Rife and colleagues utilizing his ultra microscope made revolutionary discoveries in bacteriology and the origins of disease. Explore why bioresonant energy medicine is prevented from mainstream proliferation by scientific cretinism. Now Mobile Device Friendly</description>
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  112.  <title>Schumann Resonances: Geophysical Resonances</title>
  113.  <description>Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth surface and the ionosphere. New Energy: The Linchpin to Unprecedented Change and the Emergence of a New Era by John Petersen from 2018 ETSC. Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  117.  <title>Weather Control Warfare: Anomolous Energy Signatures</title>
  118.  <description>Weather warfare AKA climate control engineering is documented in a log from 1886 to 2004 and beyond. Includes Composite Radar Summaries from different sources showing anomolous energy signatures. Latest installment is a video on anamolous energy beams aimed at cyclones from the Antarctic in August 2018. New 2018 ETSC Presentation: The Living Earth by Paul Babcock. Safety Resources for Disaster Preparedness. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  122.  <title>What are microtubules?</title>
  123.  <description>Microtubules are tiny subcomponents of cells. They are prominant aspects of the skeleton of all eukaryotic cells (being parts of a ubiquitous structure known as the cytoskeleton); they are the structural and dynamical basis of the cells.</description>
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  127.  <title>Healing Science at Bioenergetic Spectrum, RSS</title>
  128.  <description>Healing Science at Bioenergetic Spectrum covers an array of esoteric equipment for repairing and protecting living tissue. Resonant Frequency Therapy: Building The index page is now mobile device friendly.</description>
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  132.  <title>Mind in Science Circle, blog</title>
  133.  <description>Science blog has updates, articles, and opinions concerning topics of bioenergetics and electrotherapeutic electrokinetic technologies utilising biodynamic bioresonance; biophysical esoterica and health related topics. See reviews on the latest, most advanced electrotherapy devices. Latest Post: How do I Improve My Memory Naturally?</description>
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  137.  <title>Vitamins and Nutritional Health Factors in the Bioenergetic Spectrum, RSS</title>
  138.  <description>Learn which bio-catalysts and enzymes are necessary for the efficient metabolic actions of the body that enable us to completely function as healthy living beings. Review fitness, holistic and preventive medicine products. Updated: Men's Health and Male Potency Nutrition: Supplements For Better Sex. Try Instant Wrinkle Reducer, quick and painless botox in a box without the Needles - Money Back Guarantee. GAIAM MYSTERY BOX SALE! Purchase A Mystery Box Of Yoga and Accessories Valued At $90 For Only $25 + Free Shipping!</description>
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  142.  <title>Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group Server</title>
  143.  <description>Email Server for Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group allows us to share ideas and perspectives on next generation healing modalities for advanced Health.</description>
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  147.  <title>Poison Spectrum: Evil substances against Natural Life, RSS</title>
  148.  <description>Learn how Poison affects us through decadent, scientific cretinism.  Industrilised recipes include chemical additives, preservatives, experimental drugs and other evil chemicals which are a public health hazard, yet they are common to every day human contact including ingestion.  The most common ones are explored here.  See the latest updates at Geoengineering: Are they Chemtrails or Contrails? See pics from California Peninsula on April 28, 2017 + a smoking gun pic from 2007. See the latest article from Geoengineering Watch: Debating The Geoengineering Reality, Dane Wigington and Cal Tech Scientist Douglas MacMartin. Our Deadly Diabetes Deception has been updated for mobile device technology.</description>
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  152.  <title>New Technology Science Fair Projects and Papers, RSS</title>
  153.  <description>New Technology Science Fair Projects teach us the basis of over unity energy concepts in physics and fringe theories. Scalar Wave Science Fair Projects has been updated and is now mobile device friendly. Energy Technology Science Conference 2018 Magazine is ready to download for your review. Features presentations from the 2018 Energy Science Technology Conference! How to Construct an Earth Energy Plate Capacitor w/ Electroculture Results is now AMP'd for mobile devices.</description>
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