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  6. <title>Liminality... the space in between</title>
  7. <description>Personal site of an American professor and translator in Korea; contents include journal essays, photographs, translations, and other writings.</description>
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  11. <title>[Journal - 2.28]Standing tall</title>
  12. <description>I recently got an adjustable desk for my office so that I wouldn&#8217;t be sitting quite as much; today I report on my first impressions.</description>
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  17. <title>[Journal - 1.24]Review: Black Knight</title>
  18. <description>Today&#8217;s entry is a relatively quick review of a Korean drama we watched last week.</description>
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  23. <title>[Note - 12.22]</title>
  24. <description>We are at the end of another semester, wrapping things up on the shortest day of the year.</description>
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  29. <title>[Journal - 11.10]Back from Portland</title>
  30. <description>For the first time since this summer, I have a longer (much longer) journal entry for you; this one recounts my experiences with my students at AFS in Portland.</description>
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  35. <title>[Note - 10.30]A hasty farewell</title>
  36. <description>Another short note just to let everyone know that, yes, I am still alive.</description>
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