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  5. <title>SIEVX Comment</title>
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  7. <description>Who is responsible for the deaths of 353 asylum-seekers?</description>
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  18.           <title>No Happy Ending - Vale Amal Basry</title>
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  20.           <description>
  21.           19 March ~ Less than five years after surviving the horrific
  22.           sinking of SIEVX, Amal Basry lost her three year battle with
  23.           breast cancer. She passed away on Saturday afternoon 18 March in
  24.           Melbourne's St Vincent's Public Hospital in the presence of her
  25.           family.
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  30.          <title>... And the Lies, Contradictions and Evasions Just Keep On Coming </title>
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  32.          <description>
  33.          2 March ~ Last December, Senator Milne put a series of questions on notice
  34.          to Ministers concerning SIEVX related matters. Earlier this week she
  35.          received responses from Senators Ian Campbell and Chris Ellison,
  36.          the Ministers for Transport and Regional Service and Justice and Customs
  37.          respectively. These answers are lessons in obfuscation and evasion,
  38.          fuelling the fires of concern that the government is determined to
  39.          bury any information that would cast doubt on Australia's response
  40.          to SIEVX in October 2001.
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  45.         <title>Year Five and the Questions Continue</title>
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  47.         <description>
  48.         21 February ~ Last week, Greens Senator Christine Milne put
  49.         two pages of SIEVX related questions to the Justice Minister,
  50.         Senator Ellison. Some of these questions are following up on
  51.         questions asked by previous Senators; others are opening up
  52.         new lines of inquiry
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  57.        <title>Keelty Seeks Shelter Behind Third Man</title>
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  59.        <description>
  60.        3 November ~ In Senate Estimates on Monday night Greens Senator
  61.        Christine Milne asked Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick
  62.        Keelty a number of questions concerning SIEVX...
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  67.       <title>Congratulations Mia Dyson</title>
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  69.       <description>
  70.       24 October ~ Readers will be pleased to hear that last night independent
  71.       artist Mia Dyson won her first ARIA for the best blues and roots album
  72.       released this year for her CD Parking Lots...
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  77.      <title>Ellison Replies </title>
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  79.      <description>
  80.      22 October ~ Earlier this week I received a reply from Senator Ellison
  81.      to a letter I wrote more than five months ago concerning the charges
  82.      that convicted SIEVX people-smuggler Abu Quassey faced in Cairo in 2003...
  83.      </description>
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  88.     <title>ADA Director Speaks Out On Sinking Location </title>
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  90.     <description>
  91.     21 October ~ In a letter in today's Age, the Executive Director
  92.     of the Australian Defence Association, Neil James, rebuts claims
  93.     made in the newspaper yesterday that the Navy bears some responsibility
  94.     for the SIEVX tragedy...
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