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  12. <title>Ask MetaFilter</title>
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  14. <description>The past 24 hours of questions at Ask MetaFilter</description>
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  22. <title>Do you have tips for a writing retreat?</title>
  23. <description><![CDATA[Next week I'm going away for a DIY writing retreat to (hopefully) make progress on the novel I'm writing. Do you have any tips, either based on your own DIY experience or things you've learned from formal residencies? I want to make this as conducive as possible and use the time well.]]></description>
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  28. <category>novel</category>
  29. <category>retreat</category>
  30. <category>writing</category>
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  33. <title>Translating an English phrase to Latin for a tagline to a research group</title>
  34. <description><![CDATA[I have a pithy phrase in English I would like translating into Latin to use as a subtitle for an academic research group, but my latin is so rusty that I need to call in help!<br/><br/>I am involved in a creative research group at a UK university, where busywork, understaffing, and bloodymindedness prevents any interesting research or creativity from taking place.<br>
  35. <br>
  36. As a result, we are considering the phrase 'Academia: Where Creativity Goes to Die' as a suitable strapline. In latin, this would visually fit the group, steeped in esoterica as it is, while looking robust enough for the engorged layer of middle management to nod at without embarrassing themselves by admitting they did not actually recognise phrases written in latin.<br>
  37. <br>
  38. It's been a long time since my GCSE latin was put to any use, so while I wake in cold sweats from time to time haunted by the memory of the existence of gerunds and ablatives, I have no idea how to reassemble anything more complex than Grumio being in a kitchen, or Caecelius anywhere other than being at home. Help, 25-year old hivemind!]]></description>
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  41. <pubDate>Mon, 15 Jul 2024 13:51:14 GMT</pubDate>
  42. <dc:creator>davemee</dc:creator>
  43. <category>latin</category>
  44. <category>translation</category>
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  47. <title>How to fix stereo track panned left in a DAW</title>
  48. <description><![CDATA[I recently got some audio that was in stereo, but is panned all the way to the left. How can I put it in mono and panned to the center?<br/><br/>I received audio that was apparently in stereo (two horizontal lines in the track), but the recording was panned far to the left (only the top line has waveforms). I would like to pan this to the center (have one line of waveforms down the center of the track).<br>
  49. <br>
  50. I'm editing this in GarageBand and have highlighted the track, gone into Recording Settings, and clicked the single ring for mono, and it's still in stereo. <br>
  51. <br>
  52. FWIW I have access to the latest versions of Logic and Audacity through the makerspace at my local library.]]></description>
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  55. <pubDate>Mon, 15 Jul 2024 13:26:10 GMT</pubDate>
  56. <dc:creator>pxe2000</dc:creator>
  57. <category>audio</category>
  58. <category>DAW</category>
  59. <category>GarageBand</category>
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  62. <title>So, for things you can&apos;t launder, what gets rid of cigarette stink? </title>
  63. <description><![CDATA[
  64. Is Febreeze really the shit? I'll pay money to make this smell go away.<br/><br/>We are temporarily storing some things that are contaminated by this noxious, toxic stench (after only two weeks exposure!!!!) and it's killing us. My partner slept with a mask on their face. It's a miasma of fume, creeping out of the little pile of things, prowling through our tiny condo, offending, nauseating, disgusting, revolting.<br>
  65. <br>
  66. I might just wrap the computer and monitors in big garbage bags, everything else will get go in Rubbermaid tubs, but there's some stuff that just won't fit, like a computer chair.]]></description>
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  69. <pubDate>Mon, 15 Jul 2024 12:18:34 GMT</pubDate>
  70. <dc:creator>seanmpuckett</dc:creator>
  71. <category>cigarettes</category>
  72. <category>cigaretteSmoke</category>
  73. <category>fume</category>
  74. <category>nasalHorror</category>
  75. <category>reek</category>
  76. <category>smoke</category>
  77. <category>stink</category>
  78. <category>vile</category>
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  81. <title>Small changes that make a big difference </title>
  82. <description><![CDATA[What small changes/hacks/upgrades have made the biggest difference in your home?<br/><br/>Example: I just spent $14 on that felt stuff which goes under carpets to stop them slipping. I'm surprised at how much nicer my home feels now that I can go about my day without constantly adjusting stupid little rugs. It made so much more impact than I thought it would. So, what else can I tweak?]]></description>
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  85. <pubDate>Mon, 15 Jul 2024 11:27:15 GMT</pubDate>
  86. <dc:creator>ficbot</dc:creator>
  87. <category>Home</category>
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  90. <title>What shall I do while waiting to get my tire changed? [chatty filter]</title>
  91. <description><![CDATA[I am currently parked with hazards on at the side of the road just outside the Winnipeg Folk Festival, in my mom's car, waiting for CAA to come tow me or change my tire, whichever works better.<br/><br/>The festival's main concert is paused for a nice prairie thunderstorm and I'm watching people's cars stream by me, wondering how on earth CAA is going to actually find me, and whether the fine volunteers on the Traffic crew will allow them to get to me. ETA 2 hours. <br>
  92. <br>
  93. I have 1/4 tank of gas and a phone. How best to pass the time, friends?]]></description>
  94. <link></link>
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  96. <pubDate>Mon, 15 Jul 2024 02:04:13 GMT</pubDate>
  97. <dc:creator>Lawn Beaver</dc:creator>
  98. <category>Canada</category>
  99. <category>car</category>
  100. <category>chat</category>
  101. <category>festivals</category>
  102. <category>itsalwayssomething</category>
  103. <category>lol</category>
  104. <category>resolved</category>
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  107. <title>Yet another chicken drama</title>
  108. <description><![CDATA[How do we get our new batch of chickens to go in the coop at night? Every batch of chickens we've ever had has known to go into the coop on their own at dusk, but this new batch refuses to cooperate.<br/><br/>My parents have had chickens for almost 20 years. Every morning, my dad opens the front door of the coop and they all come tumbling out, so happy to be outside. During the day, the chickens are free range and wander all over the property living their best chicken lives. At dusk, they all go back up to the barn and go into the coop on their own. Then at night, my dad goes over and shuts and barricades the coop door so no predators can get in. Its all so easy and civilized. For twenty years, all our chickens have just...known how this works. <br>
  109. <br>
  110. BUT NOW, we have a new batch of chickens that just will. not. get with the program. <br>
  111. <br>
  112. We got the new batch (about a dozen) as chicks and now they are about four months old. So they are slightly smaller than the older hens and roosters (also about a dozen), but will probably all be the same size in another month or two. We kept them separate when they were little, but integrated them about a month ago. All the chickens seem to get along fine. The coop is big enough for all of them. But these new chickens will NOT go in the coop on their own. INSTEAD, every night they all gather on a cart NEXT to the coop and wait for my little old dad to come over and pick up each one separately and carry them into the coop. <br>
  113. <br>
  114. It is time consuming not to mention dangerous for my poor dad to have to wrangle a dozen chickens every night in the dark. Its not the end of the world right now but as the weather turns colder in fall and winter, this is not sustainable.<br>
  115. <br>
  116. How do we train these damn chickens to go into the coop on their own, like literally every other chicken we've ever had has done???? I fear my dad has now inadvertantly trained them into believing this is just what happens each night - they wait patiently in the cart until the nice old man carries them over and puts them to bed! Once theyre in the coop, they roost and seem happy. Its not like they're scared of the coop. They dont fight with the other chickens. There has to be a way to make them go in on their own!]]></description>
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  119. <pubDate>Mon, 15 Jul 2024 01:47:11 GMT</pubDate>
  120. <dc:creator>silverstatue</dc:creator>
  121. <category>chickens</category>
  122. <category>lazy</category>
  123. <category>ridiculous</category>
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  126. <title>Woody garlic scapes</title>
  127. <description><![CDATA[For reasons, our garlic scapes never quite curled as much, which is when I'd usually harvest. We already have recipes for the tender curl (or what there is of it). However, what should we do with the long woody stems?<br/><br/>Most scape recipes seem to have you discard these, but I'd love to figure out something to do with them that isn't just freezing and using for flavoring broth later. <br>
  128. <br>
  129. Thanks all!]]></description>
  130. <link></link>
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  132. <pubDate>Mon, 15 Jul 2024 00:00:06 GMT</pubDate>
  133. <dc:creator>ellerhodes</dc:creator>
  134. <category>cooking</category>
  135. <category>garlic</category>
  136. <category>GarlicScapes</category>
  137. <category>recipes</category>
  138. <category>scapes</category>
  139. <category>vegetables</category>
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  142. <title>How is DNA used to identify a suspect?</title>
  143. <description><![CDATA[Very curious about the law enforcement logistics of a recent news story.<br/><br/>According to the FBI, Thomas Crooks was not carrying ID, so investigators used DNA to identify him <a href="">(BBC)</a>. But Crooks had no police record record <a href="">(ABC</a>).  "They analyzed his DNA to provide a biometric confirmation of his identity," <a href="">(ABC)</a>. The FBI released his name in under 8 hours. How did they identify him so quickly?<br>
  144. (Deep condolences to the victims, and not seeking any partisan discussion, of course!)]]></description>
  145. <link></link>
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  147. <pubDate>Sun, 14 Jul 2024 18:37:19 GMT</pubDate>
  148. <dc:creator>nouvelle-personne</dc:creator>
  149. <category>dna</category>
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  152. <title>Why is it so hard to connect my bank accounts to GnuCash?</title>
  153. <description><![CDATA[I recently started using GnuCash to manage my finances, after years of just holding things in my head and occasionally updating a spreadsheet with my different retirement and savings accounts.
  156. I'm aware of some of the resources for implementing <a href="">OFX Direct Connect</a> in GnuCash, but I have also heard anecdotally that this is one of those things that is just infinitely easier in Europe (and possibly other places) where <a href="">HBCI</a> is standard. I would like to understand why this is.<br/><br/>At this point I have a few accounts at different institutions, between joint and personal checking and savings accounts, different types of IRAs, and an IRA. I don't need to be able to sync transactions or pay bills from GnuCash (though that would be amazing!) but i would like to avoid downloading a separate QFX file for every account. My goal is to enter liabilities and see my financial situation at a glance.  I am not committed to GnuCash but I am committed to not giving money to Intuit for <a href="">quite a few</a> <a href="">reasons</a>. <br>
  157. <br>
  158. I would love more detail about countries with explicit laws that require banks to allow customers to access their accounts via an open format? Is that actually a thing in other places or did someone kind of exaggerate?<br>
  159. <br>
  160. I kind of assume that US banks haven't widely adopted any open banking connection protocol because Intuit has strategically fought off any interventions that might undermine their monopoly but I am just assuming. I'd love to find actual fact checked reporting on this overall situation as well as any advocacy organizations that are genuinely trying to assert a level playing field for accounting software. What should I be looking at to understand the state of affairs?<br>
  161. <br>
  162. <br>
  163. <br>
  164. PS. I would love to be wrong, so I'll take "actually, by law all FDIC insured banks are required to support <a href="">EBCIS</a> and you can use this complaint form if they say they won't give you the connection data."]]></description>
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  167. <pubDate>Sun, 14 Jul 2024 18:27:20 GMT</pubDate>
  168. <dc:creator>amandabee</dc:creator>
  169. <category>banking</category>
  170. <category>gnucash</category>
  171. <category>PersonalFinance</category>
  172. <category>politics</category>
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  175. <title>Hey Google, play [something that doesn&apos;t mention american politics]</title>
  176. <description><![CDATA[For years now I've gotten ready for bed listening to the news on my google speakers. My "Hey Google, play the news" is configured to play CBC News this Hour (I'm in Canada). But even our Canadian news is saturated with American politics, so i'm very quickly yelling at google to stop. What else can I ask google to play?<br/><br/>"Hey google, play [local talk news radio station]" isn't much better - its not long before even they dive into US politics. But I would really like google to play some sort of talk content for 10 minutes every night that doesn't make me want to yell at google to shut up... what can I listen to?<br>
  177. <br>
  178. I'm looking for something that:<br>
  179. * is talk content - no music<br>
  180. * has at least daily updates <br>
  181. * has zero mention of US politics<br>
  182. * is not religious content in any way shape or form<br>
  183. * is generally relatable to the average left-leaning canadian that believes in science, etc<br>
  184. * is available via my smart speakers<br>
  185. * will fill up 10-15 minutes of my day as background audio content that still works if i'm not giving it my undivided attention. <br>
  186. * I'm not opposed to sports radio, but it's not my first choice<br>
  187. <br>
  188. I'm ok with world news for example, but US political updates leading up to the election, especially with a certain someone always in the headlines, is too much and is not good for my blood pressure.  Is there a world news station that actively doesn't discuss the US election? (Note -- I should have asked this before yesterday. I don't expect them to ignore huge things like assassination attempts, etc). Or heck, even an random (english-speaking) local news station somewhere in Australia or Europe I could start following just for kicks might be fun, as long as they don't feel the need to update on US politics! <br>
  189. <br>
  190. Any suggestions on what I should ask google to play? A podcast would be fine, but it's important that it's updated every day; I don't want to try to get google to try and track what episode of something I'm on. "Hey google play the latest XYZ" is how it needs to work.  Daily radio shows with fluffy evening-drive type banter are fine, but most are Mon-&gt;Fri. <br>
  191. <br>
  192. In terms of content sources, google can access radio stations via tunein radio, youtube content, spotify podcasts, etc. The only audio subscription service I have is SiriusXM, but I'm completely ignorant to it's current talk radio content - but if there's something there that fits it could work!<br>
  193. <br>
  194. I've been poking around internet radio stations and podcasts for a while trying to find something that hits all my criteria, but i've yet to find my unicorn. So I thought I'd see if anyone here has any ideas. Thanks in advance!]]></description>
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  197. <pubDate>Sun, 14 Jul 2024 17:32:22 GMT</pubDate>
  198. <dc:creator>cgg</dc:creator>
  199. <category>dailynews</category>
  200. <category>eveningnews</category>
  201. <category>nouspolitics</category>
  202. <category>talkradio</category>
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  205. <title>Electronics explainers?  I thought I knew V=IxR but i&apos;m at P=VxI at best</title>
  206. <description><![CDATA[I'm looking for videos or online courses that teach electrical engineering for low voltage signals.<br/><br/>I've been dealing with electrical things professionally for thirty years in entertainment lighting and sound.  But I've mostly dealt with the big stuff - lighting rigs with power distros up to 400 amps, and audio amps with 200-1200 watts per channel, etc.<br>
  207. <br>
  208. I have a number of projects that I would like to build as hobby - mostly small signal, op-amp based devices for low voltage audio and analog control.  I also am very good at troubleshooting signal paths on the job, and methodical  AB testing, but I would like to know they "why" behind the problems.<br>
  209. <br>
  210. So I'm working my way through <a href="">The Art of Electronics 3rd edition</a> and some basic concepts are extremely difficult for me:<br>
  211. <br>
  212. - voltage vs. current, and current sources in particular, are very hard for me to understand.  Same with transconductance - the idea that you can input a variable voltage, and get a variable current out, or vice-versa, I find impossible to intuit.  Same with power factor - the idea that voltage and current are present in a circuit but not at the same time, breaks my brain.<br>
  213. <br>
  214. - Using resistors to set impedance - for example placing a resistor in the signal path for an output feels inherently wrong - see above, what would happen if a bunch of resistance showed up in-line with that 400 amp distro.<br>
  215. <br>
  216. Clearly there's some fundamental stuff I'm not getting.<br>
  217. <br>
  218. Ideally I'd go back to a low level electrical engineering class, college level, but that's not in the cards.  I also find so much web content is digital based, thanks to arduino, microcontroller, etc.  I am interested in analog only so that's not helpful.<br>
  219. <br>
  220. Can you recommend engaging video tutorials or interactive resources with clear explanations and real-world examples to help me grasp these fundamental concepts?  Book recs OK, but I've tried a many and bounced off.]]></description>
  221. <link></link>
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  223. <pubDate>Sun, 14 Jul 2024 16:19:12 GMT</pubDate>
  224. <dc:creator>sol</dc:creator>
  225. <category>electronics</category>
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  227. </item> <item>
  228. <title>What non-political sites/ apps do you visit regularly?</title>
  229. <description><![CDATA[Please, please please, give me some suggestions for a new information diet.<br/><br/>Couldn't find any recent questions. If there are, I can delete the post. For the past several weeks, I've been telling myself that I have to stop following politics. There's plenty of stress already in my life without seeking out things that upset me day after day. After the debate, and after this weekend, time to start making changes.<br>
  230. <br>
  231. <br>
  232. What do you look at daily/ weekly online that is inspiring, interesting, and  intellectually fulfilling that has nothing to do with politics? My interests have been pretty narrow for a while so would love suggestions on pretty much any topic. Washington Post and other sites do have plenty more than politics. For now though, I'm not strong enough to avoid the bad stuff if I see it. Have never gotten into podcasts so suggestions there would be cool too. My goal isn't to unplug completely but to develop different habits so that I can check out easier after checking in from time to time.<br>
  233. <br>
  234. Side note: Really appreciate all the level-headedness that I've been seeing from so many here lately. America has been too much for too long now.]]></description>
  235. <link></link>
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  237. <pubDate>Sun, 14 Jul 2024 16:14:53 GMT</pubDate>
  238. <dc:creator>blairsyprofane</dc:creator>
  239. <category>DailySites</category>
  240. <category>SelfCare</category>
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  243. <title>Most relatively chill route  into L.A. coming in from the east</title>
  244. <description><![CDATA[Driving from Palm Springs area into L.A. -- which is the least stressful route into the city?<br/><br/>Going into Hollywood area, not experienced with L.A. dri ving.<br>
  245. Comparing the 10 and 60 (and anything else) with the following factors:<br>
  246. 1. Fewer aggressive drivers going 95 mph<br>
  247. 2. Better road surface<br>
  248. 3. Overall experience of stress<br>
  249. 4.Fewer frantic exchanges<br>
  250. 5. Not looking for small back roads -- don't want to get stuck in the desert! <br>
  251. Bonus: Tip on getting off highway and taking some surface roads once in L.A.?<br>
  252. <br>
  253. This is for today, Sunday afternoon.]]></description>
  254. <link></link>
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  256. <pubDate>Sun, 14 Jul 2024 15:15:17 GMT</pubDate>
  257. <dc:creator>ojocaliente</dc:creator>
  258. <category>driving</category>
  259. <category>LA</category>
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  261. </item>
  262. </channel>
  263. </rss>

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