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  4.       <title>A Security guide for the everyday, non-technical Home Computer and Internet user who just wants to be safe doing basic stuff</title>
  5.       <link></link>
  6.       <description>Latest Security Alert Blog posts and Articles</description>
  7.       <language>en-us</language>
  8.        <item>
  9.          <title>Teen Guide to Safe Blogging</title>
  10.          <link>,_2007</link>
  11.          <description>Larry Magid's open letter to teen age bloggers - and their parents</description>
  12.      </item>
  13.         <item>
  14.          <title>How Did You teach Your Kids To Be Safe When They Were Learning To Surf The Internet?</title>
  15.          <link></link>
  16.          <description>Take a few minutes to share your experiences in teaching your kids Internet Safety -
  17.                 and check out what other parents have done</description>
  18.      </item>
  19.        <item>
  20.          <title> Summer's Nearly Over and It's Back To School for Our Kids - Let's keep Them Safe</title>
  21.          <link></link>
  22.          <description>Parents and Grandparents Guide to keeping our children Safe Online, enables all of us to help our kids more easily understand how serious, and cautious they must be when visiting the Internet</description>
  23.      </item>
  24.       <item>
  25.          <title>Family Safety Guidelines for Protecting Our Children</title>
  26.          <link></link>
  27.          <description>Internet safety policies and practical guidelines to help make the Internet┬ásafer for children and their families.</description>
  28.      </item>
  29.               <item>
  30.          <title>Online Security Tips ebook - with Bonus</title>
  31.          <link></link>
  32.          <description>Vital Security Tools and Tips to Secure Your Computers - Guard Against Fraud and ID theft - includes PC Safety book plus free Resale Rights</description>
  33.      </item>
  34.      <item>
  35.          <title>Internet Security Articles</title>
  36.          <link></link>
  37.          <description>A Library of Free Internet Security Articles and Computer Safety Articles and Reports on Maintaining Your Computer Protection against adware, spyware, vituses and trojan horses</description>
  38.      </item>
  39.      </channel>
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