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  12. <title>I Heart Morgan Webb</title>
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  14. <description><![CDATA[<span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 7.5pt;">A weblog fan site dedicated to female TV gaming personality, Morgan Webb.</span>]]></description>
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  43. <title>2005.02.02 Viewer Mail!</title>
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  45. <description>I really want to know who&apos;s the real idiot. Definitely, Aaron F. If you&apos;re gonna bust on someone, have to decency to do it with actual style -- don&apos;t treat your mispellings and laziness in actually spelling words as a...</description>
  46. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  47. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  48. <dc:date>2005-02-02T23:22:15-05:00</dc:date>
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  51. <title>2005.02.01 Nobody Messes with the &quot;S&quot; Man</title>
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  53. <description>I never thought of British people as being polite, maybe chaised, but not always polite; that would be the Canadians, eh? *heh heh heh* You know what I&apos;m talking aboot? MANCHESTER UNITED! The Getaway: Black Monday PS2 Unreal Championship 2...</description>
  54. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  55. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  56. <dc:date>2005-02-01T02:22:49-05:00</dc:date>
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  59. <title>2005.01.31 It&apos;s Not Your Mama&apos;s Resident Evil Anymore</title>
  60. <link></link>
  61. <description><![CDATA[Chi-Lan??? Singing??? Please stop the torture!!!! :) Resident Evil 4 GCN The Punisher PS2, XBox &amp; PC Virtua Quest PS2 &amp; GCN Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 PS2...]]></description>
  62. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  63. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  64. <dc:date>2005-01-31T23:15:50-05:00</dc:date>
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  67. <title>2005.01.28 2nd Annual Golden Mullet Awards</title>
  68. <link></link>
  69. <description>I missed this episode back when it aired in 2004. So, here you go, screen captures of Morgan presenting the Golden Mullet Awards for 2004....</description>
  70. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  71. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  72. <dc:date>2005-01-28T14:38:01-05:00</dc:date>
  73. </item>
  74. <item rdf:about="">
  75. <title>2005.01.26 Best Games of 2004!</title>
  76. <link></link>
  77. <description>Best Original GameNomineesWinnerDonkey Konga (Nintendo)Feel the Magic: XX/YY (Sega)Katamari Damacy (Namco)Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (Midway)Silent Storm (Encore)Katamari Damacy (Namco)Best Strategy GameNomineesWinnerFull Spectrum Warrior (THQ)Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth (Electronic Arts)Pikmin 2 (Nintendo)Pirates! (Atari)Rome: Total War (Activision)Rome: Total...</description>
  78. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  79. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  80. <dc:date>2005-01-26T23:28:23-05:00</dc:date>
  81. </item>
  82. <item rdf:about="">
  83. <title>2005.01.25 Imitation is Best Form of Flattery</title>
  84. <link></link>
  85. <description>Some game designers and publisher need to know when to quit, just like some movie makers (e.g. Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, IV, V, etc.). And what about Crash &apos;N&apos; Burn? Do they really think that they&apos;re going to draw...</description>
  86. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  87. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  88. <dc:date>2005-01-25T23:12:26-05:00</dc:date>
  89. </item>
  90. <item rdf:about="">
  91. <title>2005.01.24 Morgan Won&apos;t Touch Adam&apos;s DS</title>
  92. <link></link>
  93. <description>Looking for something free? Visit 3M Post-It website for their new product, the Post-It Easel. Simply go to, fill out the simple form and 8-10 weeks later, you&apos;ll receive a free sample of the Post-It Easel. Why would you...</description>
  94. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  95. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  96. <dc:date>2005-01-24T23:05:38-05:00</dc:date>
  97. </item>
  98. <item rdf:about="">
  99. <title>2005.01.19 &quot;What ever happened to Kate Botello?&quot;</title>
  100. <link></link>
  101. <description>Who is Kate Botello? Adam Sessler&apos;s closing remarks was a little interesting: ... Rant on about how there&apos;s outside powers that&apos;s forcing us to do things beyond our will. You guys are worse than the JFK theorists. This episode came...</description>
  102. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  103. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  104. <dc:date>2005-01-19T23:22:26-05:00</dc:date>
  105. </item>
  106. <item rdf:about="">
  107. <title>2005.01.18 Two Months Later, Morgan Speaks...</title>
  108. <link></link>
  109. <description>Morgan Webb: January 16, 2005 - January 22, 2005 Archives Officially, there are no &quot;nudes&quot; of Morgan Webb, so you folks that are constantly looking for such nudes, you might as well install Adobe Photoshop and alter the images you...</description>
  110. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  111. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  112. <dc:date>2005-01-18T23:08:07-05:00</dc:date>
  113. </item>
  114. <item rdf:about="">
  115. <title>2005.01.17 &quot;Whyyyyyyyyy?&quot; Adam&apos;s Got a Huge Ball</title>
  116. <link></link>
  117. <description>From &quot;; ... a Tribute to TechTV (8.0+ MB) and all that is holy. When I watched it, it almost brought tears but as a guy, I don&apos;t shed tears. *hahah* Also available at:</description>
  118. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  119. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  120. <dc:date>2005-01-17T23:14:51-05:00</dc:date>
  121. </item>
  122. <item rdf:about="">
  123. <title>2005.01.16 Winning a Gmail invite code just got easier...</title>
  124. <link></link>
  125. <description>Chances of gaining access to a Gmail invite code just got easier/quicker. With each refresh, you automatically create five (5) randomly generated numbers and if any one of those five numbers is the winning number, a link will appear for...</description>
  126. <dc:subject>Miscellaneous</dc:subject>
  127. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  128. <dc:date>2005-01-16T01:15:47-05:00</dc:date>
  129. </item>
  130. <item rdf:about="">
  131. <title>2005.01.15 How IHMW is Interconnected Within Google</title>
  132. <link></link>
  133. <description><![CDATA[TouchGraph: GoogleBrowser See how the I &lt;3 Morgan Webb is interconnected within Google's sphere of links. It's a kewl tool and it also works with Amazon.COM and LiveJournal users....]]></description>
  134. <dc:subject>Miscellaneous</dc:subject>
  135. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  136. <dc:date>2005-01-15T14:02:50-05:00</dc:date>
  137. </item>
  138. <item rdf:about="">
  139. <title>2005.01.12 Never Miss A Class with Professor Morgan Webb</title>
  140. <link></link>
  141. <description>As a personal note, if Morgan Webb was heading up a class at my university, I would never register an absentee marking during the entire course. As you know, game designing and graphics have become a hot and popular circulum...</description>
  142. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  143. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  144. <dc:date>2005-01-12T23:10:37-05:00</dc:date>
  145. </item>
  146. <item rdf:about="">
  147. <title>2005.01.11 Y.A.W.W.2.G</title>
  148. <link></link>
  149. <description>Y.A.W.W.2.G. - Yet Another World War 2 Game. I think if you put all the World War 2 games together, the amount of time you would need to play it would be more than the war itself. I still believe...</description>
  150. <dc:subject>New X-Play Episode</dc:subject>
  151. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  152. <dc:date>2005-01-11T23:23:44-05:00</dc:date>
  153. </item>
  154. <item rdf:about="">
  155. <title>2005.01.08 A Little o&apos;Bit of Morgan from 2004</title>
  156. <link></link>
  157. <description>Figure you all need some more Morgan back in 2004 ... this was taken by Cat Schwartz&apos;s (who is currently at CES-2005) camera phone. Of course, you can visit her personal mobile blog (moblog) at for more of her...</description>
  158. <dc:subject>Miscellaneous</dc:subject>
  159. <dc:creator>John Highway</dc:creator>
  160. <dc:date>2005-01-08T04:43:00-05:00</dc:date>
  161. </item>
  164. </rdf:RDF>

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