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  4. <title>Phoronix</title>
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  6. <description>Linux Hardware Reviews, Benchmarks &amp; Open-Source News</description>
  7. <language>en-us</language>
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  9.   <title>GNOME 47 Alpha Released With Accent Color Support &amp; Wayland-Only Build Option</title>
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  12.   <description>The alpha release of GNOME 47 is now available for testing and comes with a number of shiny new features for this big open-source desktop update due out in September...</description>
  13.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Jul 2024 08:51:29 -0400</pubDate>
  14.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  17.   <title>Patch Posted For Finally Reporting Intel Graphics Card Fan Speeds Under Linux</title>
  18.   <link></link>
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  20.   <description>A patch posted for the Intel i915 kernel graphics driver finally allows for fan speed reporting with Arc Graphics and other Intel discrete graphics cards under Linux...</description>
  21.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Jul 2024 08:17:20 -0400</pubDate>
  22.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  25.   <title>AMD Submits Final Set Of RDNA4 GPU Enablement Patches Aiming For Linux 6.11</title>
  26.   <link></link>
  27.   <guid></guid>
  28.   <description>Last week it was noted AMD would be squeezing in more patches for "new IPs" to "get them tied off" with the upcoming Linux 6.11 cycle. This is principally about RDNA4 support and sure enough on Friday more patches were submitted to DRM-Next...</description>
  29.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Jul 2024 06:55:17 -0400</pubDate>
  30.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  33.   <title>Linux 6.11 I2C Brings Arrow Lake H Support &amp; Completes Slave/Master Transition</title>
  34.   <link></link>
  35.   <guid></guid>
  36.   <description>The I2C host changes are ready for the upcoming Linux 6.11 merge window...</description>
  37.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Jul 2024 06:47:48 -0400</pubDate>
  38.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  41.   <title>Pingora 0.3 Released With Support For HTTP Modules</title>
  42.   <link></link>
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  44.   <description>Pingora started out as an in-house replacement to Cloudflare's Nginx usage that was written in Rust and eventually open-sourced earlier this year. Pingora has evolved into a Rust framework for building fast and reliable networked systems. Ending out the week is the release of Pingora 0.3 as the latest step forward for this Rust code that is widely used within the confines of Cloudflare...</description>
  45.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Jul 2024 06:17:58 -0400</pubDate>
  46.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  49.   <title>Git 2.46-rc0 Continues Preparations For Switching To SHA256 By Default WIth Git 3.0</title>
  50.   <link></link>
  51.   <guid></guid>
  52.   <description>Git 2.46-rc0 was published on Friday as the first tagged development release on the trek toward Git 2.46...</description>
  53.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Jul 2024 06:12:24 -0400</pubDate>
  54.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  57.   <title>GNOME&#039;s Wild Week From Leadership Change To More STF-Driven Improvements</title>
  58.   <link></link>
  59.   <guid></guid>
  60.   <description>This Week in GNOME is out with their latest issue to highlight all of the interesting work that has taken place over the past seven days in the GNOME camp...</description>
  61.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Jul 2024 00:00:00 -0400</pubDate>
  62.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  65.   <title>OBS Studio 30.2 Released With Native NVENC Encode On Linux, More Shared Texture Support</title>
  66.   <link></link>
  67.   <guid></guid>
  68.   <description>For fans of OBS Studio as a popular cross-platform solution for gaming live-streamers and used for other desktop screen-casting purposes, OBS Studio 30.2 is now available as stable...</description>
  69.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 20:25:34 -0400</pubDate>
  70.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  73.   <title>COSMIC Desktop Very Close To Alpha Release, Adds Compositor Multi-Threading</title>
  74.   <link></link>
  75.   <guid></guid>
  76.   <description>System76 continues working vigorously on COSMIC, their Rust-written Linux desktop environment being written for Pop!_OS and to see availability on other Linux distributions as well. They are finishing up last minute changes before putting the flag on a COSMIC alpha release...</description>
  77.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 16:01:10 -0400</pubDate>
  78.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  81.   <title>GNOME Foundation Executive Director Departing After Less Than One Year</title>
  82.   <link></link>
  83.   <guid></guid>
  84.   <description>It was just announced at the end of last year that Holly Million was named as the GNOME Foundation Executive Director. After a little more than a half-year, this previous outsider to GNOME announced she will be stepping down from her post. A new interim executive director will be starting while the search begins for a permanent replacement...</description>
  85.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 12:54:00 -0400</pubDate>
  86.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  87.  </item>
  88.  <item>
  89.   <title>AWS Graviton4 Benchmarks Prove To Deliver The Best ARM Cloud Server Performance</title>
  90.   <link></link>
  91.   <guid></guid>
  92.   <description>This week AWS announced that Graviton4 went into GA with the new R8G instances after Amazon originally announced their Graviton4 ARM64 server processors last year as built atop Arm Neoverse-V2 cores. I eagerly fired up some benchmarks myself and I was surprised by the generational uplift compared to Graviton3. At the same vCPU counts, the new Graviton4 cores are roughly matching Intel Sapphire Rapids performance while being able to tango with the AMD EPYC &quot;Genoa&quot; and consistently showing terrific generational uplift.</description>
  93.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 12:30:00 -0400</pubDate>
  94.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  95.  </item>
  96.  <item>
  97.   <title>Ubuntu Makes It Easier To Launch VMs On Windows, Authd PPA Up For Testing</title>
  98.   <link></link>
  99.   <guid></guid>
  100.   <description>Oliver Smith with Canonical has been communicating a lot in recent months around the great improvements planned for Ubuntu 24.10. Canonical engineers and the Ubuntu community have been working on many significant improvements for the desktop in Ubuntu 24.10. Today is a new blog post by Oliver to highlight some of the recent changes...</description>
  101.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 12:20:58 -0400</pubDate>
  102.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  103.  </item>
  104.  <item>
  105.   <title>Thunderbird 128 Now Available With More Rust Code &amp; UI/UX Enhancements</title>
  106.   <link></link>
  107.   <guid></guid>
  108.   <description>Thunderbird 128 "Nebula" is now available as the newest Extended Support Release (ESR) of this open-source and cross-platform mail client...</description>
  109.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 12:00:53 -0400</pubDate>
  110.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  113.   <title>GTK 4.16 To Feature More Graphics Offloading Improvements</title>
  114.   <link></link>
  115.   <guid></guid>
  116.   <description>Over the past year there have been a lot of GTK4 graphics offload improvements including work on its Vulkan renderer. Another round of graphics offload improvements have been recently wrapped up for this open-source toolkit...</description>
  117.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 08:37:24 -0400</pubDate>
  118.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
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  121.   <title>openSUSE Aeon Prepares For Comprehensive Full Disk Encryption</title>
  122.   <link></link>
  123.   <guid></guid>
  124.   <description>openSUSE's Aeon desktop operating system that brings automated maintenance and other features to be a platform that "just works" is preparing for what they describe as comprehensive full disk encryption...</description>
  125.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 08:19:34 -0400</pubDate>
  126.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  127.  </item>
  128.  <item>
  129.   <title>libavif 1.1 Released For Improving AVIF Image Encoding</title>
  130.   <link></link>
  131.   <guid></guid>
  132.   <description>Libavif 1.1 has arrived as the newest feature release to this library for implementing the AV1 Image File Format with image encode and decode capabilities...</description>
  133.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 06:56:04 -0400</pubDate>
  134.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  135.  </item>
  136.  <item>
  137.   <title>ARM64 Updates Submitted For The Linux 6.11 Kernel</title>
  138.   <link></link>
  139.   <guid></guid>
  140.   <description>Due to the ARM64 maintainer for the Linux kernel going on holiday, the ARM64 port updates have been submitted ahead of the opening of the Linux 6.11 merge window that will likely be on Monday or otherwise the following week depending upon if a 6.10-rc8 is warranted...</description>
  141.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Jul 2024 06:30:45 -0400</pubDate>
  142.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  143.  </item>
  144.  <item>
  145.   <title>AMD Has A Crucial Linux Optimization Coming To Lower Power Use During Video Playback</title>
  146.   <link></link>
  147.   <guid></guid>
  148.   <description>There have been ongoing reports from a variety of users and systems around high power use during GPU-accelerated video playback with current-generation AMD Ryzen "Phoenix" laptops. Fortunately, an optimization is coming to benefit Phoenix and forthcoming Strix Point laptops with noticeably lower power consumption during video playback...</description>
  149.   <pubDate>Thu, 11 Jul 2024 15:01:22 -0400</pubDate>
  150.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  151.  </item>
  152.  <item>
  153.   <title>Meta Releases IGL 1.0 As Intermediate Graphics Library Built Atop Vulkan &amp; OpenGL</title>
  154.   <link></link>
  155.   <guid></guid>
  156.   <description>One year ago Meta released IGL as the Intermediate Graphics Library as a cross-platform, low-level graphics interface built atop native graphics APIs like OpenGL, Vulkam, and Metal. This MIT-licensed library has seen its first tagged version in the form of IGL 1.0...</description>
  157.   <pubDate>Thu, 11 Jul 2024 12:33:00 -0400</pubDate>
  158.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  159.  </item>
  160.  <item>
  161.   <title>Mold Linker Gains New Option To Deliver &quot;Massively Faster&quot; Performance</title>
  162.   <link></link>
  163.   <guid></guid>
  164.   <description>The Mold linker is already a high-speed alternative to the likes of LLVM LLD and GNU Gold. Its performance is very impressive while those using it while carrying out debug builds have the ability to achieve an insane speed-up thanks to a new option...</description>
  165.   <pubDate>Thu, 11 Jul 2024 11:26:54 -0400</pubDate>
  166.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  167.  </item>
  168.  <item>
  169.   <title>FreeBSD Aiming For More Predictable &amp; Frequent Releases</title>
  170.   <link></link>
  171.   <guid></guid>
  172.   <description>Colin Percival who took over as the release engineering lead for FreeBSD last November has come up with two important changes for this BSD operating system's release engineering process...</description>
  173.   <pubDate>Thu, 11 Jul 2024 11:02:19 -0400</pubDate>
  174.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  175.  </item>
  176.  <item>
  177.   <title>XWayland 24.1.1 Brings Many Fixes</title>
  178.   <link></link>
  179.   <guid></guid>
  180.   <description>Building off last month's release of XWayland 24.1 that brought explicit sync support, improved rootful, and other changes, the first point release has now been issued...</description>
  181.   <pubDate>Thu, 11 Jul 2024 10:50:43 -0400</pubDate>
  182.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  183.  </item>
  184.  <item>
  185.   <title>The State Of Text Rendering 2024 &amp; The Future Of The Stack With Rust</title>
  186.   <link></link>
  187.   <guid></guid>
  188.   <description>HarfBuzz text shaping engine lead developer Behdad Esfahbod has written a lengthy blog post covering the state of text rendering in 2024. There's a particular focus on text rendering in the open-source world as well as looking ahead to a text stack that will incorporate more of the Rust programming language...</description>
  189.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 19:42:00 -0400</pubDate>
  190.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  191.  </item>
  192.  <item>
  193.   <title>Zed Editor Now Publishing Native Linux Builds</title>
  194.   <link></link>
  195.   <guid></guid>
  196.   <description>The Rust-written, GPU-accelerated Zed text editor is finally providing official Linux builds!..</description>
  197.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 13:24:16 -0400</pubDate>
  198.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  199.  </item>
  200.  <item>
  201.   <title>AMD Provides Updated Zen 1/2/3/4 CPU Microcode For Linux Users</title>
  202.   <link></link>
  203.   <guid></guid>
  204.   <description>Updated AMD CPU microcode was published today and subsequently merged into linux-firmware.git for all Family 17h and Family 19h processors, spanning Zen 1 through Zen 4 models...</description>
  205.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 13:04:49 -0400</pubDate>
  206.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  207.  </item>
  208.  <item>
  209.   <title>Intel Performance Limit Reasons Coming To Linux 6.11</title>
  210.   <link></link>
  211.   <guid></guid>
  212.   <description>Set to be merged for the upcoming Linux 6.11 kernel cycle is Intel's "Performance Limit Reasons" reporting for indicating why a processor may be downclocking...</description>
  213.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 11:30:33 -0400</pubDate>
  214.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  215.  </item>
  216.  <item>
  217.   <title>LPython 0.22 Released For Ahead-Of-Time Compiler For Python</title>
  218.   <link></link>
  219.   <guid></guid>
  220.   <description>LPython is an in-development open-source project aiming to be a very fast Python compiler with multiple back-ends. Released this week was LPython 0.22 as the latest step in this crusade...</description>
  221.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 11:04:58 -0400</pubDate>
  222.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  223.  </item>
  224.  <item>
  225.   <title>AMD Acquires Another AI Company To Expand Its Enterprise AI Solutions</title>
  226.   <link></link>
  227.   <guid></guid>
  228.   <description>Following their acquisition last year of open-source AI provider and other AI investments, AMD today announced they are acquiring Silo AI...</description>
  229.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 09:37:56 -0400</pubDate>
  230.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  231.  </item>
  232.  <item>
  233.   <title>JetBrains IntelliJ-Based IDEs Offer Preview Wayland Support</title>
  234.   <link></link>
  235.   <guid></guid>
  236.   <description>JetBrains announced this week that via their 2024.2 Early Access Program  that IntelliJ-based IDEs will now offer experimental Wayland support...</description>
  237.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 09:26:56 -0400</pubDate>
  238.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  239.  </item>
  240.  <item>
  241.   <title>DXVK 2.4 Released With Direct3D 8 Support, Native WSI Improvements</title>
  242.   <link></link>
  243.   <guid></guid>
  244.   <description>DXVK 2.4 has been released for this Direct3D over Vulkan API implementation...</description>
  245.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Jul 2024 07:38:53 -0400</pubDate>
  246.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  247.  </item>
  248.  <item>
  249.   <title>Experimental Code Gets Open-Source Mesa RADV Vulkan Driver Running On Windows</title>
  250.   <link></link>
  251.   <guid></guid>
  252.   <description>Over the years there have been various attempts at getting the open-source RADV Vulkan driver on Windows, Faith Ekstrand of Collabora has been recently hacking on it and achieving success for having this popular Radeon Vulkan API driver for Linux working under Windows...</description>
  253.   <pubDate>Tue, 09 Jul 2024 17:45:48 -0400</pubDate>
  254.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  255.  </item>
  256.  <item>
  257.   <title>AMD vs. NVIDIA Vulkan Ray-Tracing Performance On Linux With Breaking Limit</title>
  258.   <link></link>
  259.   <guid></guid>
  260.   <description>Basemark last week released GPUScore: Breaking Limit as a &quot;groundbreaking cross-platform ray-tracing benchmark&quot; that is scalable from mobile to desktops. They self-describe Breaking Limit as &quot;the world&#039;s first true cross-platform benchmark for ray tracing.&quot; Given that and the benchmark meeting my benchmarking criteria, I&#039;ve been trying it out on various AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards under Linux.</description>
  261.   <pubDate>Tue, 09 Jul 2024 11:00:00 -0400</pubDate>
  262.   <dc:creator>Michael Larabel</dc:creator>
  263.  </item>
  264. </channel>
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