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  160. <h2>Services</h2>
  161. <h3>Income Tax</h3>
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  163. <li><a href="introduction.html">Introduction</a></li>
  164. <li><a href="producer.html">Producer Company</a></li>                                              <li><a href="nidhi.html">Nidhi Company</a></li>
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  178. <li><a href="35ac.html">35AC</a></li>
  179. <li><a href="35-i-ii.html">351(ii)</a></li>
  180. <li><a href="35-i-iii.html">351(iii)</a></li>
  181. <li><a href="80g.html">80G</a></li>
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  194.             <h2>Benefits of section 80g</h2>
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  198. <h3>What is 80g</h3>
  199. <p>
  200. Registration under section 80G of Income Tax Act provides benefit to NGOs. If NGO has 80G certificate with them, donor gets financial benefit in his/her taxable amount of their income. If an NGO gets itself registered under section 80G then the person or the organization making a donation to the NGO will get a deduction of 50% from his/its taxable income. By availing 80G Certificate, NGO can attract more donors.<br />
  201. </p>
  203. <h3>Registration under section 80g</h3>
  204. <p>If an NGO gets itself registered under section <a href="80g.html">80g</a> then the person or the organisation making a donation to the NGO will get a deduction of 50% from his/its taxable income. The NGO has to apply in Form No. 10G As per Annexure-29 to the Commissioner of Income Tax for such registration. Normally this approval is granted for 2-3 years.<br />
  205. The Finance Act, 2009, has deleted the five year restriction under proviso to sub section (5) clause (vi). In other words, registration certificates issued after 1st October, 2009 can be considered as one time registration unless any specific restriction is provided in the certification itself.<br /></p>
  207. <h3>Documents required for registration</h3>
  208. <p>
  209. The application form should be sent in triplicate to the Commissioner of Income Tax along with the following documents :<br /><br />
  211. i) copy of income tax registration certificate.<br />
  212. ii) detail of activities since its inception or last three years whichever is less<br />
  213. iii) copies of audited accounts of the institution/NGO since its inception or last 3 years whichever is less.<br />
  214. </p>
  216. <h3>Conditions for registration under section 80g</h3>
  217. <p>
  218. For approval under section 80G the following conditions are to be fulfilled :<br /><br />
  220. i) the NGO should not have any income which is not exempted, such as business income. If, the NGO has business income then it should maintain separate books of accounts and should not divert donations received for the purpose of such business.<br />
  222. ii) the bylaws or objectives of the NGOs should not contain any provision for spending the income or assets of the NGO for purposes other than charitable.<br />
  224. iii) the NGO is not working for the benefit of particular religious community or caste.<br />
  226. iv) the NGO maintains regular accounts of its receipts and expenditures.<br />
  228. v) the NGO is properly registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 or under any law corresponding to that act or is registered under section 25 of the Companies Act 1956.<br />
  229. </p>
  230. <h3>Benefits of registration of 80g</h3>
  231. <p>
  232. There is ceiling limit upto which the benefit is allowable to the donor. If the amount of deduction to a charitable organisation or trust is more than 10% of the Gross Total Income computed under the Act (as reduced by income on which income-tax is not payable under any provision of this Act and by any amount in respect of which the assessee is entitled to a deduction under any other provision of this Chapter), then the amount in excess of 10% of Gross Total Income shall not qualify for deduction under <strong>section 80g</strong>.<br />
  233. In other words, while computing the total income of an assessee and for arriving at the deductible amount under section 80g, first the aggregate of the sums donated has to be found out. Then 50 per cent of such donations has to be found out and it should be limited to 10 per cent of the gross total income. If such amount is more than 10 per cent of the gross total income, the excess will have to be ignored.<br />
  234. The persons or organisation who donate under section <strong>80g</strong> gets a deduction of 50% from their taxable income. Here at times a confusion creeps in, that the tax advantage under section 80G is 50%, but actually it is not so. 50% of the donation made is allowed to be deducted from the taxable income and consequently tax is calculated.</p>
  235. <img src="images/80g.jpg" alt="80g" title="80g" />
  236. <p>
  237. Taxation is a general concept for devices used by governments to collect money or other valuable things from people and organizations by the use of law. A tax formula contains at least three components: the definition of the base, the rate percentage and the identification of the legal taxpayer. The base multiplied by the appropriate rate gives a product, called the tax liability, which is the legal obligation that the taxpayer must comply at particular dates. A tax is identified by the characteristics of its base, such as income in the case of an income tax, the quantity of distilled spirits sold in the case of a liquor tax, and so on. The rate might be straightforward, comprising of one rate applying to the base, for example, a predetermined number of pennies per gallon for tax on gas, or complex, for instance, differing rates relying on the size of the base for tax e on personal income. Taxation is categorized into various types like income tax, corporate tax, payroll tax, capital gain tax and property tax. Further, the classes of taxes are of two types. First Direct tax and second Indirect Tax. Direct taxes are paid by individuals based on their expenses, net wealth or personal income. Indirect taxes are taxes implemented on proceedings like exports and imports and the production and consumption of goods and services. The first instance of systematic taxation originated from Egypt around 3000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ which is properly mentioned in several historical sources. In various parts of the world, implementation of such a tax system is there where people can pay for public, common or
  238. agreed national needs and government functions. Some charge a higher percentage rate of taxation on personal annual income but most scale taxes based on annual income amounts.
  239. Various types of civilization started in the past when mankind was flourishing, for example, China, also levied taxes under the governance of a strong centralized rule.
  240. This section throws light on tax exemptions and how it benefits one's finances. It highlights two sections: income tax exemption and capital gain. The article then goes on to discuss what happened when law makers amended these sections and taxes rates split is given for different percentages in taxation for people working outside India. The article then goes on to discuss what happened when law makers amended these sections and taxes rates split is given for different percentages in taxation for people working outside India. The article authored by noted website teaches readers about taxation schemes in India from capital gains over ad hoc expenses exemption provisions available under corporate perks for home-working professionals or the deductibles around charitable donations made by corporations. This article mainly covers the issue of taxation in one of the biggest democracies and world.
  241. One shall not wonder if you can find the top companies and corporates forming non government organizations so that they can execute charitable activities and also save taxes by donating funds from their company accounts to their ngos. As per Central Board of Direct Taxation rules, any corporate having net profit of more than 5 crores in any financial year should donate 2 percent of their profits to social welfare organizations. It is here where 12a and <strong>80g</strong> come into role. Hence, companies prefer to donate to those charitable trusts, societies or ngos who are having 12a and 80g certifications. By doing so, they get 50 percent tax favour out of the donated amount. Most of the corporates form their own ngos in order to save taxes and at the same time, continue doing charitable activities. Some of them are Ratan Tata Charitable Trust, Ambani, Tech Mahindra.
  242. </p>
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  255. <div class="adverties">
  256.                <h4>Fcra Consultancy</h4>
  257.                 <p><img src="images/fcra.png" alt="fcra" />For availing international funding, an NGO is supposed to register itself under FCRA <a href="" target="_blank" class="ad-readmore">Read More</a> </p>
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  260.                <h4>Web Designing</h4>                    
  261.                 <p><img src="images/web.png" alt="web design" />Feel free to contact us for any sort of website, cms based or custom web based software application <a href="" class="ad-readmore">Read More</a> </p>
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  267.            </div>
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  269. <strong>Contact Us:</strong> 9873141608, 9711105597.  <strong>Mail Us:</strong><br/><br/>
  270. For sending whatsapp message, click here <a href=""><img src="images/whatsapp.png" alt="whatsapp"/></a>
  271. </div>
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  277. </div>
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