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  18.      <title>Everybody’s Ejected After a Senators-Panthers Fight</title>
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  22.      <description>All 10 skaters on the ice got a game misconduct in the Senators-Panthers game on Monday night in Ottawa.</description>
  23.      <dc:creator>Victor Mather</dc:creator>
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  30.      <media:credit>Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press, via Associated Press</media:credit>
  31.      <media:description>The Ottawa Senators-Florida Panthers game got physical.</media:description>
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  34.      <title>How Phoenix Fans Watch Their Teams May Change How You Watch Yours</title>
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  38.      <description>Numerous franchises are expected to overhaul their local media deals, returning games to free networks. The transition is underway in Arizona.</description>
  39.      <dc:creator>Ken Belson and Tania Ganguli</dc:creator>
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  56.      <media:credit>Chris Coduto/Getty Images</media:credit>
  57.      <media:description>“To not be able to watch your game wasn’t an option that we were interested in,” said Mat Ishbia, the owner of the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury.</media:description>
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  60.      <title>Scenes From More Than a Century of Sports</title>
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  64.      <description>Whether blasting through gender barriers or writing at superhuman speed, here are five moments when New York Times sportswriters went the extra mile for the news.</description>
  65.      <dc:creator>Sarah Bahr</dc:creator>
  66.      <pubDate>Wed, 27 Sep 2023 07:00:14 +0000</pubDate>
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  68.      <category domain="">New York Times</category>
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  70.      <media:credit>The New York Times</media:credit>
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  73.      <title>A Former Hockey Enforcer Searches for Answers on C.T.E. Before It’s Too Late</title>
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  77.      <description>Chris Nilan fought more than 300 times during a pro hockey career, then had years of addiction and anger problems. A high-risk candidate for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Nilan is being studied by Boston University.</description>
  78.      <dc:creator>David Waldstein</dc:creator>
  79.      <pubDate>Sat, 23 Sep 2023 02:04:04 +0000</pubDate>
  80.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  81.      <category domain="">Nilan, Chris</category>
  82.      <category domain="">Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy</category>
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  93.      <media:credit>Nasuna Stuart-Ulin for The New York Times</media:credit>
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  96.      <title>The New Professional Women’s Hockey League to Launch in 6 Cities</title>
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  100.      <description>Three Canadian and three American teams will begin play in the Professional Women’s Hockey League in January.</description>
  101.      <dc:creator>Victor Mather</dc:creator>
  102.      <pubDate>Tue, 29 Aug 2023 17:58:29 +0000</pubDate>
  103.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  104.      <category domain="">National Women&#39;s Hockey League</category>
  105.      <category domain="">Professional Women&#39;s Hockey Players Assn</category>
  106.      <category domain="">Hefford, Jayna (1977- )</category>
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  108.      <media:credit>Mary Schwalm/Associated Press</media:credit>
  109.      <media:description>Boston players celebrated the 2021 National Women’s Hockey League title. That league is being replaced by the new Professional Women’s Hockey League.</media:description>
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  112.      <title>The Messy Relationship Between Romance Novels and Ice Hockey</title>
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  116.      <description>Hockey romance is a thriving literary subgenre, but some of its fans on TikTok are creating content that blurs the line between fictional players and real-life ones, dividing the community.</description>
  117.      <dc:creator>Amanda Holpuch</dc:creator>
  118.      <pubDate>Wed, 09 Aug 2023 09:30:11 +0000</pubDate>
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  124.      <category domain="">Instagram Inc</category>
  125.      <category domain="">National Hockey League</category>
  126.      <category domain="">Seattle Kraken</category>
  127.      <category domain="">TikTok (ByteDance)</category>
  128.      <category domain="">Wennberg, Alex (1994- )</category>
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  130.      <media:credit>Steph Chambers/Getty Images</media:credit>
  131.      <media:description>In July, Felicia Wennberg, far right, said that explicit social media posts about her husband, Alex Wennberg of the Seattle Kraken, left, had “crossed the line.”</media:description>
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  134.      <title>Rocky Wirtz, Chairman of Chicago Blackhawks NHL Team, Dies at 70</title>
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  138.      <description>He assumed control of the team after his father’s death and helped bring it to prominence. But the mishandling of an assault accusation dimmed that success.</description>
  139.      <dc:creator>Richard Sandomir and Evan Easterling</dc:creator>
  140.      <pubDate>Sat, 29 Jul 2023 14:32:14 +0000</pubDate>
  141.      <category domain="">Wirtz, Rocky</category>
  142.      <category domain="">Deaths (Obituaries)</category>
  143.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  144.      <category domain="">National Hockey League</category>
  145.      <category domain="">Chicago Blackhawks</category>
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  147.      <media:credit>Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press</media:credit>
  148.      <media:description>Rocky Wirtz in 2022. Under his ownership, the Chicago Blackhawks won three Stanley Cups in the 2010s.</media:description>
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  151.      <title>The Mind Is Willing, So the Body Doesn’t Have Much Choice</title>
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  155.      <description>These men, many in their 80s, may have titanium hips and implantable defibrillators. But they plan to play hockey until they go to that big locker room in the sky.</description>
  156.      <dc:creator>Andrew Keh and Bryan Meltz</dc:creator>
  157.      <pubDate>Tue, 25 Jul 2023 23:48:29 +0000</pubDate>
  158.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  159.      <category domain="">Schulz, Charles M</category>
  160.      <category domain="">Santa Rosa (Calif)</category>
  161.      <category domain="">Age, Chronological</category>
  162.      <category domain="">Elderly</category>
  163.      <category domain="">Harper, Terry (1942- )</category>
  164.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  165.      <media:description>The Snoopy Senior team names nod at the players’ ages. Mike Duggan, 74, played for Oregon Old Growth.</media:description>
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  168.      <title>Vegas Golden Knights Win Their First Stanley Cup</title>
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  172.      <description>The Golden Knights beat the Panthers, 9-3, to win the N.H.L. championship, four games to one.</description>
  173.      <dc:creator>Ken Belson</dc:creator>
  174.      <pubDate>Wed, 14 Jun 2023 14:19:58 +0000</pubDate>
  175.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  176.      <category domain="">Stanley Cup</category>
  177.      <category domain="">National Hockey League</category>
  178.      <category domain="">Vegas Golden Knights</category>
  179.      <category domain="">Florida Panthers</category>
  180.      <category domain="">Bettman, Gary</category>
  181.      <category domain="">Las Vegas (Nev)</category>
  182.      <category domain="">Stone, Mark (1992- )</category>
  183.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  184.      <media:credit>John Locher/Associated Press</media:credit>
  185.      <media:description>The Golden Knights celebrated beating the Panthers, 9-3, to win the Stanley Cup.</media:description>
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  188.      <title>South Florida’s Heat and Panthers Chase N.B.A. And N.H.L. Titles</title>
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  192.      <description>It is rare for teams from one market to play in the Stanley Cup and N.B.A. Finals in the same year, and a first for southern franchises, but it was bound to happen.</description>
  193.      <dc:creator>Ken Belson</dc:creator>
  194.      <pubDate>Fri, 09 Jun 2023 21:24:11 +0000</pubDate>
  195.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  196.      <category domain="">Basketball</category>
  197.      <category domain="">Stanley Cup</category>
  198.      <category domain="">NBA Championship</category>
  199.      <category domain="">Florida Panthers</category>
  200.      <category domain="">Miami Heat</category>
  201.      <category domain="">Vegas Golden Knights</category>
  202.      <category domain="">Denver Nuggets</category>
  203.      <category domain="">Florida</category>
  204.      <category domain="">Bettman, Gary</category>
  205.      <category domain="">Butler, Jimmy</category>
  206.      <category domain="">Fans (Persons)</category>
  207.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  208.      <media:credit>Saul Martinez for The New York Times</media:credit>
  209.      <media:description>Matthew Mandel and Martin Schwartz, friends since college, have shared season tickets to both Heat and Panthers games for years. </media:description>
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  212.      <title>Winners Get Their Due. But Losers Are Wonderfully Human.</title>
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  216.      <description>There’s glory in defeat. Losses, at least, make athletes more relatable to the rest of us.</description>
  217.      <dc:creator>Kurt Streeter</dc:creator>
  218.      <pubDate>Tue, 06 Jun 2023 04:01:17 +0000</pubDate>
  219.      <category domain="">Athletics and Sports</category>
  220.      <category domain="">Tennis</category>
  221.      <category domain="">French Open (Tennis)</category>
  222.      <category domain="">Sinner, Jannik (2001- )</category>
  223.      <category domain="">Wang Xinyu (2001- )</category>
  224.      <media:content height="1801" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  225.      <media:credit>Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters</media:credit>
  226.      <media:description>Wang Xinyu faced the reigning women’s singles champion, Iga Swiatek, at the French Open, and lost, 6-0, 6-0.</media:description>
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  229.      <title>MetLife Stadium Will Host NHL Outdoor Doubleheader in 2024</title>
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  233.      <description>Over two days in February 2024, the N.F.L. stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., will host the Rangers against the Islanders, and the Devils against the Flyers.</description>
  234.      <dc:creator>David Waldstein</dc:creator>
  235.      <pubDate>Mon, 05 Jun 2023 14:24:56 +0000</pubDate>
  236.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  237.      <category domain="">National Hockey League</category>
  238.      <category domain="">New York Rangers</category>
  239.      <category domain="">New Jersey Devils</category>
  240.      <category domain="">New York Islanders</category>
  241.      <category domain="">Philadelphia Flyers</category>
  242.      <category domain="">MetLife Stadium (NJ)</category>
  243.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  244.      <media:credit>Bruce Bennett/Getty Images</media:credit>
  245.      <media:description>The Buffalo Sabres and the Rangers played in the N.H.L.’s Winter Classic at Citi Field in 2018.</media:description>
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  248.      <title>The Hockey Championship the U.S. Men Just Can’t Seem to Win</title>
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  252.      <description>American men have achieved thrilling victories at the Olympics, but they haven’t won a world hockey championship in decades.</description>
  253.      <dc:creator>Victor Mather</dc:creator>
  254.      <pubDate>Mon, 29 May 2023 16:26:51 +0000</pubDate>
  255.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  256.      <category domain="">National Hockey League</category>
  257.      <category domain="">Crosby, Sidney</category>
  258.      <category domain="">Jagr, Jaromir</category>
  259.      <category domain="">McDavid, Connor (1997- )</category>
  260.      <category domain="">Ovechkin, Alex (1985- )</category>
  261.      <category domain="">Tuch, Alex (1996- )</category>
  262.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  263.      <media:credit>Jonathan Nackstrand/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images</media:credit>
  264.      <media:description>The United States, in white, fell to Germany in the world championship semifinal.</media:description>
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  267.      <title>The Miami Heat Might Blow a 3-0 Series Lead</title>
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  271.      <description>No N.B.A. team has lost a best-of-seven playoff series after winning the first three games, but the Heat are one loss from being the first.</description>
  272.      <dc:creator>Victor Mather</dc:creator>
  273.      <pubDate>Mon, 29 May 2023 11:52:25 +0000</pubDate>
  274.      <category domain="">Basketball</category>
  275.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  276.      <category domain="">Baseball</category>
  277.      <category domain="">National Basketball Assn</category>
  278.      <category domain="">National Hockey League</category>
  279.      <category domain="">Major League Baseball</category>
  280.      <category domain="">Playoff Games</category>
  281.      <category domain="">World Series</category>
  282.      <category domain="">Stanley Cup</category>
  283.      <category domain="">Athletics and Sports</category>
  284.      <category domain="">Boston Celtics</category>
  285.      <category domain="">Boston Red Sox</category>
  286.      <category domain="">Denver Nuggets</category>
  287.      <category domain="">Houston Astros</category>
  288.      <category domain="">Miami Heat</category>
  289.      <category domain="">Yomiuri Giants</category>
  290.      <category domain="">Tampa Bay Rays</category>
  291.      <category domain="">New York Yankees</category>
  292.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  293.      <media:credit>Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press</media:credit>
  294.      <media:description>Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler had an awful night in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Celtics, hitting just 5 of 21 shots.</media:description>
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  296.    <item>
  297.      <title>Panthers Beat Hurricanes in Four Overtimes</title>
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  301.      <description>Four overtimes tested players and fans alike, but the game was hardly the longest in N.H.L. history.</description>
  302.      <dc:creator>Victor Mather</dc:creator>
  303.      <pubDate>Fri, 19 May 2023 13:31:12 +0000</pubDate>
  304.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  305.      <category domain="">Playoff Games</category>
  306.      <category domain="">Florida Panthers</category>
  307.      <category domain="">Carolina Hurricanes</category>
  308.      <category domain="">Tkachuk, Matthew (1997- )</category>
  309.      <category domain="">Records and Achievements</category>
  310.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  311.      <media:credit>James Guillory/Usa Today Sports Via Reuters Con</media:credit>
  312.      <media:description>Matthew Tkachuk happy. Hurricanes fans glum.</media:description>
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  315.      <title>With Speed, the Devils Get to Second Round of NHL Playoffs</title>
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  319.      <description>The Devils, who had gone a decade without winning a playoff series until Monday, beat the Rangers with speed and a sensational rookie goalie. Now they’re about to face a hurricane.</description>
  320.      <dc:creator>David Waldstein</dc:creator>
  321.      <pubDate>Wed, 03 May 2023 14:35:57 +0000</pubDate>
  322.      <category domain="">Hockey, Ice</category>
  323.      <category domain="">Playoff Games</category>
  324.      <category domain="">Stanley Cup</category>
  325.      <category domain="">New Jersey Devils</category>
  326.      <category domain="">New York Rangers</category>
  327.      <category domain="">Schmid, Akira</category>
  328.      <category domain="">Haula, Erik</category>
  329.      <category domain="">Fitzgerald, Thomas J (1968- )</category>
  330.      <category domain="">Hischier, Nico (1999- )</category>
  331.      <category domain="">Palat, Ondrej</category>
  332.      <category domain="">Ruff, Lindy</category>
  333.      <category domain="">Hughes, Jack (2001- )</category>
  334.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  335.      <media:credit>Adam Hunger/Associated Press</media:credit>
  336.      <media:description>The Devils expect their arena to be louder against the Hurricanes in the second round, now that Rangers fans have gone home.</media:description>
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  339.      <title>Will Patrice Bergeron Retire After the Boston Bruins’ Upset by the Florida Panthers?</title>
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  343.      <description>The Bruins captain is left to ponder retirement as his team, which won an N.H.L.-record 65 games in the regular season, grapples with its first-round playoff exit.</description>
  344.      <dc:creator>David Waldstein</dc:creator>
  345.      <pubDate>Mon, 01 May 2023 18:14:20 +0000</pubDate>
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  353.      <category domain="">Marchand, Brad</category>
  354.      <media:content height="1557" medium="image" url="" width="1557"></media:content>
  355.      <media:credit>Michael Dwyer/Associated Press</media:credit>
  356.      <media:description>Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins saluting the fans at TD Garden in Boston on Sunday after his team’s Game 7 loss to the Florida Panthers.</media:description>
  357.    </item>
  358.    <item>
  359.      <title>Florida Panthers Upset Record-Setting Boston Bruins</title>
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  362.      <atom:link href="" rel="standout"></atom:link>
  363.      <description>The Bruins had won an N.H.L.-best 65 games in the regular season and taken a 3-1 series lead, but the Panthers stunned them in Game 7 to eliminate Boston in the first round.</description>
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  371.      <category domain="">Pastrnak, David (1996- )</category>
  372.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  373.      <media:credit>Bob Dechiara/Usa Today Sports Via Reuters Con</media:credit>
  374.      <media:description>Brandon Montour forced overtime with less than one minute left in the third period of Game 7.</media:description>
  375.    </item>
  376.    <item>
  377.      <title>Toronto Maple Leafs Win First N.H.L. Playoff Series in 19 Years</title>
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  381.      <description>A city starved for a winning N.H.L. team celebrates early success like a champion, as the Leafs prepare to meet Boston or Florida in the second round.</description>
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  390.      <category domain="">Matthews, Auston (1997- )</category>
  391.      <category domain="">Marner, Mitch (1997- )</category>
  392.      <category domain="">Keefe, Sheldon</category>
  393.      <category domain="">Tavares, John (1990- )</category>
  394.      <category domain="">Salming, Borje</category>
  395.      <category domain="">Toronto (Ontario)</category>
  396.      <category domain="">Hockey Hall of Fame</category>
  397.      <media:content height="1800" medium="image" url="" width="1800"></media:content>
  398.      <media:credit>Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images</media:credit>
  399.      <media:description>The Maple Leafs celebrated after beating the Lightning in Game 6 on Saturday to advance to the second round of the N.H.L. playoffs. Toronto outscored Tampa, 23-21, in the evenly matched series.</media:description>
  400.    </item>
  401.    <item>
  402.      <title>NHL and NBA Playoffs Give New York Fans a Lot to Celebrate</title>
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  406.      <description>All five professional winter season teams in the New York metropolitan area made the playoffs for the first time since 1994.</description>
  407.      <dc:creator>David Waldstein</dc:creator>
  408.      <pubDate>Sun, 23 Apr 2023 21:10:37 +0000</pubDate>
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  425.      <media:credit>Bryan Woolston/Associated Press</media:credit>
  426.      <media:description>Islanders fans celebrating on Friday after center Kyle Palmieri scored in Game 3 of the team’s first-round playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes.</media:description>
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