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  1. <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head><meta charSet="utf-8"/><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=yes, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=0.5 , maximum-scale=2"/><meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image"/><meta property="og:type" content="website"/><meta property="og:locale" content="ja_JP"/><meta property="og:site_name" content="POTOFU"/><title>PGSOFT | MAHJONG WAYS | SITUS GACOR | POTOFU</title><meta name="robots" content="index,follow"/><meta name="description" content="pgsoft - mahjong ways - mahjong ways 2 - mahjong ways 1 - pgsoft slot - slot mahjong - mahjong slot - pg slot mahjong - slot mahjong online - daftar slot mahjong - slot pgsoft - mahjongways - mahjongways2 - slot pgsoft gacor - pgsoft mahjong - slot mahjong ways - cara bermain mahjong ways - mahjong ways slot - slot mahjong ways 2 - situs slot mahjong - cara mahjong ways 2 - situs slot pg soft"/><meta property="og:title" content="PGSOFT | MAHJONG WAYS | SITUS GACOR"/><meta property="og:description" content="pgsoft - mahjong ways - mahjong ways 2 - mahjong ways 1 - pgsoft slot - slot mahjong - mahjong slot - pg slot mahjong - slot mahjong online - daftar slot mahjong - slot pgsoft - mahjongways - mahjongways2 - slot pgsoft gacor - pgsoft mahjong - slot mahjong ways - cara bermain mahjong ways - mahjong ways slot - slot mahjong ways 2 - situs slot mahjong - cara mahjong ways 2 - situs slot pg soft"/><meta property="og:url" content=""/><meta property="og:image" content=""/><meta name="next-head-count" content="13"/><meta charSet="utf-8"/><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"/><meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no"/><meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no"/><link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico"/><link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/apple-touch-icon.png"/><meta name="rating" content="general"/><meta name="author" content="Sozi Inc."/><meta name="copyright" content="Copyright(C)Sozi inc."/><meta name="keywords" content="POTOFU,ポトフ,クリエイター,プロフィール,ポートフォリオ,creator,profile,portfolio"/><link rel="stylesheet" href="" crossorigin=""/><link rel="preconnect" href=""/><script>
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Stationbetting</p><p class="ProfileUser_Description__ezwMX">pgsoft - mahjong ways - mahjong ways 2 - mahjong ways 1 - pgsoft slot - slot mahjong - mahjong slot - pg slot mahjong - slot mahjong online - daftar slot mahjong - slot pgsoft - mahjongways - mahjongways2 - slot pgsoft gacor - pgsoft mahjong - slot mahjong ways - cara bermain mahjong ways - mahjong ways slot - slot mahjong ways 2 - situs slot mahjong - cara mahjong ways 2 - situs slot pg soft</p></div><div class="ProfileLinkList_ProfileLinkList__Kcy9a"><a target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer" class="ProfileLinkListItem_ProfileLinkListItemWrapper__qyTy8" href=""><div class="ProfileLinkListItem_ProfileLinkListItem__p1Wg9"><img class="ProfileLinkListItem_PlatformIcon__2GoCO" src="" alt=""/><div class="ProfileLinkListItem_Text__CFmTK"><p class="ProfileLinkListItem_Title__HVq79" style="font-family:&quot;Rodin NTLG&quot;, sans-serif;font-weight:600">STATIONBET</p><p class="ProfileLinkListItem_Description__fuX6z" style="font-family:&quot;Rodin NTLG&quot;, sans-serif;font-weight:600"></p></div></div></a><a target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer" class="ProfileLinkListItem_ProfileLinkListItemWrapper__qyTy8" href=""><div class="ProfileLinkListItem_ProfileLinkListItem__p1Wg9"><img class="ProfileLinkListItem_PlatformIcon__2GoCO" src="" alt=""/><div class="ProfileLinkListItem_Text__CFmTK"><p class="ProfileLinkListItem_Title__HVq79" style="font-family:&quot;Rodin NTLG&quot;, sans-serif;font-weight:600">STATIONPLAY</p><p class="ProfileLinkListItem_Description__fuX6z" style="font-family:&quot;Rodin NTLG&quot;, sans-serif;font-weight:600"></p></div></div></a></div></div><div class="ProfileServiceLogo_ProfileServiceLogo__Tg6TF"><a href="/"><img src="/assets/images/logo_profile_normal.png" alt="POTOFU"/></a></div></div><div class="_pub_id__ProfilePageBottom__LeAis"></div></div><script id="__NEXT_DATA__" type="application/json">{"props":{"pageProps":{"user":{"id":"FDE7RqUP1zOI3epWGHGAEnl6tU62","pub_id":"pg-soft","name":"PGSOFT | MAHJONG WAYS | SITUS GACOR","name_en":"Stationbet - Stationbetting","description":"pgsoft - mahjong ways - mahjong ways 2 - mahjong ways 1 - pgsoft slot - slot mahjong - mahjong slot - pg slot mahjong - slot mahjong online - daftar slot mahjong - slot pgsoft - mahjongways - mahjongways2 - slot pgsoft gacor - pgsoft mahjong - slot mahjong ways - cara bermain mahjong ways - mahjong ways slot - slot mahjong ways 2 - situs slot mahjong - cara mahjong ways 2 - situs slot pg soft","description_urls":[],"icon_image_key":"images/iNsRgl9A7ZSg.jpg","ogp":{"title":"PGSOFT | MAHJONG WAYS | SITUS GACOR","description":"","image_key":"images/vLfdWVz79umw.jpg"},"disclosure":true,"links":[{"custom_platform_name":"STATIONBET","icon_monochrome":false,"show":true,"custom_icon_key":"images/gPpe2XvMlu55.jpg","description":"","platform":"custom","url":""},{"custom_platform_name":"STATIONPLAY","icon_monochrome":false,"show":true,"custom_icon_key":"images/rmrALh28UiZO.jpg","description":"","platform":"custom","url":""}],"appearance_settings":{"use_image_background":true,"background_color":"#8AD877","primary_color":"#00A7FF","is_dark":false,"font":"ntlg"},"ofuse_settings":{"support_text":"","icon_monochrome":false,"appearance":"bottom_banner"},"createdAt":"2022-10-29T13:52:13.819Z","updatedAt":"2022-10-29T14:00:03.880Z","activity_settings":{"group_1":{"show":false,"youtube":{"show":false,"filters":[]},"instagram":{"show":false,"filters":[]},"title":"","ofuse":{"show":false,"filters":[]}},"group_2":{"show":false,"youtube":{"show":false,"filters":[]},"instagram":{"show":false,"filters":[]},"title":"","ofuse":{"show":false,"filters":[]}},"group_3":{"show":false,"youtube":{"show":false,"filters":[]},"instagram":{"show":false,"filters":[]},"title":"","ofuse":{"show":false,"filters":[]}}}},"fallbackActivities":[],"_nextI18Next":{"initialI18nStore":{"en":{"common":{},"component":{"Seo":{"title":"POTOFU","description":"Organize all your online activities. POTOFU is a service that aggregates information on SNS and work posting sites so that you can quickly and easily create a public profile. We support your activities by collecting the latest works and information on one page."},"ServiceTitle":{"signup":"Sign Up","note":"* Sign up free / no ads"},"Slogan":{"slogan":"Organize all your online activities"},"ServiceVisualDescription":{"heading1":"What is ","heading2":"","description":"POTOFU is a service that lets you easily create a profile and portfolio for organizing all of your Internet activities."},"ServiceUsecase":{"UseCase":{"honorific":""},"UseCases":{"noCopyRightGirl":"NoCopyrightGirl","satakeShunsuke":"Shunsuke Satake","otori":"Otori.","aokawaWaka":"Aokawa Waka","pomori":"Morita Pomo (Pomori)"}},"ServiceDetailedDescription":{"linkList":{"heading":"Links List","description":"Group URLs by adding them to your links list for easy access. These lists are ideal for when you are active on a number of social networking sites and websites. You can customize and personalize the icons and captions.","info":"You can use the icons that you created."},"activity":{"heading":"Activities","description":"Connect your page to your social networking sites to have your daily activities automatically updated. Your posted images are displayed as thumbnails. When a thumbnail is clicked, a pop-up window opens to show the image in full-screen view. This feature is ideal for an illustration portfolio. You can choose options, such as 'Show images only' and 'Show posts with specified hashtags only,' for easy adjustment.","info":"You can easily display posts from Instagram, YouTube, and OFUSE."},"pageCustomization":{"heading":"Page Customization","description":"Customizing a POTOFU page is very simple. No coding knowledge or complicated configuration required. All you have to do is select a normal or dark theme, specify the color of your choice, or upload an image for the background. Then, specify the primary color (the color that sets the tone of your page). Combining your page with Links list and activities provides unlimited possibilities.","info":"Customization gives a completely different impression."}},"ServiceFacts":{"factRegistrationFree":"Registration is free","factNoAds":"No ads","factNoHtmlCssJs":"No need for\nHTML, CSS, or JS","factSimpleThemes":"Simple themes","factActivityAutomaticallyUpdated":"Activities automatically updated","factLinkLists":"Links list","factConjunctionWithOtherServices":"Use in conjunction with other services is welcomed","factMonetization":"Monetization *1","info":"*1 You can easily monetize through fan letters by linking your page with the OFUSE service operated by Sozi Inc. (You will receive 90% of the tips from your fans.)","signupButton":"Start POTOFU"},"SoziUBanner":{"image":"soziu.png","image_md":"soziu_md.png"},"HotNews":{"headingNews":"News","moreButton":"Show more"},"GeneralFooter":{"help":"FAQ","news":"News","terms":"Terms of Service","company":"About Us","privacy":"Privacy Policy"},"HelpPage":{"titleFaq":"FAQ","headingCategory":"Search from categories"},"LoginPage":{"title":"Log in","firstDescription":"In order to use POTOFU,","secondDescription":" a Sozi ID is required.","backTopPageButton":"Return to the POTOFU top page"},"Authentication":{"signupButton":"Create a new ID","loginButton":"Log in with existing ID","loginNote1":{"1":"If you are using POTOFU for the first time, please agree to ","2":"the terms of service","3":",","4":" Privacy policy","5":" before using it."},"loginNote2":"If you already have an ID or have used Sozi various services (OFUSE), please select “Login with Sozi ID”","loginNote3":"Move to another domain"},"NewsPage":{"titleAnnouncements":"Announcements from POTOFU"},"RedirectPage":{"descriptionLoginProcessing":"Login is in progress"},"SignupPage":{"title":"Sign up","description":"Welcome to POTOFU.\nPOTOFU is a service that allows you to quickly and easily create your public profile by aggregating information on SNS and work posting sites just by setting up a few settings at the beginning.\nWe support your activities by allowing you to share information on the latest works and activities with a single URL.","serviceUseImage":"service_use_image_202402.webp","backTopPageButton":"Return to the POTOFU top page"},"InvitationCard":{"from":" has ","invitationPotofu":"invited me to POTOFU!","linkButtonPublicPage":"Take a look at the public page","frontNoteInvitation":"If you start POTOFU from here, ","backNoteInvitation":"you can unlock functions limited to invited users."},"TermsPage":{"title":"Terms of service"},"MyActivitiesPage":{"unboundAlertText":"Are you sure to move the screen? Edited items will be lost.","title":"Activities setting","description":"You can edit the activities that appear on your page. Once registered, it will be automatically renewed.","soziu":"Learn about activities setting and options on Sozi U","twitter":{"username":"username","placeholder":"Please enter after @","errorUserNotFound":"The user was not found","errorPrivateAccount":"Data could not be retrieved because it is private","errorNotEnter@":"Please enter a username, excluding @","note":"※ Private accounts cannot be linked"},"instagram":{"releaseButton":"disconnect","linkButton":"connect","placeholder":"disconnected","topCaution":"The status \"disconnected\" is not saved ","bottomCaution":"until you save the settings.","error":"Failed to retrieve data. Please try to connect again.","note1":"※ If you disconnect, the posts of instagram will no longer be shown on your public profile page","note2":"※ If your Instagram account is private, it will be automatically disconnected in 60 days","note3":"※ When you connect, POTOFU accesses information about your profile and posts in order to display Instagram posts"},"youtube":{"channelId":"Channel ID","placeholder":"Enter the channel ID(examples)UCGwPeoW7tScQBgdAMZO_0Tw","errorIncorrect":"The channel ID is incorrect","errorEnterCorrectly":"Please enter it correctly(examples)UCGwPeoW7tScQBgdAMZO_0Tw","errorFailedRetrieve":"Failed to retrieve data"},"youtubeNote1":{"1":"* Channel ID is ","2":"not the channel's page URL. ","3":"Switch to the YouTube account you want to set up, ","4":"and copy only the “channel ID” on the YouTube account setting screen","5":"."},"youtubeNote2":{"1":"* ","2":"Custom channel URL cannot be used as channel ID. ","3":"Please enter the channel ID on the account settings screen."},"saved":"saved!","saveButton":"save"},"ActivityGroupSetting":{"title":"Activity","display":"Show","show":"show","hide":"hide","itemName":"name","placeholderEnterActivityName":"Enter a name for the activity(example: illustrations)","titleNameRule":"Please enter from 0 to 12 characters","itemFilter":"Filter","optionOnlyHashtagPotofu":"Show only posts with #potofu","optionOnlyWithImage":"Show only tweets with images","optionOnlyOnePiece":"Display only the first image of a multi-image batch post"},"MyAppearancePage":{"title":"Customize Appearance","description":"You can customize the look of your page.","soziu":"Learn the points of page customization on Sozi U","itemMode":"Mode","optionNormal":"normal","optionDark":"dark","itemPageBackground":"Page Background","optionMonochromatic":"monochromatic","optionGraphic":"graphic","ruleUploadFormat":"File format: JPG, PNG","ruleRecommendedSize":"Recommended size: width1280xheight1920(pixel)","itemPrimaryColor":"Primary Color","itemFonts":"Fonts","fontNtlg":"Rodin NTLG","fontShueiMincho":"DNP Shuei Mincho","fontKinutaMarumaruGothic":"Kinuta Marumaru GothicA","noteUnreleasedFunction":"* Locked functions can be unlocked by meeting the conditions on the Unlock Functions page.","saved":"saved!","saveButton":"save"},"FunctionLocked":{"unlockFunction":"Unlock function"},"MyDashboardPage":{"title":"Dashboard","description":"Welcome to the POTOFU dashboard! This dashboard briefly introduces what you can do with POTOFU. Let's create a public profile that looks just like you!!","linkPublicUrl":"Your public URL","statusProfileClosed":"Your profile is private now. You can publish it from Edit Profile.","basicSettings":{"title":"What you can do with Basic Settings","desc":{"1":"You can edit your ","2":"profile information ","3":"such as the name, icon, description text, and ID that will be used for the URL of your public profile. ","4":"In addition, you can easily set up a ","5":"links list ","6":"that allows you to show various SNS and websites at once, and ","7":"activities ","8":"that can display history of your activity smartly."},"link":"Go to profile edit page"},"layoutSettings":{"title":"What you can do with Appearance Settings","desc":{"1":"You can set the appearance of the public page. You can ","2":"switch between normal and dark","3":", which is the basic appearance mode, and ","4":"set background art ","5":"etc. to make your public profile look more like you."},"link":"Go to Public Page Customization"},"monetizationSettings":{"title":"About Monetization settings","image":"dashboard_ofuse_202402.webp","desc":"If you register as a creator on the related service “OFUSE”, you can monetize your usual activities. OFUSE is a paid fan letter service that allows fans to send “thank you” feelings to people who they want to support. Along with the message, the creator receives 90% of the amount (sales) set by the fan.","link":"Learn more"}},"Footprints":{"title":"Foot prints","honorific":"","guest":"Guest","monthTotalAccessGuest":"This month's guest's access","note1":"* Only the most recent 20 items are displayed for the past day","note2":"* Users who have not logged in to POTOFU are counted as “guests”"},"UpdatePubIdModal":{"descriptionDecideId":"Decide on your ID","placeholderPleaseEnter":"Please enter","validateOtherUserUsing":"Is being used by other users","validateCheckId":"ID checking","validateFormat":"4 to 20 characters You can use a hyphen (-) between alphanumeric characters (lowercase letters)","profileUrl":"Your profile URL","completeTextSetupComplete":"It was set","decisionButton":"determining"},"OfusePromotionModal":{"title":"さまざまな活動の“応援”をOFUSEでまとめて受け取ろう","imgPath":"/assets/images/ofuse/promotion_modal_en_20240210.png","description":"ファンレターサービス「OFUSE(オフセ)」をはじめよう! 90%がクリエイターのもとに届く、支援付きファンレターサービス","linkButton":"収益化について詳しく見る"},"MyLinksPage":{"title":"Edit Links List","description":"You can edit the list of links displayed on your page. You can organize the various platforms that are active in a neat manner.","soziu":"Learn more about how to set up a links list on Sozi U","saved":"saved!","saveButton":"save"},"LinkItem":{"itemPlatform":"Platform","itemSiteName":"Site name","ruleTextCharacterLimit20":"Please enter from 0 to 20 characters","placeholderCustomSiteName":"Custom site name","itemIcon":"Icon","display":"Show","show":"show","hide":"hide","itemUrl":"URL","ruleTextEnterValidUrl":"Please enter a valid URL","itemSupplement":"Notes","ruleTextCharacterLimit30":"Please enter from 0 to 30 characters","placeholderSupplement":"Supplementary text","platforms":{"twitter":"X","youtube":"YouTube","facebook":"Facebook","instagram":"Instagram","note":"note","nicovideo":"niconico","pixiv":"Pixiv","syosetu":"Shosetsuka ni Naro","estar":"Everystar","soundcloud":"SoundCloud","tumblr":"Tumblr","booth":"BOOTH","github":"GitHub"}},"MyOfusePage":{"title":"OFUSE Setting","description":"You can configure settings related to OFUSE.","soziu":"Learn about “OFUSE” and monetization settings on Sozi U","support":{"title":"Support settings","userIcon":"Icon","itemSupportText":"Message","messageRule":"Please enter from 0 to 30 characters","placeholder1":"Supporting","placeholder2":"activities with fan letters","optionViewing":"Appearance","optionFollow":"Follow button","optionFixed":"Fixed panel","optionLinkList":"Linked list"},"completeText":"saved!","saveButton":"save","ofusePageOpenLinkButton":"Open OFUSE My Page","notCreator":{"title":"Registration for the fan letter service “OFUSE”","description":"By registering as a creator on OFUSE, you can monetize your usual activities. For now, only users who have an address in Japan can register as a creator on OFUSE."},"ofuse":{"title":"What is OFUSE","description":"“OFUSE” is a “creator support platform” where fans can support creators' activities. From fan letters of 2 yen per character that can be easily sent to monthly support memberships, you can freely combine them. As of December 2021, more than 50,000 users are using it."},"CreatorRegistrationLinkButton":"Register as a creator"},"MyPreviewPage":{"title":"Preview profile","modePreview":"Preview mode","publicUrlLinkButton":"Public page"},"MyProfileEditPage":{"title":"Edit Profile","description":"You can set the icon and profile that appears on your page.","basic":{"title":"Basic profile","errorSamePubIdAlreadyUsed":"already used by other users","validatingPubId":"Checking ID","pubIdRule":"4 to 20 alphanumeric characters (lowercase) and hyphen (-) can be used between them","userIcon":"icon","userIconSuffix":"File formats: JPG, PNG","userIconSize":"Recommended size: width200xheight200(pixel)","userName":"Nickname","uesrNameRule":"Please enter from 0 to 50 characters","userNameEn":"Nickname (en)","uesrNameEnRule":"Please enter from 0 to 50 characters","selfIntroduction":"Profile"},"contact":{"title":"Contact information","display":"Show","show":"show","hide":"hide","message":"Message","messageRule":"Please enter from 0 to 30 characters","messagePlaceholder":"Contact me from here","emailInput":"Email address","emailRule":"Please enter a valid email address"},"share":{"title":"Share settings (Open Graph)","ogImage":"Share image","ogImageSuffix":"file formats: JPG, PNG","ogImageSize":"Recommended size: width1200xheight630(pixel)","ogTitle":"Share title","ogTitleRule":"Please enter from 0 to 50 characters","ogDescription":"Share description"},"saved":"saved!","saveButton":"save","profileStatusPublic":"Your POTOFU has been published","profileStatusDisclosed":"Your POTOFU is private","profiledDisclosed":"It's now private!","discloseProfileButton":"Make POTOFU private","profilePublished":"It was released!","publishProfileButton":"Make POTOFU public"},"MyRewardsPage":{"title":"Unlock Functions","description":"By inviting friends, you will be able to unlock functions that make POTOFU more convenient and fun.","soziu":"Learn more about unlocking functions on Sozi U","rewardsList":{"title":"List of functions","rewarded":"unlocked!"},"ingredientList":{"title":"List of ingredients","description":"This is a list of ingredients you have acquired.","empty":"You haven't acquired any ingredients yet."},"Invitation":{"sectionTitleInvitation":"Invite friends","sectionDescriptionInvitation":"Send the invitation URL to your friends and ask them to register. When your friend opens a POTOFU account, you and your invited party will be unlocked one at a time. The number of invites also includes those obtained through campaigns.","invitationUrl":"Your invitation URL","invitationUrlCopied":"copied","copyInvitationUrl":"copy","numInvitations":"Invitations"}},"NewRewards":{"beforeIngredient":"You got a","afterIngredient":"!","functionUnlocked":"New funtion has been unlocked!","closeButton":"close","shareText":"I got a beta carrot from POTOFU, a portfolio service that allows you to easily summarize all of your activities!","shareButton":"share"},"MySettingsPage":{"title":"Various Settings","description":"You can configure notification settings and settings related to your account.","mail":{"title":"Email setting","currentValue":"Current email","newValue":"New email","newValueRule":"Please enter a valid email address","preference":"Notifications","preferenceTransaction":"Important announcements such as system messages","preferenceCampaign":"Campaign and event announcements"},"saved":"saved!","saveButton":"save","soziId":{"description":"You can manage accounts of services by Sozi.","go":"Go to Sozi ID"},"unsubscribe":{"title":"Unsubscribe","code":"Confirmation code","inputCode":"Enter confirmation code","inputCodePlaceholder":"Please enter confirmation code here.","submit":"unsubcribe from POTOFU","note1":"* If you unsubscribe from POTOFU, you will not be able to use all services of POTOFU.","note2":"* Even if you unsubscribe from POTOFU, you will not unsubscribe from other services operated by Sozi."}},"RequestButton":{"completeText":"completed"},"CommentBox":{"title":"Opinion Box","placeholder":"Feel free to send us feedback on the management, such as notices and requests for improvements.","send":"submit","submitted":"Submitted!","appreciation":"Thank you for your feedback to POTOFU. You can send it as many times as you like, so I would appreciate it if you could feel free to say a word at any time.","goBack":"close"},"TryPoint":{"point":"\u003cThis is the point!\u003e"},"TryFooter":{"startPotofu":"Get started","name1":"Illustrator parico","name2":"Multi creator Kasoku Sato","name3":"Animation artist Komugiko 2000","name4":"Illustrator sakiyama","goToArticle":"Read","backToTop":"Return to the POTOFU top page"},"TryBanner":{"subTitle":"What if creators make POTOFU","creatorName":"Illustrator sakiyama"},"Try1Page":{"description":"“POTOFU TRY!!” invites creators in various fields to try out POTOFU and ask for custom points. At first, Parico, an illustrator who also created the illustration for the top page of POTOFU, commented on the public profile page where cute illustrations shine.","subtitle1":"What if illustrator parico","subtitle2":"makes POTOFU","text1":"For the links list, I made the supplementary text as concise as possible, so that it is easy to reach both the business person and the general public. It seems to be good for organizing exhibition information and participation events.","imageDescription1":"A simple, organized list of links","text2":"Activities are set to display only those with #potofu on Instagram. On the premise that you can jump to any link if you are interested, in addition to recent pictures you like, pictures from a few years ago that do not come out unless you go back considerably are also adjusted so that they are displayed with less scrolling. I did it.","imageDescription2":"List of works that can be seen with little scrolling. Click to go to full screen","text3":"Using warm colors for the background image, I prepared an image that simply personifies the ingredients of pot-au-feu. I would like to think again about how it will look in summer! (parico)","imageDescription3":"Background images that match the atmosphere of the page"},"Try2Page":{"description":"“POTOFU TRY!!” is where creators from various fields try out POTOFU and ask for custom points. This time, Kasoku Sato, who is active in multiple fields, such as character modeling and animation, and recently in charge of visuals for virtual singer AzKi. You have commented on a cool public profile page that uses dark mode effectively.","subtitle1":"What if multi creator Kasoku Sato","subtitle2":"makes POTOFU","text1":"I wanted to create a feeling that there was light in the dark, so I chose a picture with such a direction from my own work and used a blurred image for the background image. The idea was that by blurring the background, the main content portion in the center would stand out more.","imageDescription1":"Background image that makes use of blurred light","text2":"I've tried various things to show in activities, but when I think of it as a portfolio, I still want to control what is displayed by myself, mainly for Instagram photos Now only items tagged with #potofu are displayed.","imageDescription2":"Carefully selected activities","text3":"In addition, I like things that are simple and clean, so the icons in the linked list are unified in black and white. As for custom colors, etc., I saved my changes and looked at the preview screen one by one, and chose the one that worked well.","imageDescription3":"Linked lists are unified with monochrome icons","text4":"It took about 3 hours from the time I started making it to the stage of publishing. As a result, it was easy to understand the direction of the work at a glance, and I thought that it would be possible to create an effective portfolio site instead of being easy to start! (Kasoku Sato)"},"Try3Page":{"description":"“POTOFU TRY!!” is where creators from various fields try out POTOFU and ask for custom points. This time, Komugiko 2000 is active in a wide range of independent anime, MV, illustrations, etc., and is also leading the #indie_anime, which aims to revitalize indie animation. I received a comment about a profile page with a dynamic background illustration that was completed in about 20 minutes.","subtitle1":"What if animation artist Komugiko 2000","subtitle2":"makes POTOFU","text1":"At first, the interface was a bit unfamiliar, but when I actually tried it, the page was completed in about 20 minutes. I chose a vertical illustration for the background that looks good when viewed on a smartphone. If an illustration can be set as a background image, it's good because that person's personality comes out.","imageDescription1":"Background image with impressive blue sky and dynamism","text2":"I have set up all the links of the SNS that I am active on in the links list. There were no default selections for TikTok only, but I was able to add links freely from the “+” mark on the settings screen. Your activity is loading Instagram. I thought it would be convenient for me to automatically summarize the images I posted. I also draw animations, so it was nice to be able to play videos by tapping. However, when you look at it on the timeline, you can't distinguish between videos and illustrations, so it will be easier to see if you can understand them. (Komugiko 2000)","imageDescription2":"Tap the SNS video to play it on the spot"},"Try4Page":{"description":"“POTOFU TRY!!” is where creators from various fields try out POTOFU and ask for custom points. This time, sakiyama, is a popular illustrator who has also worked on animation music videos by musicians, merchandise, and apparel collaborations. We received a comment on a simple and powerful profile page where the background is filled with brushstroke patterns characteristic of black and white color schemes.","subtitle1":"What if illustrator sakiyama","subtitle2":"makes POTOFU","text1":"I made it quickly in about 30 minutes. I set a simple design that I often use for the background.","imageDescription1":"The background of a flower motif that often appears in sakiyama's illustrations","text2":"I have set “Twitter,” “Instagram,” and “Pixiv,” which are used in the main, and personal websites that summarize their biographies on “links list”. \nI linked Twitter* (only images mode) and Instagram to “activity.” Since Twitter and Instagram often post the same, we set Instagram to display only the first one so that the thumbnail does not overlap too much.\n*[Update] The activity integration with Twitter has been discontinued.","imageDescription2":"Aggregate SNS posts with images in activities","text3":"Being able to see multiple services at once is convenient and attractive, both from the standpoint of use and viewing. In my case, I also post photos other than the work on Twitter, so in terms of showing only the work, I think it would look even better if I use the option “show only the activities with #potofu tag”."},"FirstAnnivCampaignBanner":{"label":"Campaign is on!"},"FirstAnnivGrandPrizeBanner":{"title":"Customize Grand Prize","label":"Chance to win gorgeous prizes!"}},"rewards":{"function":{"view_footprint":{"title":"View footprint","achievementDescription":"Put the URL of POTOFU profile on the profile of Twitter to be linked","description":"You can now see footprints on public pages"},"additional_activity_group_1":{"title":"Activity tab +1","achievementDescription":"Invite 1 people","description":"The activity display area\ncan now be divided into two tabs!"},"additional_font_1":{"title":"Add fonts","achievementDescription":"Invite 2 people","description":"“DNP Shuei Mincho” can now be selected as a font that can be applied to public pages!!"},"additional_font_2":{"title":"Add fonts","achievementDescription":"Invite 3 people","description":"“Kinuta Marumaru Gothic” can now be selected as a font that can be applied to public pages!!"},"additional_activity_group_2":{"title":"Activity tab +2","achievementDescription":"Invite 4 people","description":"The activity display area\ncan now be divided into 3 tabs!"}},"ingredient":{"beta_carrot":{"title":"β Carrot","description":"Proof of users who participated in the beta test. It may be used someday..."}}}}},"initialLocale":"en","ns":["common","component","rewards"],"userConfig":{"i18n":{"defaultLocale":"en","locales":["ja","en","zh-TW"]}}}},"__N_SSG":true},"page":"/[pub_id]","query":{"pub_id":"pg-soft"},"buildId":"cy3AagAefaZQr5OuKHZcR","isFallback":false,"isExperimentalCompile":false,"gsp":true,"locale":"en","locales":["en","ja","zh-TW"],"defaultLocale":"en","scriptLoader":[]}</script></body></html>
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