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  1. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/css"?><feed xmlns='' xmlns:openSearch='' xmlns:blogger='' xmlns:georss='' xmlns:gd="" xmlns:thr=''><id>,1999:blog-4478321623199586935</id><updated>2022-08-18T03:13:02.987-07:00</updated><title type='text'></title><subtitle type='html'></subtitle><link rel='' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='alternate' type='text/html' href=''/><link rel='hub' href=''/><author><name>Diya kumar</name><uri></uri><email></email><gd:image rel='' width='16' height='16' src=''/></author><generator version='7.00' uri=''>Blogger</generator><openSearch:totalResults>4</openSearch:totalResults><openSearch:startIndex>1</openSearch:startIndex><openSearch:itemsPerPage>25</openSearch:itemsPerPage><entry><id>,</id><published>2021-12-21T00:55:00.003-08:00</published><updated>2021-12-21T00:55:33.282-08:00</updated><title type='text'>Your Logo Embroidery Business Needs a Boost with These Digital Marketing Practices</title><content type='html'>&lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;span style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;We get it! Running and managing a logo embroidery business is never easy. It allows you to maximize your full potential as you deal with client requirements, changes, and modifications for the rest of the day.&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;There are many cases where I have experienced embroiders dealing with customers face to face. Even though it is still the most simple and most effective form of communication, nature and business dealing have completely changed.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;With just a few clicks, you can get your order customized, purchased and delivered to your doorstep. And just like any other conventional business dealing, you can improve it for the better – for yourself and your clients.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;So now the question arises, how can you create a solid business acquisition for your &lt;strong&gt;l&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;ogo embroidery online&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;?&lt;/a&gt; The answer is simple and efficient – by applying digital marketing strategies. According to research conducted by the marketing network, digital marketing is responsible for generating 35% of the world’s revenue.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;By applying this unique set of skills, you will not only elevate your business, but you will lay a solid foundation for the others around you. You can create viability for your customers to reach out to you digitally, interact and order through your website/social media page without having to visit your office.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;So without any further delay, let us discuss the five basic yet the most important digital marketing strategies you can apply on your logo embroidery business.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ol style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Study your designated audience first&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ol&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;I’m sure that when you started your business in the past, this idea may not have struck your mind, but believe me; you’d want to know your target market. Many professional marketers suggest that if you are targeting all sorts of the market, then you are playing with fire.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Every market niche has its own tastes and requirements. If you think you can fulfill the demands of every niche, then, by all means, you can, but I advise you to study your customer history in detail and select your target market accordingly.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;As a professional embroider myself, I knew from day one that my target audience will be organizations looking to embroider apparel for their staff and promotions. I cannot say that I regret my decision, but I believe that thorough market analysis and research led me to choose my particular audience.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Needless to say that my instincts proved me right and I could have never been in a better position then I’m today. So choose your audience wisely and offer your services accordingly.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ol start=&quot;2&quot; style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Rank your business on Search Engine Optimization&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ol&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;If you have not heard about the practices of Search Engine Optimization and how it can help you elevate your business, then you are missing out on a lot of actionable audiences. SEO allows you to rank your business page/website on Google search results organically.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;To achieve organic rankings in Google pages, you target a specific set of keywords related to your industry and your business. You use those keywords in your social media posts, website content, and blog content. You then link those specific keywords on a product or page of your website for the visitors to see.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;When the visitors search for that particular keyword on Google, your business website will appear on the search screen, giving you high traffic, and revenue. This is the power of Search Engine Optimization, giving you maximum returns, improved traffic, and more business.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ol start=&quot;3&quot; style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Do you have a website for your embroidery business?&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ol&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Time and time again, I ask my clients if they have a business website, social media page or any other point of communication where the customers can reach out to you besides telephone. And most of the time their answer is a firm no.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Industries and businesses need to realize that having a website for your business allows the prospects and customers to see what you offer. Surely, you can tell them through communication, but having a website creates an impression in the eyes of the customers that you are serious about your job.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Consider your business website as a portfolio. Before doing business with your company, customers and prospects would like to know more about the services you offer. What clients have you worked with in the past? Are there any pictures of the embroidery you did for them? Have they left you with a positive note?&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;These factors contribute a lot in generating revenue. Create a website outlining your services, your clients, and your business objectives. Keep your website as engaging as possible, and write your website content according to your audience.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Ending note&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;There is a lot that I can say about the practices of digital marketing in the embroidery industry, but I’ll save some for later. If you like what I wrote then reach out to me and let me know how it helped you out in achieving your business goals.&lt;/p&gt;</content><link rel='edit' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='alternate' type='text/html' href='' title='Your Logo Embroidery Business Needs a Boost with These Digital Marketing Practices'/><author><name>Diya kumar</name><uri></uri><email></email><gd:image rel='' width='16' height='16' src=''/></author></entry><entry><id>,</id><published>2021-12-21T00:54:00.002-08:00</published><updated>2021-12-21T00:54:16.853-08:00</updated><title type='text'>How to write off money from blocked cards</title><content type='html'>&lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;span style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Every bank cardholder knows: if the plastic is stolen, you need to block it as soon as possible. But scammers have learned to steal money even from blocked cards. We will describe how they do this and how to protect themselves.&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;strong&gt;What is &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;card blocking?&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;A lock is a suspension of all operations on a card, freezing a card account. Simply put, you can’t do anything with a blocked card - deposit and withdraw money, make a payment, pay for a product or service, etc.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;There are two types of blocking: according to the decision of the bank and on the initiative of the client. In the first case, we are talking about suspicious transactions, after which the credit institution has the right to block the card. In this article, we consider the second option - blocking according to the client’s decision. Usually, they resort to it if the card is stolen, lost or an ATM “ate” it.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;How to block plastic? Most often there are three options: write a statement at the bank’s office, call the hotline number or block the card in the mobile application. In a bank, you can also do this through SMS. You need to send a message to number 900 with the text BLOCKING 1234 X, where 1234 is the last 4 digits of your card number, X is a digit indicating the reason for blocking:&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;0 - the card is lost;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;1 - the card is stolen;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;2 - the card is left at the ATM;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;3 is another reason.&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;To get money from a blocked card you need to contact the bank with a passport. You can unlock the plastic by calling the bank (get ready to provide passport details and a code word), in the office and, in some situations, in the &lt;strong&gt;U.S.A Routing number&lt;/strong&gt; Sometimes unlocking is not possible (for example, in case of theft) and the card will have to be reissued.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Is it possible to write off money from a &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;blocked card&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Card debit transactions are carried out in two stages. First comes authorization. The bank, which serves the point of sale where the purchase was made (it is called the acquirer bank), sends a message to the credit institution that issued the card (issuing bank) that the customer made the purchase.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;What exactly does the acquirer request, said Deputy Chairman of the Board: “When you buy something at a retail outlet or via the Internet, money is usually not immediately debited from your account. Before the transaction is confirmed, the bank that serves the outlet sends an electronic request to your bank. Its essence is as follows: does such a card exist, what is its status and is there enough funds on the account to make a purchase. If a bank card exists, it is active, that is, it is not&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;blocked, and there are enough funds on the account, the operation is confirmed. If not, a refusal comes with an explanation of the reason.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;strong&gt;That is, write-off occurs only after the issuer&#39;s approval.&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Some acquiring banks take risks and do not send a preliminary authorization message. In this case, money cannot be debited from the account. If such an operation occurs, the bank will appeal it and return the money to the client.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;It is also possible that an authorization request is received, but the issuer cannot respond for technical reasons. In this case, there is a backup logic for approving operations. The card status in this situation will not be checked. When debiting a blocked card, the bank is also obliged to return the money.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Commented by Technical Director: “One of the scenarios is an operation without online authorization when the issuer does not receive an authorization request upon purchase (does not verify the number and balance), but then it must accept and process this operation because the card was presented at purchase.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;For example, it is used when paying for trips in vehicles where there is no stable connection.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;The limit on such operations is usually low. It may also be due to technical failures in the bank during authorization processing. But it is hardly possible to build a fraudulent scheme on such unlikely events. ”&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;strong&gt;What to do&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Considering that banks often cannot explain the reason for withdrawing funds from a blocked card, we can say that neither the client nor the bank can prevent such operations. At the moment, there are no technical means for this.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;The card must be blocked after loss or theft in any case. Today it is the most effective method to ensure the safety of funds. If you are afraid of money, contact the bank to withdraw it or transfer it to a savings account.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;“There is good news - in most cases, you will be able to return all the funds stolen from you if the operation was performed on your blocked card. Although it will take some time to protest operations. The rules of payment systems say that if a point of sale or a bank agrees to conduct transactions without authorization, this is their risk. In case of problems with the card, they will have to return the funds received.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;You can also recommend to have a separate virtual card for purchases on the Internet and put on it exactly the amount that is needed to complete the operation. If the details of this card are somehow compromised, at least you won’t be able to write off your money from it. In some cases, this can lead to a technical overdraft, but this will not be your loss, but a bank. Yes, in this situation, you will have to spend time communicating with the bank and canceling the operation, but, in the long run, you will not lose your money.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;So, if the card is blocked, but money was debited from it, immediately contact the bank. Write a statement and indicate that the operation took place after the plastic was blocked. Money must be returned after verification. The issuing bank initiates the chargeback procedure.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;The general director of &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;NES LLC&lt;/a&gt;: “The international payment systems Visa, MasterCard, and even MIR provide rules for protecting cardholders. When making operations with their help, the cardholder must be sure of safety and reliability. If a person encounters problems when purchasing a product or service, he can contact the issuing bank to initiate the chargeback procedure. In the case of MIR - open a dispute. The issuer transfers the documents to the acquirer bank, and he already requests an explanation from his client company and makes a decision on the return of funds to the payer. Money is returned exactly to the card from which it was debited.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;The action algorithm is as follows. You need to make a complaint to the store where the purchase was made on your card. It is necessary to inform that the card has been blocked, and that payment is an error. Provide confirmation, for example, screenshots from the online bank.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;If the seller does not go forward and does not return the money, you need to fill out a statement on the disputed transaction in the form of a bank. Attach a screenshot of the complaint to the store and a detailed description of the situation in any form to this statement. In response to the appeal, &lt;strong&gt;TD bank routing Number&lt;/strong&gt; the reference number and sets the deadline for making a decision. The bank may request additional documents. They will need to be provided.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Consideration of the application takes an average of 60 days. In some cases, the period is extended. When making a positive decision, the funds are simply credited back to the account. In case of refusal from the acquirer, the bank is obliged to provide it to the client.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</content><link rel='edit' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='alternate' type='text/html' href='' title='How to write off money from blocked cards'/><author><name>Diya kumar</name><uri></uri><email></email><gd:image rel='' width='16' height='16' src=''/></author></entry><entry><id>,</id><published>2021-12-21T00:53:00.002-08:00</published><updated>2021-12-21T00:53:12.727-08:00</updated><title type='text'>Healthy Foods That Can Improve Chronic Bone Disorders</title><content type='html'>&lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;span style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Suffering from chronic bone &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;disorders &lt;/a&gt;is not easy. The sharp pain that you can have while walking, bending, and sitting can be unbearable at times. In most cases, there are no permanent treatments but you can change your lifestyle and improve your health by avoiding things that can trigger bone disorders.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;There are certain foods that can increase bone inflammation, so you have to consume foods that are healthy and can improve your bone health. There are various foods that you can consume but the ones that are rich in calcium, protein, and collagen should be on your list. These foods help in making your bones and muscles strong. So you don’t need to worry about anything now as there are things that can help in improving your bone health.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;People often use &lt;b&gt;collagen peptides&lt;/b&gt; to increase their bone flexibility and strength. So by adding collagen to your diet, you will be able to improve your bone health and its flexibility. Now your main goal here should be to increase the amount of collagen, calcium, and protein in your diet. As most of the structure of your bone is made up of these nutrients. Here are some foods that are rich in these nutrients.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;h2&gt;&lt;b&gt;SALMON AND &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;TROUT&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Both salmon and trout are rich in protein and collagen. Apart from that they also contain healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help in improving your overall health and especially your bone health. Most people ignore the fact that seafood is the most healthy food that you can add to your diet. Still, they prefer chicken and beef, although they are healthy you can’t beat salmon and trout in the nutrition battle.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;h2&gt;&lt;b&gt;COTTAGE CHEESE&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Cottage cheese is rich in vitamin E, calcium, and protein. This food helps in making your bones strong and they also increase your bone mass. Consuming cottage cheese in your daily diet will also in your weight loss. So try to consume it as much as you can. The reason why cottage cheese is good for your health is that it can improve your immunity as well. The very reason that it is rich in vitamin E helps to boost your immune system.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;h2&gt;&lt;b&gt;BONE &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;BROTH&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Guess it by its name. All the nutrients of bone are in this broth. When it comes to bone health this is the food that you should drink in your breakfast and dinner. It is rich in collagen, calcium, protein and many other minerals that can help in improving your bone health. If you are overweight then you can follow the keto diet and add &lt;b&gt;bone broth keto&lt;/b&gt; in your diet.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;h2&gt;&lt;b&gt;LEAN MEAT&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;There are different sources of meat that you can add here. The only thing is that it should be lean. You can add sardines, lean beef, and chicken breast in this category. All these are lean and don’t have any additional fats. Consuming lean meat will give you a good amount of protein in your diet. So you have to add these to your diet.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;li&gt;&lt;h2&gt;&lt;b&gt;BROCCOLI&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;Plant-based source of calcium and collagen is broccoli. It is rich in calcium and helps in improving your bone health. Another benefit of consuming such vegetables in your diet is that you will have a reduced amount of inflammation in your body. That will eventually help in improving your bone health. Inflammation is very dangerous for your health as it can attack directly to your bones. Arthritis is caused by bone inflammation so it’s better that you consume foods that can help in controlling this issue.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;h2 style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;&lt;b&gt;FINAL WORDS&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;p style=&quot;text-align: justify;&quot;&gt;These are some of the healthy foods that can help in improving your bone health. Whether it is chronic or not such issues shouldn’t be taken lightly. Consuming healthy foods that are rich in such nutrients will help in making your bones strong. Although these foods don’t provide a permanent solution they can surely prevent any further damage to your bones. The most important food that you can consume in this situation is bone broth. It is rich in all nutrients that are good for your bone health. Apart from that, you should also have some physical activity and if you are overweight then you should do a proper workout to lose all that weight. Such things are not good for your bones. So that’s all from here. Try to follow these things and you will notice a great change in your bone health.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</content><link rel='edit' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='alternate' type='text/html' href='' title='Healthy Foods That Can Improve Chronic Bone Disorders'/><author><name>Diya kumar</name><uri></uri><email></email><gd:image rel='' width='16' height='16' src=''/></author></entry><entry><id>,</id><published>2021-12-21T00:51:00.006-08:00</published><updated>2021-12-21T00:51:54.125-08:00</updated><title type='text'>Best And Effective Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 5502</title><content type='html'>&lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;QuickBooks &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;programs &lt;/a&gt;are used by most associations all over the world. Clerks rely upon it for their regular accounting and fiscal requirements. Being used comprehensively by various customers, it now and again shows up errores. One of the fundamental bungles is QuickBooks Error 5502. At the present time, will help you with understanding the reason for this error and its speedy objectives.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;Right when this error rises, customers get a bungle message that says – &quot;Coordinate not completed fittingly.. If you want to know more about QuickBooks or its products such as QuickBooks Hosting, Premier, Payroll, POS and many more then contact our QuickBooks experts.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;h2&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-weight: 400;&quot;&gt;Causes of &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;QuickBooks Error 5502&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;p&gt;The reasons why QB Error 5502 comes up are according to the accompanying: –&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Use of online organizations to understand the issue&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Changes have been made in association file&#39;s development&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Creation of an improvement record or wrong expansion record in QB programming.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;The relationship of your item with an outcast improvement application.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Hurt association report.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;h3&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-weight: 400;&quot;&gt;How to resolve QuickBooks Error 5502?&amp;nbsp;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/h3&gt;&lt;p&gt;Just apply the going with methods to fix QuickBooks error 5502 from your item and assurance smooth working of your item: –&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;h4&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-weight: 400;&quot;&gt;Method 1: Rename your QB .nd File&amp;nbsp;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/h4&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Go to the envelope where you have saved the association record.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;In the data, envelope scan for the &quot;.nd&quot; record and right-click on it.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Select the &#39;Rename&#39; decision&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Essentially &quot;.OLD&quot; close to the completion of the record name to rename it.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager to rescan your record. If you opening the association report over the framework, use the going with progresses: –&amp;nbsp;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;On your watchword press the &#39;Windows&#39; key&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Snap on the QB Database Server Manager decision&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;At the point when it opens, use the Add the envelope decision from the once-over of coordinators available.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Select the report where you have saved the association record and Click OK&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Directly Click on Scan&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;When sifting completes, re-open the record and check it.&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;h4&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-weight: 400;&quot;&gt;Method 2: Make a Folder and Copy the Company File&amp;nbsp;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/h4&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Fundamentally make another coordinator and copy the association record in that envelope. In the event that it&#39;s not all that much difficulty ensure that the entire development is appeared while you do thusly.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;By and by, right snap on it and Rename it with QBM and change the extension.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Make sure to SAVE the record.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Open your QB programming&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Restore the total of the minimized records&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;If the record doesn&#39;t open, by then Rename the QB increase.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Again restore the fortifications.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Rename the archive with &quot;.QBX increase&quot; if the record regardless of everything doesn&#39;t open.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;h4&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-weight: 400;&quot;&gt;Method 3: Uninstall QuickBooks&amp;nbsp;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/h4&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;The customer needs to uninstall the QuickBooks program and rename all the related envelopes.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;To find the coordinators, basically follow these methods: –&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Visit C Drive (C:/) and discover the coordinator that says Program Data. By then go to the QuickBooks coordinator.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;By and by look for theUsers coordinators on your PC&#39;s C Drive, and snap on App Data followed by the envelope that says QuickBooks.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;A couple of reports may moreover be available in the Files&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p&gt;A portion of the time while renaming the coordinator you will encounter a &#39;Passage Denied&#39; screw up; if you do follow these methods:&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Right-click on your system&#39;s taskbar and pick theStart Task Manager&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;A window will open with a couple of tabs, essentially click on the Processes&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Under the Image Name, you need to see all the records in the successive request demand.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Journey for record names, for instance, exe, QBDBMgr.exe and Qbw32.exe and pick them together.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;By then, you need to tap on the End Process&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;You may get a message which says WARNING; you ought to just snap &#39;YES&#39; on it.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Directly set forth an endeavor to present the &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;QuickBooks &lt;/a&gt;program again. The screw up will in a perfect world not show up again.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;If this system doesn&#39;t work, we request you to proceed to the accompanying strategy.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;h4&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-weight: 400;&quot;&gt;Method 4: Check the previous pay nuances&amp;nbsp;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/h4&gt;&lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Open the Employee Tab on your accounting programming.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;From the tab, click on a particular name of the specialist&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Look down a little and select the Enter prior pay nuances elective, by then snap on YES.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;By and by, type all the YTD nuances and Click on &#39;Next&#39;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;A window will open where you need to click additional remuneration date&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Type the remuneration date for the present quarter similarly as entire association nuances.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;By and by, start with the main page and date of the quarter.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Again, type and enter noteworthy nuances as per the pay date&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Type all the obligation totals on the check history from earlier money reports.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Finally, use the DONE secure&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p&gt;We propose the customers to similarly download the latest Sync Manager to settle the QuickBooks Error 5502. This is an elective procedure for when both the methodologies referenced above disregard to help you. You can similarly interface with us if you wish to get the goof removed in a brief instant. If any of the given methods do not work in your case then contact our QuickBooks experts at QuickBooks Support.&lt;/p&gt;</content><link rel='edit' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='alternate' type='text/html' href='' title='Best And Effective Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 5502'/><author><name>Diya kumar</name><uri></uri><email></email><gd:image rel='' width='16' height='16' src=''/></author></entry></feed>

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