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  9.    <description>The Web. Annotated</description>
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  15.       <title>LWAI - External Resources</title>
  16.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;External Resources&lt;/blockquote&gt;# Resource Collections
  18. [AI in Education Resource Directory](
  20. This document contains AI resources of interest to instructors in higher education including tools, readings and videos, presentations, links to AI policies and a resource spreadsheet.
  21. The document is managed by Daniel Stanford (SCAD) and contributed to by the AI in Education Google Group.
  23. # Courses and Tutorials
  25. [Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT](
  27. This popular six-module course provides basic instruction in how to work with large language models and how to create complex prompt-based applications for use in education scenarios.  Dr. Jules White (Vanderbilt) is the instructor for the course.  Absolute beginners to experienced users of large language models will find helpful guidance on designing prompts and using patterns.
  29. # AI Checker Resources
  31. Michael Coley, Guidance on AI Detection and Why We’re Disabling Turnitin’s AI Detector, Vanderbilt University, (last visited Sep 25, 2023).
  33. In August, 2023, Vanderbilt&#39;s Center for Teaching and Learning provided an explanation of the university&#39;s decision to disable Turnitin&#39;s AI detection tool.  Other universities, such as the [University of Pittsburgh](, have provided comparable statements about AI writing detection.  Vanderbilt noted that AI detection was a difficult or impossible task for technology to solve and will become more difficult as AI tools become more common and advanced.  The articles below describe some of the technical challenges with AI detection and unintended effects (e.g., bias against non-native English writers).
  35. 1. Vinu Sankar Sadasivan et al., Can AI-Generated Text Be Reliably Detected?, (2023), (last visited Oct 26, 2023).
  36. 2. Andrew Myers, AI-Detectors Biased Against Non-Native English Writers, Stanford HAI (2023), (last visited Sep 25, 2023).
  37. 3. Susan D’Agostino, Turnitin’s AI Detector: Higher-Than-Expected False Positives, Inside Higher Ed (2023), (last visited Sep 25, 2023).
  38. 4. Geoffrey A. Fowler, Analysis | We Tested a New ChatGPT-Detector for Teachers. It Flagged an Innocent Student., Washington Post, Apr. 14, 2023, (last visited Sep 25, 2023).
  39. 5. Michael Webb, AI Detection - Latest Recommendations, National centre for AI (Sep. 18, 2023), (last visited Jan 25, 2024).
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  50.       <title>The new CDC report shows Covid added little to mental health trends</title>
  51.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Figure 4. Daily average time spent with friends. Graphed by Zach Rausch from data in Kannan &amp; Veazie (2023), analyzing the American Time Use Study.2&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  52.       <pubDate>Mon, 20 Mar 2023 18:58:22 -0000</pubDate>
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  59.       <title>Viewing captioning in a meeting or webinar</title>
  60.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;View closed captioning or live transcription during a meeting or webinar
  62. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  63. Join a meeting or webinar.
  64. Click the Show Captions button .&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  65.       <pubDate>Thu, 26 Jan 2023 21:49:09 -0000</pubDate>
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  72.       <title>Viewing captioning in a meeting or webinar</title>
  73.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;If closed captioning or live transcripts are available during a meeting or webinar, you can view these as a participant&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  74.       <pubDate>Thu, 26 Jan 2023 21:48:17 -0000</pubDate>
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  81.       <title>Enabling automated captions</title>
  82.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;User
  83. To enable automated captioning for your own use:
  85. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  86. In the navigation menu, click Settings.
  87. Click the Meeting tab.
  88. Under In Meeting (Advanced), click the Automated captions toggle to enable or disable it.
  89. If a verification dialog displays, click Enable or Disable to verify the change.Note: If the option is grayed out, it has been locked at either the group or account level. You need to contact your Zoom admin.
  90. (Optional) Click the edit option  to select which languages you want to be available for captioning. Note: Step 7 may not appear for some users until September 2022, as a set of captioning enhancements are rolling out to users over the course of August.&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  91.       <pubDate>Thu, 26 Jan 2023 21:45:50 -0000</pubDate>
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  98.       <title>Microsoft Word - privacy-worth-JLS-4 30 2012-upload.docx</title>
  99.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;1What is privacy worth?&lt;/blockquote&gt;This is a post.</description>
  100.       <pubDate>Thu, 12 Jan 2023 16:58:08 -0000</pubDate>
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  107.       <title>Alexa | USU</title>
  108.       <description></description>
  109.       <pubDate>Fri, 16 Dec 2022 20:50:35 -0000</pubDate>
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  116.       <title>Moving from Mastodon to a new instance or to</title>
  117.       <description>Describes how to move from a Mastodon account to  also provides details about &#34;move&#34; activity in ActivityPub.</description>
  118.       <pubDate>Tue, 06 Dec 2022 12:37:31 -0000</pubDate>
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  125.       <title>‘Press Play’ Isn’t a Teaching Strategy: Why Educators Need New Methods for Video - EdSurge News</title>
  126.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Body Paratext&lt;/blockquote&gt;Embed quizzes, prompts, and asynchronous discussions in the middle of a video.</description>
  127.       <pubDate>Fri, 02 Dec 2022 20:42:11 -0000</pubDate>
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  134.       <title>‘Press Play’ Isn’t a Teaching Strategy: Why Educators Need New Methods for Video - EdSurge News</title>
  135.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Closing Paratext&lt;/blockquote&gt;Ask students to prepare a very short, two to three sentence reflection or to make a one-minute video explaining what they learned.</description>
  136.       <pubDate>Fri, 02 Dec 2022 20:40:24 -0000</pubDate>
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  143.       <title>‘Press Play’ Isn’t a Teaching Strategy: Why Educators Need New Methods for Video - EdSurge News</title>
  144.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Introductory ParatextLet’s consider what might ease students into video-based learning. Imagine the students with the least and the most experience using educational videos. Keep in mind that students don’t have common expectations around how to use those videos. What kind of introductory text, video or activity might lead everyone into the assigned video without overwhelming them?&lt;/blockquote&gt;The author provides several terms to describe how an instructor might prepare a student to view a video.
  145. * Technical paratext:  Instructors might include title, length, linked source, and a summary of other activities.
  146. * Video hooks:  An anticipatory set--an advance organizer or hook that helps to get student attention, activate prior knowledge, and prepare them.
  147. * Video framing:  Similar to video hook; advise students to watch for certain themes.
  148. * Clear expectations:  Make sure that you set expectations for what students are expected to do during the viewing.</description>
  149.       <pubDate>Fri, 02 Dec 2022 20:37:36 -0000</pubDate>
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  156.       <title>‘Press Play’ Isn’t a Teaching Strategy: Why Educators Need New Methods for Video - EdSurge News</title>
  157.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;As I prepared to teach my first educational videography course earlier this year, I found that we lacked a common vocabulary for talking about how we design learning with video in mind. Since then, I’ve been advancing the term “video paratext” to reflect the myriad ways that we design educational guidance, prompts, activities or interactive elements to surround or be included within a video.I pulled the word “paratext” from the field of poetry translation because, personally, I love the “paratext” that precedes or follows a poem—or even interrupts it. At poetry readings in particular, I lean into the words that a poet shares before or after reading each poem. Paratext helps me connect with and make sense of the poem.&lt;/blockquote&gt;Video paratext as a term to categorize the many ways that we design activities related to educational video.  As the author notes, paratext precedes, follows, and often interrupts a poem.  The same could be true of video.</description>
  158.       <pubDate>Fri, 02 Dec 2022 20:30:21 -0000</pubDate>
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  165.       <title>‘Press Play’ Isn’t a Teaching Strategy: Why Educators Need New Methods for Video - EdSurge News</title>
  166.       <description></description>
  167.       <pubDate>Fri, 02 Dec 2022 20:25:37 -0000</pubDate>
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  174.       <title>Hotel Amenities - DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando</title>
  175.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Accessible AmenitiesAvailable accessible features include:AccessibleAccessible business centerAccessible concierge deskAccessible guest rooms with mobility features with entry or passage doors that provide 32” of clear widthAccessible hotel restaurantAccessible parkingAccessible parking spaces for cars in the self-parking facilityAccessible public entranceAccessible registration deskAccessible route from the accessible public entrance to the accessible guestroomsAccessible route from the accessible public entrance to the registration areaAccessible route from the hotel’s accessible entrance to the meeting room/ballroom areaAccessible route from the hotel’s accessible public entrance to at least one restaurantAccessible route from the hotel’s accessible public entrance to the business centerAccessible route from the hotel’s accessible public entrance to the exercise facilitiesAccessible route from the hotel’s accessible public entrance to the swimming poolAccessible swimming poolAccessible transportation with advance noticeAssistive listening devices for meetings upon requestClosed captioning on televisions or closed captioning decodersDoes Hotel comply with all local and/or national disability laws (outPublic Areas/Facilities accessible for physically challengedServ support animals welcomeSwimming pool hoist for pool accessTTY for guest useVan-accessible parking in the self-parking facilityThe following features are not available:Accessible exercise facilityAccessible route from the hotel’s accessible public entrance to the spaValet only parking&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  176.       <pubDate>Mon, 28 Nov 2022 16:33:02 -0000</pubDate>
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  183.       <title>Social Media Isn&#39;t Going to Save You From Social Media | KIRISKA</title>
  184.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Indie sites can’t complete with that. And what good is hosting and controlling your own content if no one else looks at it?
  185. I’m driven by self-satisfaction and a lifelong archivist mindset, but others may not be similarly inclined. The payoffs here aren’t obvious in the short-term, and that’s part of the problem. It will only be when Big Social makes some extremely unpopular decision or some other mass exodus occurs that people lament about having no where else to go, no other place to exist.
  186. IndieWeb is an interesting movement, but it’s hard to find mentions of it outside of hippie tech circles. I think even just the way their “Getting Started” page is presented is an enormous barrier. A layperson’s eyes will 100% glaze over before they need to scroll. There is a lot of weird jargon and in-joking. I don’t know how to fix that either. Even as someone with a reasonably technical background, there are a lot of components of IndieWeb that intimidate me.
  187. No matter the barriers we tear down, it will always be easier to just install some app made by a centralised platform.&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  188.       <pubDate>Tue, 30 Aug 2022 17:29:54 -0000</pubDate>
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  195.       <title>Social Media Isn&#39;t Going to Save You From Social Media | KIRISKA</title>
  196.       <description></description>
  197.       <pubDate>Tue, 30 Aug 2022 17:29:17 -0000</pubDate>
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  204.       <title>Vangelis - The Tegos Tapes (1998) : Annum Integrum : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive</title>
  205.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;The Tegos Tapes is an interesting example of an obscure and heretofore unreleased Vangelis soundtrack unknown by many of even his most devoted fans.The Tegos Tapes were produced originally by the Greek medical professional Dr. Stergios Tegos, and contain educational examples of his microneurosurgery work. This VHS set of tapes was not intended for general release to the Public as these training videos were mainly intended for student surgeons in training or offered to other microneurosurgeons via Dr. Tegos exclusively.Dr. Tegos asked his close friend Vangelis to create a background soundtrack to accompany these videos and Vangelis agreed, composing nearly 8 hours of some of his more pleasing and ambient music. Dr. Tegos thought that a background musical score composed and performed by Vangelis himself would ease the monotony and dryness of the subject matter and help the viewer to focus more effectively.&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  206.       <pubDate>Sun, 28 Aug 2022 15:19:30 -0000</pubDate>
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  213.       <title>FeedWordPress | simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress</title>
  214.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;FeedWordPress is an open-source Atom/RSS aggregator for the WordPress blog publishing platform. You set up feeds that you choose, and FeedWordPress syndicates posts from those sources into your WordPress posts table, where they can be displayed by your WordPress templates like any other post — but with additional meta-data, so that your templates can properly attribute the post to the source it came from.
  215. FeedWordPress was originally developed because I needed a more flexible replacement for Planet to use at some aggregator sites that I administered. You can use FeedWordPress to create aggregator sites that bring together posts from many different sources, using the WordPress templating engine to display posts from all around the web. Or you can use it to bring together activity from your blogs, social networks and other online services, into a Lifestream with all your online activity in one place.
  216. FeedWordPress is designed with flexibility, ease of use, and ease of configuration in mind. You’ll need a working installation of WordPress (version 4.5 or later), and the ability to add plugins to your WordPress environment, either using WordPress’s Add Plugin feature or SFTP/FTP uploads. The ability to create cron jobs on your web host is helpful but not required.&lt;/blockquote&gt;An alternative to other forms of RSS and Atom aggregation to a WordPress site.</description>
  217.       <pubDate>Sun, 28 Aug 2022 14:51:09 -0000</pubDate>
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  224.       <title>Annotating the law |</title>
  225.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Atom &amp; RSS Feeds for Annotations&lt;/blockquote&gt;</description>
  226.       <pubDate>Sun, 28 Aug 2022 14:40:33 -0000</pubDate>
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  233.       <title>kshaffer/hypothesis_aggregator</title>
  234.       <description>&lt;blockquote&gt;Hypothesis Aggregator&lt;/blockquote&gt;This is a comment.</description>
  235.       <pubDate>Sun, 28 Aug 2022 13:28:42 -0000</pubDate>
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