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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <rss xmlns:dc="" version="2.0">
  3.  <channel>
  4.    <title>bbPress Trac: Ticket #3434: Akismet catches spam for moderator, but moderators are able to bypass spam</title>
  5.    <link></link>
  6.    <description>&lt;p&gt;
  7. In the Akismet module, moderators are able to bypass Akismet checks:
  8. &lt;a class="ext-link" href=""&gt;&lt;span class="icon"&gt;​&lt;/span&gt;;/a&gt;
  9. &lt;/p&gt;
  10. &lt;p&gt;
  11. However, if Akismet catches a post written by a moderator as spam, the following is listed in the "Akismet History" metabox with two entries:
  12. &lt;/p&gt;
  13. &lt;ul&gt;&lt;li&gt;Akismet caught this post as spam.
  14. &lt;/li&gt;&lt;li&gt;Post status was changed to publish.
  15. &lt;/li&gt;&lt;/ul&gt;&lt;p&gt;
  16. See:
  17. &lt;a class="ext-link" href=""&gt;&lt;span class="icon"&gt;​&lt;/span&gt;;/a&gt;
  18. &lt;/p&gt;
  19. &lt;p&gt;
  20. Perhaps changing the second log entry from "Post status was changed to publish" to "Akismet spam check overruled. Post status was published because user is a moderator" would be more clear and appropriate.
  21. &lt;/p&gt;
  22. </description>
  23.    <language>en-us</language>
  24.    <image>
  25.      <title>bbPress Trac</title>
  26.      <url></url>
  27.      <link></link>
  28.    </image>
  29.    <generator>Trac 1.2.2</generator>
  30.    <item>
  32.        <dc:creator>r-a-y</dc:creator>
  34.      <pubDate>Wed, 28 Jul 2021 05:12:30 GMT</pubDate>
  35.      <title>component changed</title>
  36.      <link></link>
  37.      <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  38.      <description>
  39.          &lt;ul&gt;
  40.            &lt;li&gt;&lt;strong&gt;component&lt;/strong&gt;
  41.                changed from &lt;em&gt;General&lt;/em&gt; to &lt;em&gt;Extend - Akismet&lt;/em&gt;
  42.            &lt;/li&gt;
  43.          &lt;/ul&gt;
  44.      </description>
  45.      <category>Ticket</category>
  46.    </item>
  47. </channel>
  48. </rss>

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