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  14. <title>Earthbound Light Photography Tips</title>
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  16. <description>Weekly Photoshop and digital photography tips, articles and tutorials from</description>
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  45. <title>Earthbound Light - Nature photography from the Pacific Northwest and beyond</title>
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  48. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light -</dc:creator>
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  52. <title>So, What Happens Next?</title>
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  54. <description>Without missing a beat, I've been writing a new Phototip article here at Earthbound Light for over 20 years. That's a long time....</description>
  55. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  56. <dc:date>2022-08-07T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  57. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  61. <title>Well Begun is Half Done</title>
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  63. <description>There's an old saying that the "second half" of photography begins after you press the shutter release. But what you do in-camera lays the foundation for that work to begin. For the best results possible, both halves of photography matter, one that doesn't make them even....</description>
  64. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  65. <dc:date>2022-07-31T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  66. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  70. <title>Scaffolding</title>
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  72. <description>On the surface, photography creates a lasting record of a subject, freezing it in time so you can remember and enjoy it later. But it can also serve as scaffolding that allows you to construct an image showing how you view that subject....</description>
  73. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  74. <dc:date>2022-07-24T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  75. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  79. <title>In the Summertime</title>
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  81. <description>Summer started a couple of weeks ago, and it's finally starting to feel that way where I live. Whatever your weather, it's time to go out and see what you can find....</description>
  82. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  83. <dc:date>2022-07-17T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  84. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  88. <title>Why So Many File Formats?</title>
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  90. <description>Files of many different types populate the world of digital photography. For starters, your camera can save in either jpeg or raw files. But there are countless more formats you could run into from time to time. Fear not. There is at least some method to the format madness....</description>
  91. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  92. <dc:date>2022-07-10T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  93. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  97. <title>It's Fireworks Time - Again!</title>
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  99. <description>At least where I live, it's been a while since the last big public fireworks display. I prefer not to get into why. But, tomorrow is the Fourth of July here in the United States, so it's fireworks time ? again!....</description>
  100. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  101. <dc:date>2022-07-03T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  102. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  106. <title>Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Protecting Your Feet</title>
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  108. <description>Hiking down trails much while pursuing photography means carrying your gear on your back. And your feet ultimately born that load. The soles of your shoes are where the rubber meets the road. Or the trail. You get my point....</description>
  109. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  110. <dc:date>2022-06-26T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  111. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  115. <title>Welcome to the Hood</title>
  116. <link></link>
  117. <description>In common parlance, "the hood" refers to whatever section of town you live in and feel at home. It's an abbreviated term for the neighborhood. In my hood today, I'd like to talk a bit about the importance of lens hoods. Because neighbors want to be helpful when they can. Welcome to the lens hood neighborhood....</description>
  118. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  119. <dc:date>2022-06-19T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  120. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  124. <title>Teleconverters Versus Extension Tubes</title>
  125. <link></link>
  126. <description>Teleconverters and extension tubes can increase the reach of your lens, allowing you to get closer to your subject. But while the two are widely different in achieving those ends, their uses aren't quite so clear-cut....</description>
  127. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  128. <dc:date>2022-06-12T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  129. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  133. <title>The Best Laid Plans</title>
  134. <link></link>
  135. <description>They say the best-laid plans of mice and men can go awry. It certainly holds for outdoor photographers, at least. Almost anything can happen out there. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing....</description>
  136. <dc:creator>Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light</dc:creator>
  137. <dc:date>2022-06-05T00:00-01:00</dc:date>
  138. <dc:subject>Nature Photography Tips</dc:subject>
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  142. <title>Search PhotoTips</title>
  143. <description>Search PhotoTips</description>
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