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  15. <description>The life and times of 18th to early 20th century Coastguards and their families serving the Irish Coastline.</description>
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  18. <title> [ Coastguards ]</title>
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  22. <description>Regarding the origin of the name Verling, MacLysaghts The Surnames of Ireland says - This name (the Anglo-Saxon Feorthling) has for many centuries been associated with Co. Cork.  So its been around in Ireland for hundreds of years but was probably brought to Cork by someone from England, perhaps around the times of the Anglo Norman invasion (mid 1100s).</description>
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  32. <description>Hi Olivia, no problem.&lt;br /&gt;
  33. &lt;br /&gt;
  34. To the best of my knowledge there are no specific records for CG Stations after 1870, however, you could look at the 1901 &amp;amp; 1911 Irish census&amp;#39;, but this still leaves you with a 30 year gap I&amp;#39;m afraid.&lt;br /&gt;
  35. &lt;br /&gt;
  36. Martin</description>
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  46. <description>Hi Martin&lt;br /&gt;
  47. &lt;br /&gt;
  48. I forgot to tick the Track button, so I&amp;#39;m only reading your reply now! &lt;br /&gt;
  49. &lt;br /&gt;
  50. Since I&amp;#39;m researching a particular Coastguard Station I need to see the records for that Station in order to get the names of the Coastguards there. Are there no records for the period after that covered by ADM175?&lt;br /&gt;
  51. &lt;br /&gt;
  52. Thanks&lt;br /&gt;
  53. Olivia</description>
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  63. <description>Hi Olivia&lt;br /&gt;
  64. &lt;br /&gt;
  65. While the ADM 175 series of records ends in the late 1870&amp;#39;s a man&amp;#39;s career can still be followed using the main Naval Service Records in ADM 139 or ADM 188, both of which can be searched and downloaded for free from the National Archives website - to access them for free you first need to register, which is very easy.&lt;br /&gt;
  66. &lt;br /&gt;
  67. Martin</description>
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  77. <description>I have the Irish records from the ADM 175 Series at Kew Archives.  The records for Coastguard Stations, Vessels and Districts seem to end in the late 1870s.  I am wondering does anyone here know if records beyond 1870s exist anywhere, and if so where?&lt;br /&gt;
  78. &lt;br /&gt;
  79. Any information appreciated.&lt;br /&gt;
  80. &lt;br /&gt;
  81. Thanks&lt;br /&gt;
  82. &lt;br /&gt;
  83. Olivia</description>
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  93. <description>[quote][url=;amp;pid=7951#post_7951][b]crimea1854 wrote:[/b][/url]&lt;br /&gt;
  94. &lt;br /&gt;
  95. I&amp;#39;m not sure if it&amp;#39;s relevant, but the following a list of those men serving at Dunny Cove at the time who saw service during the Crimean War.&lt;br /&gt;
  96. [b]Robert Herd[/b] - HMS Duke of Wellington - Baltic Medal (he was already in possession of the Naval General Service Medal with Syria clasp for service on HMS Powerful)&lt;br /&gt;
  97. &lt;br /&gt;
  98. Martin[/quote]&lt;br /&gt;
  99. &lt;br /&gt;
  100. Haven&amp;#39;t looked at my HERD line for awhile. Always great to see your comments, thanks Martin. I was aware of the Baltic Medal but not the General Service one with the Syria clasp. &lt;br /&gt;
  101. Recently I found a New Zealand newspaper article in 1915 for Robert Herd&amp;#39;s grandson Henry Herd who was wounded in WW1. According to a newspaper article his father, grand and great grandfathers were army and naval veterans. It alleged  Robert Herd had fought in the Crimea, China War and Indian Mutiny.  So I have to amend my notes - it was the Syrian War 1840 not China. I did not know the HMS Powerful. Thank you. Gaye</description>
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  107. <title> [ Coastguards ]</title>
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  111. <description>hi my great and great great grandfathers were both coastguards in southern ireland, but i m trying to find out if the wife of my great grandfather x2  mary verling was part of the verlings that were in the navy, she was born in cobh 1836 to william verling and abbey keefe, but apart from his marriage in 1833, his name on childrens births and their marriages i cant find out who william s  parentage was, it says on his daughter mary verlings 1858 marriage that her father was william verling and he was a waterman, what does that actually mean ??, plus i was told on here a few years back that there were only 3 lots of verling families in cork, one from castlelyons, one cobh and one templerobin, does anyone have any idea whether this was all one family or completely unrelated ?, i know the castlelyons verlings were farmers and alot of the cobh verlings were in the navy, but its really annoying because though i can find lots of verling births some older than my great grandfather x 3 i cant find his, i do have a DNA match with a lady called margaret kent but she only has2 generations in her tree, one being her father john kent born 1918 died 2002 castlelyons, ancestry told me the match came from john verling 1766 and his daughter ellen verling 1813 who married james kent, i at the time did nt have ellen in my tree and i still cant find a birth for her either, but i ve put her in as the sister to my william and the DNA connection to margaret kent would be right as 4 th cousins as we share the same 4 th great grandparents, i did message this margaret but she never got back to me&lt;br /&gt;
  112. but the main thing i want to ask is if anyone would have any idea if these 3 verling families would be related and is verling an irish name even ??, thanks for reading, cathie</description>
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  118. <title> [ General Discussion ]</title>
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  122. <description>1. Lifeguard&lt;br /&gt;
  123. A lifeguard is someone who stands guard over swimmers in a pool or ocean. A lifeguard&amp;#39;s job is to ensure that people stay safe while they swim. If a person gets into trouble, the lifeguard pulls them out of the water and tries to get them back to shore safely.&lt;br /&gt;
  124. 2. Surf lifesaver&lt;br /&gt;
  125. A surf lifesaver is a person who helps others who have fallen off a boat or ship. When someone falls overboard, a surf lifesaver jumps in after them and saves their life.&lt;br /&gt;
  126. 3. Coastguard&lt;br /&gt;
  127. A coastguard watches over the sea and land borders of countries. Their job is to make sure that no illegal immigrants enter a country.&lt;br /&gt;
  128. 4. Marine safety officer&lt;br /&gt;
  129. Marine safety officers work at ports and harbors. They watch over boats and ships to make sure that they don&amp;#39;t cause any damage to themselves or other vessels.&lt;br /&gt;
  130. 5. Fireman&lt;br /&gt;
  131. Firemen put out fires. They wear special clothing to protect themselves from fire and smoke.&lt;br /&gt;
  132. 6. Police officer&lt;br /&gt;
  133. Police officers keep order in society. They arrest criminals and help people who need protection.&lt;br /&gt;
  134. 7. Firefighter&lt;br /&gt;
  135. Firefighters fight fires. They use special equipment to put out fires and save lives.</description>
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  141. <title> [ Coastguards ]</title>
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  145. <description>Martin alerted me to this thread. I would be interested to hear what happened to Ward after he retired from HM Coastguard. Is it known when or where he died for example?&lt;br /&gt;
  146. &lt;br /&gt;
  147. Ward appears in my research as having won a Royal Humane Society bronze medal under the following circumstances:&lt;br /&gt;
  148. &lt;br /&gt;
  149. MacDonald, Archibald RHS silver medal&lt;br /&gt;
  150. Award: On the morning of 29 July 1837, during a heavy northerly gale, a fishing boat was seen to be in great difficulties off Robert’s Cove, Bridfieldstown, Co Cork. The crew’s struggles were observed from the coastguard station and a very small boat was launched to attempt to give them assistance. However, the gale was too fierce and the boat only made it back to the cove with difficulty. Local landlord Sir Thomas Howland Roberts and Lieutenant MacDonald, who was then living in Bridfieldstown, hurried to Ringabella Bay and obtained a hooker. In this, MacDonald and five coastguards went out under close reefed sails and rescued the three man crew, just as they had almost given up hope. The rescue was brought to the attention of the RHS by Archibald MacDonald himself. The Society initially considered the circumstances at its committee meeting on 16 August 1837 and they sought clarification from Sir Thomas Roberts (see Young, 1871, p. 72, who erroneously implies Roberts was also awarded a silver medal by the RHS for this rescue) about MacDonald’s exertions on this occasion. Having received his response in due course MacDonald’s case was recommended on to their General Court. They, on 3 January 1838, granted the Society’s silver medal to MacDonald and the bronze to the five boatmen (the award being announced in among places The Hull Packet, Friday 12 January 1838). Apart from James McCarthy (who was perhaps particularised as being the senior ranking coastguard), the names of the other boatmen were omitted from the RHS Case Book. It appears that there was confusion over the other individuals involved as in June 1838 the Society noted it had received a letter from MacDonald ‘signifying that in the case 13129 the names of Mills, Jones, and Stenson were reported and to whom bronze medals had been sent instead of Ford, Ward, and Nichols. Resolved that bronze medals be sent to these last mentioned men when those already sent have been returned’ (RHS Committee Minutes, 20 June 1838). Considering the Robert’s Cove establishment books, it indicates there was a detachment from that station based at Ringabella Bay, the scene of the rescue, though they are not identified. The full Robert’s Cove establishment at the time of the rescue consisted of one Chief Officer (John Hull), one Chief Boatman (Thomas McNaughton), two Commissioned Boatmen (William Mills and James McCarthy), and eight Boatman (Patrick Desmond, William Penver, William Jenkins, Joseph Ward, Samuel Jones, William Ford, Edward Dwyer, and James Stenson). From this, three of the Boatmen involved clearly were James McCarthy, William Ford and Joseph Ward. There was an ‘Isaac Nicholls’ stationed as a Boatman at the neighbouring Crosshaven station at the time and this may have been the ‘Nichols’ previously referred to. The precise identity of the remaining coastguard rescuer is unclear, though – assuming he was based at Robert’s Cove – he is likely to be either Desmond, Penver, Jenkins or Dwyer. RHS case no. 13129. Awards in bronze to James McCarthy, William Ford, Joseph Ward, Isaac Nichols and one other Coastguard. &lt;br /&gt;
  151. &lt;br /&gt;
  152. Is his medal known to survive in the family?&lt;br /&gt;
  153. &lt;br /&gt;
  154. Best wishes&lt;br /&gt;
  155. &lt;br /&gt;
  156. Roger Willoughby</description>
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  162. <title> [ Genealogy ]</title>
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  166. <description>Apologies, gentlemen, for the late reply, (11 years late!), to this thread. &lt;br /&gt;
  167. An old friend recently asked me to research her great grandfather, George Drysdale, for her. &lt;br /&gt;
  168. She had little info on him other than that he&amp;#39;d been awarded a medal for a rescue, along with other members of the local RNLI at Portaferry on the Ards peninsula. &lt;br /&gt;
  169. It seems he was another of the crew members with your chap, and luckily I came across an excellent site that gave me all the info my friend had asked for, including photos of the men. &lt;br /&gt;
  170. It&amp;#39;s; and gives details of the rescue of the &amp;#39;Croisset&amp;#39; in 1908. &lt;br /&gt;
  171. You&amp;#39;ve probably already found this info yourselves, but if not, then I hope this helps.&lt;br /&gt;
  172. Regards, &lt;br /&gt;
  173. Carol.</description>
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  179. <title> [ Coastguards ]</title>
  181. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=4&amp;thread_id=8703</link>
  183. <description>All, Brian Mahony here, the grand-son of Patricia Ward, great grand Son of William Ward - Post Master Castletownshend.</description>
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  189. <title> [ Genealogy ]</title>
  191. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=5&amp;thread_id=8702</link>
  193. <description>I am pleased to announce that my Coastguards in the Crimea database is now freely available on the OMSA (Order &amp;amp; Medal Society of America) website. If you think a CG ancestor served during the Crimean War the database facilitates a quick and easy search for information on the ship(s) he served on, medals received both for this and prior conflicts, where the medal was sent - useful as a starting point for further research, and some limited personal info.&lt;br /&gt;
  194. &lt;br /&gt;
  195. My thanks go to Peter Lomdahl of the OMAS for converting the raw database into it&amp;#39;s current useful format. &lt;br /&gt;
  196. &lt;br /&gt;
  197. [url][/url]&lt;br /&gt;
  198. &lt;br /&gt;
  199. Martin</description>
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  205. <title> [ Coastguards ]</title>
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  209. <description>Hello BillC,&lt;br /&gt;
  210. &lt;br /&gt;
  211. I know I&amp;#39;m answering a really old post, but I&amp;#39;ve only just come across it, and I&amp;#39;m hoping you&amp;#39;ll read this.  I&amp;#39;m researching Ballymacaw Coastguard Station, Co Waterford, and some of the men assigned there from 1820 till it closed.&lt;br /&gt;
  212. &lt;br /&gt;
  213. I found your post in this thread because this week I&amp;#39;ve been researching your John Donovan, who was the Chief Boatman in Ballymacaw from 1860 to 1864. He was born on 12 Dec 1816 in Castletownshend, Co Cork. He joined the Royal Navy on 28 Oct 1840, serving on Revenue Cruisers Wickham and Amphitrite before being assigned to Misner Haven Coastguard Station (Aldborough) in 1851. He moved to Yarmouth 1855, Schull 1856 (by request), Ballymacaw 1860, promoted to Chief Boatman in Charge at Ferriters Cove 1864, Ballydavid, Castlegregory and Tarbert 1867, Helvick 1868, and finally Nannywater 1870.  He was pensioned on 31 Jan 1877, and died in Laytown on 20 Jun 1894, the informant of his death was your great grandmother Margaret Donovan, and Probate went to his widow Ellen.&lt;br /&gt;
  214. &lt;br /&gt;
  215. It&amp;#39;s great to get the extra information about him from this thread!  I can pass on the Admiralty records I have for him if you like - you can send me a PM with your contact information.&lt;br /&gt;
  216. &lt;br /&gt;
  217. Olivia</description>
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  223. <title> [ Genealogy ]</title>
  225. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=5&amp;thread_id=8699</link>
  227. <description>Hello again!&lt;br /&gt;
  228. &lt;br /&gt;
  229. I have Ancestry but may do a short term Find My Past .&lt;br /&gt;
  230. &lt;br /&gt;
  231. I have been searching for 10 years. No census data, no baptismal or birth records, no marriage records other than William Wright and Elizabeth Deighan. &lt;br /&gt;
  232. &lt;br /&gt;
  233. I&amp;#39;ve cross-matched the sponsors at and witnesses with Deighans in all Ireland and Scotland on pay sites (wouldn&amp;#39;t have Wrights, he converted). The name Deighan can be said softly like Deehan and Dean or hard like Deehan, Deakin and Deehan, the latter ofttimes transcribed as Dugan.&lt;br /&gt;
  234. &lt;br /&gt;
  235. It wasn&amp;#39;t until the civil records were opened to the public that I saw Margaret Deighan present at the birth of their first child.&lt;br /&gt;
  236. &lt;br /&gt;
  237. There is a death record from the same parish for a Bernard Deighan married labourer aged 90 in 1876, debility long time, different towns. I feel it&amp;#39;s possible this may be him but cannot be certain yet. Others connecting him to their family dismiss this idea.&lt;br /&gt;
  238. &lt;br /&gt;
  239. Were you able to glean any info on the William Wight on the Fisgard? Service number?&lt;br /&gt;
  240. &lt;br /&gt;
  241. Thanks</description>
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  247. <title> [ Genealogy ]</title>
  249. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=5&amp;thread_id=8698</link>
  251. <description>I looked at Bernard&amp;#39;s Service record, but was unable to connect him to William, do you have another service or census record that makes this connection?&lt;br /&gt;
  252. &lt;br /&gt;
  253. However, I did find Bernard&amp;#39;s service record interesting. This shows that prior to signing on at 18 into the Royal Navy he had prior service. This was on HMS Ajax, then the CG ship in Kingstown where he served as a Boy 2nd &amp;amp; 1st class on the Revenue Cruisers Badger and Chance. So like you I&amp;#39;m inclined to think that he was Bernard Snrs. son because of this CG connection.&lt;br /&gt;
  254. &lt;br /&gt;
  255. I don&amp;#39;t know if you have access to Find my Past ( I no longer have a subscription), but there was a Merchant Seamans Ticket issued to a Bernard Deighan in 1847 that I suspect is your man. Despite the name these tickets were also issued to men in the RN and CG service and can contain some quite useful information.&lt;br /&gt;
  256. &lt;br /&gt;
  257. Martin</description>
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  263. <title> [ Genealogy ]</title>
  265. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=5&amp;thread_id=8697</link>
  267. <description>I could kiss you Martin!! Never could have done it myself. I credited yourself and this site on my public family tree.  Again, thank you.&lt;br /&gt;
  268. &lt;br /&gt;
  269. Merged on 07/05/2022 17:56:21:&lt;br /&gt;
  270. Hey again! May have found a connection between Bernard Deighan and William Wright but am having a difficult time figuring out a direct way to show you the info unless you have;br /&gt;
  271. &lt;br /&gt;
  272. So in a roundabout way...&lt;br /&gt;
  273. &lt;br /&gt;
  274. Good chance this is BD&amp;#39;s son:&lt;br /&gt;
  275. &lt;br /&gt;
  276. Name: Bernard Deighan or Deigham&lt;br /&gt;
  277. Birth Date: 17 Nov 1842&lt;br /&gt;
  278. Birth Place: Cuthindall Anbum (Cushendall, Antrim)&lt;br /&gt;
  279. Service Number: 19553A&lt;br /&gt;
  280. Reference: ADM 139/596/19553&lt;br /&gt;
  281. URL:;br /&gt;
  282. &lt;br /&gt;
  283. He is found onboard Fisgard in 1861, along with a Wm Wright. &lt;br /&gt;
  284. &lt;br /&gt;
  285. Are you able to access the record showing him on the Fisgard which is under &amp;#39;UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen&amp;#39;s Services, 1848-1939&amp;#39;? And if so, would you be so kind as to interpret the info about Wm Wright if you can?&lt;br /&gt;
  286. &lt;br /&gt;
  287. Thanks again.</description>
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  293. <title> [ Genealogy ]</title>
  295. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=5&amp;thread_id=8696</link>
  297. <description>Hi and welcome to the Forum.&lt;br /&gt;
  298. &lt;br /&gt;
  299. I&amp;#39;m not sure I can throw any light on William Thomas Wright, but since it was not uncommon for the daughters of Coastguards to marry younger CG&amp;#39;s working at the same station as their fathers, I thought I would trace Bernard Deighan&amp;#39;s service to see if this was the case here, but without any success. That said you could double check the following CG record refs. all available as free downloads from the National Archives website to see if I missed him..&lt;br /&gt;
  300. &lt;br /&gt;
  301. Bernard Deighan entered the CG service in 1821 aged 25, at the time of his entry he was a widower with three children (ADM 175/99 pdf 28). He does give a place of birth in Co.Antrim, but I could not make it out, perhaps you will have more luck - (Ardcleniss ?).&lt;br /&gt;
  302. &lt;br /&gt;
  303. On 25 May he was transferred from the Preventative. Station (Coast Guard) at Kilkee to Doolen (ADM 175/15 pdf 321), then on 31 June 1830 he was moved to N. Isle of Arran. (ADM 175/16 pdf 219 &amp;amp; 397). then 10 Oct 1834 to Point of Garron (ADM 175/16 pdf 211).&lt;br /&gt;
  304. &lt;br /&gt;
  305. In Nov 1845 it was a transfer to Cloghy (ADM 175/18 pdf 346) and finally on 8 Dec 1854 to Roddens from where he was pensioned on 31 Oct 1858 (ADM 175/19 pdfs 408 &amp;amp; 402).&lt;br /&gt;
  306. &lt;br /&gt;
  307. I hope the above is of interest and provides other avenues of research.&lt;br /&gt;
  308. &lt;br /&gt;
  309. Regards&lt;br /&gt;
  310. &lt;br /&gt;
  311. Martin</description>
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  317. <title> [ Genealogy ]</title>
  319. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=5&amp;thread_id=8695</link>
  321. <description>At a brick wall with my gggps  William Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Deighan.&lt;br /&gt;
  322. &lt;br /&gt;
  323. They married 1868 St Patrick&amp;#39;s RC Belfast, minimal info but his father Thomas, her father Bernard. No civil record found. Unsure if they had been married in a civil ceremony previously or in another religion or another place. No record found.&lt;br /&gt;
  324. &lt;br /&gt;
  325. It seems he converted as he was bapd the same day. Age given at bapt was 32 (1836), father Thomas, mother Anne Bridget.&lt;br /&gt;
  326. &lt;br /&gt;
  327. At the birth of their presumed first child later that year (1868), Thomas is listed as a pensioner, same on street directories and at the baptisms of their two other children. Present at the birth first child was a Margaret Deighan.&lt;br /&gt;
  328. &lt;br /&gt;
  329. WTW died before the 1901 census, and it lists ED&amp;#39;s birthplace as Antrim but it&amp;#39;s unlikely she filled it out herself. She died a couple of years age 52 but I have a feeling she was older.&lt;br /&gt;
  330. &lt;br /&gt;
  331. A search for a Margaret Deighan death produced the following:&lt;br /&gt;
  332. &lt;br /&gt;
  333. Margaret Deighan aged 82 d 17 Jan 1882 in Drumbanagher, Armagh, Coastguard&amp;#39;s widow, William Wright, Drumbanagher, present at death.&lt;br /&gt;
  334. &lt;br /&gt;
  335. Could this William be my gggf even though it says Drumbanagher and not Belfast? &lt;br /&gt;
  336. &lt;br /&gt;
  337. Is it possible WTW was also a pensioner from the Coast Guard? Any way for me to find out?&lt;br /&gt;
  338. &lt;br /&gt;
  339. So, if Margaret was mother to Elizabeth then the Coast Guardsman would have been Bernard Deighan born prior to 1800.&lt;br /&gt;
  340. &lt;br /&gt;
  341. Appreciate any assistance. Apologize for length.</description>
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  347. <title> [ Coastguards ]</title>
  349. <link>forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=4&amp;thread_id=8693</link>
  351. <description>Prior to this he was a captain in the Preventive Water Guard;  he drowned while on duty in 1836.  He and his wife Jemima are buried in the cemetery attached to St. Michael&amp;#39;s (Protestant) Chapel in Blackrock, Cork, Ireland.  Note: William and Jemima Morris came to Blackrock, Cork from places and stations situated along Ireland’s eastern shoreline in a timeframe beginning in 1809 when the Preventive Water Guard began operations in England, ending in Blackrock when he died.&lt;br /&gt;
  352. &lt;br /&gt;
  353. I&amp;#39;m looking for details of how he drowned. &lt;br /&gt;
  354. &lt;br /&gt;
  355. Thanks.</description>
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  361. <title> [ Coastguards ]</title>
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  365. <description>Hi&lt;br /&gt;
  366. &lt;br /&gt;
  367. JOHN GEORGE BUDDEN is my husbands great grandfather. &lt;br /&gt;
  368. &lt;br /&gt;
  369. We would love to buy back his medals to keep them in the family, thet were sold a few years ago unfortunately.</description>
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