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  23. <title>The heat death of a music blog</title>
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  31. <description><![CDATA[WikipediaOh hi, I didn&#8217;t see you there. Welcome to the final post on Yes, that&#8217;s right. After eleven years and four months and a number of days I can&#8217;t be bothered to add up, after hundreds of concerts and festivals, countless record reviews, concert announcements, news links, MP3s, videos, and whatever the hell else [&#8230;]]]></description>
  32. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="RCA" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCreditWide"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Image via Wikipedia" /><a href="" target="new" title="Wikipedia">Wikipedia</a></span>Oh hi, I didn&#8217;t see you there.</p>
  33. <p>Welcome to the final post on Yes, that&#8217;s right. After eleven years and four months and a number of days I can&#8217;t be bothered to add up, after hundreds of concerts and festivals, countless record reviews, concert announcements, news links, MP3s, videos, and whatever the hell else I&#8217;ve posted here since September 2002, I&#8217;m calling it a day.</p>
  34. <p>For the whys and wherefores, I would direct you to the <a href="" title="chromewaves vs decade">tin anniversary post</a> from last September. Go ahead, I&#8217;ll wait. What&#8217;s interesting to me in re-reading that post is that I have very little else to add, either gratitude or grievance. Every factor cited then in my thinking very hard about quitting this blog &#8211; general tiredness, industry fatigue, declining metrics, a lack of interest from within and without &#8211; still holds as much now as it did then, probably even moreso. As it turns out, the slow lane that I supposedly pulled into for the past 16 months wasn&#8217;t all that much slower than the fast lane, and it has become evident that my only choices are to either keep my foot on the gas until the needle hit &#8216;E&#8217; and I flame out spectacularly or to take the next off ramp. And so here we are.</p>
  35. <p>This is not a decision that I&#8217;ve taken lightly. I&#8217;ve basically spent the past year waiting/hoping for the spark of musical discovery and impulse/compulsion to share to reignite, but it simply hasn&#8217;t. Know that early drafts of this post were very different and very pointed &#8211; I planned wonderful rants about commodification, listification, commercialization, devaluation, trivialization, all kinds of -ations &#8211; but while therapeutic, were not the note I wanted to go out on. Music and blogging and music blogging have been very, very good to me, but I fear that were I to keep at it that gratitude would further curdle into resentment and cynicism and this thing that I&#8217;ve built, that has defined and directed so much of my life this past decade plus and am very proud of would suffer for it.</p>
  36. <p>Already I feel the quality of what I do has diminished relative to its peak and I don&#8217;t want to stay around too long, like the pro athlete who doesn&#8217;t know when to quit and needs either a torn hamstring or demotion to the minors to get the message. And so I&#8217;ve played out this season &#8211; I think we&#8217;re done with 2013 things &#8211; and am hanging it up. I am certain that I will miss many, many things about being an active and constant voice in the conversation about new music, but shouting at and over the ever-deafening din of the music hype echo chamber to fewer and fewer ears won&#8217;t be one of them. The machine can&#8217;t stop, won&#8217;t stop, and I need to get off.</p>
  37. <p>I will still be active &#8211; probably more active &#8211; on the <a href="" title="@fyang" target="_blank">Twitters</a> with broadcasting stuff I come across that I find interesting or thing may be of interest, and maybe I&#8217;ll get around to trying out this Tumblr thing. Plus at some point I intend to finally attend to that redesign of this site I talked about and convert it into something more archivally-inclined than an old-school blog form.</p>
  38. <p>But for now, I am going to walk away and do anything but write about music. Maybe the itch will return someday; I&#8217;ll deal with that if and when it does. I&#8217;ve got plenty to keep me busy, not least of which is disassembling a decade&#8217;s worth of blog-publishing life routines. Will my index finger start twitching at 8:30AM looking to click on &#8220;Publish&#8221;? Additionally I&#8217;ll get to work on that massive pile of books collecting on my shelf. Learn to cook something new. Use all those cameras I&#8217;ve got for photographing anything but bearded dudes with guitars in shitty light. Spend some quality time with the cat. Learn to play the solo from &#8220;I Am The Resurrection&#8221; on guitar. Listen to whatever records I want and ignore the zeitgeist guilt-free. Go to a show and not take notes and when I get home, go straight to bed. Just do all those things that I said I&#8217;d do more of if I didn&#8217;t always have to block off hours every day for the blog. Instead of constantly asking, &#8220;what&#8217;s next?&#8221;, the question is, &#8220;what now?&#8221;. It&#8217;s terrifying and exciting, but I think absolutely necessary for my own good. It is no longer time to make the donuts.</p>
  39. <p>So to everyone whose paths I&#8217;ve crossed &#8211; artists, labels, promoters, publicists, bloggers, photographers, fans &#8211; it&#8217;s been a slice and I thank you and I&#8217;ll still see around. It&#8217;s been life-affirming and life-changing and life-devouring. Take care of yourselves.</p>
  40. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="Chrome Waves" target="_blank">Ride &#8211; &#8220;Chrome Waves&#8221;</a></p>
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  49. <title>Colin Stetson leads lineup for Wavelength 14</title>
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  86. <description><![CDATA[Scott IrvineWhen I listed off a couple of Colin Stetson shows slated for February last week, it was a bit reluctantly as I had a hunch that I was missing some crucial information about the context of the performance &#8211; the unconventional venue and absence of formal press release or ticket information, in particular, were [&#8230;]]]></description>
  87. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="Colin Stetson" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCredit"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo By Scott Irvine" /><a href="" target="new" title="Scott Irvine">Scott Irvine</a></span>When I listed off a couple of <a href="" title="Colin Stetson" target="_blank">Colin Stetson</a> shows slated for February <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs Colin Stetson">last week</a>, it was a bit reluctantly as I had a hunch that I was missing some crucial information about the context of the performance &#8211; the unconventional venue and absence of formal press release or ticket information, in particular, were flags. But I went with it anyways and now, a week later, I&#8217;m amending the info with lots of context &#8211; which I should have guessed, given the timing. The twice-Polaris-shortlisted saxophone maestro will be performing as part of <a href="" title="WL @ 14" target="_blank">Wavelength&#8217;s 14th anniversary festival</a>, taking place around Toronto from February 13 to 16 of next year with his show &#8211; just one, now &#8211; happening February 15 at the Polish Combatants Hall on a bill that includes <a href="" title="US Girls" target="_blank">US Girls</a> amongst others, tickets $20 in advance.</p>
  88. <p>Other festival showcases include Hooded Fang spin-off <a href="" title="Ph&egrave;dre" target="_blank">Phedre</a> and friends at The Silver Dollar on February 13 ($10), American guitar goddess <a href="" title="Marnie Stern" target="_blank">Marnie Stern</a> with local synth-pop heroes <a href="" title="Diana" target="_blank">Diana</a> and post-punkers <a href="" title="Odonis Odonis" target="_blank">Odonis Odonis</a> at The Adelaide Music Hall on February 14 ($17), and Haligonian two-headed rock machine <a href="" title="Cousins" target="_blank">Cousins</a> bring things to a close with an eclectic bill at The Garrison on February 16 ($10). Plus, there&#8217;s some in-store talks and events happening at local record stores through the weekend. Wavelength the music series and especially the anniversary festivals have always done a great job of showcasing new and established talent from at home and abroad, and this year&#8217;s lineup is no exception.</p>
  89. <p>Tickets are available for individual shows or a four-day festival pass can be had for just $49.</p>
  90. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href=";e=1386703109" title="High ABove A Grey Green Sea">Colin Stetson &#8211; &#8220;High Above A Grey Green Sea&#8221;</a><br />
  91. <strong>MP3:</strong> <a href=";e=1387428257" title="Transparency Is The New Mystery" target="_blank">Marnie Stern &#8211; &#8220;Transparency Is The New Mystery&#8221;</a><br />
  92. <strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="Born AGain" target="_blank">Diana &#8211; &#8220;Born Again&#8221;</a><br />
  93. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Work From Home">U.S. Girls &#8211; &#8220;Work From Home&#8221;</a><br />
  94. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Better" target="_blank">Odonis Odonis &#8211; &#8220;Better&#8221;</a><br />
  95. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="River" target="_blank">Cousins &#8211; &#8220;River&#8221;</a></p>
  96. <p>Even though they were just here in November, New York&#8217;s <a href="" title="Holy Ghost!" target="_blank">Holy Ghost!</a> are pretty sure people want more of their new album <a href="" title="Dynamics" target="_blank"><em>Dynamics</em></a> and so they&#8217;re coming back for another show at The Hoxton on February 14.</p>
  97. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Okay" target="_blank">Holy Ghost! &#8211; &#8220;Okay&#8221;</a></p>
  98. <p>When she announced her Toronto debut back <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs Lorde">in August</a>, I had to ask, &#8220;who is <a href="" title="Lorde" target="_blank">Lorde</a>?&#8221; Not asking that anymore. The Kiwi teen is bringing her massively massive debut <a href="" title="Pure Heroine" target="_blank"><em>Pure Heroine</em></a> back to town for a show at Sound Academy on March 15 as part of a <a href="" title="Pollstar vs Lorde" target="_blank">North American tour</a>, tickets the appropriately massive $44.50 to $55.</p>
  99. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Royals" target="_blank">Lorde &#8211; &#8220;Royals&#8221;</a></p>
  100. <p>Synth/New Wave legend <a href="" title="Gary Numan" target="_blank">Gary Numan</a> has announced a <a href="" title="Broadway World vs Gary Numan" target="_blank">North American tour</a> in support of his latest album <a href="" title="Splinter" target="_blank"><em>Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)</em></a>. He&#8217;ll be at The Phoenix on March 27, tickets $29.50. <a href="" title="National Student vs Gary Numan" target="_blank">The National Student</a> has an interview.</p>
  101. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Cars" target="_blank">Gary Numan &#8211; &#8220;Cars&#8221;</a></p>
  102. <p>Another of <a href="" title="Jose Gonzalez" target="_blank">Jos&eacute; Gonz&aacute;lez&#8217;s</a> contributions to the <i>Secret Life Of Walter Mitty</i> soundtrack has been released, this time with a video. The film is out December 25, aka Christmas Day.</p>
  103. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Stay Alive" target="_blank">Jos&eacute; Gonz&aacute;lez &#8211; &#8220;Stay Alive&#8221;</a></p>
  104. <p><a href="" title="Quietus vs TOY" target="_blank">The Quietus</a> has an interview with <a href="" title="TOY" target="_blank">TOY</a>, who will be in town at The Horseshoe on January 14.</p>
  105. <p>Black Francis discusses the departure of Kim Shattuck from <a href="" title="Pixies" target="_blank">Pixies</a> with <a href="" title="Yahoo vs Pixies" target="_blank">Yahooo!</a>. He really sounds torn up about it; hopefully he&#8217;ll be able to pull it together for their show at Massey Hall on January 15.</p>
  106. <p><a href="" title="DIY vs Yuck" target="_blank"><em>DIY</em></a> talks to <a href="" title="Yuck" target="_blank">Yuck</a>, who&#8217;ve rolled out a new video from their latest <a href="" title="Glow and Behold" target="_blank"><em>Glow &#038; Behold</em></a>. They&#8217;re in town at The Garrison on January 17.</p>
  107. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href=";noredirect=1" title="Lose My Breath" target="_blank">Yuck &#8211; &#8220;Lose My Breath&#8221;</a></p>
  108. <p><a href="" title="Clash vs TSMZ/GYBE" target="_blank"><em>Clash</em></a> talks to Efrim Menuck of <a href="" title="TSMZ" target="_blank">Thee Silver Mount Zion</a> and <a href="" title="GYBE" target="_blank">Godspeed You! Black Emperor</a> about the new Mount Zion record <a href="" title="FOGFWPLOE" target="_blank"><em>Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything</em></a>, due out January 21.</p>
  109. <p><a href="" title="TLOBF vs Warpaint" target="_blank">The Line Of Best Fit</a> has a video session with <a href="" title="Warpaint" target="_blank">Warpaint</a>, who will release their second full-length <a href="" title="Warpaint" target="_blank"><i>Warpaint</i></a> on January 21 and play The Danforth Music Hall on March 25.</p>
  110. <p><a href="" target="_blank">The New Mendicants</a> &#8211; that&#8217;s Joe Pernice, Norman Blake, and Mike Belitsky if you&#8217;ve not been keeping up &#8211; have made a few tracks from their debut album <a href="" title="Into The Lime" target="_blank"><em>Into The Lime</em></a> available to stream. It&#8217;s out January 28.</p>
  111. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="A Very Sorry Christmas" target="_blank">The New Mendicants &#8211; &#8220;A Very Sorry Christmas&#8221;</a><br />
  112. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Sarasota" target="_blank">The New Mendicants &#8211; &#8220;Sarasota&#8221;</a><br />
  113. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="If You Only Knew Her" target="_blank">The New Mendicants &#8211; &#8220;If You Only Knew Her&#8221;</a></p>
  114. <p><a href="" title="Fly vs DDG" target="_blank"><em>The Fly</em></a> talks to Dee Dee of <a href="" title="DDG" target="_blank">Dum Dum Girls</a> about their new record <a href="" title="Too True" target="_blank"><em>Too True</em></a>, out January 28. They&#8217;re at Lee&#8217;s Palace on March 29.</p>
  115. <p><a href="" title="The Fly vs Metronomy" target="_blank"><em>The Fly</em></a> talks to Joe Jonas of <a href="" title="Metronomy" target="_blank">Metronomy</a>, who release their new album <i>Love Letters</i> on March 10. Watch the just-released first video from it below.</p>
  116. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="I'm Aquarius" target="_blank">Metronomy &#8211; &#8220;I&#8217;m Aquarius&#8221;</a></p>
  117. <p><a href=";f=1039" title="NPR vs TH&#038;TH" target="_blank">NPR</a> has posted a KCRW video session and <a href="" title="Filter vs TH&#038;TH" target="_blank"><em>Filter</em></a> an Ernie Ball session with <a href="" title="TH&#038;TH" target="_blank">The Head &#038; The Heart</a>; they&#8217;re at The Kool Haus on March 30.</p>
  118. <p><a href="" title="PMA vs London Grammar" target="_blank">Pretty Much Amazing</a> have an interview with <a href="" title="London Grammar" target="_blank">London Grammar</a> have released a stream of an old, unreleased track via <a href="" title="RS vs London Grammar" target="_blank"><em>Rolling Stone</em></a>. They&#8217;ll be back in Toronto at The Phoenix on April 7.</p>
  119. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Everywhere You Go" target="_blank">London Grammar &#8211; &#8220;Everywhere You Go&#8221;</a></p>
  120. <p><a href="" title="Noisey vs Vaccines" target="_blank">Noisey</a> has premiered the latest video from <a href="" title="Vaccines" target="_blank">The Vaccines</a>, taken from last year&#8217;s <a href="" title="Come Of Age" target="_blank"><em>Come Of Age</em></a>.</p>
  121. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Is I Was A Girl" target="_blank">The Vaccines &#8211; &#8220;If I Was A Girl&#8221;</a></p>
  122. <p><a href="" title="Interview vs Blood Orange" target="_blank"><em>Interview</em></a> talks to Dev Hynes of <a href="" title="Blood Orange" target="_blank">Blood Orange</a>, whose apartment in New York tragically burned down Monday night, taking with it all his belonging and his new puppy. <a href="" title="Help Dev!" target="_blank">Fundraising efforts</a> are underway to help Dev get back on his feet and while they&#8217;ve already well past their original modest goal of $5000, every bit will help.</p>
  123. <p><a href="" title="Kate Nash" target="_blank">Kate Nash</a> has released a new video from her seasonal EP <a href="" title="Have Faith This Christmas" target="_blank"><em>Have Faith This Christmas</em></a>.</p>
  124. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="I Hate You This Christmas" target="_blank">Kate Nash &#8211; &#8220;I Hate You This Christmas&#8221;</a></p>
  125. <p><a href="" title="UTR vs summer Camp" target="_blank"><em>Under The Radar</em></a> has an interview with <a href="" title="Summer Camp" target="_blank">Summer Camp</a>.</p>
  126. <p><a href="" title="Esquire vs EC" target="_blank"><em>Esquire</em></a> and <a href="" title="HuffPo vs EC" target="_blank">The Huffington Post</a> chat with <a href="" title="Elvis Costello" target="_blank">Elvis Costello</a>.</p>
  127. <p><a href="" title="Islands" target="_blank">Islands</a> have made a brand-new song available to stream. Islands. Stream. Hmm.</p>
  128. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Hawaii" target="_blank">Islands &#8211; &#8220;Hawaii&#8221;</a></p>
  129. <p><a href="" title="Filter vs Braids" target="_blank"><em>Filter</em></a> gets to know <a href="" title="Braids" target="_blank">Braids</a>.</p>
  130. <p><a href="" title="Noisey vs Austra" target="_blank">Noisey</a> talks sex and politics with <a href="" title="Austra" target="_blank">Austra</a>.</p>
  131. <p><a href="" title="Tone Deaf vs Born Ruffians" target="_blank">Tone Deaf</a> has an interview with <a href="" title="Born Ruffians" target="_blank">Born Ruffians</a>.</p>
  132. <p><a href="" title="Majical Cloudz" target="_blank">Majical Cloudz</a> have released a video for the non-album track made available to stream <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs Majical Cloudz" target="_blank">last month</a>.</p>
  133. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Savage" target="_blank">Majical Cloudz &#8211; &#8220;Savage&#8221;</a></p>
  134. <p><a href="" title="TLOBF vs Canada" target="_blank">The Line Of Best Fit</a> just beat the Christmas shipping deadline with the release of their fifth holiday-themed <em>Ho! Ho! Ho!</em> compilation of Canadian indie artists, along with a promise to be more frequent in the new year.</p>
  135. <p><a href="" title="Tone Deaf vs Ken STringfellow" target="_blank">Tone Deaf</a> chats with <a href="" title="Ken Stringfellow" target="_blank">Ken Stringfellow</a>.</p>
  136. <p><a href="" title="NYC Taper vs YLT" target="_blank">NYC Taper</a> is sharing a recording of one of <a href="" title="YLT" target="_blank">Yo La Tengo&#8217;s</a> shows at Brooklyn&#8217;s Bell House last week.</p>
  137. <p><a href="" title="UTR vs Glasser" target="_blank"><em>Under The Radar</em></a> talks to Cameron Mesirow of <a href="" title="Glasser" target="_blank">Glasser</a>.</p>
  138. <p><a href="" title="TLOBF vs Midlake" target="_blank">The Life Of Best Fit</a> has an interview with <a href="" title="Midlake" target="_blank">Midlake</a>.</p>
  139. <p><a href="" title="Stereogum vs TA" target="_blank">Stereogum</a> spends some time with <a href="" title="TA" target="_blank">Titus Andronicus</a>&#8216; Patrick Stickles.</p>
  140. <p>And that, I guess, will just about do it.</p>
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  150. <title>Chromewaves’ favourite albums of 2013</title>
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  154. <pubDate>Tue, 17 Dec 2013 13:32:27 +0000</pubDate>
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  156. <category><![CDATA[Anna Calvi]]></category>
  157. <category><![CDATA[Caitlin Rose]]></category>
  158. <category><![CDATA[Daughter]]></category>
  159. <category><![CDATA[David Bowie]]></category>
  160. <category><![CDATA[Deer Tracks]]></category>
  161. <category><![CDATA[Lanterns On The Lake]]></category>
  162. <category><![CDATA[My Bloody Valentine]]></category>
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  164. <category><![CDATA[Suede]]></category>
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  166. <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  168. <description><![CDATA[Christine Kwan If it&#8217;s the year&#8217;s end and this is a list, then this must be a year-end list. You should all know the drill by now: ten albums released this year, listed alphabetically and not in order of preference, that largely reflects my listening habits for the year. No promises that all of these [&#8230;]]]></description>
  169. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" title="2013" src="" alt="2013" /><img decoding="async" class="cam" src="Http://" alt="Image by Christine Kwan" /><a href="" title="Christine Kwan" target="_blank">Christine Kwan</a></p>
  170. <p>If it&#8217;s the year&#8217;s end and this is a list, then this must be a year-end list. You should all know the drill <a href="" title="chromewaves vs year-end lists">by now</a>: ten albums released this year, listed alphabetically and not in order of preference, that largely reflects my listening habits for the year. No promises that all of these records will remain in favour as the years pass &#8211; goodness knows that past lists don&#8217;t bat 1.000 for shelf life &#8211; but I&#8217;ll take honesty over prognostication.</p>
  171. <p>There&#8217;s only one debut in the batch, but a few sophomore efforts that reinforce the fact that the artists are no flash in the pans, and that&#8217;s arguably more exciting than some rookie who tears up the league the first time out and then fades away. Two &#8211; or three, depending on definition &#8211; reunion/comeback albums as well, which is also surprising considering most records of this ilk are half-hearted excuses to stage cash-grab tours. Which I&#8217;m not inherently against, but to have artists back as genuine creative forces and not just nostalgia machines is obviously better, no?</p>
  172. <p>Either way, pretty good year for music. And many thanks to <a href="" title="Christine Kwan" target="_blank">Christine Kwan</a> for taking the chore of making graphics for this list off my hamfisted hands from concept to execution and dressing them in seasonal finery.<br />
  173. </p>
  174. <p><span id="more-34584"></span></p>
  175. <div style="clear:both; margin-bottom: 20px;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="The Next Day" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-bottom:50px;"/><strong><a href="" title="David Bowie" target="_blank">David Bowie</a> / <a href="" title="The NExt Day" target="_blank"><em>The Next Day</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="Columbia" target="_blank">Columbia</a>)</p>
  176. <p>This year was basically soundtracked by Bowie. I finally completed my collection of his &#8217;70s albums on vinyl &#8211; a project started six or seven years ago &#8211; and began exploring his &#8217;90s/early &#8217;00s output, finding it far more artistically worthy than popular opinion holds it to be. And largely kicking that all off was Bowie&#8217;s sneak announcement of <i>The Next Day</i> &#8211; a record which manages to encompass both those eras &#8211; and his return from self-imposed exile in <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs David Bowie">early January</a>. And I totally went to <a href="" title="Bowiehaus" target="_blank">his old apartment</a> in Berlin.</p>
  177. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="I'd Rather Be High" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;I&#8217;d Rather Be High&#8221; (Venetian Mix/Wasted Edit)</a><br />
  178. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Love Is Lost" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;Love Is Lost&#8221; (Hello Steve Reich Mix) version 2</a><br />
  179. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Love Is Lost" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;Love Is Lost&#8221; (Hello Steve Reich Mix) version 1</a><br />
  180. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="The NExt Day" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;The Next Day&#8221;</a><br />
  181. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Valentine's Day" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;Valentine&#8217;s Day&#8221;</a><br />
  182. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="The Stars Are Out Tonight" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;The Stars (Are Out Tonight)&#8221;</a><br />
  183. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Where Are We Now?" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;Where Are We Now?&#8221;</a></div>
  184. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="One Breath" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; float: right;"/><strong><a href="" title="Anna Calvi" target="_blank">Anna Calvi</a> / <a href="" title="One Breath" target="_blank"><em>One Breath</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="Domino" target="_blank">Domino</a>)</p>
  185. <p>Calvi&#8217;s <a href="" title="Anna Calvi" target="_blank">self-titled debut</a> made this list <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs 2011">in 2011</a>, and the follow-up kept just the right amount the same and made the right amount different to make it a two-fer. Powered by Calvi&#8217;s stunning vocals and virtuostic guitarwork, <i>One Breath</i> is still rich with drama, but feels like it captures more of the person the work is based on rather than the portrayal.</p>
  186. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Suddenly" target="_blank">Anna Calvi &#8211; &#8220;Suddenly&#8221;</a><br />
  187. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Sing To Me" target="_blank">Anna Calvi &#8211; &#8220;Sing To Me&#8221;</a><br />
  188. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Eliza" target="_blank">Anna Calvi &#8211; &#8220;Eliza&#8221;</a></div>
  189. <p></p>
  190. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="If You Leave" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-bottom: 20px;"/><strong><a href="" title="Daughter" target="_blank">Daughter</a> / <a href="" title="If You Leave" target="_blank"><em>If You Leave</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="4AD" target="_blank">4AD</a>/<a href="" title="Glassnote" target="_blank">Glassnote</a>)</p>
  191. <p>Powerful in its delicacy, <i>If You Leave</i> takes Elena Tonra&#8217;s ability to make a lyric sound defeated, defiant, sullen, and longing all at once and wraps it in space and silence and shadows. The two EPs that preceded this should have been fair warning about how good their debut would be, but the beauty is still staggering, especially at full-length.</p>
  192. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Amsterdam" target="_blank">Daughter &#8211; &#8220;Amsterdam&#8221;</a><br />
  193. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Still" target="_blank">Daughter &#8211; &#8220;Still&#8221;</a><br />
  194. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Youth" target="_blank">Daughter &#8211; &#8220;Youth&#8221;</a></div>
  195. <p></p>
  196. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="The Archer Trilogy Pt 3" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; float: right;"/><strong><a href="" title="Deer Tracks" target="_blank">The Deer Tracks</a> / <a href=";cat=44" title="The Archer Trilogy Vol 3" target="_blank"><em>The Archer Trilogy Pt 3</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="Control Group" target="_blank">The Control Group</a>)</p>
  197. <p>Placing less for the specific album than for the multi-year, multi-volume whole that it closed out, I don&#8217;t know what <i>The Archer Trilogy</i> is about but have no doubt that David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors do and will happily spend as long as I need to exploring their fantastical and fully-realized synth-pop world to understand it. And they get points for being maybe the hardest working duo in Swedish pop, touring the world constantly on a shoestring and putting on dazzling shows every time.</p>
  198. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="W">The Deer Tracks &#8211; &#8220;W&#8221;</a><br />
  199. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Divine Light">The Deer Tracks &#8211; &#8220;Divine Light&#8221;</a><br />
  200. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Lazarus">The Deer Tracks &#8211; &#8220;Lazarus&#8221;</a></div>
  201. <p></p>
  202. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="Until The Colours Run" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-bottom: 20px;"/><strong><a href="" title="LOTL" target="_blank">Lanterns On The Lake</a> / <a href="" title="Until The Colours Run" target="_blank"><em>Until The Colours Run</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="BElla Union" target="_blank">Bella Union</a>)</p>
  203. <p>Though I appreciated the elegance of their debut, 2011&#8217;s <a href="" target="new" title="Gracious Tide, Take Me Home"><i>Gracious Tide, Take Me Home</i></a>, I wasn&#8217;t at all prepared for the sweep and expansiveness of the follow-up. Bolstering their sound with post-rock-approved dynamics and making Hazel Wilde the sole singer have given the band focus and power that I never would have expected. It deserves to appear on these lists again next year following its official North American release in January.</p>
  204. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="The Buffalo Days" target="_blank">Lanterns On The Lake &#8211; &#8220;The Buffalo Days&#8221;</a><br />
  205. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Until The Colours Run" target="_blank">Lanterns On The Lake &#8211; &#8220;Until The Colours Run&#8221;</a><br />
  206. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Another Tale From Another English Town" target="_blank">Lanterns On The Lake &#8211; &#8220;Another Tale From Another English Town&#8221;</a></div>
  207. <p></p>
  208. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="m b v" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; float: right;"/><strong><a href="" title="MBV" target="_blank">My Bloody Valentine</a> / <a href="" target="new" title="mbv"><i>m b v</i></a></strong> (<a href="" title="MBV" target="_blank">MBV</a>)</p>
  209. <p>Detractors argued that for a record twenty-plus years in the making, it sounded an awful lot like something that should have come out in 1994. And yeah, it does exist in very much the same world as <i>Loveless</i> &#8211; one terraformed by distortion pedals and colonized by tremulous guitar &#8211; but it&#8217;s Kevin Shields&#8217; world; everyone else just orbits. <i>m b v</i> is everything I want in a My Bloody Valentine record, and that&#8217;s that it sounds like a My Bloody Valentine record.</p>
  210. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href=";list=PLV5Dj2xlNnONJWlHRLnxoEDHp89rKoNpO" target="new" title="mbv">My Bloody Valentine / <i>m b v</i></a></div>
  211. <p></p>
  212. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="Trouble Will Find Me" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-bottom: 20px;"/><strong><a href="" title="The National" target="_blank">The National</a> / <a href="" title="TRouble Will Find Me" target="_blank"><em>Trouble Will Find Me</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="4AD" target="_blank">4AD</a>)</p>
  213. <p>I&#8217;m sure there will come a day where The National are no longer default entries in any year-end list I assemble, but it&#8217;s not today. Sly, elegant, and forlorn, course corrections from their past efforts were relatively minor and while there&#8217;s a part of me that would like it if they somehow, some way, found another gear, the rest of me is perfectly content with more at this speed.</p>
  214. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Graceless" target="_blank">The National &#8211; &#8220;Graceless&#8221;</a><br />
  215. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="SEa Of Love" target="_blank">The National &#8211; &#8220;Sea Of Love&#8221;</a><br />
  216. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Demons" target="_blank">The National &#8211; &#8220;Demons&#8221;</a></div>
  217. <p></p>
  218. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="The Stand-In" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; float: right;"/><strong><a href="" title="Caitlin Rose" target="_blank">Caitlin Rose</a> / <a href="" title="The STand-In" target="_blank"><em>The Stand-In</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="ATO" target="_blank">ATO</a>)</p>
  219. <p>The twang quotient in my listening has decreased in recent years, but maybe it&#8217;s because I haven&#8217;t heard many roots records that come with as much sass and tunefulness as the second album from Nashville&#8217;s Rose; not even Rose&#8217;s first. Purists may not be on board with the amount of pop thats been added to the mix, but if you&#8217;re not on board with the wealth of memorable hooks and melodies throughout then I don&#8217;t even wanna know you.</p>
  220. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="I Was Cruel">Caitlin Rose &#8211; &#8220;I Was Cruel&#8221;</a><br />
  221. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Only A Clown" target="_blank">Caitlin Rose &#8211; &#8220;Only A Clown&#8221;</a></div>
  222. <p></p>
  223. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="Bloodsports" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-bottom: 20px;"/><strong><a href="" title="Suede" target="_blank">Suede</a> / <a href="" title="Bloodsports" target="_blank"><em>Bloodsports</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="Columbia" target="_blank">Columbia</a>)</p>
  224. <p>Unlike the My Bloody Valentine, this was a record that wasn&#8217;t expected to exist and more than a few probably hoped never would, given the patchiness of their last few releases before taking a decade off. But rather than just try to turn the clock back ten years, they turned it back almost 20 and somehow came up with a hybrid of <i>Dog Man Star</i> and <i>Coming Up</i> that may not be the best Suede album, but is arguably the most Suede-like.</p>
  225. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="Barriers">Suede &#8211; &#8220;Barriers&#8221;</a><br />
  226. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="For The Strangers" target="_blank">Suede &#8211; &#8220;For The Strangers&#8221;</a><br />
  227. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="It Starts And Ends With You" target="_blank">Suede &#8211; &#8220;It Starts And Ends With You&#8221;</a><br />
  228. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Hit Me" target="_blank">Suede &#8211; &#8220;Hit Me&#8221;</a><br />
  229. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Barriers" target="_blank">Suede &#8211; &#8220;Barriers&#8221;</a></div>
  230. <p></p>
  231. <div style="clear:both;"><img decoding="async" src="" title="UZU" class="leftImgWithCredit" style="margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; float: right;"/><strong><a href="" title="YTST" target="_blank">Yamantaka//Sonic Titan</a> / <a href="" title="UZU" target="_blank"><em>Uzu</em></a></strong> (<a href="" title="PBR" target="_blank">Paper Bag</a>)</p>
  232. <p>People spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to classify the Montreal-Toronto collective&#8217;s first album. Was it prog? Metal? Opera? Asian? All of the above? <i>UZU</i> benefitted from having the new creative terrain already broken in by its predecessor, and also for being a more ambitious and realized work, yet more accessible at the same time. They may be a genre unto themselves, but they&#8217;re still at the top of it.</p>
  233. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="One" target="_blank">Yamantaka//Sonic Titan &#8211; &#8220;One&#8221;</a><br />
  234. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Titan and Dione: Saturn Returns" target="_blank">Yamantaka//Sonic Titan &#8211; &#8220;Titan and Dione: Saturn Returns&#8221;</a></div>
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  244. <title>Son Lux raises Lanterns on tour</title>
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  246. <dc:creator><![CDATA[Frank Yang]]></dc:creator>
  247. <pubDate>Mon, 16 Dec 2013 13:19:14 +0000</pubDate>
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  250. <category><![CDATA[Charles Bradley]]></category>
  251. <category><![CDATA[EMA]]></category>
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  266. <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  268. <description><![CDATA[Tim NavisDenver-born, New York-based artist Ryan Lott has been popping up on a good number of year-end lists &#8211; or at least his alias of Son Lux has &#8211; on the strength of his latest album Lanterns. I&#8217;d seen descriptors like post-rock and hip-hop attached to his work in the past, but on delving into [&#8230;]]]></description>
  269. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="Son Lux" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCreditWide"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo By Tim Navis" /><a href="" target="new" title="Tim Navis">Tim Navis</a></span>Denver-born, New York-based artist Ryan Lott has been popping up on a good number of year-end lists &#8211; or at least his alias of <a href="" title="Son Lux" target="_blank">Son Lux</a> has &#8211; on the strength of his latest album <a href="" title="Lanterns" target="_blank"><em>Lanterns</em></a>. I&#8217;d seen descriptors like post-rock and hip-hop attached to his work in the past, but on delving into <i>Lanterns</i> they&#8217;re only as much a factor as every other genre of popular music out there, all of which is thrown into the mix but none of which dominates.</p>
  270. <p>Instead, <i>Lanterns</i> is an electro-orchestral opus that sounds like the classical past being recreated from incomplete notes by robots from the future. Those seeking a more concrete frame of reference can look to James Blake and also Sufjan Stevens, with whom Lott collaborates in <a href="" title="S/S/S" target="_blank">S/S/S</a>, with <i>Lanterns</i> occupying some of that middle space between <i>Seven Swans</i> and <i>Age Of Adz</i>. Yes, that&#8217;s a pretty big space, but it&#8217;s one worth exploring. As is <i>Lanterns</i>.</p>
  271. <p>Son Lux have announced some <a href="" title="Son Lux @ Windish" target="_blank">Spring headlining dates</a> in support of his latest album; look for him at The Drake Underground on March 23, tickets $12 in advance. <a href="" title="405 vs Son Lux" target="_blank">The 405</a>, <a href="" title="Bowlegs vs Son Lux" target="_blank">Bowlegs</a>, and <a href="" title="Interview vs Son Lux" target="_blank"><em>Interview</em></a> have interviews with Lott and <a href="">Stereogum</a> has premiered a new video.</p>
  272. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="Lost It To Trying" target="_blank">Son Lux &#8211; &#8220;Lost It To Trying&#8221;</a><br />
  273. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Pyre" target="_blank">Son Lux &#8211; &#8220;Pyre&#8221;</a><br />
  274. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Lost It To Trying" target="_blank">Son Lux &#8211; &#8220;Lost It To Trying&#8221;</a><br />
  275. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Lanterns" target="_blank">Son Lux / <i>Lanterns</i></a></p>
  276. <p><a href="" title="Broken Bells" target="_blank">Broken Bells</a> have released a stream of the title track from their new album <a href="" title="After The Disco" target="_blank"><em>After The Disco</em></a>. It&#8217;s out January 14 and they play The Danforth Music Hall on March 3.</p>
  277. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="After The Disco" target="_blank">Broken Bells &#8211; &#8220;After The Disco&#8221;</a></p>
  278. <p>Californian synth-pop outfit <a href="" title="Gardens &#038; Villa" target="_blank">Gardens &#038; Villa</a> have announced a <a href="" title="SC vs G&#038;V" target="_blank">North American tour</a> behind their second album <a href="" title="Dunes" target="_blank"><em>Dunes</em></a>, out February 4, and will be at The Drake Underground on February 27, tickets $13.50.</p>
  279. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Bullet Train" target="_blank">Gardens &#038; Villa &#8211; &#8220;Bullet Train&#8221;</a></p>
  280. <p><a href="" title="P4K vs Speedy Ortiz" target="_blank">Pitchfork</a> reports that Speedy Ortiz will be releasing a new EP called <a href="" title="REal Hair" target="_blank"><em>Real Hair</em></a> on February 11, a quarter of which you can stream below. They&#8217;re in town for NXNE next June.</p>
  281. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Everything's Bigger" target="_blank">Speedy Ortiz &#8211; &#8220;Everything&#8217;s Bigger&#8221;</a></p>
  282. <p><a href="" title="Esquire vs GBV" target="_blank"><em>Esquire</em></a> chats with Robert Pollard of <a href="" title="GBV" target="_blank">Guided By Voices</a>. Their new record <em>Motivational Jumpsuit</em> comes out February 18.</p>
  283. <p>Even though <a href="" title="Shearwater" target="_blank">Shearwater</a> just released an album of covers in <a href="" title="Fellow Travelers" target="_blank"><em>Fellow Travelers</em></a>, their version of Frank Ocean&#8217;s &#8220;Novocane&#8221; wasn&#8217;t included &#8211; probably because they haven&#8217;t toured together. Yet. Anyways, the track was released as part of a <a href="" title="Novocane/Stay" target="_blank">split-7&#8243;</a> with Low for Record Store Day, and is now available to stream if you missed out on the limited edition vinyl. Maybe they&#8217;ll play it when they hit The Horseshoe on March 27.</p>
  284. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Novocane" target="_blank">Shearwater &#8211; &#8220;Novocane&#8221;</a></p>
  285. <p>Erika M Anderson &#8211; aka <a href="" title="EMA" target="_blank">EMA</a> &#8211; has announced details of her follow-up to 2011&#8217;s <a href="" target="new" title="Past Life Martyred Saints"><i>Past Life Martyred Saints</i></a> and they can be found at her new label of <a href="" title="Matablog vs EMA" target="_blank">Matador</a>. <em>The Future’s Void</em> will be out in the Spring and the first single from it can be streamed below.</p>
  286. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Satellites" target="_blank">EMA &#8211; &#8220;Satellites&#8221;</a></p>
  287. <p>In conversation with <a href="" title="RS vs LCD" target="_blank"><em>Rolling Stone</em></a>, James Murphy reveals that the final <a href="" title="LCD" target="_blank">LCD Soundsystem</a> show at Madison Square Garden &#8211; as documented in <a href="" title="Shut up And Play The Hits" target="_blank"><em>Shut Up And Play The Hits</em></a> &#8211; is being remixed for release as a live album.</p>
  288. <p><a href=";f=1039" title="NPR vs OM" target="_blank">NPR</a> is streaming a KCRW session with <a href="" title="OM" target="_blank">of Montreal</a>.</p>
  289. <p><a href="" title="NOW vs Charles Bradley" target="_blank"><em>NOW</em></a> talked to <a href="" title="Charles Bradley" target="_blank">Charles Bradley</a> ahead of his show at the Kool Haus last week.</p>
  290. <p><a href="" title="DIS vs The National" target="_blank">Drowned In Sound</a> and <a href="" title="TLOBF vs National" target="_blank">The Line Of Best Fit</a> talk to Aaron Dessner of <a href="" title="The National" target="_blank">The National</a> about this and that and what it&#8217;ll be like to open for Neil Young at Hyde Park next June.</p>
  291. <p><a href="" target="new" title="Neko Case">Neko Case</a> has released a new video of the lyric variety from <a href="" targeet="new" title="The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You"><i>The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You</i></a>.</p>
  292. <p><strong>Lyric Video:</strong> <a href=" " title="Calling Cards" target="_blank">Neko Case &#8211; &#8220;Calling Cards&#8221;</a></p>
  293. <p><a href="" title="Tone Deaf vs Lee Ranaldo" target="_blank">Tone Deaf</a> talks to <a href="" title="Lee Ranaldo" target="_blank">Lee Ranaldo</a> about his solo work and the future of <a href="" title="Sonic Youth" target="_blank">Sonic Youth</a>.</p>
  294. <p><a href="" title="Willamette Week vs Midlake" target="_blank"><em>Willamette Week</em></a> and <a href="" title="Seattle Weekly vs Midlake" target="_blank"><em>Seattle Weekly</em></a> have interviews and <a href=";f=1039" title="NPR vs Midlake" target="_blank">NPR</a> has posted a <em>World Cafe</em> session with <a href="" title="Midlake" target="_blank">Midlake</a>.</p>
  295. <p>There&#8217;s updates from the <a href="" title="Sparklehorse" target="_blank">Sparklehorse</a> tribute album project reported on <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs Sparklehorse">last month</a>: <a href="" title="last Box Of Sparklers" target="_blank"><em>Last Box Of Sparklers: A Tribute To Mark Linkous</em></a> is into its final week of fundraising, and remain $7000 short of their $50000 goal. To encourage those who might be able to help them bridge that gap, <a href="" title="Box Of Stars" target="_blank">Box Of Stars</a> have made a few more of the songs that are a part of the project available to stream, most notably <a href="" title="TJF" target="_blank">The Joy Formidable&#8217;s</a> take on &#8220;Gold Day&#8221; and <a href="" title="Flaming Lips" target="_blank">The Flaming Lips</a>&#8216; version of &#8220;It&#8217;s A Sad And Beautiful World&#8221;.</p>
  296. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Gold Day" target="_blank">The Joy Formidable &#8211; &#8220;Gold Day&#8221;</a><br />
  297. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="It's A Sad And Beautiful World" target="_blank">The Flaming Lips &#8211; &#8220;It&#8217;s A Sad And Beautiful World&#8221;</a><br />
  298. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank" title="Last Box Of Sparklers"><em>Last Box Of Sparklers: A Tribute To Mark Linkous</em> sampler</a></p>
  299. ]]></content:encoded>
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  304. <title>Summer Camp wish you a very Moshi Moshi Christmas</title>
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  310. <category><![CDATA[Anna Calvi]]></category>
  311. <category><![CDATA[Arthur Beatrice]]></category>
  312. <category><![CDATA[Blood Orange]]></category>
  313. <category><![CDATA[Charli XCX]]></category>
  314. <category><![CDATA[Doves]]></category>
  315. <category><![CDATA[Icona Pop]]></category>
  316. <category><![CDATA[Jimi Goodwin]]></category>
  317. <category><![CDATA[Jose Gonzalez]]></category>
  318. <category><![CDATA[Junip]]></category>
  319. <category><![CDATA[Lanterns On The Lake]]></category>
  320. <category><![CDATA[Primal Scream]]></category>
  321. <category><![CDATA[Sam Smith]]></category>
  322. <category><![CDATA[Slow Club]]></category>
  323. <category><![CDATA[Summer Camp]]></category>
  324. <category><![CDATA[Sylver Tongue]]></category>
  325. <category><![CDATA[TOY]]></category>
  326. <category><![CDATA[Two Door Cinema Club]]></category>
  327. <category><![CDATA[Wild Beasts]]></category>
  328. <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  330. <description><![CDATA[Ollie EvansBecause apparently there is a law of some sort that each year, at least one indie band must add another version of Wham!&#8217;s &#8220;Last Christmas&#8221; to the already-massive pile of indie versions of Wham!&#8217;s &#8220;Last Christmas&#8221;; this year it&#8217;s Summer Camp, though at least this follows in their own tradition of releasing a Christmas [&#8230;]]]></description>
  331. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="Summer Camp" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCreditWide"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo By Ollie Evans" /><a href="" target="new" title="Ollie Evans">Ollie Evans</a></span>Because apparently there is a law of some sort that each year, at least one indie band must add another version of Wham!&#8217;s &#8220;Last Christmas&#8221; to the already-massive pile of indie versions of Wham!&#8217;s &#8220;Last Christmas&#8221;; this year it&#8217;s <a href="" title="Summer Camp" target="_blank">Summer Camp</a>, though at least this follows in their own tradition of releasing a Christmas covers &#8211; back <a href="" title="chromewaves vs Summer Camp">in 2010</a>, they left their version of The Waitresses&#8217; contemporary classic &#8220;Christmas Wrapping&#8221; under the tree and last year, offered what I will take <a href="" title="COS vs Summer Camp" target="_blank">Consequence Of Sound&#8217;s</a> word was a Mariah Carey/Paul McCartney hybrid of some sort.</p>
  332. <p>The track appears on a free downloadable EP of holiday tunes from their label <a href="" title="moshi Moshi" target="_blank">Moshi Moshi</a> which you can get for the price of a <a href="" title="Moshi Moshi @ Facebook" target="_blank">Facebook like</a> or stream below and amongst the other artists offering contributions for your holiday party mix are <a href="" title="Slow Club" target="_blank">Slow Club</a> with their version &#8211; another <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs Slow Club" target="_blank">one of many</a> &#8211; of Phil Spector&#8217;s &#8220;Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)&#8221;, which they originally released on their 2009 EP <i>Christmas, Thanks For Nothing</i>.</p>
  333. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Last Christmas" target="_blank">Summer Camp &#8211; &#8220;Last Christmas&#8221;</a><br />
  334. <strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="Christmas Wrapping">Summer Camp &#8211; &#8220;Christmas Wrapping&#8221;</a><br />
  335. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="All I Wonderful Christmas Is You" target="_blank">Summer Camp &#8211; &#8220;All I Wonderful Christmas Is You&#8221;</a><br />
  336. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="A Christmas Gift To  You" target="_blank"><em>A Christmas Gift For You From Moshi Moshi Records</em></a></p>
  337. <p><a href="" title="WSJ vs Jose Gonzalez" target="_blank"><i>The Wall Street Journal</i></a> has premiered another of <a href="" title="Jose Gonzalez" target="_blank">Jos&eacute; Gonz&aacute;lez&#8217;s</a> songs from the soundtrack of <em>Secret Life Of Walter Mitty</em> while <a href="" title="RS vs Junip" target="_blank"><em>Rolling Stone</em></a> shows off one of his other contributions with <a href="" title="Junip" target="_blank">Junip</a>. It opens Christmas Day.</p>
  338. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="#9 Dream" target="_blank">Jos&eacute; Gonz&aacute;lez &#8211; &#8220;#9 Dream&#8221;</a><br />
  339. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Far Away" target="_blank">Junip &#8211; &#8220;Far Away&#8221;</a></p>
  340. <p><a href="" title="The Fly vs TOY" target="_blank"><em>The Fly</em></a> has an interview with Tom Dougall of <a href="" title="TOY" target="_blank">TOY</a>, who will be in town at The Horseshoe on January 14.</p>
  341. <p><a href="" title="S4M vs LOTL" target="_blank">Shout4Music</a> has a video session with <a href="" title="LOTL" target="_blank">Lanterns On The Lake</a>. Their new album <a href="" title="Until The Colours run" target="_blank"><em>Until The Colours Run</em></a> gets a North American release on January 14 and they&#8217;ll be The Drake Underground on February 1.</p>
  342. <p><a href="" title="Noisey vs BBC" target="_blank">Noisey</a> has premiered the new stream from <a href="" title="BBC" target="_blank">Bombay Bicycle Club</a>, taken from their forthcoming album <em>So Long, See You Tomorrow</em>. It&#8217;s out February 3.</p>
  343. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="It's Alright Now" target="_blank">Bombay Bicycle Club &#8211; &#8220;It&#8217;s Alright Now&#8221;</a></p>
  344. <p><a href="" title="Arthur Beatrice" target="_blank">Arthur Beatrice</a> have released a stream of another song from their debut album <i>Working Out</i>, which while out on February 3 in the UK will not get a domestic North American release until March 4.</p>
  345. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Midland" target="_blank">Arthur Beatrice &#8211; &#8220;Midland&#8221;</a></p>
  346. <p>As they promised following the release of 2009&#8217;s <a href="" title="Kingdom Of Rust" target="_blank"><em>Kingdom Of Rust</em></a> and the 2010 best-of compilation <a href="" title="The Places Between" target="_blank"><em>The Places Between</em></a>, <a href="" title="Doves" target="_blank">Doves</a> have been on a proper hiatus but frontman <a href="" title="Jimi Goodwin" target="_blank">Jimi Goodwin</a> has finally surfaced with some solo work. <a href="" title="UTr vs Jimi Goodwin" target="_blank"><em>Under The Radar</em></a> reports that his first solo record <em>Odludek</em> will be coming out next year on March 24, and have a stream of the decidedly strummily acoustic first single from it.</p>
  347. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Oh! Whisky" target="_blank">Jimi Goodwin &#8211; &#8220;Oh! Whisky&#8221;</a></p>
  348. <p>English singer-songwriter <a href="" title="Sam Smith" target="_blank">Sam Smith</a> &#8211; who I&#8217;m led to believe is being tipped to be one of the <a href="" title="NME vs Sam Smith" target="_blank">big things of 2014</a> &#8211; has put together a <a href="" title="COS vs Sam Smith" target="_blank">North American tour</a> to capitalize and build on this buzz before dropping his debut album next Summer. He&#8217;ll be at The Mod Club on March 28.</p>
  349. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Lay Me Down" target="_blank">Sam Smith &#8211; &#8220;Lay Me Down&#8221;</a></p>
  350. <p><a href="" title="Primal Scream" target="_blank">Primal Scream</a> have announced a North American tour behind their latest album, <a href="" title="More Light" target="_blank"><em>More Light</em></a>. They&#8217;ll be at The Danforth Music Hall on May 16.</p>
  351. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="2013" target="_blank">Primal Scream &#8211; &#8220;2013&#8221;</a></p>
  352. <p><a href="" title="Wild Beasts" target="_blank">Wild Beasts</a> talk to <a href="" title="DIY vs Wild Beasts" target="_blank"><em>DIY</em></a> about their forthcoming new album, which little is known about except that it exists and will be out early in the new year.</p>
  353. <p><a href="" title="Vogue vs Anna Calvi" target="_blank"><em>Vogue</em></a> and <a href="" title="UTR vs Anna Calvi" target="_blank"><em>Under The Radar</em></a> talk to <a href="" title="Anna Calvi" target="_blank">Anna Calvi</a>, who has put together a mixtape for <a href="" title="Dummy vs Anna Calvi" target="_blank"><em>Dummy</em></a> which features, amongst other things, a brand new track from Charlotte Hatherley&#8217;s <a href="" title="Sylver Tongue" target="_blank">Sylver Tongue</a> project. Her debut album is done and mixed and release information will be forthcoming.</p>
  354. <p><a href="" title="DIY vs Charli XCX" target="_blank"><em>DIY</em></a>, <a href="" title="BBC vs Charli XCX" target="_blank">BBC</a>, and <a href="" title="Digital Spy vs Charli XCX" target="_blank">Digital Spy</a> have interviews with <a href="" title="Charli XCX" target="_blank">Charli XCX</a>, who is already working on her second album, targeted for release some time next year.</p>
  355. <p><a href="" title="Toronto Sun vs Icona Pop" target="_blank"><i>The Toronto Sun</i></a> chats with <a href="" title="Icona Pop" target="_blank">Icona Pop</a></p>
  356. <p><a href="" title="Exclaim vs Blood Orange" target="_blank"><em>Exclaim</em></a> has an interview with Dev Hynes of <a href="" title="Blood Orange" target="_blank">Blood Orange</a>, who&#8217;s made a new track that didn&#8217;t make it onto <a href="" title="Cupid Deluxe" target="_blank"><em>Cupid Deluxe</em></a> available to stream.</p>
  357. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="West Drive" target="_blank">Blood Orange &#8211; &#8220;West Drive&#8221; (Profit Vocal dub 2)</a></p>
  358. <p><a href="" title="TAS vs TDCC" target="_blank">The Alternate Side</a> has a session with <a href="" title="TDCC" target="_blank">Two Door Cinema Club</a>.</p>
  359. <p><a href="!/concert/the-joy-formidable/20057363-37385003" title="DT vs TJF" target="_blank">Daytrotter</a> welcomes <a href="" title="The Joy Formidable" target="_blank">The Joy Formidable</a> to their studio for a session.</p>
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  367. <title>Coeur de Pirate offers Trauma-tic covers album</title>
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  371. <pubDate>Thu, 12 Dec 2013 13:35:11 +0000</pubDate>
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  388. <description><![CDATA[Clara PalardyBeatrice Martin &#8211; Coeur de Pirate to her fans &#8211; can be forgiven for taking a little while to release the follow-up to 2011&#8217;s Blonde; my understanding is that having a baby takes a bit out of you. But after returning to live performances this past Summer, she&#8217;s announced she&#8217;ll be back with a [&#8230;]]]></description>
  389. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="cdp" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCreditWide"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo By Clara Palardy" /><a href="" title="Clara Palardy" target="_blank">Clara Palardy</a></span>Beatrice Martin &#8211; <a href="" title="Coeur de Pirate" target="_blank">Coeur de Pirate</a> to her fans &#8211; can be forgiven for taking a little while to release the follow-up to 2011&#8217;s <a href="" title="Blonde" target="_blank"><em>Blonde</em></a>; my understanding is that having a baby takes a bit out of you. But after returning to live performances this past Summer, she&#8217;s announced she&#8217;ll be back with a new record to kick of 2014.</p>
  390. <p>But instead of a new collection of French-language originals, her third album will be a set of English-language covers called <a href="" title="Trauma" target="_blank"><i>Trauma</i></a> which she recorded for the soundtrack of Qu&eacute;bec television series of the same name (&#8220;trauma&#8221; is French for &#8220;trauma&#8221;). But unlike the fun Top-40 covers that she&#8217;s been known to pepper her live sets with &#8211; <a href="" title="Umbrella" target="_blank">Rihanna&#8217;s &#8220;Umbrella&#8221;</a> or <a href="" title="I Kissed A Girl" target="_blank">Katy Perry&#8217;s &#8220;I Kissed A Girl&#8221;</a>, for example &#8211; the tracklist will comprise &#8220;serious&#8221; songs from a diverse list of artists including The Libertines, Bon Iver, Kenny Rogers, and Patrick Watson to name a few. <a href="" title="Exclaim vs cdp" target="_blank"><em>Exclaim</em></a> has more details and her version of Amy Winehouse&#8217;s &#8220;You Know I&#8217;m No Good&#8221; is available to stream below.</p>
  391. <p><i>Trauma</i> is out January 14.</p>
  392. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="You Know I'm No Good" target="_blank">Coeur de Pirate &#8211; &#8220;You Know I&#8217;m No Good&#8221;</a></p>
  393. <p><a href="" title="NOW vs Fresh Snow" target="_blank"><em>NOW</em></a> puts <a href="" title="Fresh Snow" target="_blank">Fresh Snow</a> on their cover in anticipation of their appearance at Friday night&#8217;s <a href="" title="Long Winter" target="_blank">Long Winter</a> at The Great Hall, and in addition to that, their next local show has been announced &#8211; they&#8217;ll be at The Silver Dollar on January 11 for a <a href="" title="WL" target="_blank">Wavelength</a> showcase; tickets for that will be $6 at the door. <a href="" title="Del Bel" target="_blank">Del Bel</a> will also be on the bill showcasing material from their forthcoming new album; they&#8217;ve just released a new track for free download &#8211; a cover of John Prine&#8217;s holiday chestnut, <a href="" title="Christmas In Prison" target="_blank">&#8220;Christmas In Prison&#8221;</a>.</p>
  394. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="Saturation Complete">Fresh Snow &#8211; &#8220;Saturation Complete&#8221;</a><br />
  395. <strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="Christmas In Prison">Del Bel &#8211; &#8220;Christmas In Prison&#8221;</a></p>
  396. <p><a href="" title="NOW vs Dog Day" target="_blank"><em>NOW</em></a> has a feature on Dog Day, whose new record <a href="" title="Fade Out" target="_blank"><em>Fade Out</em></a> came out this week and will be at Cinecycle on December 14, which is to say this Saturday.</p>
  397. <p><a href="" title="THC" target="_blank">The Hidden Cameras</a> have released a second taste of their new album <em>Age</em>, which will be out on January 21 &#8211; check it out at <a href="" title="Q vs THC" target="_blank"><em>Q</em></a>. They&#8217;re at Lee&#8217;s Palace on February 15.</p>
  398. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Year Of The Spawn" target="_blank">The Hidden Cameras &#8211; &#8220;Year Of The Spawn&#8221;</a></p>
  399. <p><a href="" title="CUS vs Shad" target="_blank">The Come Up Show</a> have an interview with <a href="" title="Shad" target="_blank">Shad</a>, who has premiered a new video from <a href="" title="Flying Colours" target="_blank"><em>Flying Colours</em></a> at <a href="" title="Complex vs Shad" target="_blank"><em>Complex</em></a>. He plays The Danforth Music Hall on January 31.</p>
  400. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Remember To Remember" target="_blank">Shad featuring Lights &#8211; &#8220;Remember To Remember&#8221;</a></p>
  401. <p><a href="" title="Timber Timbre" target="_blank">Timber Timbre</a> have announced an April 1 release date for their new album, <i>Hot Dreams</i>. Check out the trailer below.</p>
  402. <p><strong>Trailer:</strong> <a href="" title="Hot Dreams" target="_blank">Timber Timbre / <i>Hot Dreams</i></a></p>
  403. <p>Until now, <a href="" title="TPC" target="_blank">Tokyo Police Club</a> haven&#8217;t offered up too many details on their next album, currently being recorded and coming out next year, but they&#8217;ve just put out a first taste of it by way of a nine-minute multi-part epic that modestly suggests the new record might be a wee bit ambitious.</p>
  404. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Argentina" target="_blank">Tokyo Police Club &#8211; &#8220;Argentina (Parts 1, 2, 3)&#8221;</a></p>
  405. <p><a href="" title="YG" target="_blank">Young Galaxy</a> have turned back to the original issue of <a href="" title="Ultramarine" target="_blank"><em>Ultramarine</em></a> for another new video. Unless you count this live performance clip at <a href="" title="Southern Souls vs YG" target="_blank">Southern Souls</a>.</p>
  406. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Fever" target="_blank">Young Galaxy &#8211; &#8220;Fever&#8221;</a></p>
  407. <p><a href="" title="Noisey vs Darcys" target="_blank">Noisey</a> has premiered the new video from <a href="" title="Darcys" target="_blank">The Darcys&#8217;</a> latest album <a href="" title="Warring" target="_blank"><em>Warring</em></a>.</p>
  408. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Itchy Blood" target="_blank">The Darcys &#8211; &#8220;Itchy Blood&#8221;</a></p>
  409. <p>Dan Bejar talks to <a href="" title="Exclaim vs Destroyer" target="_blank"><em>Exclaim</em></a> about his future <a href="" title="Destroyer" target="_blank">Destroyer</a> plans.</p>
  410. <p><a href="" title="Dallas Observer vs Besnard Lakes" target="_blank"><em>The Dallas Observer</em></a> and <a href="" title="Phoenix New Times vs Besnard Lakes" target="_blank"><em>Phoenix New Times</em></a> talk to Jace Lasek of <a href="" title="Besnard Lakes" target="_blank">The Besnard Lakes</a>.</p>
  411. <p><a href="" title="PAste vs Majical Cloudz" target="_blank">Paste</a> gets to know Devon Welsh of <a href="" title="Majical Cloudz" target="_blank">Majical Cloudz</a>.</p>
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  420. <title>NXNE 2014 comes with blessings from St. Vincent</title>
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  448. <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  450. <description><![CDATA[Renata RakshaIt may not technically be Winter out there yet, but it certainly feels it and so you can&#8217;t be blamed for wanting to look ahead to Summer &#8211; particularly when NXNE is getting out there months earlier than in the past with artist announcements for next year&#8217;s festival, which will run June 13 to [&#8230;]]]></description>
  451. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="St. Vincent" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCredit"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo By Renata Raksha" /><a href="" title="Renata Raksha" target="_blank">Renata Raksha</a></span>It may not technically be Winter out there yet, but it certainly feels it and so you can&#8217;t be blamed for wanting to look ahead to Summer &#8211; particularly when <a href="" title="NXNE" target="_blank">NXNE</a> is getting out there months earlier than in the past with <a href="" title="P4K vs NXNE" target="_blank">artist announcements</a> for next year&#8217;s festival, which will run June 13 to 22 &#8211; this means the main weekend of shows is a week later than past years and thus will NOT be happening concurrently with LuminaTO, Taste Of Little Italy, the MMVAs&#8230; all of which is to say you will actually be able to get around the city that weekend.</p>
  452. <p>Leading announcements off in the biggest font is Ms Annie Clark, aka <a href="" title="St. Vincent" target="_blank">St. Vincent</a>. Yesterday, she <a href="" title="TLOBF vs ST Vincent" target="_blank">confirmed details</a> of her fourth album &#8211; a <a href="" title="St Vincent" target="_blank">self-titled effort</a> coming out February 25 &#8211; and today announced a <a href="" title="BV vs St. Vincent" target="_blank">Spring tour</a> behind the record. NXNE isn&#8217;t scheduled contiguously with those dates, though, so either Annie&#8217;s getting on a plane just to come see us or more dates are happening this Summer &#8211; good news for those in markets not included in the itinerary, though to be fair, there aren&#8217;t that many. There&#8217;s no details on where she&#8217;s playing, but the show looks to be happening <a href="" title="St Vincent @ Billions" target="_blank">on June 20</a>. It&#8217;s questionable if she&#8217;s big enough to anchor Yonge-Dundas Square that night, but considering her trajectory of local shows has gone from opener at Lee&#8217;s <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs St Vincent">in 2007</a> through packing The Horseshoe <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs St Vincent">in 2009</a> and then The Phoenix <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs St Vincent">in 2011</a>, it&#8217;s not unreasonable &#8211; after all, you know how you become a festival headliner? You headline a festival. You can stream a track from <i>St. Vincent</i> below and <a href="" title="Quietus vs ST Vincent" target="_blank">The Quietus</a> has an interview with Annie Clark.</p>
  453. <p>St. Vincent wasn&#8217;t the only notable name amongst <a href="" title="NXNE artists 2014" target="_blank">those announced yesterday</a>; you also had <a href="" title="Danny Brown" target="_blank">Danny Brown</a>, <a href="" title="Mac DeMarco" target="_blank">Mac DeMarco</a>, <a href="" title="Speedy Ortiz" target="_blank">Speedy Ortiz</a>, <a href="" title="Ryhe" target="_blank">Rhye</a>, <a href="" title="Snowmine" target="_blank">Snowmine</a>, and <a href="" title="UTRB" target="_blank">Until The Ribbon Breaks</a>. A pretty good start and six more months to make it even better. Wristbands are <a href="" title="NXNE tickets" target="_blank">on sale now</a> and the early bird price of $75 is good until the end of the year &#8211; and 2-for-$75 until December 24; then it goes up to $99 until May and finally $150. Do with that information what you will.</p>
  454. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href=";e=1387294167" title="Annie">Mac DeMarco &#8211; &#8220;Annie&#8221;</a><br />
  455. <strong>MP3:</strong> <a href=";e=1386694688" title="Beast In Air, Beast In Water">Snowmine &#8211; &#8220;Beast In Air, Beast In Water&#8221;</a><br />
  456. <strong>MP3:</strong> <a href=";e=1386909573" title="Die Like A Rockstar">Danny Brown &#8211; &#8220;Die Like A Rockstar&#8221;</a><br />
  457. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Birth In Reverse" target="_blank">St. Vincent &#8211; &#8220;Birth In Reverse&#8221;</a><br />
  458. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Open" target="_blank">Rhye &#8211; &#8220;Open&#8221;</a><br />
  459. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Tiger Tank" target="_blank">Speedy Ortiz &#8211; &#8220;Tiger Tank&#8221;</a><br />
  460. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Back To the Stars" target="_blank">Until The Ribbon Breaks &#8211; &#8220;Back To the Stars&#8221;</a></p>
  461. <p>And oh yeah, <a href="" title="CMW vs 2014" target="_blank">Canadian Music Week</a> also announced the first batch of bands playing their festival next year during its new dates of May 6 to 10. It&#8217;s okay if you don&#8217;t recognize any of the names. Not many people do.</p>
  462. <p><a href="" title="Neil Young" target="_blank">Neil Young</a> has announced a special benefit show in support of Aboriginal peoples fighting oil sands development in their territories. That&#8217;s happening January 12 at Massey Hall where he&#8217;ll be supported by <a href="" title="Diana Krall" target="_blank">Diana Krall</a> and tickets range from $95 to $250, going on sale Friday. Information on the cause can be found at <a href="" title="Treaty 8" target="_blank">Treaty 8</a> and <a href="" title="Honor The Treaties" target="_blank">Honor the Treaties</a>. Young&#8217;s new archival release <a href="" title="Live At The Cellar Door" target="_blank"><em>Live At The Cellar Door</em></a> came out this week.</p>
  463. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Love And War">Neil Young &#8211; &#8220;Love And War&#8221;</a></p>
  464. <p>Solo Stroke <a href="" title="AHJ" target="_blank">Albert Hammond Jr</a> was just here last month promoting his new EP <a href="" title="AHJ" target="_blank"><em>AHJ</em></a>, but will return on January 14 for a date at the Sound Academy supporting Jake Bugg. Which I&#8217;m sure he&#8217;s totally cool with. <a href="" title="SOS vs AHJ" target="_blank"><em>Scotland On Sunday</em></a>, <a href="" title="THR vs AHJ" target="_blank"><em>The Hollywood Reporter</em></a>, and <a href="" title="Pitch vs AHJ" target="_blank"><em>The Pitch</em></a> have interviews.</p>
  465. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Carnal Cruise" target="_blank">Albert Hammond Jr &#8211; &#8220;Carnal Cruise&#8221;</a></p>
  466. <p>One of the more talked-about bands of the latter part of this year &#8211; Syracuse&#8217;s punky <a href="" title="Perfect Pussy" target="_blank">Perfect Pussy</a> &#8211; have put together <a href="" title="Exclaim vs Perfect Pussy" target="_blank">an extensive tour</a> behind their debut cassette EP <em>I have lost all desire for feeling</em> that wraps through the end of this year straight through to next, and wraps up in Canada, a January 25 date at The Silver Dollar being the second-to-last of the jaunt. Tickets for that show are $10.50 and their full-length debut is due out next year on Captured Tracks.</p>
  467. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="I">Perfect Pussy &#8211; &#8220;I&#8221;</a></p>
  468. <p>Making up for the date he had to cancel in September because of a hand injury, <a href="" title="Colin Stetson" target="_blank">Colin Stetson</a> has announced two dates at the <a href="" title="Workman Arts" target="_blank">Workman Arts Theatre</a> on February 14 and 15 behind his Polaris-shortlisted <a href="" target="_blank" title="New History Warfare Vol. 3"><em>New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light</em></a>.</p>
  469. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href=";e=1386703109" title="High ABove A Grey Green Sea">Colin Stetson &#8211; &#8220;High Above A Grey Green Sea&#8221;</a></p>
  470. <p><a href="" title="San Fermin" target="_blank">San Fermin</a>, the Brooklyn musical collective headed by keyboardist Ellis Ludwig-Leone, will be at The Garrison on February 15 behind this year&#8217;s <a href="" title="San Fermin" target="_blank">self-titled debut</a>. Advance tickets are $11.50. <a href="" title="DIY vs San Fermin" target="_blank"><em>DIY</em></a> and <a href="" title="UTR vs San Fermin" target="_blank"><em>Under The Radar</em></a> have features.</p>
  471. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Sonsick" target="_blank">San Fermin &#8211; &#8220;Sonsick&#8221;</a></p>
  472. <p><a href="" title="Nicole Atkins" target="_blank">Nicole Atkins</a> has given her crowdfunded new album <a href="" title="Slow Phaser" target="_blank"><em>Slow Phaser</em></a> a February 4 release date &#8211; check out the album art and stream a new song at <a href="" title="Paste vs Nicole Atkins" target="_blank">Paste</a> and read an interview at <a href="" title="SIMGE vs Nicole Atkins" target="_blank">Speak Into My Good Eye</a> &#8211; and while full dates to support it are still forthcoming, it&#8217;s confirmed she&#8217;ll be at The Horseshoe on February 18, tickets $12.50.</p>
  473. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Girl You Look Amazing">Nicole Atkins &#8211; &#8220;Girl You Look Amazing&#8221;</a></p>
  474. <p>North Carolina&#8217;s <a href="" title="LITT" target="_blank">Lost In The Trees</a> will be <a href="" title="LITT @ Billions" target="_blank">on the road</a> and at The Garrison on February 23 in support of their new album <a href=";cid=60" title="PAst Life" target="_blank"><i>Past Life</i></a>, which comes out just a few days before on February 18. It&#8217;s the follow-up to 2012&#8217;s <a href="" title="A Church That Fits Our Needs" target="_blank"><em>A Church That Fits Our Needs</em></a>. Tickets for that show will run $13.50 in advance.</p>
  475. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href=";noredirect=1" title="Rites" target="_blank">Lost In The Trees &#8211; &#8220;Rites&#8221;</a></p>
  476. <p>London-based duo <a href="" title="PSB" target="_blank">Public Service Broadcasting</a>, who blend archival educational film soundtracks and footage with driving, Kraut-derived instrumental rock to bracing effect on their debut <a href="" title="Inform Educate Entertain" target="_blank"><em>Inform Educate Entertain</em></a> are setting out on a <a href="" title="PSB on tour" target="_blank">North American tour</a> with a stop at The Drake Underground on February 26. And if you think that a band playing along with visuals is inherently kind of boring, do check out this live performance video at <a href="" title="Noisey vs PSB" target="_blank">Noisey</a> and also read this interview at <a href="" title="National Student vs PSB" target="_blank">The National Student</a>.</p>
  477. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Signal 30" target="_blank">Public Service Broadcasting &#8211; &#8220;Signal 30&#8221;</a><br />
  478. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="If War Should Come" target="_blank">Public Service Broadcasting &#8211; &#8220;If War Should Come&#8221;</a></p>
  479. <p>Not only have <a href="" title="Warpaint" target="_blank">Warpaint</a> offered up a second taste of their forthcoming <a href="" title="Warpaint" target="_blank">self-titled effort</a>, out January 25, but they&#8217;ve announced a <a href="" title="Warpaint on tour" target="_blank">North American tour</a> that brings them back to Toronto for a show at the Danforth Music Hall on March 25.</p>
  480. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Biggy" target="_blank">Warpaint &#8211; &#8220;Biggy&#8221;</a></p>
  481. <p><a href="" title="DDG" target="_blank">Dum Dum Girls</a> have <a href="" title="Exclaim vs DDG" target="_blank">announced dates</a> in support of their new album <a href="" title="Too True" target="_blank"><em>Too True</em></a>, coming out January 28, and it will feature support from Portland&#8217;s <a href="" title="Blouse" target="_blank">Blouse</a>, who released their second album <a href="" title="Imperium" target="_blank"><i>Imperium</i></a> this year. They will be at Lee&#8217;s Palace on March 29, tickets $20.</p>
  482. <p><strong>MP3:</strong> <a href="" title="No Shelter">Blouse &#8211; &#8220;No Shelter&#8221;</a><br />
  483. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Lost Boys And Girls Club" target="_blank">Dum Dum Girls &#8211; &#8220;Lost Boys And Girls Club&#8221;</a></p>
  484. <p><a href="" title="TH&#038;TH" target="_blank">The Head &#038; The Heart</a> and <a href="" title="Basia Bulat" target="_blank">Basia Bulat</a> will team up for a pretty folk-ing great <a href="" title="Exclaim vs TH&#038;TH vs Basia Bulat" target="_blank">Spring tour</a> that stops at The Kool Haus on March 30; both released acclaimed new albums this Fall &#8211; The Head &#038; The Heart with <a href="" title="Let's Be Still" target="_blank"><i>Let&#8217;s Be Still</i></a> and Bulat with <a href="" title="Tall Tall Shadow" target="_blank"><em>Tall Tall Shadow</em></a> &#8211; read an interview with The Head &#038; The Heart at <a href="" title="Georgia STraight vs TH&#038;TH" target="_blank"><em>The Georgia Straight</em></a> and watch a video session with Bulat at <a href="" title="PRI vs Basia Bulat" target="_blank">Public Radio International</a>. Tickets for the show are $26.50 in advance.</p>
  485. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Shake" target="_blank">The Head &#038; The Heart &#8211; &#8220;Shake&#8221;</a><br />
  486. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Tall Tall Shadow">Basia Bulat &#8211; &#8220;Tall Tall Shadow&#8221;</a></p>
  487. <p>Demand for <a href="" title="1975" target="_blank">The 1975</a> has bumped their May 6 date at The Danforth Music Hall up to The Kool Haus. You have five months to remember this.</p>
  488. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Head.Cars.Bending" target="_blank">The 1975 &#8211; &#8220;Head.Cars.Bending&#8221;</a></p>
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  501. <title>Bob Mould revisits Workbook</title>
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  505. <pubDate>Tue, 10 Dec 2013 13:28:56 +0000</pubDate>
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  524. <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  526. <description><![CDATA[Marc NorbergI first got into Bob Mould in the early &#8217;90s via Sugar, but quickly found myself seeking out his older works; obviously this included H&#252;sker D&#252;, but also his two late &#8217;80s solo records Workbook and Black Sheets Of Rain which preceded his return to a band format. At the time they seemed like [&#8230;]]]></description>
  527. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="Bob Mould" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCreditSquare"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo By Marc Norberg" />Marc Norberg</span>I first got into <a href="" title="Bob Mould" target="_blank">Bob Mould</a> in the early &#8217;90s via <a href="" title="Sugar" target="_blank">Sugar</a>, but quickly found myself seeking out his older works; obviously this included H&uuml;sker D&uuml;, but also his two late &#8217;80s solo records <em>Workbook</em> and <em>Black Sheets Of Rain</em> which preceded his return to a band format. At the time they seemed like oddities, sounding neither like the hardcore-punk-pop evolution of the D&uuml; years, nor the Alternative Nation-signifying roar of Sugar.</p>
  528. <p><i>Rain</i> was more characteristic of what people expected from Mould, built on layers of electric guitar and Mould&#8217;s angst-filled roar and probably not as well-regarded as it should be today because of some dated production values. <i>Workbook</i>, on the other hand, was filled with jangling 12-string acoustic guitar, cello and mandolin adornments, and major key melodies (though raging electric guitar and throat-shredding vocals also featured) &#8211; elements that would inform the next two and a half decades of his work, but as his first post-H&uuml;sker D&uuml; release, it must have been a head-scratcher. I took to it immediately &#8211; remember, for me 1991 was far more about <i>Out Of Time</i> than <i>Nevermind</i> &#8211; and Mould&#8217;s contribution to the seminal <a href="" title="No Alternative" target="_blank"><em>No Alternative</em></a> AIDS benefit album in 1993 was also along those lines and one of my very favourites off that album.</p>
  529. <p>All of which is to say as much as I love Bob when he&#8217;s perforating eardrums, as he&#8217;s been lately, I also totally dig his quieter stuff and I&#8217;m glad to see that <i>Workbook</i> is getting the respect that it deserves. It had <a href="" title="SUE vs Bob Mould" target="_blank">already been announced</a> that Mould would be marking the 25th anniversary of the release with a performance at Noise Pop next February where he&#8217;ll presumably &#8211; but not confirmedly &#8211; play it in its entirety. But <a href="" title="UTR vs Bob Mould" target="_blank"><em>Under The Radar</em></a> now reports that the milestone is getting commemorated in somewhat larger fashion. A deluxe edition of the record &#8211; <a href="" title="Workbook 25" target="_blank"><em>Workbook 25</em></a> &#8211; will be coming out on February 25 with the original album being accompanied by a second disc containing a b-side and a complete live show from the era. Granted, many of those bonus tracks appeared on the 1994 <a href="" title="Poison Years" target="_blank"><em>Poison Years</em></a> compilation, but there&#8217;s still some unreleased goodies in there and isn&#8217;t it the thought that counts?</p>
  530. <p>It&#8217;s a shame that the expanded slate of tour dates around its release don&#8217;t make it up here, but don&#8217;t forget that those <i>Copper Blue</i> recitals were only supposed to be a limited engagement and he toured that everywhere. So fingers crossed.</p>
  531. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="See A Little Light" target="_blank">Bob Mould &#8211; &#8220;See A Little Light&#8221;</a><br />
  532. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Workbook" target="_blank">Bob Mould / <em>Workbook</em></a><br />
  533. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Can't Fight It" target="_blank">Bob Mould &#8211; &#8220;Can&#8217;t Fight It&#8221;</a></p>
  534. <p><a href="" title="SM" target="_blank">Stephen Malkmus &#038; The Jicks</a> have a new video from <a href="" title="Wig Out At Jagbags" target="_blank"><em>Wig Out At Jagbags</em></a>, out January 7. Look for them at Lee&#8217;s Palace on February 22.</p>
  535. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href=";noredirect=1" title="Cinnamon and Lesbians" target="_blank">Stephen Malkmus &#038; The Jicks &#8211; &#8220;Cinnamon &#038; Lesbians&#8221;</a></p>
  536. <p><a href="" title="Broken Bells" target="_blank">Broken Bells</a> have a new video from their next album <a href="" title="After The Disco" target="_blank"><em>After The Disco</em></a>, out January 14. They play The Danforth Music Hall on March 3.</p>
  537. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Holding On For Life" target="_blank">Broken Bells &#8211; &#8220;Holding On For Life&#8221;</a></p>
  538. <p><a href="" title="Pixies" target="_blank">Pixies</a> have put out a fourth video from their <a href="" title="EP1" target="_blank"><em>EP1</em></a>, which should be the last because there are no more songs but then they&#8217;ve already released multiple videos for one of the songs so who knows, maybe they&#8217;ll milk it another decade before putting out <i>EP2</i>. They&#8217;ll be at Massey Hall on January 15 with their new bassist &#8211; no, newer &#8211; Paz Lenchantin, whom you may remember from A Perfect Circle and Zwan. Or not.</p>
  539. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Another Toe In The Ocean" target="_blank">Pixies &#8211; &#8220;Another Toe In The Ocean&#8221;</a></p>
  540. <p><a href="" title="RS vs GBV" target="_blank"><em>Rolling Stone</em></a> talks to Robert Pollard about matters Robert Pollard and <a href="" title="Guided By Voices" target="_blank">Guided By Voices</a>. The new GBV record <em>Motivational Jumpsuit</em> comes out February 18.</p>
  541. <p><a href="" title="Phantogram" target="_blank">Phantogram</a> have come clean with details on their second full-length album, entitled <i>Voices</i> and coming out February 18. <a href="" title="P4K vs Phantogram" target="_blank">Pitchfork</a> has details and a stream of a new song while <a href="" title="Metro vs Phantogram" target="_blank"><em>Metro</em></a> and <a href="" title="AMNY vs Phantogram" target="_blank">AMNY</a> have interviews with the band.</p>
  542. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Fall In Love" target="_blank">Phantogram &#8211; &#8220;Fall In Love&#8221;</a></p>
  543. <p><a href=";f=1039" title="NPR vs Superchunk" target="_blank">NPR</a> welcomes <a href="" title="Superchunk" target="_blank">Superchunk</a> to their <em>World Cafe</em> for a session.</p>
  544. <p><a href="" title="Speedy Ortiz" target="_blank">Speedy Ortiz</a> have released a new video from this year&#8217;s debut, <a href="" title="Major Arcana" target="_blank"><em>Major Arcana</em></a>.</p>
  545. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="No Below" target="_blank">Speedy Ortiz &#8211; &#8220;No Below&#8221;</a></p>
  546. <p><a href=";f=1039" title="NPR vs Glasser" target="_blank">NPR</a> has a KCRW session with <a href="" title="Glasser" target="_blank">Glasser</a>.</p>
  547. <p><a href="" title="Magnet vs OR" target="_blank"><em>Magnet</em></a> talks to Will Sheff of <a href="" title="OR" target="_blank">Okkervil River</a> about how he feels about having <a href="" title="Silver Gymnasium" target="_blank"><em>The Silver Gymnasium</em></a> named their album of the year. What&#8217;s he gonna say? Maybe, &#8220;thanks &#8211; how about contributing to my <a href="" title="OR @ Kickstarter" target="_blank">Kickstarter</a> to fund a short film video for &#8216;Down Down The Deep River&#8217;?&#8221; Maybe. Also, at <a href="" title="Salon vs OR" target="_blank">Salon</a>, Sheff talks about how he wish he knew as a kid that being nerdy would eventually be cool. Nerdy, yes, though being a touring musician, also helps.</p>
  548. <p><a href="" title="D&#038;C vs Blouse" target="_blank"><em>Dazed and Confused</em></a> has premiered the new video from <a href="" title="Blouse" target="_blank">Blouse&#8217;s</a> second album, <a href="" title="Imperium" target="_blank"><em>Imperium</em></a>.</p>
  549. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="A Feeling Like This" target="_blank">Blouse &#8211; &#8220;A Feeling Like This&#8221;</a></p>
  550. <p><a href="" title="Billboard vs Janelle Monae" target="_blank"><em>Billboard</em></a> Q&#038;As <a href="" title="Janelle Monae" target="_blank">Janelle Mon&aacute;e</a>, whom they have declared as Rising Star of 2013.</p>
  551. <p><a href=";f=1039" title="NPR vs TH&#038;TH" target="_blank">NPR</a> has a <em>World Cafe</em> session with <a href="" title="TH&#038;TH" target="_blank">The Head &#038; The Heart</a>.</p>
  552. <p><a href="" title="Skinny vs Wild Flag" target="_blank"><em>The Skinny</em></a> talks to Janet Weiss about her current work with <a href="" title="Quasi" target="_blank">Quasi</a>, the fact that <a href="" title="Wild Flag" target="_blank">Wild Flag</a> is no more, and that a <a href="" title="Sleater-kinney" target="_blank">Sleater-Kinney</a> reunion might be inevitable &#8211; as proven by the fact that they reunited to play &#8220;Rockin&#8217; In The Free World&#8221; with Pearl Jam <a href="" title="IFC vs SK" target="_blank">a few nights</a> later in Portland.</p>
  553. <p><a href="" title="Stereogum vs Walkmen" target="_blank">Stereogum</a> tracks the final days of the now-defunct <a href="" title="Walkmen" target="_blank">Walkmen</a>.</p>
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  559. <title>Swervedriver veer back into fast lane with new album</title>
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  573. <category><![CDATA[Let's Wrestle]]></category>
  574. <category><![CDATA[Maximo Park]]></category>
  575. <category><![CDATA[Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds]]></category>
  576. <category><![CDATA[Noel Gallagher]]></category>
  577. <category><![CDATA[Richard Thompson]]></category>
  578. <category><![CDATA[Swervedriver]]></category>
  579. <category><![CDATA[Teddy Thompson]]></category>
  580. <category><![CDATA[TOY]]></category>
  581. <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  583. <description><![CDATA[Gaz FailFor a band that&#8217;s so intrinsically connected to the idea of powerful cars barrelling down the highway, Oxford&#8217;s Swervedriver have taken a pretty leisurely path since they reunited in 2008, touring fairly regularly behind old material but seeming to focus their creative energies on non-Swervies work; frontman Adam Franklin releasing three full-length albums with [&#8230;]]]></description>
  584. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="Swervedriver" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCreditWide"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo by Gaz Fail" />Gaz Fail</span>For a band that&#8217;s so intrinsically connected to the idea of powerful cars barrelling down the highway, Oxford&#8217;s <a href="" title="Swervedriver" target="_blank">Swervedriver</a> have taken a pretty leisurely path since they <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs Swervedriver">reunited in 2008</a>, touring fairly regularly behind old material but seeming to focus their creative energies on non-Swervies work; frontman <a href="" title="Adam Franklin" target="_blank">Adam Franklin</a> releasing three full-length albums with his Bolts Of Melody solo project including this year&#8217;s <a href="" title="Black Horses" target="_blank"><em>Black Horses</em></a>, as well as one with Magnetic Morning, his project with Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino. And while <a href="" title="Toshack Highway" target="_blank">Toshack Highway</a> hasn&#8217;t released anything since 2006, don&#8217;t discount Franklin returning to the project at some point in the future.</p>
  585. <p>But for all of those releases&#8217; merits, they&#8217;ve not been Swervedriver so it&#8217;s pretty exciting news that 2014 will finally see the band putting into gear with the release of <a href="" title="Swerverdriver news" target="_blank">a new Swervedriver album</a>, their first since 1998&#8217;s <i>99th Dream</i>. Now reunion albums are rightly regarded with suspicion &#8211; sometimes they&#8217;re great, a la My Bloody Valentine, but usually they&#8217;re passable at best and embarrassing at worst, but from just-released the first single &#8211; which they&#8217;re streaming along with the alternate version b-side, remixed by Ride&#8217;s Mark Gardener &#8211; their ability to meld great guitar riffs with catchy melodies remains wholly intact, and excitingly reminiscent of <i>Raise</i>, their 22-year old debut; it&#8217;s like dream-pop where the dream is of a muscle car going full tilt down the open road. Bring it.</p>
  586. <p><a href="" title="Feedback Society vs Swervedriver" target="_blank">The Feedback Society</a> has an interview with Adam Franklin about both the new Bolts Of Melody record and the return of Swervedriver. And if you&#8217;re new to the band or haven&#8217;t been paying attention, a slew of live rarities &#8211; including complete on-stage versions of their first four albums &#8211; are <a href="" title="Swervedriver downloads" target="_blank">available to download</a>, gratis. <strong>Update:</strong> And now there&#8217;s a video.</p>
  587. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Deep Wound" target="_blank">Swervedriver &#8211; &#8220;Deep Wound&#8221;</a><br />
  588. <strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Dub Wound" target="_blank">Swervedriver &#8211; &#8220;Dub Wound&#8221;</a><br />
  589. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Deep Wound" target="_blank">Swervedriver &#8211; &#8220;Deep Wound&#8221;</a></p>
  590. <p><a href="" title="DIY vs TOY" target="_blank"><em>DIY</em></a> talks to <a href="" title="TOY" target="_blank">TOY</a> about their new album <a href="" title="Join The Dots" target="_blank"><em>Join The Dots</em></a>, the title track of which they play in session for <a href="" title="Guardian vs TOY" target="_blank"><em>The Guardian</em></a>. The album is out this week and they&#8217;ll be at The Horseshoe on January 14.</p>
  591. <p><a href="" title="The Fly vs Cate Le Bon" target="_blank"><em>The Fly</em></a> corners <a href="" title="Cate Le Bon" target="_blank">Cate Le Bon</a> to play a video session for them. She&#8217;ll be at The Drake Underground on January 21.</p>
  592. <p><a href="" title="Maximo Park" target="_blank">Max&iuml;mo Park</a> have rolled out a second video from their new album <a href="" title="TMI" target="_blank"><em>Too Much Information</em></a>, out February 3.</p>
  593. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Leave This Island" target="_blank">Max&iuml;mo Park &#8211; &#8220;Leave This Island&#8221;</a></p>
  594. <p><a href="" title="The Fly vs BBC" target="_blank"><em>The Fly</em></a> has details on the new album from <a href="" title="BBC" target="_blank">Bombay Bicycle Club</a>, which will be called <i>So Long, See You Tomorrow</i> and be out in the UK on February 3.</p>
  595. <p><a href="" title="RS vs Fanfarlo" target="_blank"><em>Rolling Stone</em></a> has premiered the new video from <a href="" title="Fanfarlo" target="_blank">Fanfarlo</a>, taken from their forthcoming album <em>Let’s Go Extinct</em>, coming out February 11.</p>
  596. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Landlocked" target="_blank">Fanfarlo &#8211; &#8220;Landlocked&#8221;</a></p>
  597. <p>London&#8217;s <a href="" title="Let's Wrestle" target="_blank">Let&#8217;s Wrestle</a> return with their third album &#8211; a self-titled effort &#8211; on February 11 and they&#8217;ve permiered the first video from it at <a href="" title="Noisey vs Let's Wrestle" target="_blank">Noisey</a>.</p>
  598. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Codeine and Marshmallows" target="_blank">Let&#8217;s Wrestle &#8211; &#8220;Codeine and Marshmallows&#8221;</a></p>
  599. <p>Even though his latest album was the rather definitively-titled full-band affair <a href="" title="Electric" target="_blank"><em>Electric</em></a>, It&#8217;ll be <a href="" title="RT" target="_blank">Richard Thompson</a> solo and acoustic at Koerner Hall on March 6, just as when he dazzled there in <a href="" title="Chromewaves vs RT">September 2011</a>. This time, though, he&#8217;ll have an opener with him and that&#8217;s none other than his son, <a href="" title="Teddy Thompson" target="_blank">Teddy Thompson</a>.</p>
  600. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Good Things Happen To Bad People" target="_blank">Richard Thompson &#8211; &#8220;Good Things Happen To Bad People&#8221;</a></p>
  601. <p><a href="" title="More Intelligent Life vs Elbow" target="_blank"><em>Intelligent Life</em></a> hangs out with Guy Garvey of <a href="" title="Elbow" target="_blank">Elbow</a>; their new album <em>Carry Her Carry Me</em> is out March 10.</p>
  602. <p>What do you do if you&#8217;re releasing a single that appears in two different versions on your two current albums, one live and one studio? if you&#8217;re <a href="" title="NCATBS" target="_blank">Nick Cave &#038; The Bad Seeds</a> and the albums are <a href="" title="Live At KCRW" target="_blank"><em>Live At KCRW</em></a> and <a href="" title="Push The Sky Away" target="_blank"><em>Push The Sky Away</em></a>, you record a third version. And then you premiere it at <a href="" title="RS vs NCATBS" target="_blank"><em>Rolling Stone</em></a>. Cave and company are at The Sony Centre on July 31.</p>
  603. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank" title="Higgs Boson Blues">Nick Cave &#038; The Bad Seeds &#8211; &#8220;Higgs Boson Blues&#8221;</a></p>
  604. <p><a href="" title="DIY vs Kate Nash" target="_blank"><em>DIY</em></a> have premiered a stream from <a href="" title="Kate Nash" target="_blank">Kate Nash&#8217;s</a> new holiday EP <a href="" title="Have Faith This Christmas" target="_blank"><em>Have Faith This Christmas</em></a>. You probably know the song.</p>
  605. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="Silent Night" target="_blank">Kate Nash &#8211; &#8220;Silent Night&#8221;</a></p>
  606. <p><a href="" title="Laura Groves" target="_blank">Laura Groves</a> has a new video for a Paul McCartney cover contributed to the <a href="" title="Pun For Cover" target="_blank"><em>Pun For Cover</em></a> cover album; check it out via <a href="" title="DIY vs Laura Groves" target="_blank"><em>DIY</em></a>.</p>
  607. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="Waterfalls" target="_blank">Laura Groves &#8211; &#8220;Waterfalls&#8221;</a></p>
  608. <p><a href="" title="Toronto Sun vs Arctic Monkeys" target="_blank"><i>The Toronto Sun</i></a> has an interview with and <a href="" title="Stereogum vs Arctic Monkeys" target="_blank">Stereogum</a> a streaming b-side from <a href="" title="Arctic Monkeys" target="_blank">Arctic Monkeys</a>.</p>
  609. <p><strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="" title="You're So Dark" target="_blank">Arctic Monkeys &#8211; &#8220;You&#8217;re So Dark&#8221;</a></p>
  610. <p><a href="" title="David Bowie" target="_blank">David Bowie</a> has released another video from the bonus material on <a href="" title="Next Day Extra" target="_blank"><em>The Next Day Extra</em></a>, though not for one of the new songs but again a remix &#8211; or an edit of a remix, to be precise, whatever that means.</p>
  611. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" title="I'd Rather Be High" target="_blank">David Bowie &#8211; &#8220;I&#8217;d Rather Be High&#8221; Venetian Mix (Wasted Edit)</a></p>
  612. <p><a href="" title="RS vs Noel Gallagher" target="_blank"><em>Rolling Stone</em></a> asks <a href="" title="Noel Gallagher" target="_blank">Noel Gallagher</a> how his year was. He answers as only Noel Gallagher can.</p>
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  618. <title>CONTEST &#8211; Charles Bradley @ The Kool Haus &#8211; December 12, 2013</title>
  619. <link></link>
  620. <comments></comments>
  621. <dc:creator><![CDATA[Frank Yang]]></dc:creator>
  622. <pubDate>Sat, 07 Dec 2013 15:27:04 +0000</pubDate>
  623. <category><![CDATA[Contests]]></category>
  624. <category><![CDATA[Charles Bradley]]></category>
  625. <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
  627. <description><![CDATA[Frank YangWho: Charles Bradley &#038; His Extraordinaires What: &#8220;The Screaming Eagle of Soul&#8221;, whose remarkable story is captured in film and whose career renaissance of bringing old-school funk and soul plays out on stages around the world Why: Bradley basically lives on the road, and is on a second North American leg in support of [&#8230;]]]></description>
  628. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p><img decoding="async" src="" title="Charles Bradley" class="leftImgWithCredit" /><span class="leftCredit150"><img decoding="async" src="Http://" class="cam" alt="Photo By Frank Yang" /><a href="" target="new" title="Frank Yang">Frank Yang</a></span><strong>Who:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Charles Bradley">Charles Bradley &#038; His Extraordinaires</a><br />
  629. <strong>What:</strong> &#8220;The Screaming Eagle of Soul&#8221;, whose remarkable story is <a href="" title="Soul Of America" target="_blank">captured in film</a> and whose career renaissance of bringing old-school funk and soul plays out on stages around the world<br />
  630. <strong>Why:</strong> Bradley basically lives on the road, and is on a second North American leg in support of his second album <a href="" title="No Time For Dreaming" target="_blank"><em>No Time For Dreaming</em></a>, released in the Spring. &#8220;He comes to town too often&#8221;, complained no one, ever.<br />
  631. <strong>When:</strong> Thursday, December 12, 2013<br />
  632. <strong>Where:</strong> The Kool Haus in Toronto (19+)<br />
  633. <strong>Who else:</strong> Brooklyn rock&#8217;n&#8217;soul combo <a href="" title="The Jay Vons" target="_blank">The Jay Vons</a> open up<br />
  634. <strong>How:</strong>  Tickets for the show are $25.50 in advance but courtesy of <a href="" target="new" title="CC">Collective Concerts</a>, I&#8217;ve got one pair of passes to give away for the show. To enter, email me at <a href="mailto:contests AT">contests AT</a> with &#8220;I want to see Charles Bradley&#8221; in the subject line and your full name in the body. Contest closes at midnight, December 10.<br />
  635. <strong>What else:</strong> Bradley released a 7&#8243; for Record Store Day, which teamed Bradley up with his old backing band The Bullets and which <a href="" title="Spin vs Charles Bradley" target="_blank">Spin</a> has to stream. <a href="" title="Isthmus vs Charles Bradley" target="_blank"><em>The Isthmus</em></a> also has an interview.</p>
  636. <p><strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Strictly Reserved For You">Charles Bradley &#8211; &#8220;Strictly Reserved For You&#8221;</a><br />
  637. <strong>Video:</strong> <a href="" target="new" title="Ain't It A Sin">Charles Bradley &#038; The Bullets &#8211; &#8220;Ain&#8217;t It A Sin&#8221;</a></p>
  638. ]]></content:encoded>
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