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  8. <description>AtomicInternet Web Hosting/Development News</description>
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  14. <title>AtomicInternet Web Hosting/Development</title>
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  18. <title>Webserver Bling Upgrade To Maximum</title>
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  21. <pubDate>Wed, 16 Nov  2022 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  24. <description><![CDATA[<a href='/upload/golden_full.jpg'><img src='/upload/golden_thumb.jpg' class='right' alt='New Server'/></a> My trusty <a href=''>Asus TS10 Atom x5 Z8350</a> which has powered this webserver <a href='/news.asp?startat=article&amparticle=1525'>since 2018</a> was replaced by the ultra golden RGB monstrosity <a href=''>Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF Treasure Box</a> today.  I could not pass up this <a href=''>ridiculous purchase</a>, and upon arrival it felt perfect for serving up nonsense on the interwebs.  The new server eats up 20 watts, vs the old TS10 which only pulled 5 watts.  The RGB and golden bling are well worth the wattage increase obviously, and the <a href='/upload/upgrayyed.png'>impressive hardware upgrades</a> are a nice bonus.  Surf confidently, knowing your packets are being generated on the most gawdy PC available on this planet.]]></description>
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  26. <title>Chia Plotting Makes Drives Tired</title>
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  28. <comments>;startat=2562#06-25-2022</comments>
  29. <pubDate>Sat, 25 Jun  2022 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  32. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/970_evo_life.png"><img src="" class="right" /></a>After burning up both my <a href="/upload/970_evo_life.png">Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe</a> and my <a href="/upload/pc711_report.jpg">SK Hynix PC711 NVMe</a> creating Chia plots to fill my ever hungry <a href="/crypto/">crypto farm</a>, I decided to slow my roll a bit.  While the two cheap 240GB SATA drives I purchased to help generate plots never really performed that well, I was curious if a <a href="/upload/sata_raid.png">RAID 0 configuration</a> would help give them a boost to get closer to my fabulous NVMe performance.  That answer was decidedly no, with only about 1/6 the NVMe speeds achieved.  However, with my NVMe drives now <a href="/upload/pc711_life.png">throwing SMART alerts</a> I'll stick with this setup until the farmer fills up or they fail.  Whatever happens first.]]></description>
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  34. <title>Crypto Conversion to Chia Complete</title>
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  36. <comments>;startat=2561#06-24-2022</comments>
  37. <pubDate>Fri, 24 Jun  2022 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  38. <category>General</category>
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  40. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/crypto/"><img src="" class="right" /></a>After completely converting my old <a href="/news.asp?startat=article&article=2555">crypto mining machine</a> above my fridge from Ethereum proof-of-work GPU mining to Chia proof-of-space farming, I decided to spruce it up a bit.  Instead of <a href="/upload/chia_fridge.jpg">hiding it on top of my dusty fridge</a> I decided to turn it into an art piece and <a href="/upload/chia_wall.jpg">mount it on my wall</a>.  Of course you can follow along at <a href="/crypto/">my dedicated status page</a> or my <a href="">chia wallet</a>.  With all my GPUs sold at maximum profit, that leaves two spare PCs with nothing to do except <a href="">mine Raptoreum</a> until their CPUs burn out.]]></description>
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  42. <title>Husqvarna Automower 315x</title>
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  44. <comments>;startat=2560#06-23-2022</comments>
  45. <pubDate>Thu, 23 Jun  2022 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  48. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/mower/"><img src="" class="right" /></a>With the summer weather approaching 90&deg, I decided I do not want to mow my yard anymore.  Fortunately, a wide variety of robotic lawnmowers are available, and after some research I landed on the <a href="">Husqvarna Automower 315x</a>.  I immediately set about making <a href="">a bunch of YouTube videos</a>, and eventually discovered the <a href="">developer portal</a>.  This of course necessitated a new <a href="/mower/">dedicated web application</a> which now tracks my robotic mower as it meanders aimlessly across my yard saving me from heat stroke.]]></description>
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  50. <title>Goodbye Forever eBay</title>
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  52. <comments>;startat=2559#06-06-2022</comments>
  53. <pubDate>Mon, 6 Jun  2022 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  54. <category>General</category>
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  56. <description><![CDATA[I am closing my eBay account of 23 years today thanks their absurd seller policies that allowed the following individual to completely rip me off.<br />  I'm posting this here as a warning to stay away from this idiot, or in case someone else searches for him and needs additional evidence against him.  <br /><br />  <b>eBay ID:</b> herringtonelectronics<br />  <b>eBay URL:</b> <a href=""></a><br />  <b>Physical Address:</b><br />  Stephen Herrington / Tait Herrington<br />  3693 Kirkland Dr<br />  East Tawas, Michigan 48730-9544<br />  <br /><a href="/ebay-close/">Click here for the full timeline of events</a>]]></description>
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  58. <title>Ramping Up The Crypto Currency</title>
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  60. <comments>;startat=2556#05-12-2021</comments>
  61. <pubDate>Wed, 12 May  2021 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  62. <category>General</category>
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  64. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/gpu.png"><img src="" class="right" /></a>  With the recent explosion of Ethereum cryptocurrency, I've <a href="/upload/minermachine.jpg">upped my GPU game</a> to a 2080 and 3 1060s for a total of <a href="/upload/gpu.png">104 MH/s @ 500 watts</a>.  That currently nets me $700/month, which is nuts.  I can't get any more GPUs since I refuse to pay 200% over MSRP for one, so I decided to add the proof-of-space crypto Chia.  I have plenty of old hard drives to fill up with plotting, so my recently converted to integrated graphics primary PC <a href="/upload/plottermachine.jpg">has been assigned</a> to the cause.  While not nearly as profitable, it's enjoyable to see <a href="/upload/plotter.png">all drives hit 100% utilization</a> while plotting as fast as I can.]]></description>
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  66. <title>Return to Ethereum Mining</title>
  67. <link></link>
  68. <comments>;startat=2555#01-21-2021</comments>
  69. <pubDate>Thu, 21 Jan  2021 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  70. <category>General</category>
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  72. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/miner_cmd.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>After retiring my <a href="">previous mining rig</a> 3 years ago, ETH values have again risen to the point where mining is at least entertaining if not exactly profitable again.  With a spare 1060 6GB video card not doing much else, I decided to <a href="/upload/miner_cmd.jpg">join in on the fad again</a>.  This time a quick Google search yielded the <a href="/upload/miner_overclock.jpg">perfect settings</a> for maximum hashrate.  Since my <a href="/upload/miner_taskmanager.jpg">system is stable</a> I'm not even bothering with a dedicated machine, it will just slowly mine away and just like last time I refuse to invest in any more hardware.]]></description>
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  74. <title>Mobile Phone WAN Backup Success</title>
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  76. <comments>;startat=2554#01-18-2021</comments>
  77. <pubDate>Mon, 18 Jan  2021 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  78. <category>General</category>
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  80. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/5g_wan_tether.png"><img src="" class="right" /></a>With my ISP upping my monthly fee another $5/month, I decided it was time to see if I could survive without them for a month.  After cancelling service for a month, I get discounted "promotional" rates saving $25 / month.  I'm happy to say the <a href="/upload/5g_wan_connection.jpg">experiment worked perfectly</a> with my router <a href="/upload/5g_wan_router_log.jpg">picking right up</a> after I swapped connection to my phone hotspot.  It even updated the DDNS IP address for this webserver.  Android 11 recently added the Ethernet sharing which makes this possible, so after a few more trial runs I'm ready to destroy my "unlimited" data plan for a month and get back into the promotional pricing party.]]></description>
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  82. <title>GLAS Thermostat Discontinued</title>
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  84. <comments>;startat=1554#12-02-2020</comments>
  85. <pubDate>Wed, 2 Dec  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  86. <category>General</category>
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  88. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/glas_pre-update.png"><img src="" class="right" /></a>With my <a href="/news.asp?startat=article&article=1529">beautiful GLAS thermostat</a> having now served me well for over 2 years, it was disappointing (but understandable) that JCI has decided to <a href="">discontinue</a> the device.  I immediately bought a cheap backup in case one fails in the future, but realized if support is ending I'd best get the latest firmware update now while it's still available.  The micro USB port on the thermostat seems to provide power, but won't turn on the thermostat, so I was forced to use the 24v wires from my existing thermostats.  Being lazy, I decided to use uninsulated wires to extend the HVAC wires so I didn't have to uninstall my existing thermostat.  Of course they shorted, and of course it cut all power.  I quickly discovered the 3 amp fuse my heat pump has to protect against idiots such as myself, and replaced it with a 5 amp I had on hand (3 amp on order).  After my electrical adventure, the new thermostat finally <a href="/upload/glas_pre-update.png">booted up</a> and revealed a rather old firmware version.  A quick firmware update and factory reset later, and it's now <a href="/upload/glas_post-update.png">on the latest firmware</a>.  I disconnected my Frankenstein wiring and packed it back into the original box in case I need it in the future.  Hopefully JCI provides connectivity beyond the life of my current thermostats.]]></description>
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  90. <title>Xbox Series X Sold!</title>
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  92. <comments>;startat=1553#11-17-2020</comments>
  93. <pubDate>Tue, 17 Nov  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  96. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/xbox_ebay.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>Less than a week after securing my prized possession, I couldn't resist pocketing the $300 profit potential.  Within an hour of <a href="">listing my Xbox Series X for $799</a> it was sold for that ridiculous price.  I'm expecting mid-April before they are back in stock at the regular MSRP, but I'm OK with waiting that long since my Xbox One X has all the horsepower I need for my current projectors limitations.  Now I'm left eyeing my Series S which is selling for a $150 premium currently.  If I sell both now I can effectively get one for MSRP when it's back in stock and only be out $50.]]></description>
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  98. <title>New Xboxes Secured</title>
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  100. <comments>;startat=1552#11-10-2020</comments>
  101. <pubDate>Tue, 10 Nov  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  104. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/xsx_top.jpg"><img src=""  class="right" /></a>Last month after an hour of slamming refresh, I was actually able to secure pre-orders for both the Xbox Series X and S.  Today <a href="/upload/xsx_box.jpg">they arrived</a> and after setting them up I'm not as impressed as I'd hoped.  The graphics don't seem that much better than my Xbox One X was able to produce, but hopefully that gets better as the developers optimize further.  The storage speed is vastly improved, all my games start faster than they did on my One X even with the SSD I installed on it.  One drawback is a total drop for Kinect support, and of course my kids still play the dance game, so for now my trusty Xbox One X <a href="upload/xsx_stand.jpg">remains</a> to play a single game.  Everything else transfers nicely to the new one.  And now of course, it's time for a new <a href="/upload/topology_11-2020.jpg">topology map</a>.]]></description>
  105. </item> <item>
  106. <title>My Wild Stonk Ride</title>
  107. <link></link>
  108. <comments>;startat=1551#08-26-2020</comments>
  109. <pubDate>Wed, 26 Aug  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  110. <category>General</category>
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  112. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/stonks.png"><img src="" width="180" class="right" /></a>On December 7th 2018, I decided to buy 30 shares of <a href="">ATVI</a> after it dove down to $47.23 a share.  Little did I know the massive government stock prop up plan known as the "Coronavirus Stimulus" would hit when it did, skyrocketing the shares to $84.60.  Today I got cold feet, realizing the government can only print money for so long before it loses effect, so I decided to sell.  I think a <a href="/upload/stonks.png">79% ROI</a> over 1.7 years (40.34% annualized) is a nice return, so that's why you're hearing about it.  Oh fine, here's the <a href="">calculator link</a>, but I'm sure it won't work a year from now.]]></description>
  113. </item> <item>
  114. <title>Focus RS: 17,000 Miles</title>
  115. <link></link>
  116. <comments>;startat=1550#07-15-2020</comments>
  117. <pubDate>Wed, 15 Jul  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  118. <category>General</category>
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  120. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/mileage.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>In 2.5 months I've managed to clock 311 miles on my new (to me) Focus RS.  Rolling over 17,000 miles seemed like a good milestone to get excited about, and so far I've only had one hard stop on my Progressive Snapshot.  That puts me in "A+" discount position.  I'm trying to avoid driving it at all until the snapshot period is over, but it's just too difficult to choose an ST over an RS when given the choice.  I view 311 miles as a testament to my will power, since any rational person would have over 1k by now.]]></description>
  121. </item> <item>
  122. <title>Bumper Cover Swap</title>
  123. <link></link>
  124. <comments>;startat=1549#07-11-2020</comments>
  125. <pubDate>Sat, 11 Jul  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  126. <category>General</category>
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  128. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/bumper_after.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>Shortly after I purchased my Focus RS, the dealer who sold it decided it was a good time to drill a license plate mount for a car that was headed to a state that doesn't require front license plates.  Once they drilled it, there was no point in arguing, but today I finally eliminated the holes thanks to a <a href="">shady eBay aftermarket replacement cover</a>.  Removing the bumper to take off the cover was fairly easy.  While I'm not a fan of the drill dimples, it looks <a href="/upload/bumper_after.jpg">much better</a> than the <a href="/upload/bumper_before.jpg">drilled stock one</a> it replaced.]]></description>
  129. </item> <item>
  130. <title>Static Pressure Regulating Damper</title>
  131. <link></link>
  132. <comments>;startat=1548#06-24-2020</comments>
  133. <pubDate>Wed, 24 Jun  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  134. <category>General</category>
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  136. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/hvac_damper.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>  Today I discovered the most useless piece of my HVAC system: the Static Pressure Regulating Damper.  The purpose of this is to release extra air pressure when only one of my two zones are requesting cooling.  This makes sense when you're concerned about overall system noise, but not when I could care less about noise when it's at the expense of cooling speed.  The <a href="/upload/hvac_damper.jpg">insulation on this install</a> prevents the weights from ever closing it fully anyway, defeating the entire purpose of it.  I zip-tied it permanently closed for a much faster cooling with slightly louder noise and regret nothing.]]></description>
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