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  12. <title>Jedi&apos;s Weblog |</title>
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  14. <description>Context makes sense</description>
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  16. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  17. <dc:date>2005-11-06T22:12:16+08:00</dc:date>
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  44. <title>CC Party</title>
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  48. <description>
  49.  <![CDATA[<p><a href="" title="CC Party"><img src="" title="" alt="" style="border:0;float:left;padding-right:8px;padding-bottom:5px;" /></a>There was a <a href="">launch party of Creative Commons Brazil</a>, with GREAT music, in spring of 2004. Now, winter of 2005, there is a <a href="">CC Party</a> in Taiwan. This is not of launch party of <a href="">Creative Commons Taiwan</a>, but a party which celebrate that Taiwan government and many artists now joined this commons.</p>
  51. <p>This party goes on 2005/11/11, 12, and 13. Some cool bands and singers will perform their work licensed by Creative Commons Licenses, and some mainstream BSP(Blog Services Provider)s will announce their CC licensing support. Many bloggers may come and blog. The whole party is totally free, so please feel cool to join us.</p>
  53. <p>Be sure to check out <a href="">CC Party info page</a> and do not forget our <a href="">CC party Blog</a>. We'll blog on-the-fly during this party.</p>]]>
  55. </description>
  56. <dc:subject>kitchen</dc:subject>
  57. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  58. <dc:date>2005-11-06T22:12:16+08:00</dc:date>
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  61. <title>Return of Jedi</title>
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  65. <description>
  66.  <![CDATA[<p>Days ago, I finished my military service. I'm back now. (But my hair will take more time to get back.)</p>
  68. <p>Here is an <a href="" title="How Jedi changes from two years before. This GIF animation is about 31.1MB large.">animation</a> shows how I look like now.</p>]]>
  70. </description>
  71. <dc:subject>kitchen</dc:subject>
  72. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  73. <dc:date>2005-10-30T00:22:15+08:00</dc:date>
  74. </item>
  75. <item rdf:about="">
  76. <title>Hybrid: From Taiwan to Blogosphere</title>
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  80. <description>
  81.  <![CDATA[<p>Remember the cute girl named <a href="">Heewon Kim</a>? I <a href="" title="After Taiwan Blog BoF 2005 | Jedi's Weblog |">met her</a> last time on <a href="">Taiwan Blog BoF</a>. Today, on <a href="">7th APNG camp</a>, we meet again.</p>
  83. <p>Our session in APNG is to talk about blog in Taiwan and Korea. I prepared my slides last night. (Kim said that she did, too!) Lacking of rehearsal, I think that my presentation is just O.K. I use the idea of &quot;Hybrid&quot; to go through whole speech. I introduced the hybrid nature of Taiwanese culture and Internet activities. Also, I demonstraed Taiwan's remix -- &quot;Kuso&quot; -- creativities. I believed that it's that kind of hybrid (remix) affect how blog and <acronym title="Blog Service Provider">BSP</acronym> changing in Taiwan.</p>
  85. <p>Then I briefly introduced how lawyers (in fact, law) may interfere these creativities. I said that both Code (in Cyberspace) and Law (in Realworld) must be improved to make life easier and make blog richer, and this is what <a href="">Creative Commons Taiwan</a> working on.</p>
  87. <p>If you are interested in my presentation, you can check <a href="" title="Hybrid: From Taiwan to Blogosphere | Slides from Jedi">my slides</a>.</p>]]>
  89. </description>
  90. <dc:subject>kitchen</dc:subject>
  91. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  92. <dc:date>2005-08-25T18:21:31+08:00</dc:date>
  93. </item>
  94. <item rdf:about="">
  95. <title>April Fool</title>
  96. <link></link>
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  99. <description>
  100.  <![CDATA[<p>In April Fools' Day, 2003, I joked my reader. <a href="" title="愚人節快樂! | Jedi's BLOG |">I pretended that my blog was cracked</a> that night. It's quite successful -- many readers supposed that there was a critical security vulnerability in <a href="">Movable Type</a>, even half year later.</p>
  102. <p>It did affect the reputation of <acronym title="Movable Type">MT</acronym> and my blog. Suddenly, I lost. I know that my readers will no longer read my blog as easy and comfortable as before.</p>
  104. <p>This thing was mentioned all the time in my presentation about blog. I explained <a href="" title="Trust | Jedi's Weblog |">how important role does trust play in blog</a>. Further more, I made two decisions: first I added a category <a href="" title="WTF | Jedi's Weblog |"><img src="" alt="[What the F**K?]" title="What the F**K?" style="border:0;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px"></a>, archived all things shouldn't be taken serious; and I stop play April Fool in next several years.</p>
  106. <p>No, I don't drop my humor. But I now understood that <strong>real humor won't hurt people's trust to you</strong>.</p>]]>
  108. </description>
  109. <dc:subject>kitchen</dc:subject>
  110. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  111. <dc:date>2005-04-01T22:21:03+08:00</dc:date>
  112. </item>
  113. <item rdf:about="">
  114. <title>Trust</title>
  115. <link></link>
  116. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  118. <description>
  119.  <![CDATA[<p>Undoubted, the most important spirit of Blog is &quot;<strong>trust</strong>.&quot;</p>
  121. <p>I believe that &quot;trust&quot; is the core value of Blog. Bloggers presented themselves via their Blog. Only if readers do trust those context in Blogs, Bloggers does exist. As to archives, links, comments, TrackBacks, Feeds, they are just tools to achieve trust.</p>
  123. <p>Some great people such as <a href="" title="Dive Into Mark">Mark Pligrim</a> <a href="" title="Freedom 0">abandoned Movable Type and switched to WordPress</a>. That's because <a href="">Six Apart</a> change their lincese on using <a href="">Movable Type</a>. In deed Six Apart improved their technology and joined standard aggressive, and made Movable Type better then ever. But their change challenge user's trust. So began <a href="">WordPress</a> rising up and willing to replace Movable Type.</p>
  125. <p>However, there are <a href="" title="WordPress is spyware">scandals about WordPress</a> recently. People indicate that Matt Mullenweg the author of WordPress abusing trust of him/WordPress from others and earning secret. And this may make WordPress fail.</p>
  127. <p>In spite of how technology, spec, reputation, ability, or standing is, anyone may fail without trust. And this is what Blog is. You are with responsibility for yourself and gathering trust with others.</p>]]>
  129. </description>
  130. <dc:subject>typing</dc:subject>
  131. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  132. <dc:date>2005-03-31T23:57:06+08:00</dc:date>
  133. </item>
  134. <item rdf:about="">
  135. <title>After Taiwan Blog BoF 2005</title>
  136. <link></link>
  137. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  139. <description>
  140.  <![CDATA[<p><a href="" title="Click to see original scale photo"><img alt="Heewon Kim, me, and Joi Ito" src="" style="width:150px;height:100px;border:0;float:left;padding-right:8px;padding-bottom:5px" /></a>There was a <a href="" title="台灣部落格玩家輕鬆聚">Taiwan Blog BoF</a> in 2005/03/29. I wrote this not only because its importance but also that here wasn't been updated for quite a long time.</p>
  142. <p>Just before this BoF, in 3/26 and 3/27, there was an <a href="" title="Yet Another Perl Conference Taipei, 2005">YAPC::Taipei::2005</a>. <ruby><rbc><rb>宮川</rb><rb> </rb><rb>達彥</rb></rbc><rp>(</rp><rtc><rt>Tatsuhiko</rt><rt> </rt><rt>Miyakawa</rt></rtc><rp>)</rp></ruby> from <a href="">Six Apart Japan</a> introduced <a href="" title="hacking-web2.0.pdf">how to hack web</a> -- This is really cool, you can even control someone's <a href="">iTunes</a> via Web interface! Also,  Leon &quot;acme&quot; Brocard introduced <a href="" title="exploiting_web_services.pdf">exploiting other enterprises' web services to improve your own blog or so</a>. It's quite exciting for blog hacks, really.</p>
  144. <p>As BoF in 03/29, I stream audio out by <a href="">Skype</a>  to <a href="" title="Mengjuei - Blog">mjhsieh</a> living in US, then we together broadcast this to US, UK, et al. Here is a brief of that day:</p>
  146. <p>In the begining, <a href="" title="Joi Ito's Web">Joi Ito</a> described Internet from a very interesting view of point -- &quot;Connection.&quot; In fact, most of his presentation is about <a href="">Creative Commons</a>. I think that because he is one of Creative Commons members. In his presentation, I again find that the most important spirit of Blog may be connecting creative around the world, and this is extactly what Internet trying to do. In order to do this, Creative Commons will be a key point. (You can read more in his <a href="" title="20050329_joiito.pdf">slides</a>.)</p>
  148. <p>After Ito, <a href="" title="HYPERCORTEX">Heewon Kim</a> the goddess of Korean Blog started talking about Korean Blog Culture. She is a very hard-working girl and I picked many intresting point from her presentation. For example, how Korean developed their own Blog system(and naming it! Haha!) and how they grow their blogsphere up (syndication, MetaBlog, Award, etc). Again, you can read more in her <a href="" title="20050329_heewon.pdf">slides</a>.)</p>
  150. <p><a href="" title="Click to see original scale photo"><img alt="Xuite and Chiao" src="" style="width:150px;height:112px;border:0;float:left;padding-right:8px;padding-bottom:5px" /></a>After these two great people is <a href="">Xuite</a>'s show time. (Xuite should be pronounced as <code>/sweet/</code>.) She is a sweet girl as her name. In her presentation, I saw HiNet (the company behind Xuite) not only spent many mony (take a look at <a href="" title="Xuite 相簿 &gt; blog &gt; 機房的一隅">server room</a>. Hay, there is more then 96T storage and more and more!) but also learn much from their competitor -- they give up group Blog by traditional taxology but by abstract feeling or space! No one should underestimate them. I mean that.</p>
  152. <p>And then <a href="">wretch</a> talked about what he think about Blog. But if his company can be competitor of Xuite? Let's wait and see.</p>
  154. <p>In the end of this BoF, there were short speech which should be free panel in original schedule. <a href="">Great Joi Ito recorded my part with his mobile phone</a> and uploaded it just-in-time. You can use <a href="">QuickTime</a> opening this <a href="">jedi.3gp</a>. I'm first introducing Liang-Bin Hsueh (a.k.a. hlb) who really do many things about Blog in Taiwan. He is currently serve in the army so can't be with us this time. Then I talk about my feeling about Blog in Taiwan these years. I say people now blog/express easily and comfortable so I feel what I did is quite worth.</p>
  156. <p>At the end, I say it's time that major power start involving in. So our ISPs join blog business, and we have such a BoF inviting great people from different countries. We now have grass-root media and will go into international. I thank all bloggers there. &quot;It's you make our blog-life such beautiful,&quot; I said.</p>
  158. <p>So, now, it's just after the Bof. <a href="">Chiao asked</a>, &quot;what to do next?&quot; In my humble opinion, there are lots of things we don't have time to talk during the BoF, it's time that we should start to talk; there are many important or interesting people, it's time to report them; there are many bloggers and media reporters, it's time to syndicate them all. If we do so, in the end of 2005, we may publish (physical or on-line) an annual review to let more people know, these important things do happen.</p>]]>
  160. </description>
  161. <dc:subject>kitchen</dc:subject>
  162. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  163. <dc:date>2005-03-31T21:53:28+08:00</dc:date>
  164. </item>
  165. <item rdf:about="">
  166. <title><![CDATA[S<sup>5</sup> Publisher powered by MovableType]]></title>
  167. <link></link>
  168. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  170. <description>
  171.  <![CDATA[<p>Several days ago I build a new MovableType 2.661 site, &quot;<a href="">Jedi's S<sup>5</sup></a>&quot;, which functions making <a href="" title="S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System">S<sup>5</sup></a> slides show. I see a MT template example <a href="" title="Six Apart Professional Network: Using Movable Type for slideshows">from Six Apart</a>. However, my template-set seems to be much rich. Features:</p>
  173. <ul>
  174. <li>Works well with MovableType 2.661 and above</li>
  175. <li>Each category for one presentation</li>
  176. <li>The very same slide-page can be shown on many presentations at the same time (I call this &quot;<strong>Modularized Slides</strong>&quot;)</li>
  177. <ul>
  178. <li>Modifying one slide effects all presentions related to it</li>
  179. <li>Keep order from any two slides for presentions. (Although you may call this &quot;bug&quot; rather then &quot;feature&quot;)</li>
  180. </ul>
  181. <li>Assign different themes (styles) for different presentations</li>
  182. <li>List all presentations in Main Index</li>
  183. <li>Add <a href="" title="CreativeCommons">Creative Commons License</a> information/metadata</li>
  184. </ul>
  186. <p>Here is my full notes about it.</p>]]>
  187.  <![CDATA[<p>First I build a MT site, changing site configuration as below:</p>
  189. <ul>
  190. <li>Core Setup (Please modify to present your own situration. You will fail in case you just copy what I wrote here)</li>
  191. <ul>
  192. <li>Local Site Path: <pre>/home/jedi/S5</pre></li>
  193. <li>Site URL: <pre></pre></li>
  194. <li>Local Archive Path: <pre>/home/jedi/S5/slides</pre></li>
  195. <li>Archive URL: <pre></pre></li>
  196. <li>Timezone: <pre>UTC+8 (China coast, Taiwan)</pre></li>
  197. </ul>
  198. <li>Archiving (Modify this before <code>Preference</code>)</li>
  199. <ul>
  200. <li>Archive Type: Select &quot;<strong>By Category</strong>&quot; only; unselect others</li>
  201. <li>Archive File Template: <pre>s5-&lt;$MTCategoryID$&gt;.html</pre></li>
  202. </ul>
  203. <li>Preference</li>
  204. <ul>
  205. <li>General Settings</li>
  206. <ul>
  207. <li>Number of days displayed: <pre>999</pre></li>
  208. <li>Language for date display: <pre>English</pre></li>
  209. <li>Order of entries displayed: <pre>Descending</pre></li>
  210. <li>Default Text Formatting: <pre>None</pre></li>
  211. <li>Default Post Status: <pre>Publish</pre></li>
  212. </ul>
  213. <li>Archiving</li>
  214. <ul>
  215. <li>Preferred Archive Type:<pre>By Category</pre></li>
  216. <li>File extension for archive files:<pre>html</pre></li>
  217. </ul>
  218. <li>Publicity / Remote Interfaces / TrackBack</li>
  219. <ul>
  220. <li>Allow Pings on by default? <pre>No</pre></li>
  221. <li>Email new TrackBack pings? <pre>No</pre></li>
  222. <li>Turn on TrackBack auto-discovery? <pre>Yes</pre></li>
  223. </ul>
  224. <li>Comment Configuration</li>
  225. <ul>
  226. <li>Allow anonymous comments? <pre>No</pre></li>
  227. <li>Allow Comments default: <pre>None</pre></li>
  228. </ul>
  229. </ul>
  230. </ul>
  232. <p>After that, I start modifying templates. First I deleted these unused templates:</p>
  234. <ul>
  235. <li>Index Templates</li>
  236. <ul>
  237. <li>RSD</li>
  238. <li>RSS 0.91 Index</li>
  239. <li>RSS 1.0 Index</li>
  240. <li>Archives Index</li>
  241. </ul>
  242. <li>Archive-Related Templates</li>
  243. <ul>
  244. <li>Individual Archive</li>
  245. <li>Time-based Archive</li>
  246. </ul>
  247. </ul>
  249. <p>There are some templates unused cannot be deleted. I cleared them for security issue:</p>
  251. <ul>
  252. <li>Miscellaneous Templates</li>
  253. <ul>
  254. <li>Comment Listing Template</li>
  255. <li>Comment Preview Template</li>
  256. <li>Comment Error Template</li>
  257. <li>TrackBack Listing Template</li>
  258. <li>Uploaded Image Popup Template</li>
  259. </ul>
  260. </ul>
  262. <p>Now I can work with templates. I modified my <strong>Category Archive template</strong> to become this: (You can also download it as zipped plain text file, <a href="[Archive_Template]">[Archive_Template]</a> )<pre>&lt;!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN&quot;
  263. &quot;;&gt;
  265. &lt;html xmlns=&quot;;&gt;
  267. &lt;head&gt;
  268. &lt;title&gt;&lt;$MTArchiveTitle$&gt; | &lt;$MTBlogName$&gt;&lt;/title&gt;
  269. &lt;meta name=&quot;version&quot; content=&quot;S5 1.0&quot; /&gt;
  270. &lt;meta name=&quot;generator&quot; content=&quot;Movable Type &lt;$MTVersion$&gt;&quot; /&gt;
  271. &lt;meta name=&quot;presdate&quot; content=&quot;&lt;$MTCategoryDescription$&gt;&quot; /&gt;
  272. &lt;MTEntries lastn=&quot;1&quot;&gt;
  273. &lt;meta name=&quot;author&quot; content=&quot;&lt;$MTEntryAuthor$&gt;&quot; /&gt;
  274. &lt;meta name=&quot;company&quot; content=&quot;&lt;$MTEntryAuthorURL$&gt;&quot; /&gt;
  275. &lt;/MTEntries&gt;
  276. &lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;Content-Type&quot; content=&quot;application/xhtml+xml;charset=&lt;$MTPublishCharset$&gt;&quot; /&gt;
  277. &lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;Content-Language&quot; content=&quot;zh-tw&quot; /&gt;
  278. &lt;MTEntries lastn=&quot;1&quot;&gt;
  279. &lt;link rel=&quot;stylesheet&quot; href=&quot;ui/&lt;MTIfNonEmpty tag=&quot;MTEntryKeywords&quot;&gt;&lt;$MTEntryKeywords$&gt;/&lt;/MTIfNonEmpty&gt;slides.css&quot; type=&quot;text/css&quot; media=&quot;projection&quot; id=&quot;slideProj&quot; /&gt;
  280. &lt;link rel=&quot;stylesheet&quot; href=&quot;ui/&lt;MTIfNonEmpty tag=&quot;MTEntryKeywords&quot;&gt;&lt;$MTEntryKeywords$&gt;/&lt;/MTIfNonEmpty&gt;opera.css&quot; type=&quot;text/css&quot; media=&quot;projection&quot; id=&quot;operaFix&quot; /&gt;
  281. &lt;link rel=&quot;stylesheet&quot; href=&quot;ui/&lt;MTIfNonEmpty tag=&quot;MTEntryKeywords&quot;&gt;&lt;$MTEntryKeywords$&gt;/&lt;/MTIfNonEmpty&gt;print.css&quot; type=&quot;text/css&quot; media=&quot;print&quot; id=&quot;slidePrint&quot; /&gt;
  282. &lt;script src=&quot;ui/&lt;MTIfNonEmpty tag=&quot;MTEntryKeywords&quot;&gt;&lt;$MTEntryKeywords$&gt;/&lt;/MTIfNonEmpty&gt;slides.js&quot; type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
  283. &lt;link rel=&quot;author&quot; title=&quot;Write to author&quot; href=&quot;mailto:&lt;$MTEntryAuthorEmail spam_protect=&quot;1&quot;$&gt;&quot; /&gt;
  284. &lt;/MTEntries&gt;
  285. &lt;link rel=&quot;copyright&quot; title=&quot;Licenses&quot; href=&quot;<strong></strong>&quot; /&gt;
  286. &lt;$MTInclude module=&quot;cc-rdf-slide&quot;$&gt;
  287. &lt;/head&gt;
  288. &lt;body&gt;
  290. &lt;div class=&quot;layout&quot;&gt;
  292. &lt;div id=&quot;currentSlide&quot;&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
  293. &lt;div id=&quot;header&quot;&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
  294. &lt;div id=&quot;footer&quot;&gt;
  295. &lt;MTEntries lastn=&quot;1&quot;&gt;
  296. &lt;MTEntryCategories&gt;
  297. &lt;h1&gt;&lt;$MTCategoryDescription$&gt;&lt;/h1&gt;
  298. &lt;h2&gt;&lt;$MTCategoryLabel$&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;
  299. &lt;/MTEntryCategories&gt;
  300. &lt;/MTEntries&gt;
  301. &lt;div id=&quot;controls&quot;&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
  302. &lt;/div&gt;
  304. &lt;/div&gt;
  307. &lt;div class=&quot;presentation&quot;&gt;
  309. &lt;div class=&quot;slide&quot;&gt;
  310. &lt;h1&gt;&lt;$MTArchiveTitle$&gt;&lt;/h1&gt;
  311. &lt;MTEntries lastn=&quot;1&quot;&gt;
  312. &lt;h3&gt;&lt;$MTEntryAuthor$&gt;&lt;/h3&gt;
  313. &lt;h4&gt;&lt;$MTEntryAuthorURL$&gt;&lt;/h4&gt;
  314. &lt;/MTEntries&gt;
  315. &lt;/div&gt;
  317. &lt;MTEntries lastn=&quot;999&quot; sort_order=&quot;ascend&quot;&gt;
  319. &lt;div class=&quot;slide&quot;&gt;
  320. &lt;h1&gt;&lt;$MTEntryTitle$&gt;&lt;/h1&gt;
  321. &lt;$MTEntryBody$&gt;
  322. &lt;div class=&quot;handout&quot;&gt;
  323. &lt;$MTEntryMore$&gt;
  324. &lt;/div&gt;
  325. &lt;/div&gt;
  327. &lt;/MTEntries&gt;
  329. &lt;/div&gt;
  331. &lt;/body&gt;
  332. &lt;/html&gt;</pre>Please note that I wrote something about CC license in it. Please modify that in case you don't choose the same license with me. The template above calls a template module named &quot;<code>cc-rdf-slide</code>&quot; which including RDF data of CC license. Here you are: (You still can download this zipped plain text file, <a href="[Template_Module]">[Template_Module]</a>)<pre>&lt;!--
  334. &lt;rdf:RDF xmlns=&quot;;
  335.    xmlns:dc=&quot;;
  336.    xmlns:rdf=&quot;;&gt;
  338. &lt;Work rdf:about=&quot;&quot;&gt;
  339. &lt;MTEntries lastn=&quot;1&quot;&gt;
  340.   &lt;dc:title&gt;&lt;MTEntryCategories&gt;&lt;$MTCategoryLabel encode_url=&quot;1&quot;$&gt;&lt;/MTEntryCategories&gt; | &lt;$MTBlogName$&gt;&lt;/dc:title&gt;
  341.   &lt;dc:date&gt;&lt;$MTEntryDate format=&quot;%Y&quot;$&gt;&lt;/dc:date&gt;
  342.   &lt;dc:description&gt;&lt;MTEntryCategories&gt;&lt;$MTCategoryDescription encode_url=&quot;1&quot;$&gt;&lt;/MTEntryCategories&gt;&lt;/dc:description&gt;
  343.   &lt;dc:creator&gt;&lt;Agent&gt;
  344.      &lt;dc:title&gt;&lt;$MTEntryAuthor$&gt;&lt;/dc:title&gt;
  345.   &lt;/Agent&gt;&lt;/dc:creator&gt;
  346.   &lt;dc:rights&gt;&lt;Agent&gt;
  347.      &lt;dc:title&gt;&lt;$MTEntryAuthor$&gt;&lt;/dc:title&gt;
  348.   &lt;/Agent&gt;&lt;/dc:rights&gt;
  349.   &lt;dc:source rdf:resource=&quot;&lt;MTEntryCategories&gt;&lt;$MTCategoryArchiveLink$&gt;&lt;/MTEntryCategories&gt;&quot;/&gt;
  350.   &lt;license rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
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  352. &lt;/Work&gt;
  354. &lt;License rdf:about=&quot;;&gt;
  355.   &lt;permits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  356.   &lt;permits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  357.   &lt;requires rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  358.   &lt;requires rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  359.   &lt;prohibits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  360.   &lt;permits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  361.   &lt;requires rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  362. &lt;/License&gt;
  364. &lt;/rdf:RDF&gt;
  366. --&gt;</pre>Again, you should modify this template to use different license.</p>
  368. <p>Now we still have to modify Main Index template. Otherwise we will get a error message during site rebuild! Here is what I have done: (Yes, you can download it as a zipped plain text file, <a href="[Index_Template]">[Index_Template]</a>)<pre>&lt;!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN&quot; &quot;;&gt;
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  402. &lt;/MTArchiveList&gt;
  403. &lt;/ol&gt;
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  408. &lt;div id=&quot;links&quot;&gt;
  410. &lt;div class=&quot;syndicate&quot;&gt;
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  423. &lt;/ul&gt;&lt;br /&gt;
  424. &lt;/div&gt;
  426. &lt;/div&gt;
  428. &lt;/body&gt;
  429. &lt;/html&gt;</pre>Still, I make a CC license in this template. Feel free to modify it to present what you really want. This template also called a template module named &quot;<code>cc-rdf</code>&quot;. Here you are: (Yes, again, you can download it as a zipped plain text file, <a href="[Template_Module]">[Template_Module]</a>)<pre>&lt;!--
  431. &lt;rdf:RDF xmlns=&quot;;
  432.    xmlns:dc=&quot;;
  433.    xmlns:rdf=&quot;;&gt;
  435. &lt;Work rdf:about=&quot;&quot;&gt;
  436.   &lt;dc:title&gt;&lt;$MTBlogName$&gt;&lt;/dc:title&gt;
  437.   &lt;dc:date&gt;2004&lt;/dc:date&gt;
  438.   &lt;dc:description&gt;&lt;$MTBlogDescription$&gt;&lt;/dc:description&gt;
  439.   &lt;dc:creator&gt;&lt;Agent&gt;
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  442.   &lt;dc:rights&gt;&lt;Agent&gt;
  443.      &lt;dc:title&gt;&lt;MTEntries lastn=&quot;1&quot;&gt;&lt;$MTEntryAuthor$&gt;&lt;/MTEntries&gt;&lt;/dc:title&gt;
  444.   &lt;/Agent&gt;&lt;/dc:rights&gt;
  445.   &lt;dc:source rdf:resource=&quot;&lt;$MTBlogURL$&gt;&quot;/&gt;
  446.   &lt;license rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  447. &lt;/Work&gt;
  449. &lt;License rdf:about=&quot;;&gt;
  450.   &lt;permits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  451.   &lt;permits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  452.   &lt;requires rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  453.   &lt;requires rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  454.   &lt;prohibits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  455.   &lt;permits rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  456.   &lt;requires rdf:resource=&quot;; /&gt;
  457. &lt;/License&gt;
  459. &lt;/rdf:RDF&gt;
  461. --&gt;</pre>Feel free to modify it.</p>
  463. <p>In order to save time for further MT site to function this, I use the approach <a href="" title="Customize Movable Type's default templates | Jedi's Weblog |">I mentioned before</a> to make this file, <a href=""></a>. You should backup your original <code>mt/lib/MT/</code>, unpack this zip file, and then put <code></code> into <code>mt/lib/MT/</code> replacing the old one. After this step, all your new Blog will apply these templates as default. But you still have to config blog configuration manually.</p>
  465. <p>We almost done! The last thing you should treat with is to upload files used by S<sup>5</sup>. Please get this <a href=""></a>, unpack it, upload the whole <code>ui</code> folder into your <strong>Local Archive Path</strong>. You have done! Now let's see how it works.</p>
  467. <ul>
  468. <li>Blog Author's name will appear as Orator</li>
  469. <li>Blog Author's webpage URL (set at <code>Your Profile</code>) will appear as Orator's Company</li>
  470. <li>Add a new <strong>Category</strong> before making slides for new presention</li>
  471. <ul>
  472. <li>Category Label will appear as Presentation Title</li>
  473. <li>Category Description will appear as Presentation Location And Date</li>
  474. </ul>
  475. <li>Add each entry for one slide page</li>
  476. <ul>
  477. <li>Entry Title will appear as Slide Title</li>
  478. <li>Entry Body will appear as Slide Content</li>
  479. <li>Extended Entry will appear as Handout while printing</li>
  480. <li>Add entry in order. First entry for first slide, as so on</li>
  481. <li>Entry which was published early will appear as slide preceding</li>
  482. <li>You can assign multi category to one entry to make a slide page appears in many presentation</li>
  483. <li>Modify Authored On time do change slides order (This only can be done after an entry is saved)</li>
  484. <li>Power Edit Mode can help you changing slides order especially when you dealing with many presentation at the same time</li>
  485. <li>You can mark any temporarily unused slide as Draft. Or unset its Category. There are some minimal difference between these two ways. But you can try</li>
  486. </ul>
  487. <li>The Theme of a presentation is decided by the very last slide (entry) of particular presentation (category)</li>
  488. <ul>
  489. <li>You can find it out easily via Filter in Edit screen</li>
  490. <li>The One field to decide presentation theme is &quot;Keywords&quot;</li>
  491. <li>Show this field from the &quot;Customize the display of this page&quot; link below entry edit screen</li>
  492. <li>Keep it blank (do not even put a single space in it) to use default theme</li>
  493. <li>Enter the name of theme to apply other themes</li>
  494. <li>There are 4 themes apart from the default one:</li>
  495. <ul>
  496. <li>blue</li>
  497. <li>flower</li>
  498. <li>i18n</li>
  499. <li>pixel</li>
  500. </ul>
  501. </ul>
  502. </ul>
  504. <p>That's it. Have fun!</p>]]>
  505. </description>
  506. <dc:subject>movabletype</dc:subject>
  507. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  508. <dc:date>2004-11-02T00:57:49+08:00</dc:date>
  509. </item>
  510. <item rdf:about="">
  511. <title>Greeting Here</title>
  512. <link></link>
  513. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  515. <description>
  516.  <![CDATA[<p><img alt="Jedi's Orkut status" src="" style="width:660px;height:357px;border:0" /><br />
  517. Greeting, anyone who still looks at this place. There is no article here for a quite long time. I get married during these days. I moved and changed job too. (I've also bought a new laptop; even this webserver moved to a new host and got a real domain name.)</p>
  519. <p>With my wife, there is brand new life waiting for me. I'm also updating templates for this site. So if you like, you can comment this entry to let me know "hey, I'm still with you!"</p>]]>
  521. </description>
  522. <dc:subject>fondness</dc:subject>
  523. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  524. <dc:date>2004-10-12T08:47:52+08:00</dc:date>
  525. </item>
  526. <item rdf:about="">
  527. <title>A plagiarist!</title>
  528. <link></link>
  529. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  531. <description>
  532.  <![CDATA[<p>There is a guy called &quot;IT168黃平&quot; who copied piaip's article &quot;piaip's radical review for notebooks&quot; from <a href=""></a></p>
  534. <p>You can watch <a href="">this Google Search Result</a> to find out this thing.</p>
  536. <p>Shame on him! Blame him! How ugly he is!</p>]]>
  538. </description>
  539. <dc:subject>hack</dc:subject>
  540. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  541. <dc:date>2004-01-17T14:15:44+08:00</dc:date>
  542. </item>
  543. <item rdf:about="">
  544. <title>Madame Sata</title>
  545. <link></link>
  546. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  548. <description>
  549.  <![CDATA[<p>Directed by: Karim Ainouz<br />
  550. 2002/Brazil/35mm/Colour/105mins<br />
  551. Record: Best Film in Chicago International Film Festival 2002<br />
  552. <a href="">2003 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival: Madame Sata</a> (Chinese site)<br />
  553. <a href="">IMDb: IMDb: Madame Satã</a><br />
  554. My rating: 3.8/10</p>]]>
  555.  <![CDATA[<p>Well, this film makes me disappointed. Ming-liang Tsai is using silence to talk, Krzysztof Zanussi tells without word; but this film really missed almost all those important. What happened in the jail? How does he be illumined from &quot;Madame Satã?&quot; What's his own thinking? What's his love, hate, sorrow, mourning, exist and persuit?</p>
  557. <p>All those detail are skipped. When you're waiting something high, the film ended suddenly. Describe things happened during those years only with few words and scenes. You don't see anything growing, and I can't get even a little echo.</p>]]>
  558. </description>
  559. <dc:subject>cinema</dc:subject>
  560. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  561. <dc:date>2003-11-29T02:21:36+08:00</dc:date>
  562. </item>
  563. <item rdf:about="">
  564. <title>Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease</title>
  565. <link></link>
  566. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  568. <description>
  569.  <![CDATA[<p>Directed by: Krzysztof Zanussi<br />
  570. 2000/Poland/35mm/Colour/99mins<br />
  571. Record: 2002 Moscow International Film Festival<br />
  572. <a href="">2003 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival: Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease</a> (Chinese site)<br />
  573. <a href="">IMDb: Zycie jako smiertelna choroba przenoszona droga plciowa</a><br />
  574. My rating: 7.0/10</p>]]>
  575.  <![CDATA[<p>Zanussi likes to use film segments appeared in his early film. I believe that this is because of his self-examination. In this film you can see many missing part in his another film, &quot;<a href="">Supplement</a>.&quot; Those dialogue originally telling now become hatcheling self. What the question is asking not only &quot;what&quot; and &quot;why,&quot; but also &quot;what the question itself is?&quot;</p>
  577. <p>In &quot;Supplement,&quot; Zanussi started with &quot;how people face (other's) death,&quot; answering &quot;how people face (one's own) life.&quot; Now he fellowed this context, looked himself and asked, &quot;how people face (one's own) death.&quot; His now introspect rather then discover. He stop analyzing the truth with science like in his &quot;<a href="">Illumination</a>.&quot; He just calm down and look at himself.</p>
  579. <p>You should note that Zanussi shows some humor in this film. He said by actors's mouth:<blockquote>&quot;You must be hypersensitive. So you are playing in this film talking about death.&quot;<br />&quot;I don't know what does this film for.&quot;<br />&quot;I don't know either.&quot;</blockquote>How about take a look at the thief? When he first time facing the death, what he can do is only surviving. He tried to escape but failed from hurt. But when he later accept death, knowing it's just a gate to forever (with priest's view of point), the death doesn't coerce him anymore.</p>
  581. <p>This is also what Dr. Berg experenced in his last life. When you can understand your exist, believe what you believed (belief, or faith), you can prove how to stay with death.</p>
  583. <p>He don't argue about euthanasia, neither agree nor against. But he said, you have to save yourself. Life as a fatal sexually transmitted disease, can't be save by other's touch.</p>
  585. <p>The final awakeness is only available in your own heart.</p>]]>
  586. </description>
  587. <dc:subject>cinema</dc:subject>
  588. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  589. <dc:date>2003-11-29T02:05:51+08:00</dc:date>
  590. </item>
  591. <item rdf:about="">
  592. <title>Goodbye, Dragon Inn</title>
  593. <link></link>
  594. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  596. <description>
  597.  <![CDATA[<p>Directed by: Ming-liang Tsai<br />
  598. 2003/Taiwan/35mm/Colour/80mins<br />
  599. Record: Fipresci Prizes at Venice International Film Festival 2003<br />
  600. <a href="">2003 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival: Goodbye, Dragon Inn</a> (Chinese site)<br />
  601. <a href="">IMDb: Bu san</a><br />
  602. My rating: 5.3/10</p>]]>
  603.  <![CDATA[<p>This film starts at a theater playing famous &quot;Dragon Inn&quot; full with audience 36 years ago. The men with noticeable white hair was watching, too. He is Yo-Hsin Li. You can still see him at any film festival. (And I can see him right now.) I guess the other man besides him without any hair is the director Tsai. The same eyes looking at this satisfied in the back of the curtain. These are eyes of film guys, of directors, and of cold God.</p>
  605. <p>Tsai sais, he wanna film something real, which may full with gray and question without any answer. But you do not treat this film as kind of documentary. This film is never real. It surrender the viscousness of weep.</p>
  607. <p>Let's begins with my first sight of Tsai. I don't watch much of his film in fact. My first sight of Tsai came from his &quot;Talking with God&quot; in last Golden Horse Film Festival. In this short film, you can watch he filming subway without people, dying fishes, etc. He isn't showing what God's looking at. He is talking to God. The short film itself basically is a sacrifice.</p>
  609. <p>You can see the same scene in &quot;Bu san.&quot; The woman hard to walk walking all the time; the Japanese always be annoyed when watching movie and be denied when asking love. You can also notice that in some segment the time seems be prolonged interminate. The slowness of slowing step itself retarded then. Just like the punk jelling in the air, calling the true name of &quot;Silence&quot; in the language you can't understand, and lighting the face of &quot;Darkness.&quot; He is not only showing how time watching chenging world but also wanting you talking to his God (in fact himself) when gazing the empty scene. &quot;Visit my movies as they were temple or church,&quot; Tsai said.</p>
  611. <p>The only 11 dialouge (not 10) in this film start and end suddenly. They are not Paternoster. They are candle of temple admiring the &quot;Dragon Inn&quot; you treat as background.</p>
  613. <p>In my opinion, this is what Tsai is talking and listening.</p>]]>
  614. </description>
  615. <dc:subject>cinema</dc:subject>
  616. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  617. <dc:date>2003-11-28T20:23:04+08:00</dc:date>
  618. </item>
  619. <item rdf:about="">
  620. <title>Superannuated files</title>
  621. <link></link>
  622. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  624. <description>
  625.  <![CDATA[<p>There is a <a href="">partial recording</a> (about 100MB with poor quality) for my speech at 2003/10/23. Please refer to <a href="">this slide</a>; there is also <a href="">another slide</a> for my later speech in 2003/11/13. Both of them are superannuated.</p>]]>
  627. </description>
  628. <dc:subject>typing</dc:subject>
  629. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  630. <dc:date>2003-11-26T20:57:28+08:00</dc:date>
  631. </item>
  632. <item rdf:about="">
  633. <title>2003 Taiwan Free Software Community Awards starts voting now</title>
  634. <link></link>
  635. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  637. <description>
  638.  <![CDATA[<p>&quot;Free Software Community Awards&quot; hosted by <a href="">Software Liberty Association Taiwan</a> and <a href="">Institute for Information Industry</a> now start voting. I am proposed as The Best Software Localizer and The Best Document Writer or Translator. If you think that what I have done are valuable, please <a href="">vote</a> me before 12/15. Thank you.</p>]]>
  640. </description>
  641. <dc:subject>hack</dc:subject>
  642. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  643. <dc:date>2003-11-26T18:35:42+08:00</dc:date>
  644. </item>
  645. <item rdf:about="">
  646. <title>Doing many things</title>
  647. <link></link>
  648. <cc:License rdf:resource="" />
  650. <description>
  651.  <![CDATA[<p>I modified <a href="">my templates</a> recentlly, adding links for RSS 2.0 Feed and categorized RSS Feed. In the same time, I'm arranging <a href="">next IMTT meet-up</a>, preparing to start <a href="">a journal</a> for this, and hosting <a href="">award of this year</a>.</p>
  653. <p>By the way, I have got books of the histories of the Middle-Earth. <a href="">here are photos</a>.</p>]]>
  655. </description>
  656. <dc:subject>hack</dc:subject>
  657. <dc:creator>Jedi</dc:creator>
  658. <dc:date>2003-11-26T07:23:35+08:00</dc:date>
  659. </item>
  662. <cc:License rdf:about="">
  663.  <cc:permits rdf:resource="" />
  664.  <cc:permits rdf:resource="" />
  665.  <cc:requires rdf:resource="" />
  666.  <cc:requires rdf:resource="" />
  667.  <cc:prohibits rdf:resource="" />
  668.  <cc:permits rdf:resource="" />
  669.  <cc:requires rdf:resource="" />
  670. </cc:License>
  673. </rdf:RDF>
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