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  7. <title>CIS235 Weekly Reviews</title>
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  9. <description>Dr. Jon Storslee's Classes</description>
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  11. <title>Federal Interest in the Cloud Is a Rainmaker for Vendors</title>
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  13. <description>The move to adopt cloud technologies by federal agencies has opened up IT opportunities for many vendors. As momentum builds within these agencies to explore the cloud, support is coming from other quarters, and as federal cloud conversions unfold, it appears that multiple vendors are getting a piece of the action.</description>
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  17. <title>Become a Social Service Revolutionary Today</title>
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  19. <description>Wouldn't it be great if customers who had questions about your products could get the answer from other customers? Wouldn't it be wonderful if customers brainstormed on ways you could improve your service processes? Wouldn't it be tremendous if you could see trends in service needs and adjust your processes to meet them earlier and more effectively?</description>
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  23. <title>Sales Taxes on the Internet: Is This the Year We'll Pay?</title>
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  25. <description>The law about Internet sales taxes has been treated like the law regarding mail order purchases -- remember those days, before the Internet? No sales taxes were due for mail order purchases unless the seller had a presence in the state where the transaction occurred. However, a single online purchase today can involve activities in several different states -- it's not always clear where the sales event occurs.</description>
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  29. <title>The Internet, Social Media and Mubarak's Dangerous Game</title>
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  31. <description>Events in Cairo are also rattling windows far away from the Middle East. In Washington, D.C., co-authors of the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, which would allow a sitting U.S. president to shut down the Internet if it came under attack, called a press conference to insist the legislation was in no way similar to the actions of the Mubarak government.</description>
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  35. <title>Gmailers: Skinnier and smartier than Yahoo! users?</title>
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  37. <description>A new study shows that Gmail users are more likely to be young, thin, career-minded men, while Yahoo! is more typically home to overweight, older women</description>
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  41. <title>New York Times to charge for full internet access</title>
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  43. <description>The New York Times has said it will start charging North American users for some of its online content.</description>
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  47. <title>How safe is your smartphone?</title>
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  49. <description>Smartphones are getting pretty clever these days but it is unlikely they will outwit the cybercriminals as fraudsters increasingly go mobile.</description>
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  53. <title>Microsoft aids shutdown of Rustock spam net</title>
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  55. <description>The sudden drop in activity of a major spam producer was the result of a larges co-ordinated attack on spammers, it has emerged.</description>
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  59. <title>Sex domain .xxx given final approval by Icann</title>
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  61. <description>Internet overseer Icann has given final approval to the creation of an internet domain dedicated to pornography.</description>
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  65. <title>Yen hits record-high against US dollar as Nikkei falls</title>
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  67. <description>The Japanese yen has hit its strongest level against the US dollar since the end of World War II.</description>
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  71. <title>'Some' US banks pass stress tests, Federal Reserve says</title>
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  73. <description>The US central bank has notified some of the country's 19 largest banks that they have passed the latest round of stress tests.</description>
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  77. <title>Cloud computing: How to get your business ready</title>
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  79. <description>Cloud computing is taking off on a massive scale, so what should companies look out for as they move their information technology into the cloud?</description>
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  83. <title>AT&amp;T agrees to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion (update)</title>
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  85. <description>Wowzers! AT&amp;T and Deutsche Telekom have entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of T-Mobile USA for $39 billion in cash and stocks. The combined customer base of this upcoming behemoth will be 130 million humans, though the agreed deal will have to pass the usual regulatory and closing hurdles before becoming complete. The two companies estimate it'll take them 12 months to get through all the bureaucracy -- if they get through, the proposed network merger will create a de facto GSM monopoly within the United States -- but we don't have to wait that long to start discussing life with only three major US carriers. AT&amp;T envisions it as a rosy garden of "straightforward synergies" thanks to a set of "complementary network technologies, spectrum positions and operations."</description>
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  89. <title>AT&amp;T Gets $20 Billion Bridge Loan to Support T-Mobile Purchase</title>
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  91. <description>March 21 (Bloomberg) -- AT&amp;T Inc., set to become the biggest U.S. mobile-phone carrier with its $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile USA, got a $20 billion one-year unsecured bridge term loan to help finance the acquisition, according to a regulatory filing</description>
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  95. <title>Google and the world's largest solar power plant </title>
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  97. <description>The web giant invests $168 million in a clean energy plant in California. Why is the tech behemoth making such an aggressive bet on solar?</description>
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  101. <title>Parents vs Apple: The 'Zombie Cafe' lawsuit </title>
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  103. <description>A Pennsylvania dad sues Apple after his young daughters racked up hundreds of dollars in charges buying "Zombie Toxin" on his iPhone</description>
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  107. <title>The 'huge' deal between libraries and Amazon's Kindle</title>
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  109. <description>Kindle users will soon be able to borrow e-books from libraries across the country. What does that mean for the e-book and tablet industries?</description>
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  113. <title>Illustrating Your Life in Graphs and Charts</title>
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  115. <description>That idea led him to co-found, which makes software to help people tabulate whatever they do and turn it into a chart - a visual depiction of everything from blood sugar levels to how much beer they drink. Mr. Felton said he had even seen a woman use the service to track her irrational fears. </description>
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  119. <title>Is 'Social' Business Collaboration Just an Expensive Fad?</title>
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  121. <description>I'm not sure that social networking technology -- particularly in the form that vendors are currently presenting it -- offers the best approach for improving business collaboration. Many of these vendors are asking corporations to make significant investments in applications that do little more than mimic Facebook.</description>
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  125. <title>International SEO - It's Not Just About Google Anymore</title>
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  127. <description>Maintaining content in only one language is a sure way to plateau business in a marketplace that is increasingly global. However, simply translating your English-language copy is not enough to capture international markets. Effective ISEO requires careful strategy, seasoned translators, cultural and technological awareness, and integration with sales and marketing strategies.</description>
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