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  18.      <title>He Grew Up Homeless. Now He’s Working to Be a ‘Name You’ll Remember Forever.’</title>
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  22.      <description>Ray Davis is one of the top running back prospects in this year’s N.F.L. draft. His journey was dotted by heartache.</description>
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  29.      <title>Caitlin Clark Will Enter the 2024 W.N.B.A. Draft</title>
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  33.      <description>The star Iowa guard made the announcement on social media, saying her March run with the Hawkeyes will be her last in college.</description>
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  40.      <title>Cristiano Ronaldo’s One-Game Ban Adds Another Undignified Chapter to His Career</title>
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  44.      <description>The Portuguese star is one of the greatest soccer players of all time, yet his ego seems so fragile, a columnist for The Athletic writes.</description>
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  51.      <title>This Kentucky Basketball Star Has Won Over a State</title>
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  55.      <description>Reed Sheppard used to imagine himself in a Kentucky uniform. Now kids are pretending to be him.</description>
  56.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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  60.      <title>What Motivates Mookie Betts? The Chase to Become ‘a Legend.’</title>
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  64.      <description>After winning two World Series and an M.V.P. award, the Dodgers star keeps upping the ante.</description>
  65.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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  71.      <title>How Should Broadcasters Document the Moment When Fans Storm the Court?</title>
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  75.      <description>“There’s no question it’s a good visual on TV, which is enjoyed by a lot of viewers,” said one announcer. “But to me, the risk outweighs the reward.”</description>
  76.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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  82.      <title>N.F.L. Players Hand Out Grades for Owners, Coaches and Working Conditions</title>
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  86.      <description>The Dolphins, the Packers and the Vikings all received high marks. For the second straight season, the Commanders received the lowest grades.</description>
  87.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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  90.      <media:credit>Michael Reaves/Getty Images</media:credit>
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  93.      <title>She’s One of the Faces of Women’s Hockey, but Her Sights Are Set on More</title>
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  97.      <description>Sarah Nurse is in uncharted territory. Her ascension has been years in the making.</description>
  98.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
  99.      <pubDate>Thu, 29 Feb 2024 22:39:44 +0000</pubDate>
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  101.      <media:credit>Nicole Osborne/NHLI via Getty Images</media:credit>
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  104.      <title>Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Leaving NBC for Amazon Prime and Warner Bros. Discovery</title>
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  108.      <description>The biggest name in NASCAR is expected to take this season off and then resume his broadcasting career in 2025.</description>
  109.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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