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  18.      <title>My Front Row Seat on ‘Inside the N.B.A.,’ the Greatest Sports Studio Show Ever</title>
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  22.      <description>There’s never been anything like it in sports media, and there never will be if it’s gone, a columnist for The Athletic writes.</description>
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  29.      <title>Tennis and the Olympics? It’s Complicated.</title>
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  33.      <description>The odd fit gets odder, as the sport hopscotches from clay, to grass, back to clay.</description>
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  40.      <title>Which M.L.B. Front Offices Face the Most Pressure at the Trade Deadline?</title>
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  44.      <description>Contending teams have until July 30 to find ways to improve their rosters for the pennant race. Some needs are more dire than others.</description>
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  51.      <title>The South Korea Soccer Star Accused in an Extraordinary Sex-Video Scandal</title>
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  55.      <description>Hwang Ui-jo has gone from being the victim to facing charges in a case that has caused disbelief.</description>
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  62.      <title>The British Open’s Toughest Test Isn’t Physical. It’s Psychological.</title>
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  66.      <description>The key to winning at Royal Troon is dealing with the right shot gone poorly.</description>
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  73.      <title>New N.F.L. Kickoff Rules This Season Could Bring Excitement, and Chaos</title>
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  77.      <description>The changes have prompted Kansas City to experiment with a former rugby star as a kicker.</description>
  78.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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  81.      <media:credit>Dan Mullan/Getty Images</media:credit>
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  84.      <title>A New Era of Women’s Sports in the Olympics Has Arrived</title>
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  88.      <description>Jackie Joyner-Kersee, the former U.S. track star, recognizes the magnitude of the Paris Games. And she’s ready to pass the torch.</description>
  89.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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  92.      <media:credit>David Madison/Getty Images</media:credit>
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  95.      <title>Why Soccer’s Silence Over Argentina’s Racist Chanting Is Deafening</title>
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  99.      <description>It speaks to an unpleasant collective mentality that players would choose this song as part of their celebrations, a columnist from The Athletic writes.</description>
  100.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
  101.      <pubDate>Fri, 19 Jul 2024 17:46:42 +0000</pubDate>
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  103.      <media:credit>Omar Vega/Getty Images</media:credit>
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  106.      <title>After Disappearing From Swimming, Caeleb Dressel Is Still ‘a Work in Progress’</title>
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  110.      <description>Dressel was miserable despite winning seven gold medals. Before this summer’s Paris Games, he’s learned to smile again.</description>
  111.      <dc:creator>The New York Times</dc:creator>
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