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  9. <title>Luxury Experience</title>
  10. <description>Firsthand experience articles on International Destinations, Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Restaurants, Chefs, Recipes, Adventures, Music, Wines, Liquors, and more...</description>
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  38. <title>Vintage Cru Wine Tasting at The Sun Wine &amp; Food Fest 2024, Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT, USA</title>
  39. <link>;_food_fest_2024%2c_mohegan_sun%2c_uncasville%2c_ct%2c_usa.html</link>
  40. <description>
  44. We have
  45. attended the Vintage Cru event at The
  46. Sun Wine   Food Fest at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut twice now, and it always has exceptional wines and
  47. spirits and for their 20th anniversary celebration they were
  48. especially remarkable. 
  50. </description>
  51. </item>
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  54. <dc:date>2024-02-06T15:05:24+01:00</dc:date>
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  56. <title>Chef Amanda Freitag â\x80\x93 French Onion Soup Recipe, The Sun Wine &amp; Food Fest 2024, Mohegan Sun</title>
  57. <link>;_food_fest_2024%2c_mohegan_sun.html</link>
  58. <description>
  62. If you
  63. watch the Food Network's Chopped series, you know Chef Amanda Freitag as one of the fabulous Chef Judges. On January 27,
  64. 2024, foodies had the opportunity to watch Chef Amanda Freitag in action at the
  65. stove during her culinary demo during the Grand Tasting
  66. at The Sun Wine   Food Fest at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut where she demoed how to make Classic French Onion
  67. Soup. Of course, Luxury Experience was there taking notes
  68. so that we could share this delicious recipe with our readers. Bon Appetit!
  71. </description>
  72. </item>
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  77. <title>The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood, Norwalk, CT, USA</title>
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  79. <description>
  83. The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood in the Rowayton
  84. neighborhood of Norwalk, Connecticut is located directly
  85. on the water on the Five Mile River and has been attracting
  86. seafood lovers since Kevin Conroy purchased the restaurant in
  87. 1996. Stunning water views, an excellent seafood selection, an inviting
  88. ambience, along with outstanding service make the award-winning restaurant a continual
  89. standout. Whether you opt for a leisurely weekend Brunch, for a delectable
  90. lunch during the week, or arrive in the evening to enjoy dinner and an
  91. incredible sunset over the river, The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood will
  92. totally enchant and engage your senses. Bon Appetit!
  94. </description>
  95. </item>
  96. <item rdf:about=";_leila_habib-kirske.html">
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  98. <dc:date>2024-01-17T15:44:15+01:00</dc:date>
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  100. <title>Lebanese Cooking by Madelain Farah &amp; Leila Habib-Kirske</title>
  101. <link>;_leila_habib-kirske.html</link>
  102. <description>
  106. If you love
  107. Middle Eastern cuisine, Lebanese Cooking by Madelain Farah
  108.  Leila Habib-Kirske published
  109. by Hatherleigh Press is a great reference as it has more than 185
  110. simple, delicious, and authentic recipes in its chapters on Sauces, Bread
  111.  Bread Dishes, Soups, Salads, Fish, Entrées, Kibbi, Mihshi, Rice Dishes,
  112. Vegetarian Dishes, Laban (Yogurt) Dishes, Condiments, and Desserts  
  113. Beverages. Originally written by Madelain Farah in 1972 to honor recipes
  114. from her mother, the book was updated and expanded in 2023 by Madelain Farah's
  115. daughter, Leila Habib-Kirske. Written with love with delectable recipes and
  116. stunning photographs, this cookbook is a treasure for Middle Eastern cuisine.
  119. </description>
  120. </item>
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  123. <dc:date>2024-01-12T10:04:20+01:00</dc:date>
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  125. <title>A Touch of Salt by Barbara Bates Conroy</title>
  126. <link></link>
  127. <description>A
  128. Touch of Salt by Barbara Bates Conroy ( is a
  129. gorgeous coffee table book that tells the intriguing tale of The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood in the Rowayton
  130. neighborhood of Norwalk, Connecticut along with the rich
  131. history of the area's lobstermen and oystermen. Stunning photographs and Barbara's
  132. evocative writing captures the imagination, and the fabulous recipes also
  133. entice the reader to keep turning the pages. Two of our favorite recipes from
  134. the book are the Lobster Mac and Cheese, and Seared Salmon with
  135. Orange Sauce. Barbara graciously shares the recipe for Seared Salmon
  136. with Orange Sauce to tempt your palate.
  138. </description>
  139. </item>
  140. <item rdf:about=";_barrel%3a_single_origin_spices_-_chef_marc_murphy%e2%80%99s_season_with_authority_collection.html">
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  142. <dc:date>2024-01-22T15:14:34+01:00</dc:date>
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  144. <title>Burlap &amp; Barrel: Single Origin Spices - Chef Marc Murphyâ\x80\x99s Season with Authority Collection</title>
  145. <link>;_barrel%3a_single_origin_spices_-_chef_marc_murphy%e2%80%99s_season_with_authority_collection.html</link>
  146. <description>
  150. Acclaimed
  151. chef and restaurateur Chef Marc Murphy, who Chopped and Food Network fans know as a judge and the chef who tells cooks to  season with
  152. authority,  now makes it easier than ever for home cooks to do exactly that
  153. with his spice collection from Burlap   Barrel: Single
  154. Origin Spices. A trio of
  155. delectable spices, Chef Marc Murphy's Season with Authority Collection
  156. includes Chef's Best Friend a mélange of NY salt and Zanzibar
  157. black pepper, Riveira - Mediterranean Herbs   Chili,
  158. an enticing blend of rosemary, hyssop thyme, oregano buds, and silk chili, and Surf
  159. â\x80\x98N' Turf - Peppercorns, Garlic   Seaweed, a heady
  160. aromatic blend of black lime, garlic, black pepper, salt, oregano buds,
  161. fermented white pepper, and wild Icelandic kelp. Easy to use, easy to love, and
  162. easy to  Season with Authority  just like Chef Marc Murphy.
  165. </description>
  166. </item>
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  169. <dc:date>2024-01-15T14:36:02+01:00</dc:date>
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  171. <title>Masottina Viaventi Rose Brut Millesimato, Prosecco Rosé DOC 2022, Treviso, Italia</title>
  172. <link></link>
  173. <description>Masottina Viaventi Rosé Brut ( Millesimato, Prosecco Rosé DOC 2022 from Treviso, Italia is
  174. the perfect  bubbly  to commemorate life's everyday celebrations. Why drink
  175. bubbly only on special occasions when life is an adventure that should be
  176. celebrated daily. Masottina Viaventi Rosé Brut Millesimato, Prosecco Rosé DOC
  177. 2022 is like tasting Italy in a bottle and with only 11% alcohol, it makes for
  178. a perfect lower alcohol beverage. Cheers!
  180. </description>
  181. </item>
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  184. <dc:date>2024-02-11T07:41:54+01:00</dc:date>
  185. <dc:source></dc:source>
  186. <title>Mike Zito - Life Is Hard</title>
  187. <link></link>
  188. <description>
  192. The latest release Mike Zito - Life Is
  193. Hard  is an extraordinary release, which coming
  194. from a multi-Blues Music Award winner, is saying a lot, but it is resounding.
  195. Cut from the cloth of bare emotions and using the Blues to express those
  196. feeling is a true mastery of your craft. 
  199. </description>
  200. </item>
  201. <item rdf:about=";_big_medicine_%e2%80%93_thank_you_brother_bill%3a_a_tribute_to_bill_withers.html">
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  203. <dc:date>2024-01-24T14:58:17+01:00</dc:date>
  204. <dc:source></dc:source>
  205. <title>Kevin Burt &amp; Big Medicine â\x80\x93 Thank You Brother Bill: A Tribute to Bill Withers</title>
  206. <link>;_big_medicine_%e2%80%93_thank_you_brother_bill%3a_a_tribute_to_bill_withers.html</link>
  207. <description>
  211. The release Kevin Burt  
  212. Big Medicine - Thank You Brother Bill: A Tribute to Bill Withers is a tribute to
  213. the singer, storyteller, writer, and legend Bill Withers. To tackle a project
  214. of this magnitude takes a focus beyond music, it requires an understanding  and the ability to capture the purpose that
  215. Bill Withers embodied in his music when written and performed. Keving mastered
  216. this tribute to Bill Withers and showed an unmatched level of respect for the
  217. legend; a must-experience release. 
  220. </description>
  221. </item>
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  224. <dc:date>2024-01-20T07:19:50+01:00</dc:date>
  225. <dc:source></dc:source>
  226. <title>Patti Parks â\x80\x93 Come Sing With Me </title>
  227. <link></link>
  228. <description>
  232. The release of Patti Parks - Come Sing With Me marks the second
  233. release on the VizzTone label and features
  234. a Who's Who of musicians, including a couple duets with Multi-Blues
  235. Music Award winner Johnny
  236. Rawls, who also plays guitar on three tracks. The release contains 10
  237. refreshing new songs that sway from ballad poignant tracks, to blazing tracks,
  238. to down home Blues; Patti Parks - Come Sing With Me has it all. 
  241. </description>
  242. </item>
  243. <item rdf:about="">
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  245. <dc:date>2023-12-19T15:21:15+01:00</dc:date>
  246. <dc:source></dc:source>
  247. <title>Red Horse by David Burke, White Plains, New York, USA</title>
  248. <link></link>
  249. <description>
  253. Red Horse by David Burke in White Plains, New York continues Chef Burke's long
  254. tradition of culinary excellence. Described as a  Modern American Steakhouse
  255. and Sushi Bar,  Red Horse by David Burke features a stunning horse-themed
  256. ambience as a visual showcase to the restaurant's creative and delectable
  257. cuisine. Located in The Opus Westchester, Red Horse by
  258. David Burke has enough diversity on the menu to appeal to a variety of
  259. palates for family dining and is stylish enough to make it a perfect date night
  260. or special occasion restaurant.
  262. </description>
  263. </item>
  264. <item rdf:about="">
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  266. <dc:date>2023-12-21T06:24:03+01:00</dc:date>
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  268. <title>PepperMate Pepper Mill</title>
  269. <link></link>
  270. <description>
  274. We admit
  275. it, we love fresh ground cracked black pepper and use it on, and in, everything
  276. we eat or cook. While we love grinding our own black pepper, our challenge has
  277. been to find the perfect pepper mill. Throughout the years we have accumulated a
  278. diverse collection of pepper mills in all sizes, shapes, and materials, and in
  279. all price ranges. While perfectly fine to use tableside, using them for cooking
  280. purposes presented more of a challenge when we wanted more finely ground black
  281. pepper. When we recently  discovered  the PepperMate
  282. Pepper Mill, we found it to be
  283. the perfect pepper mill solution. 
  286. </description>
  287. </item>
  288. <item rdf:about="">
  289. <dc:format>text/html</dc:format>
  290. <dc:date>2023-12-01T06:10:38+01:00</dc:date>
  291. <dc:source></dc:source>
  292. <title>Halifax Restaurant, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA</title>
  293. <link></link>
  294. <description>
  298. Situated
  299. along the river in Hoboken, New Jersey, the restaurant Halifax
  300. has a cool and contemporary stunning urban vibe
  301. that pairs beautifully with Executive Chef Seadon Shouse's
  302. creative, inspired, and exquisite cuisine. Handcrafted cocktails with housemade
  303. ingredients, a stellar wine by the bottle list, as well wines by the glass,
  304. make Halifax a standout. If Halifax in Hoboken, New Jersey
  305. is not yet on your culinary radar of exceptional places to dine, it should be! Bon
  306. Appetit!
  308. </description>
  309. </item>
  310. <item rdf:about="">
  311. <dc:format>text/html</dc:format>
  312. <dc:date>2023-12-08T12:18:10+01:00</dc:date>
  313. <dc:source></dc:source>
  314. <title>From The Hill By The Sea â\x80\x93 A Book By Seadon Shouse</title>
  315. <link></link>
  316. <description>
  320. Although Chef Seadon Shouse
  321. went to culinary school, in a way his training began back in rural Novia
  322. Scotia, Canada where he grew up fishing, foraging, and planting. For a chef,
  323. there could not be a better foundation than an appreciation, respect, and
  324. passion for the food he creates from an early age. His cookbook and memoir, From The Hill By The Sea - A
  325. Book by Seadon Shouse
  326. is filled with wonderful recipes,
  327. beautiful photographs, and interesting stories about growing up, fishing, and
  328. foraging in Nova Scotia with his sister and his dad. As the Executive Chef at Halifax restaurant
  329. in Hoboken, New Jersey, Seadon Shouse delivers his creative
  330. cuisine from the cookbook to the table with love. Until you can visit the
  331. restaurant and taste his cuisine personally, the book is a perfect gift for
  332. foodies, foragers, and lovers of a good story.
  335. </description>
  336. </item>
  337. <item rdf:about=";_sake_competition%2c_south_norwalk%2c_ct%2c_usa.html">
  338. <dc:format>text/html</dc:format>
  339. <dc:date>2023-11-29T01:13:31+01:00</dc:date>
  340. <dc:source></dc:source>
  341. <title>Great International Beer, Cider, Mead &amp; Sake Competition, South Norwalk, CT, USA</title>
  342. <link>;_sake_competition%2c_south_norwalk%2c_ct%2c_usa.html</link>
  343. <description>
  347. Could there
  348. be any better job than being a spirits' judge? We lent our spirits knowledge as
  349. well as our palates to act as judges for the 25th anniversary
  350. of the Great International Beer, Cider, Mead   Sake
  351. Competition held on Saturday,
  352. November 4, 2023, in the Magnificent Room at The SoNo
  353. Collection in South Norwalk, Connecticut! Over the course of four hours, we, along with our fellow judges, tasted
  354. products in assigned categories in a blind tasting, with winners awarded at the
  355. end of the competition. Cheers!
  358. </description>
  359. </item>
  360. <item rdf:about="">
  361. <dc:format>text/html</dc:format>
  362. <dc:date>2023-11-16T15:14:21+01:00</dc:date>
  363. <dc:source></dc:source>
  364. <title>The Gilded Age Cookbook by Becky Libourel Diamond</title>
  365. <link></link>
  366. <description>
  370. As a dedicated
  371. fan of Downtown Abbey and The Gilded Age, I fell in love with The Gilded Age Cookbook  - Recipes and Stories from
  372. America's Golden era by Becky Libourel Diamond. While the recipes are
  373. wonderful, it is her carefully researched stories behind the recipes, along
  374. with stunning photographs and vintage art, that make her cookbook such a
  375. treasure. The cookbook makes a perfect gift for foodies as well as history
  376. fans.
  379. </description>
  380. </item>
  381. </rdf:RDF>

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