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  14. <description>The past 24 hours of questions at Ask MetaFilter</description>
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  22. <title>Hi Grandma, Relax, We have a Newborn</title>
  23. <description><![CDATA[We're having our second in less than two weeks, and my parents are coming to watch our toddler and will help for a day or two. I'd like a script to help my mother not be overbearing with the newborn and try to do too much as she did with newborn last time. Help me with a strategy/script on this that makes this likely and ensures my wife gets to spend quality first couple days with the baby. Snowflakes inside<br/><br/>- my wife is white or "American" as they say. <br>
  24. - My mom has never worked, is South Asian (and traditional, grew up in the villages in the 50s and 60s) and she loves newborns, infants and kids. It's the only thing she feels like an expert in. (she had 3 kids within 1 year)<br>
  25. - Our family is very passive/guess culture/non confrontational. <br>
  26. - My wife asked me to remind my mom this and she was visibly shaking/angry from the first experience (my mom would ask for baby, thinking that holding baby and feeding him-- her thought). She somewhat blames my parents coming for her shortened breast feeding experience (they came to help after about a month of bodhi)<br>
  27. -What we want our parents to do: help with toddler, clean house, cook meals<br>
  28. -What we're ok with: my mom holding baby for short periods until she's older, not 'taking over' <br>
  29. -Ok with asking them they should go home shortly after we return (but not immediately)<br>
  30. -Typical mefi responses like "that's not possible", are not helpful.]]></description>
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  39. <title>Certified Addiction Counselor work experience conundrum </title>
  40. <description><![CDATA[How do I get work experience while I am still working on the certification? I am in Marietta, Georgia, and I need 6,000 hours of work experience in the field. I'm looking for anyone with their CAC or CADC I who can help me figure out how they got the hours while working on the certification.<br/><br/>I am taking the 300 hours of coursework and will hire someone to supervise me, but I am not sure how to get the 6,000 hours of work experience without my certification. I will visit some rehab centers, but I feel very ignorant about this part of the work.<br>
  41. <br>
  42. Did you get an entry-level position? I know 6,000 hours is 3 years of full-time work, and it seems insane to do that before I even get certified.<br>
  43. <br>
  44. Any enlightenment will help.]]></description>
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  54. <title>The cost of living... with a canine companion</title>
  55. <description><![CDATA[Dog companions: what's your monthly budget and cost breakdown for taking care of your furry friend?<br/><br/>I am once again mulling the notion of adopting a doggo. (Foster first, of course.) But my budget isn't what it was in my tech job years so I need to be sensible about costs.<br>
  56. <br>
  57. What does your monthly doggo-care budget look like? Assume a  single, medium-sized, reasonably healthy dog that is not a Problem Breed in terms of healthcare.  <br>
  58. <br>
  59. I'm thinking items like:<br>
  60. <br>
  61. * Food (and what kind of food? Kibble? Canned? Raw diet?)<br>
  62. * Vet bills / insurance<br>
  63. * Toys / chews <br>
  64. * Training (mostly an upfront cost, I'd imagine, especially for us who are new to dog stewardship)<br>
  65. * Lodging, in case I am going out of town and can't feasibly take doggo with me<br>
  66. * Licensing<br>
  67. * .... what else....? <br>
  68. <br>
  69. I don't care where you live :-) I'll do a bit of a conversion myself, God willing, if you live in the US for example.]]></description>
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  85. <title>Charles Buhler reactionless drive math error?</title>
  86. <description><![CDATA[A <a href="">story</a> about a NASA engineer discovering a new force of nature which enables reactionless propulsion popped up some days ago. I was intrigued at first but this all sounds very scammy. One commenter had to say this about the math in the underlying patent:
  88. "Lol the math is so bad. He "derives" the formula mv=t*dU/dx, but U switches from the total potential energy in the first equation to something like the potential energy density in that equation. The total potential energy U is not a function of x so dU/dx is zero and his whole argument falls apart."
  90. The equations can be found in the <a href="">patent</a> on page 20. And also at the end of the article I linked to in the beginning. But I have no knowledge of physics, is this piece of math indeed obviously false?]]></description>
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  98. <title>Help me understand my THC consumtion</title>
  99. <description><![CDATA[About a year ago I switched from vaping flower to single-use electric vaporiser  pre-loaded with THC (but is it?). The commercial names of these products are "PackMan" and "The 10/10 Boys" and they are made in California. There is no list of ingredients on the packaging but it appears to contain "D9 liquid" and something called "diamond" and contains less than 0.3% Delta9. Where I live these items cannot be bought, so I cannot walk into a shop and ask about it.<br/><br/>The main advantage for me in using these disposable and preloaded vaporises is that there is no weed smell in the house, unlike the flower that I used to vape that caused my husband to want to leave me despite not vaping in the house. I know how bad disposable vapes are, even though I recycle mine, I hate this aspect. The other aspect I hate is that I don't know what is in these commercially produced vapes and what are the potential side effects. If you have experience with these THC vapes, can you please share your knowledge? thank you.]]></description>
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  109. <title>I eat salmon, love it. What are other good-guy sources of fat?</title>
  110. <description><![CDATA[Kay Redfield Jamison, my go-to for info on manic depression, says "<em>Eat like a grizzly. Salmon and blueberries."</em> I'd like to go to Alaska, hop into a river and catch the fish in the air, and roar, but my life -- thus far -- has me settling for Trader Joe's. I spend the bucks for sock-eye, worth every extra nickel. There are so many fish-oil supplements, I don't mind spending extra for high quality but not just for a product with a fancy label.<br/><br/>Plus good-guy fat is good for our hearts, too; pretty much anything good for our brain is good for our hearts.<br>
  111. <br>
  112. And how about let's not go to the tiresome "<em>Food isn't medicine.</em>" bit. I'm sure you're right, in fact I'm positive of it, but just for fun let's pretend we're not all that smart, and that eating healthy food, while not medicine, is good for us.]]></description>
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  125. <title>How to think about child fatness and health (autistic 7 y.o.)</title>
  126. <description><![CDATA[CW: fatness, neurodivergence, disability, parenting<br/><br/>My child (autistic+ADHD, PDAer, 7 years old) has gotten markedly fatter in the last year. This has coincided with a few things: burning out of school and staying home "homeschooling", being on an SSRI (fluoxetine aka Prozac), vastly increased screen time, vastly reduced outdoor time, and increased between-meal hunger and snack frequency.<br>
  127. <br>
  128. Regarding his eating: it is very well possible that earlier (while he was still in a regular school routine), he had been hungry before and not eating enough, owing to lack of time, stress, and interoceptive difficulties. In terms of the specific foods he eats, he is a little picky and gravitates to processed/carby food when hungry but not more than average for a kid his age.<br>
  129. <br>
  130. During this year, he has gone from being what would be described as a skinny kid to what would be described as a fat kid, so it's been a very rapid and noticeable shift. His former pediatrician called out his BMI (we "fired" her for mentioning it in front of him, but not for mentioning it to us).<br>
  131. <br>
  132. We do not comment to him on his weight or body at all, ever, and we rarely comment on his eating except sometimes to steer him away from overindulging on processed food to less-processed food, especially when he is asking for his third afternoon snack.<br>
  133. <br>
  134. I don't know how to think about this weight gain. On the one hand, I know that the general discourse on fatness (including in the medical establishment) does far more harm than good. On the other hand, my main concern is whether this rapid weight gain at a young age can cause permanent health effects, especially if it continues or grows further.<br>
  135. <br>
  136. And then, what to do about it? The lifestyle changes I mentioned above are not within our control, owing to his neurotype. So even if this weight gain *is* long-term bad, is it something we have to just radically accept, as we have accepted other changes in our expectations? But I at least want to be clear-eyed about what the costs and benefits are.<br>
  137. <br>
  138. <strong>Important note: if you do not have insight beyond "common sense" on both neurodivergence and pediatric health, please refrain from commenting. (Being parent to an autistic kid or internet research does not count as insight, unless you have spent a lot of time learning rigorously from trusted sources. If you lean towards ABA or behaviorism please refrain from commenting. If you are unsure whether you have standing to comment, please refrain from commenting.)</strong><br>
  139. <br>
  140. Insights from autistic people and fat people (esp those who were fat as kids) especially appreciated.]]></description>
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  149. <title>Protein calories not adding up</title>
  150. <description><![CDATA[I know that the numbers on a nutrition label are estimates, usually rounded up to nearest whole number, but this seems weird. Can of skipjack tuna says it has 31 grams of protein but the calorie count is 113. If protein has 4 calories per gram...what gives? Should I assume the calorie count is wrong or the protein count?]]></description>
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  153. <pubDate>Mon, 22 Apr 2024 00:47:11 GMT</pubDate>
  154. <dc:creator>Rufous-headed Towhee heehee</dc:creator>
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  158. <title>What software should I use to build a course for work?</title>
  159. <description><![CDATA[it is an internal facing course for our teams. I'm writing the content. Text, images, possibly an embedded video or two, and quizzes would be essential, and generating a certificate at the end (or at least some sort of proof) would be nice. Free is nice, ok to pay a bit.]]></description>
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  163. <dc:creator>The Last Sockpuppet</dc:creator>
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  168. <title>Should I buy some facebook fixit car paint</title>
  169. <description><![CDATA[A car side-swiped me in an attempt to cut me off in traffic. I have the license plate number and details etc. But <a href="">the damage</a> appears to be just to the paint. I have not yet reported the collision or called my insurance company. This was on Friday. Facebook is advertising magic rub-it-on-and-fix-the-scratches car paint. Should I just buy some stuff and rub it on my car and move on and avoid involving my insurance company. This is in Ontario. My deductible is $1000. If you think I should just buy something, is there any specific product you recommend?]]></description>
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  172. <pubDate>Sun, 21 Apr 2024 23:33:33 GMT</pubDate>
  173. <dc:creator>If only I had a penguin...</dc:creator>
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  183. <title>The rent is too darn high</title>
  184. <description><![CDATA[Torn between re-signing my apartment lease despite a dramatic rent increase (over 20%) and moving. It should be an easy decision, but finding a new apartment would mean a significantly longer commute and/or losing some amenities I kind of depend on. Plus... I'm hopefully buying a place next year, and I hate the thought of moving twice in such a short time span.<br/><br/>In favor of staying:<br>
  185. <br>
  186. I can afford it, barely.<br>
  187. I don't want to move twice. <br>
  188. I really like having a dishwasher. I will have more migraines if I don't have air conditioning. I really like having in-unit laundry, although I could be persuaded to give that up. All of these are amenities that are not very easy to find in my price range. <br>
  189. I like my shortish commute.<br>
  190. I have had some terrible landlords in my time and the thought of gambling on a new apartment where I don't know how much they care about maintenance is giving me hives.<br>
  191. <br>
  192. In favor of moving:<br>
  193. My personal feelings of outrage at being charged in the neighborhood of $1800 for an apartment that's so small I had to put my dresser out in the hallway.<br>
  194. I feel like I should be saving more money than I am, and that will be hard to do if my rent goes up by that much.<br>
  195. <br>
  196. These don't seem as strong as the reasons in favor of staying, but whenever I look at that rent number I think "I can't spend that much" and "I shouldn't spend that much" and "What on earth makes them think I'm going to spend that much."<br>
  197. <br>
  198. (If you know where I should rent in Milwaukee, please by all means let me know, but it has to be under $1500 including parking and pet rent! It doesn't make sense to move for someplace much more expensive than that, because I'm going to have to pay for movers twice.)]]></description>
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  211. <title>Tips for introvert children successfully leading a parent&apos;s memorial</title>
  212. <description><![CDATA[Our mother passed away and we are putting together a casual memorial in a local arboretum. We want it to be as successful (people sharing memories) as possible, but we children are all introverts and feel like we don't know how best to do/encourage that. Help.<br/><br/>Our mother passed away last winter. We put off having a memorial until Spring so that we could have it outside. We are planning a very casual memorial in a local arboretum (our mother <em>loved</em> trees).<br>
  213. <br>
  214. My siblings are I are all pretty introverted; my sister (the eldest) the least so, but she also may be the most emotional during the memorial, so I don't want her to have to lead and feel she has to choke down her tears.<br>
  215. <br>
  216. We grew up agnostic, so we don't have much experience with (or frankly, interest in) churchy funerals.<br>
  217. <br>
  218. We have invited my mother's elderly friends and a couple lovely people who worked with her at her retirement home.<br>
  219. <br>
  220. Other than each of us getting up and saying/reading something we want to say about our mother, I am a little at loose ends about the best way to encourage the others to share their remembrances of our mother.<br>
  221. <br>
  222. Like, we can say <br>
  223. <br>
  224. <em>"If anyone would like to share a memory or funny story about our mother, please do so..."</em>, <br>
  225. <br>
  226. but my worst fear is that that will be met with no one saying anything <br>
  227. (out of either nerves, or them feeling put on the spot and they can't just quickly think of one).<br>
  228. <br>
  229. I hope to be able to put together a slideshow of photos and a few video clips, which I guess I would play after my siblings and I spoke. (maybe that would give people some time/inspiration to think of something they might want to say?)<br>
  230. <br>
  231. I'm rambling, but basically<strong> I guess my question is this:<br>
  232. </strong><br>
  233. &#8226;<strong> If you have been to a funeral/memorial where there were good/great "ice-breaker" things that helped people share their memories, what were they?</strong><br>
  234. <br>
  235. Other than a blank guest book for people to write in (which I feel might be limiting because only one person could do it at a time, and might feel rushed), I was thinking we could maybe put some blank watercolor-paper cards on each table with some pens, and if people wanted to write a memory on it, they could, and then have a box/basket where people could leave them (or we also have some pre-addressed envelopes if people want to write something at home and drop it in the mail).<br>
  236. <br>
  237. Or&#8212;and this may be too weird&#8212;we could ask questions as prompts for them to either directly answer on the cards, or just to inspire thoughts/memories about time spent with our mother; something like <br>
  238. <br>
  239. <em>"Did you ever have what you thought at the time might be a disaster, but then you and our mother fell into fits of laughter at the situation?"</em> (Mom always found the humor in the absurd), <br>
  240. <br>
  241. <em>"Did you have a favorite song you like to sing with our mother (or hear her sing)?"</em> (Mom also loved singing), <br>
  242. <br>
  243. <em>"When you think of our mom, is there a specific moment like a photo that comes to mind&#8212;like 'us having just successfully moved into our new office, covered in dust, and rewarding ourselves by going to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins'?"</em><br>
  244. <br>
  245. Some of the attendees were part of our multi-family Friendsgiving, so I could ask something about a funny memory from those events...<br>
  246. <br>
  247. And I guess I will try to tell a few short little stories and remembrances in my "speech", and maybe that might prime the pump for others...?<br>
  248. <br>
  249. <strong>So, again, any ways/techniques/things-we-can-hand-out-or-have-on-each-table to encourage sharing, be it vocal or written.</strong><br>
  250. <br>
  251. Also, if you have an idea of a basic itinerary/schedule such as <br>
  252. <br>
  253. "12:00 noon - greet people as they arrive"<br>
  254. 12:15 - children's speeches<br>
  255. 12:30 - encouraging others to share<br>
  256. 1pm - slide show and ice cream"<br>
  257. <br>
  258. that would be helpful (and might include things we hadn't even thought of)<br>
  259. <br>
  260. Thank you]]></description>
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  271. <title>Messenger/shoulder bag recommendations for men? (Amazon if possible)</title>
  272. <description><![CDATA[I tend to go out quite <em>often</em>, and bring necessities such as 1-2 water bottles, small snacks, meds, and eyeglasses cleaning cloths with me. I also want room for my iPad (9th gen, 10.2 inches, thicker with a protective case). What's a good messenger bag for me that's reasonably priced ($20-40) and good-sized while not being awkward or too large to comfortably carry around?<br/><br/>I purchased <a href="">this</a>, and while it's super nice with all the compartments, it's pretty small&#8212;I didn't have room for much more once my iPad was inside. I want something a bit bigger, but not too big. I also want something that doesn't break the bank, and comfortable shoulder straps are a <em>must.</em><br>
  273. <br>
  274. I'm eyeing <a href="">this</a>, and it looks pretty good, but am open to other recommendations. Compartments are also important to help keep me better organized. I've been using a combo of grocery bags and my backpack, but want to pivot to messenger-style bags. <br>
  275. <br>
  276. Thanks!]]></description>
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  285. <title>Hungry Hungry, Cat</title>
  286. <description><![CDATA[Looking for suggestions on how to keep my cat from eating the neighbor cats' food.<br/><br/>I have cats and so does my nextdoor neighbor.<br>
  287. My cat likes to visit her house and eat her cats' food.<br>
  288. He gets ample food here, and treats.<br>
  289. My cats go in and out when I open a door for them. Hers have a cat door.<br>
  290. I asked if she'd thought about getting the kind of cat door that only lets cats through if they have a special collar. She says she used to have one but the mechanism doesn't work any more and she's not sure how feasible a new cat door would be.<br>
  291. Also suggested she close down the cat door and just let her cats in and out like I do. She's not keen on that idea because she's out most of the day. (I am too but I let that slide because she is a really nice lady and a great neighbor.)<br>
  292. So if my fellow cat/dog havers have any tips, please let me know. <br>
  293. Yes, I am aware that keeping the cats indoors all the time or restricting them to a "catio" would be the most ethical option, but a short-term option would be appreciated.]]></description>
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  304. <title>Not quite an excessive amount of lemons.... Yet...</title>
  305. <description><![CDATA[I have 3/4ths of a cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a few more to juice and realized I don't have a real plan.  What is your favorite lemon based recipe?<br/><br/>Criteria: no seafood/shellfish, have already generously seasoned some carrots with lemon zest&amp; ginger, and have short ribs braising in the oven (so a default of lemony chicken or pasta perhaps is out for now). Freezing for later use is an option, as is regular lemonade and I do like lemon bars but have no preferred recipe, and don't have a sweet tooth. <br>
  306. <br>
  307. I also have 1/2 lemon zest+sugar if that inspires anything further. <br>
  308. <br>
  309. Hit me up with your lemony goodness!]]></description>
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  319. <title>Is this really what HIPAA means?</title>
  320. <description><![CDATA[Kid Blah, age 21, is doing a semester abroad &amp; requires a doctor appt. when he returns home. I have just been told by the doc's office that I can't schedule the appointment because of HIPAA. Is this for real??<br/><br/>He asked me to make the appointment for him since he's living in a time zone that isn't super conducive to this &amp; doesn't have a ton of phone access.  The sum total of what I want to do is make the appointment, and if asked, yes, *I* can tell *them* why Kid wants to see the doc. I will require hearing zero health information from them.<br>
  321. <br>
  322. At the same time, I have also made a dentist appointment for when he returns, and an optometrist appointment. Neither of those offices put up any fuss when I did this. <br>
  323. <br>
  324. Possibly important: I did just try to do this today (Sunday), because the clinic is open...but I know they're only open for limited services so maybe the person who answered the phone is just an idiot?]]></description>
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  332. <title>Living in mom&apos;s basement, legal-like</title>
  333. <description><![CDATA[We are consolidating households with my mother in her home, and I'm trying to think through all the issues we need to make sure we handle.<br/><br/>This is going to be a change of state residence from California to Texas, and that's the primary thing I'm trying to make sure we do correctly.<br>
  334. <br>
  335. We're going to go talk to mom's State Farm agent tomorrow to move our auto/renter's policy to Texas, which will give us one of the two pieces of required paperwork to get driver's licenses.  I have had a bank account here since I was a child.<br>
  336. <br>
  337. It seems like a good idea to me to sign a lease with mom, so we have an actual legal documentation of residence and can carry our own renter's insurance on our stuff, but my concern is if this creates any liabilities for my mother.  She is retired and on Medicare, but as far as she knows there's no prohibition on making any kind of income.  It probably wouldn't be a terrible idea to have me documented as an official resident in the house if something really bad happened.<br>
  338. <br>
  339. The relationship is solid so that is not a concern.  While she is still in decent health today we have already been making sure all our ducks are in a row if that suddenly stops being the case, since my father died a few years ago.  I am her only living relative (and she is my only living blood relative, and aside from her all I've got is my spouse), so we do not anticipate any sudden family drama.  <br>
  340. <br>
  341. We will not actually be here all the time, as we are generally working away from home, so mostly we are not dealing with roommate issues.  I don't expect her to need to evict us, in other words, though it might not be a bad idea to have the option should my husband or I suddenly be replaced with an evil twin.<br>
  342. <br>
  343. Is a lease an actual bad idea though?  Is there anything else we should do or not do just to prevent any undesirable liabilities on either side?  Mom's in between lawyers at the moment (she keeps outliving them) and I don't know that this is a serious enough situation to need billable hours thrown at it.]]></description>
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  355. <title>N95 mask for 2024 - larger face</title>
  356. <description><![CDATA[I am searching for an N95 mask (no KN95s) that will fit my fat, long face. I don't have a great big head; it's just my face is fat, and the distance from the bridge of my nose to below my chin seems to be a problem for many masks (I have a big nose for a small woman). I am hoping that someone out there has the answer for me. No earloops, please - just the double-headband ones.<br/><br/>I went with this <a href="">Powecom KN95 mask for a few years</a>, but it doesn't feel like a 100% fit seal, and while I'm sure most everyone will tell me I'm nit-picking, I would prefer an N95. I then tried the <a href="">3M N95 Aura</a>, which I *loved*, except for one thing - my face is long and fat, and the cup formed by the mask is too short -- it either moves down my nose when I talk, or the part that's supposed to stay under the chin doesn't. If they made an Aura in a slightly bigger size, that would be the perfect mask for me.<br>
  357. <br>
  358. I don't care what the mask looks like - duckbill, flat-fold, round, whatever - and I don't particularly care if it's not "comfy." I need an N95 that uses headbands (one high and one low), will maintain a good seal to my face and not shift around, and isn't too small for me. <br>
  359. <br>
  360. Also, I wear glasses, so it would be great if it passed the fog test.<br>
  361. <br>
  362. Thanks to everyone who has an answer.<br>
  363. <br>
  364. I've read the <a href="">previous</a> posts <a href="">about</a> N95s and <a href="">none</a> of them quite <a href="">addressed</a> my <a href="">issue</a>. <br>
  365. <br>
  366. (Category choice was between "shopping" and "grab bag," and I think this is a little more grab-baggy.)]]></description>
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