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  15.   <title>Daily News Stuff 1 December 2023</title>
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  18.   <summary>Pinecorn Edition Top Story The web browser that was banned from the Google Play store because it can browse the web is back up. (Ars Technica) Google may be both evil and stupid, but apparently they still have limits. Tech News How come tech founders don't give a crap about sustainability. (Tech Crunch) Because nobody does. It's almost entirely a grift. And if the secondary grift interferes with the primary grift, out it goes. The weirdest bug I've seen yet. (Gusto) Not me, but the person writing the blog. Tracking down why the company's internal customer support application would crash...</summary>
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  26.   <title>Daily News Stuff 30 November 2023</title>
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  29.   <summary>Be Fruitful And Multiply Edition Top Story Elon Musk today addressed advertisers who are boycotting Twitter in an attempt to reintroduce censorship. (WCCFTech) He told them to go fuck themselves. He used those words. This is precisely why the left is so upset about Musk owning Twitter: He's the richest man in the world. He can tell advertisers to go fuck themselves when they attempt to enforce the far-left agenda. If Twitter goes broke, well, whatever. Tech News BBC Basic is back in a big way. (Hackaday) The new version runs on Windows, Mac, Linux (including Raspberry Pi), Android, and...</summary>
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  37.   <title>Daily News Stuff 29 November 2023</title>
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  40.   <summary>Cocoa Banana Edition Top Story The Google Play Store keeps banning a third-party web browser. (Ars Technica) Not because Google hates third-party web browsers, but because this web browser keeps getting hit by nonsensical DMCA takedown notices. Like it containing "Properties of Warner Bros. Discovery Inc." when you load the Warner Bros. web site. Which is kind of what a web browser does. I have a sneaking suspicion why this particular browser is getting hit: It integrates a file explorer, and is called Downloader. Tech News Just after fixing a security flaw with a severity rating of 9.8, ownCloud has...</summary>
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  48.   <title>Daily News Stuff 28 November 2023</title>
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  51.   <summary>All The Ti In China Edition Top Story A land grab is under way in Australia for lithium mining rights. (Financial Times) For the most part it's major Australian companies blocking foreign takeovers of lithium mining startups. Despite a collapse in lithium prices, sales by Australia quadrupled in the first half of this year compared with 2022. All by itself that generated a 1% annual growth in Australia's GDP. Tech News The latest NAS from AOOSTAR has 6 3.5" drive bays and 6 M.2 slots, powered by a Ryzen 5800U. (Liliputing) When I saw the logo in the picture I...</summary>
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  59.   <title>Daily News Stuff 27 November 2023</title>
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  62.   <summary>The Bat Came Back Edition Top Story While Americans are slowly waking up from their food comas, those crafty Chinese are preparing to start manufacturing 5nm chips... Sort of. (WCCFTech) China has been banned from buying the machines to make chips below the 14nm node. They can make 12nm chips because 12nm is really just a tweaked version of 14nm. And they can make 7nm via a technique called double-patterning, which was used before EUV technology (extreme ultra-violet) made direct 7nm and smaller nodes possible. Double-patterning is expensive and fussy and wrecks your yield - the percentage of good chips...</summary>
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  70.   <title>Daily News Stuff 26 November 2023</title>
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  73.   <summary>Trigger Words Edition Top Story The immediate trigger behind the recent turmoil at OpenAI was a research paper into the risks of AI led by one of the board members. (WCCFTech) The paper is idiotic drivel. Tech News The Dunning-Kruger Effect is autocorrelation. (Economics from the Top Down) That doesn't mean it's not real, it just means that all it's showing is that idiots are idiots, which we already knew. No it isn't. (andersource) Well, that clears that up. AMD's new Threadripper 7980X is faster than any Xeon or Epyc server CPU. (Notebook Check) On the Passmark benchmark, anyway. The...</summary>
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  81.   <title>Daily News Stuff 25 November 2023</title>
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  84.   <summary>Istanbul Is Constantinople Edition Top Story Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, says we should be full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes on AI. Hmm. In just the past six months, Nvidia has shot up from the fourth highest revenues in the semiconductor industries to take first place. (Tom's Hardware) Based almost entirely on sales of high-end AI chips, which go for twenty times as much as similar chips for the gaming market. Tech News Researchers have bypassed Windows Hello secure logins. (Bleeping Computer) All they needed to do was (checks notes) completely disassemble and rewire the laptop. Windows Hello...</summary>
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  92.   <title>Daily News Stuff 24 November 2023</title>
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  95.   <summary>Natural Turkey Extract Edition Top Story How it started: Exports of Nvidia's RTX 4090 to China will be banned starting November 17 following existing bans on high-end Nvidia AI cards. (Tom's Hardware) How it's going: Chinese factories are dismantling the RTX 4090s on their production lines and turning them into high-end AI cards. (WCCFTech) So... You banned these products from being exported to the country that manufactures them? Smart. (The chips are made in Taiwan, and manufacturing of the cards will likely move to Taiwan as well, but there were a lot of chips already in China set to be...</summary>
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  103.   <title>Daily News Stuff 23 November 2023</title>
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  106.   <summary>Bleh Edition Top Story It would appear that everyone at OpenAI is either profoundly autistic or sociopathic. (Reuters) But someone decided to give them billions of dollars anyway. The sociopath has a name that might rhyme with Pram Praltman. (Washington Post) (archive site) This is not the first time Praltman has been fired from a company he was running. Tech News The third - or fourth? - generation of Dell's Inspiron 16 Plus is here. (Hot Hardware) It's a little faster than the original model (which I have) but is pretty meh otherwise. It looks like AMD's high-end graphics cards...</summary>
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  114.   <title>Daily News Stuff 22 November 2023</title>
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  117.   <summary>Per Astra Ad Aspera Edition Top Story The DOJ has apparently succeeded in shaking down Binance for $4 billion. (Wall Street Journal) (archive site) The fines will settle civil liabilities over violating US financial sanctions in allowing people to transfer imaginary money over the internet, and CEO Changpeng Zhao will plead guilty to one criminal charge and - since he's not a Republican - probably get off with probation. Tech News Sarah Silverman's lawsuit alleging that all generative AI constitutes copyright infringement continues to fall apart. (Hollywood Reporter) If only someone could have predicted this. Sunbird is a secure messaging...</summary>
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  125.   <title>Daily News Stuff 21 November 2023</title>
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  128.   <summary>You Don't Hate Journalists Enough Edition Top Story Elon Musk went nuclear on Media Matters. (Tech Crunch) The article tries do pretend this didn't happen, because as the saying goes You don't hate journalists enough. You think you do, but you don't. Media Matters ran a shock expos&eacute; showing that Twitter ran ads against extremist content, leading to a flight of major advertisers. The only problem is, Twitter was watching while they did this. What they did was create a new account and: 1. Follow every Nazi meme account they could found (which was not many). 2. Follow the major...</summary>
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  136.   <title>Daily News Stuff 20 November 2023</title>
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  139.   <summary>Picnics On The Sun Edition Top Story A day after firing Sam Altman, OpenAI is in talks to bring him back. (Tech Crunch) No they're not. (Tech Crunch) Well, that certainly clears that up. Tech News Twitch founder Emmett Shear will be the new CEO of OpenAI. (The Verge) It looks like the researchers and non-profit board wanted a CEO who would run the business, and not try to also run the non-profit side of things. Microsoft is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Patch Tuesday. (Microsoft) Apparently with a driver update that broke the microphone in my laptop. After 33...</summary>
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  147.   <title>Daily News Stuff 19 November 2023</title>
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  150.   <summary>Up The Sideways Staircase Edition Top Story Starship's second test flight successfully reached space - and then went boom. (Ars Technica) Not everything went to plan, but it went a lot better than the first test, with all 33 engines in the booster working, a clean separation of the second stage of the rocket, and reaching a height of nearly 150km before the automated self-destruct system got bored and decided to join in the fun. Tech News The Silicon Power UD90 is one of the cheapest 4TB SSDs around. How does it perform? Poorly. (Serve the Home) It is rated...</summary>
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  158.   <title>Daily News Stuff 18 November 2023</title>
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  161.   <summary>Stage Left Pursued By A Boar Edition Top Story What the fuck is going on at OpenAI? (Tech Crunch) Snake ail salesman Sam Altman has been dismissed as CEO and removed from the board, and co-founder Greg Brockman, who yesterday was chairman and president, is now neither of those. CTO Mira Murati is interim CEO until a replacement can be found. Altman is also deeply involved in the thoroughly sleazy Worldcoin project, and the moderately dubious Humane AI pin. It might be something as simple as a conflict of interests, or it could be something... More. Sam Altman strikes me...</summary>
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  169.   <title>Daily News Stuff 17 November 2023</title>
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  172.   <summary>Only 317 Shopping Days Before Michaelmas Edition Top Story Running Signal - an encrypted messaging app with hundreds of millions of installs worldwide - costs $40 million a year. (Wired) That's not a lot on the scale of major platforms, but the breakdown is interesting. Nearly half of it goes on salaries and benefits. Signal has a relatively small engineering team but keeping engineers working in a major US city is expensive. $1.7 million goes to pay for 20 petabytes of data transfers for voice and video calls. And $6 million is spent just on the verification messages sent via...</summary>
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