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  5. <title>Information Liberation</title>
  6. <description>The news you're not supposed to know...</description>
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  10.   <title>Report: Blinken Sitting On Staff Recommendations to Sanction Israeli Military Units Linked to Killings or Rapes</title>
  11.   <pubDate>Wed, 17 Apr 2024 19:55:51 -0400</pubDate>
  12.   <description>Secretary of State Antony Blinken is refusing to punish Israel for credible human rights abuses -- including the sexual torture and "rape by an object" of a 15-year-old boy in Israeli Border Police custody -- despite recommendations from staff at the...</description>
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  17.   <title>America Last: House Bill Provides $26B for Israel, $61B for Ukraine and Zero to Secure U.S. Border</title>
  18.   <pubDate>Wed, 17 Apr 2024 15:46:27 -0400</pubDate>
  19.   <description>House Speaker Mike Johnson's newly unveiled foreign aid bill includes over $26 billion for Israel -- $12 billion more than the previous bill which asked for $14 billion -- $61 billion for Ukraine and absolutely nothing to secure America's borders.
  20. ...</description>
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  25.   <title>Bari Weiss' Free Speech Martyr Uri Berliner Wants FBI and Police to Spy on Pro-Palestine Activists</title>
  26.   <pubDate>Wed, 17 Apr 2024 12:23:07 -0400</pubDate>
  27.   <description>NPR editor Uri Berliner, who Bari Weiss' "Free Press" is pushing as a free speech martyr, shared a tweet "hoping" the FBI and NYPD were spying on pro-Palestine activists and pushed the "40 beheaded babies" hoax.  
  28.                                   ...</description>
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  33.   <title>Telegram Founder Changed Mind on Setting Up Shop in San Francisco After Being Robbed Leaving Twitter HQ</title>
  34.   <pubDate>Tue, 16 Apr 2024 20:36:33 -0400</pubDate>
  35.   <description>Telegram founder Pavel Durov told Tucker Carlson in an interview released on Tuesday that he looked into setting up shop in San Francisco but changed his mind after being robbed by "three big guys" in broad daylight upon leaving from a meeting with J...</description>
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  40.   <title>Ukraine Tells The U.S. It Wants to Be Treated Like Israel</title>
  41.   <pubDate>Tue, 16 Apr 2024 16:38:19 -0400</pubDate>
  42.   <description>Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants the United States to treat Ukraine like Israel, meaning we will not only fund their government and arm their military but also directly fight their wars.  
  43.                                                ...</description>
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  48.   <title>MSNBC's Joy Reid Celebrates Prosecution of Trump as Racial Revenge Against Whitey</title>
  49.   <pubDate>Tue, 16 Apr 2024 16:05:17 -0400</pubDate>
  50.   <description>MSNBC's Joy Reid celebrated former President Donald Trump's prosecution as a "wonderfully poetic" form of racial revenge against whitey.  
  51.                                                                                                              ...</description>
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  56.   <title>Sen. Tom Cotton Tells Followers to 'Take Matters Into Your Own Hands' Against 'Pro-Hamas Mobs'</title>
  57.   <pubDate>Tue, 16 Apr 2024 12:58:05 -0400</pubDate>
  58.   <description>AIPAC-funded Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Monday encouraged his followers to "take matters into your own hands" against the "pro-Hamas mobs blocking traffic."  
  59.                                                                                        ...</description>
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  64.   <title>House Speaker Mike Johnson Meets With Pro-Israel Lobbyist John Hagee in DC</title>
  65.   <pubDate>Tue, 16 Apr 2024 11:41:13 -0400</pubDate>
  66.   <description>House Speaker Mike Johnson on Monday night met with pro-Israel lobbyist Pastor John Hagee of the front group "Christians United for Israel" to discuss sending billions of US taxpayer dollars and weapons aid to Israel.
  67.                              ...</description>
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  72.   <title>Report On HIAS-Linked NGO 'Encouraging Illegals to Vote Biden' Called Into Question</title>
  73.   <pubDate>Tue, 16 Apr 2024 09:34:19 -0400</pubDate>
  74.   <description>A report claiming an NGO with links to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is encouraging migrants in Mexico to "vote for President Biden" when they arrive in the US is being called into question by Fox News' Bill Melugin.  
  75.                           ...</description>
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  80.   <title>Israel to Extend Water Agreement With Jordan 'For Helping Shoot Down Iranian Drones'</title>
  81.   <pubDate>Mon, 15 Apr 2024 17:33:52 -0400</pubDate>
  82.   <description>Israel is reportedly going to reward Jordan for shooting down Iranian drones fired at Israel by extending a water agreement for another year.
  83.                                                                                                           ...</description>
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  88.   <title>Trump: 'It Looks Like the Judge Will Not Let Me Go to the Graduation of My Son'</title>
  89.   <pubDate>Mon, 15 Apr 2024 16:18:47 -0400</pubDate>
  90.   <description>Former President Donald Trump lamented on Monday that New York judge Juan Merchan appears poised to block him from attending his son Barron's high school graduation.  
  91.                                                                                 ...</description>
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  96.   <title>Patriot ACT on Steroids: FISA Bill Forces 'An Enormous Range' of Businesses to Act as NSA Spies</title>
  97.   <pubDate>Mon, 15 Apr 2024 13:11:30 -0400</pubDate>
  98.   <description>The FISA bill being rammed through Congress is "the biggest expansion of domestic surveillance since the Patriot Act" and could compel "an enormous range" of businesses to start acting as NSA spies.
  99.                                                  ...</description>
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  104.   <title>Reuters: Iran Gave 'Wide Notice' Days Before Attack on Israel</title>
  105.   <pubDate>Mon, 15 Apr 2024 12:06:11 -0400</pubDate>
  106.   <description>Iran reportedly tipped off Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and the US three days ahead of their planned drone attack on Israel to minimize the risk of escalation.
  107.                                                                                                 ...</description>
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  112.   <title>John Hagee Cheers Israel-Iran Battle as 'Gog and Magog War,' Will Lobby Congress Not to Deescalate</title>
  113.   <pubDate>Sun, 14 Apr 2024 18:12:32 -0400</pubDate>
  114.   <description>Pastor John Hagee, founder of the Christians United for Israel lobbying group, said Sunday that Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel was the start of the "Gog and Magog war" from the Bible and said he's going to lobby Congress not to "deescalate" tens...</description>
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  119.   <title>Right-Wing Media See Traffic Plummet in Wake of Algorithm Changes by Facebook, Google</title>
  120.   <pubDate>Sun, 14 Apr 2024 11:58:52 -0400</pubDate>
  121.   <description>The Atlantic on Saturday ran an article boasting about right-wing media sites seeing their traffic implode due to algorithmic changes by Facebook and Google -- but the joke is on them.  
  122.                                                              ...</description>
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  127.   <title>NBC News: Biden 'Concerned' Israel is Trying to Drag America Into a War With Iran</title>
  128.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Apr 2024 20:34:24 -0400</pubDate>
  129.   <description>President Joe Biden "privately expressed concern" on Saturday night that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to drag America into a war with Iran, NBC News reports.
  130.                                                                    ...</description>
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  135.   <title>"They're Not Wrong": Trump Voices Support for Pro-Palestine Protesters Chanting "Genocide Joe"</title>
  136.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Apr 2024 19:33:36 -0400</pubDate>
  137.   <description>Former President Donald Trump on Saturday night voiced support for pro-Palestine protesters at his rally in Pennsylvania chanting "Genocide Joe!"
  138.                                                                                                       ...</description>
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  143.   <title>Iran Launches Drone Attack on Israel in Retaliation for Embassy Bombing [UPDATED 4X]</title>
  144.   <pubDate>Sat, 13 Apr 2024 15:07:16 -0400</pubDate>
  145.   <description>UPDATE IV: Iran conducted a measured attack with some 200 drones which lasted around two to three hours and appeared to be calculated to avoid further escalations.  
  146.                                                                                   ...</description>
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  151.   <title>Haaretz: "Israel Has Been Defeated - A Total Defeat"</title>
  152.   <pubDate>Fri, 12 Apr 2024 09:46:34 -0400</pubDate>
  153.   <description>The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has declared that Israel has suffered a "total defeat" in their war on Gaza as "the war's aims won't be achieved, the hostages won't be returned through military pressure, security won't be restored and Israel's internat...</description>
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  158.   <title>Congress Introduces ADL-Backed 'Countering Antisemitism Act' to Police Online Speech</title>
  159.   <pubDate>Thu, 11 Apr 2024 18:02:05 -0400</pubDate>
  160.   <description>A bipartisan pair of AIPAC-funded senators have introduced a new bill backed by the Anti-Defamation League aimed at silencing criticism of Jews and Israel and policing Americans' online speech.
  161.                                                       ...</description>
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  166.   <title>'Unprecedented': Biden Admin to Ban Americans From Using Russian-Made Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software</title>
  167.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Apr 2024 18:07:38 -0400</pubDate>
  168.   <description>The Biden administration is planning to take the "unprecedented" step of banning Americans from using the Russian-made Kaspersky anti-virus software on their private computers in the name of "national security," according to CNN.
  169.                   ...</description>
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  174.   <title>John Podhoretz Labels Tucker Carlson 'Anti-Semite Filth' for Highlighting Israel's Attacks on Christians</title>
  175.   <pubDate>Wed, 10 Apr 2024 13:02:13 -0400</pubDate>
  176.   <description>Neocon John Podhoretz on Tuesday labeled Tucker Carlson "Anti Semite filth" for doing an interview highlighting Israel's persecutions of Christians.  
  177.                                                                                                  ...</description>
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  182.   <title>Hundreds of Bodies Found in Mass Graves at Al-Shifa Hospital 'Bulldozed by Israel and Buried Like Trash'</title>
  183.   <pubDate>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 14:42:48 -0400</pubDate>
  184.   <description>Palestinians on Tuesday discovered 409 bodies and counting in mass graves from Israel's massacre at Al-Shifa Hospital, with many of the bodies having been crushed by tanks, bulldozed and "buried like trash."
  185.                                         ...</description>
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  190.   <title>Idaho 18yo Charged With 'Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS' - FBI Informants Gave Him ISIS Flag, Helped Plan 'Attack'</title>
  191.   <pubDate>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 10:46:31 -0400</pubDate>
  192.   <description>The feds appear to be trying to drum up support for America and Israel's wars in the Middle East by entrapping an idiot 18-year-old in a plot to attack churches in Idaho on behalf of ISIS.
  193.                                                            ...</description>
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  198.   <title>Ben Shapiro: 'Hamas is Now in Control of the Biden Administration'</title>
  199.   <pubDate>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 16:33:19 -0400</pubDate>
  200.   <description>The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro on Monday argued that the Biden White House's vague threat to condition aid to Israel means that "Hamas is now in control of the Biden administration."
  201.                                                                   ...</description>
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  206.   <title>Mark Levin: Biden is 'Evil' for Criticizing Israel's Drone-Striking of WCK Food Aid Workers</title>
  207.   <pubDate>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 15:46:06 -0400</pubDate>
  208.   <description>Fox News host Mark Levin said Saturday on his show that President Biden is "evil" for criticizing Israel's decision to hunt down and kill seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in three separate targeted drone strikes.
  209.                             ...</description>
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  214.   <title>'Wasteland': Palestinians Return to Khan Younis, Find Their Homes and City Destroyed by Israel</title>
  215.   <pubDate>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 11:13:08 -0400</pubDate>
  216.   <description>Palestinians began returning to Khan Younis on Monday in the wake of Israel's withdrawal only to find their homes and city destroyed by the Jewish state's US-backed bombing campaign.  
  217.                                                                ...</description>
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  222.   <title>Janet Yellen: Cheap Chinese Goods Threaten The World Economy</title>
  223.   <pubDate>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 09:13:29 -0400</pubDate>
  224.   <description>China is bringing down the world economy by flooding markets with low-priced electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries and solar panels, according to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.  
  225.                                                             ...</description>
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  230.   <title>Israeli Politician Suggests Israel Will Use Nukes If America Stops Supplying Weapons Aid</title>
  231.   <pubDate>Sun, 07 Apr 2024 09:34:48 -0400</pubDate>
  232.   <description>Israeli MK Nissim Vaturi, a representative in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling Likud party, issued a not-so-veiled threat on Saturday suggesting that if America doesn't supply Israel with weapons aid then Israel will use nuclear weapons.  
  233. ...</description>
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  238.   <title>Trump Refuses to Say He's With Israel "100%," Says Blowing Up Buildings "Doesn't Make Them Look Tough"</title>
  239.   <pubDate>Fri, 05 Apr 2024 11:49:46 -0400</pubDate>
  240.   <description>Former President Donald Trump in an interview on Thursday refused to say he's "standing 100% with Israel" but did say the Jewish state's decision to blow up buildings in Gaza "doesn't make them look tough."  
  241.                                        ...</description>
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  246.   <title>VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Shoot Starving Palestinians Collecting Aid in Gaza</title>
  247.   <pubDate>Thu, 04 Apr 2024 13:01:20 -0400</pubDate>
  248.   <description>Israeli soldiers can be seen shooting starving Palestinians collecting food aid in the northern Gaza Strip in footage released Thursday by Al Jazeera.  
  249.                                                                                                ...</description>
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  254.   <title>Israeli Reporter: IDF Commanders' Orders Are to 'Just Shoot Every Man in Fighting Age'</title>
  255.   <pubDate>Thu, 04 Apr 2024 11:50:13 -0400</pubDate>
  256.   <description>Israeli reporter Barak Ravid told CNN on Wednesday that an Israel Defense Forces reserve officer told him the orders from the commanders on the ground in Gaza are to "just shoot every man in fighting age."  
  257.                                         ...</description>
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  262.   <title>Ben Shapiro Accuses Chef Andres of 'Blood Libel'</title>
  263.   <pubDate>Thu, 04 Apr 2024 00:49:23 -0400</pubDate>
  264.   <description>Ben Shapiro accused Chef Jose Andres of "blood libel" on Wednesday for claiming that World Central Kitchen aid workers were "targeted deliberately" by Israel while coordinating their location with the IDF.  
  265.                                         ...</description>
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  270.   <title>VIDEO: Israeli Govt Spokesman Refuses to Apologize for Killing of Food Aid Workers</title>
  271.   <pubDate>Wed, 03 Apr 2024 06:41:04 -0400</pubDate>
  272.   <description>Israeli government spokesman David Mencer on Tuesday refused to apologize for the killing of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza.
  273.                                                                                                           ...</description>
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  278.   <title>CNN: Biden Set to Supply Israel With $18 Billion Worth of F-15 Fighter Jets</title>
  279.   <pubDate>Tue, 02 Apr 2024 11:20:52 -0400</pubDate>
  280.   <description>The Biden administration is set to supply Israel with some 50 American-made F-15 fighter jets worth $18 billion and approve the shipment of another "large" supply of missiles and precision-guided munitions kits, CNN reports.
  281.                       ...</description>
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  286.   <title>Israel Kills Seven World Central Kitchen Food Aid Workers in Gaza With Three Targeted Drone Strikes [UPDATED]</title>
  287.   <pubDate>Tue, 02 Apr 2024 02:36:28 -0400</pubDate>
  288.   <description>UPDATE: Evidence is coming out indicating that Israel hunted the World Central Kitchen's aid workers down and killed them and their attempted rescuers in three separate drone strikes.  
  289.                                                               ...</description>
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  294.   <title>Report: Trump Allies Aim to Use Civil-Rights-Era Laws to Fight Anti-White Discrimination</title>
  295.   <pubDate>Mon, 01 Apr 2024 10:32:42 -0400</pubDate>
  296.   <description>"If Donald Trump returns to the White House, close allies want to dramatically change the government's interpretation of Civil Rights-era laws to focus on 'anti-white racism' rather than discrimination against people of color," Axios reports.
  297.      ...</description>
  298.   <link></link>
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  301. <item>
  302.   <title>El Paso Judge Orders Release of Illegal Aliens Filmed Overrunning National Guard on U.S. Southern Border</title>
  303.   <pubDate>Mon, 01 Apr 2024 08:22:36 -0400</pubDate>
  304.   <description>El Paso Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta on Sunday ordered that the illegal aliens filmed storming the US border and overrunning the National Guard two weeks ago be released on their own recognizance into America.
  305.                                  ...</description>
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  310.   <title>VDARE 'Crucified' by New York Attorney General Letitia James</title>
  311.   <pubDate>Mon, 01 Apr 2024 01:20:05 -0400</pubDate>
  312.   <description>The immigration restrictionists at VDARE say they're being "crucified" by New York Attorney General Letitia James' lawfare and may be forced to shut down their website after nearly 25 years in operation.
  313.                                             ...</description>
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  317. <item>
  318.   <title>Biden Declares Easter Sunday 'Transgender Day of Visibility'</title>
  319.   <pubDate>Sat, 30 Mar 2024 18:46:01 -0400</pubDate>
  320.   <description>President Joe Biden on Good Friday put out a statement declaring that Easter Sunday will now be celebrated as "Transgender Day of Visibility."
  321.                                                                                                          ...</description>
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  326.   <title>New German Citizenship Test Includes Questions on Holocaust Denial, 'Special Relationship' With Israel</title>
  327.   <pubDate>Fri, 29 Mar 2024 07:12:06 -0400</pubDate>
  328.   <description>Immigrants must understand Germany's "special relationship" with Israel and "know how Holocaust denial is punished" in order to get citizenship under Germany's new naturalization test.
  329.                                                               ...</description>
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  334.   <title>FTX Crypto Scammer Sam Bankman-Fried Gets 25 Years in Prison for Defrauding Investors</title>
  335.   <pubDate>Fri, 29 Mar 2024 06:18:41 -0400</pubDate>
  336.   <description>FTX crypto scammer Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Thursday by US Judge Lewis Kaplan in federal court in Manhattan.
  337.                                                                                                            ...</description>
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  342.   <title>Claim: Candace Owens Was Fired From The Daily Wire for Saying 'Christ is King' [UPDATED]</title>
  343.   <pubDate>Fri, 29 Mar 2024 05:59:39 -0400</pubDate>
  344.   <description>Candace Owens was fired from the Daily Wire because her "repeated use of 'Christ is King' was deemed antisemitic," according to a purported leak from "four Daily Wire employees."
  345.                                                                     ...</description>
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  350.   <title>Israel 'Admits It May Not Be Able to Destroy Hamas,' Blames America</title>
  351.   <pubDate>Thu, 28 Mar 2024 03:09:33 -0400</pubDate>
  352.   <description>Israel is now admitting they "may not be able to destroy Hamas" and they're trying to pin the blame on America.  
  353.                                                                                                                                       ...</description>
  354.   <link></link>
  355.   <guid></guid>
  356. </item>
  357. <item>
  358.   <title>Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Executive Order to Punish 'Antisemitic Rhetoric' on College Campuses</title>
  359.   <pubDate>Wed, 27 Mar 2024 19:33:42 -0400</pubDate>
  360.   <description>Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed an Executive Order on Wednesday to require "all higher education institutions in Texas" to "review their free speech policies" to "establish appropriate punishments for antisemitic rhetoric."
  361.                   ...</description>
  362.   <link></link>
  363.   <guid></guid>
  364. </item>
  365. <item>
  366.   <title>RFK Jr Names Nicole Shanahan as VP Pick</title>
  367.   <pubDate>Tue, 26 Mar 2024 20:46:47 -0400</pubDate>
  368.   <description>Robert F Kennedy Jr on Tuesday named Nicole Shanahan, an attorney and major donor to his campaign who got rich off divorcing Google co-founder Sergey Brin, as his running mate.  
  369.                                                                      ...</description>
  370.   <link></link>
  371.   <guid></guid>
  372. </item>
  373. <item>
  374.   <title>All-Indian Crew On Ship That Crashed Into Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge</title>
  375.   <pubDate>Tue, 26 Mar 2024 14:23:30 -0400</pubDate>
  376.   <description>The high cost of cheap labor.
  377.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ...</description>
  378.   <link></link>
  379.   <guid></guid>
  380. </item>
  381. <item>
  382.   <title>Israeli Lawyer Who Pushed 'Hamas Mass Rapes' Hoax Accused of Scamming Donors</title>
  383.   <pubDate>Mon, 25 Mar 2024 19:40:35 -0400</pubDate>
  384.   <description>Cochav Elkayam-Levy, the Israeli operative who was awarded with the Israel Prize last week for pushing the "Hamas mass rapes" hoax, now stands accused of scamming donors of millions of dollars and spreading misinformation.
  385.                          ...</description>
  386.   <link></link>
  387.   <guid></guid>
  388. </item>
  389. <item>
  390.   <title>NY Times Debunks Own 'Hamas Mass Rape' Hoax, Admits Key Witness Fabricated 'Rape' Claims</title>
  391.   <pubDate>Mon, 25 Mar 2024 16:18:24 -0400</pubDate>
  392.   <description>The New York Times released a bombshell article on Monday debunking their own atrocity propaganda report on "Hamas mass rapes" by admitting that a key witness from an Israeli paramilitary unit lied about two sisters being raped.
  393.                    ...</description>
  394.   <link></link>
  395.   <guid></guid>
  396. </item>
  397. <item>
  398.   <title>Trump Says Israel Needs to 'Finish Up' War, Bombing Civilians Causing Anti-Semitism</title>
  399.   <pubDate>Mon, 25 Mar 2024 15:33:35 -0400</pubDate>
  400.   <description>Former President Donald Trump said in an interview released on Monday that Israel needs to "finish up" its war with Gaza and their decision to bomb civilian buildings is the cause of rising anti-Semitism.
  401.                                            ...</description>
  402.   <link></link>
  403.   <guid></guid>
  404. </item>
  405. <item>
  406.   <title>Andrew Klavan Defends Firing of Candace Owens for 'Anti-Semitism' - 'Christ is King' is Anti-Semitic</title>
  407.   <pubDate>Sun, 24 Mar 2024 21:48:47 -0400</pubDate>
  408.   <description>The Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan defended the firing of Candace Owens for "anti-Semitism" and claimed that her stating "Christ is King" is an anti-Semitic dog whistle.  
  409.                                                                              ...</description>
  410.   <link></link>
  411.   <guid></guid>
  412. </item>
  413. <item>
  414.   <title>Candace Owens Out at Daily Wire After Criticizing Israel</title>
  415.   <pubDate>Fri, 22 Mar 2024 13:44:17 -0400</pubDate>
  416.   <description>Conservative firebrand Candace Owens, who was targeted by the Anti-Defamation League and various rabbis for her criticism of Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza, is out at the Daily Wire.  
  417.                                                    ...</description>
  418.   <link></link>
  419.   <guid></guid>
  420. </item>
  421. <item>
  422.   <title>Leaked Drone Footage Shows Israeli Military 'Drone Striking Unarmed Civilians in Gaza'</title>
  423.   <pubDate>Thu, 21 Mar 2024 20:00:46 -0400</pubDate>
  424.   <description>Leaked drone footage obtained by Al Jazeera reportedly shows the Israeli Defense Force drone striking multiple unarmed civilians in southern Gaza.
  425.                                                                                                      ...</description>
  426.   <link></link>
  427.   <guid></guid>
  428. </item>
  429. <item>
  430.   <title>VIDEO: Illegal Aliens Storm U.S. Border, Overrun National Guard</title>
  431.   <pubDate>Thu, 21 Mar 2024 16:49:09 -0400</pubDate>
  432.   <description>Video out of El Paso, Texas shared Thursday shows hordes of illegal aliens tearing down a border fence and overrunning the National Guard.
  433.                                                                                                              ...</description>
  434.   <link></link>
  435.   <guid></guid>
  436. </item>
  437. <item>
  438.   <title>Venezuelan Migrant Urges Followers to 'Invade' Homes in America Using Squatting Laws</title>
  439.   <pubDate>Wed, 20 Mar 2024 20:15:55 -0400</pubDate>
  440.   <description>Venezuelan migrant TikToker Leonal Moreno is going viral for sharing a video to his 500k followers urging them to "invade" Americans' homes and occupy them using progressive squatting laws.  
  441.                                                         ...</description>
  442.   <link></link>
  443.   <guid></guid>
  444. </item>
  445. <item>
  446.   <title>Israel Gives Highest Prize to Military Operative Who Pushed 'Hamas Mass Rapes' Hoax</title>
  447.   <pubDate>Wed, 20 Mar 2024 19:29:34 -0400</pubDate>
  448.   <description>Israel on Wednesday announced they were giving their highest prize to military operative Dr Cochav Elkayam-Levy, who pushed the "Hamas mass rapes" hoax.
  449.                                                                                                ...</description>
  450.   <link></link>
  451.   <guid></guid>
  452. </item>
  453. <item>
  454.   <title>WATCH: New Documentary 'October 7' Exposes Israel's Lies And Atrocity Propaganda</title>
  455.   <pubDate>Wed, 20 Mar 2024 14:57:55 -0400</pubDate>
  456.   <description>A new documentary "October 7" was released in full on Wednesday documenting how the attack took place and how the Israeli government with backing from the US lied about the events and spread atrocity propaganda to justify leveling Gaza.  
  457.          ...</description>
  458.   <link></link>
  459.   <guid></guid>
  460. </item>
  461. <item>
  462.   <title>Jared Kushner: Gaza's 'Waterfront Property Could Be Very Valuable,' Europe Should Take in Refugees</title>
  463.   <pubDate>Tue, 19 Mar 2024 18:22:14 -0400</pubDate>
  464.   <description>Former Trump advisor Jared Kushner said Gaza's "waterfront property" could be "very valuable" in an interview at Harvard and suggested that Europe should be taking in the refugees from Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign.
  465.                            ...</description>
  466.   <link></link>
  467.   <guid></guid>
  468. </item>
  469. <item>
  470.   <title>NY Times: "The 'Deep State' is Actually Kind of Awesome"</title>
  471.   <pubDate>Tue, 19 Mar 2024 16:21:03 -0400</pubDate>
  472.   <description>The "deep state" are "the unsung heroes making our country great," according to the New York Times.
  473.                                                                                                                                                    ...</description>
  474.   <link></link>
  475.   <guid></guid>
  476. </item>
  477. <item>
  478.   <title>Slavoj Zizek: 'Give Nuclear Arms to Ukraine'</title>
  479.   <pubDate>Tue, 19 Mar 2024 14:37:03 -0400</pubDate>
  480.   <description>Self-described "leftist" philosopher Slavoj Zizek during an interview with Piers Morgan called for Ukraine to be given nuclear weapons and said Russians "are no less than Arabs" in their fundamentalist religious extremism.
  481.                          ...</description>
  482.   <link></link>
  483.   <guid></guid>
  484. </item>
  485. <item>
  486.   <title>Tim Pool Accuses Guest of Having 'Israel Derangement Syndrome'</title>
  487.   <pubDate>Mon, 18 Mar 2024 19:10:35 -0400</pubDate>
  488.   <description>Timcast host Tim Pool in a recent podcast accused reporter Liam Cosgrove of having "Israel derangement syndrome" for criticizing Israel's grip on US foreign policy.  
  489.                                                                                  ...</description>
  490.   <link></link>
  491.   <guid></guid>
  492. </item>
  493. <item>
  494.   <title>Gaza on Brink of Mass Starvation and Death, U.N.-Backed Monitor Reports</title>
  495.   <pubDate>Mon, 18 Mar 2024 16:43:12 -0400</pubDate>
  496.   <description>Gaza is on the brink of mass starvation and death due to Israel's blockade of food and water against the besieged strip, a UN-backed global hunger monitor reports.
  497.                                                                                     ...</description>
  498.   <link></link>
  499.   <guid></guid>
  500. </item>
  501. <item>
  502.   <title>Israel's Chickens Come Home to Roost</title>
  503.   <pubDate>Sat, 16 Mar 2024 22:45:52 -0400</pubDate>
  504.   <description>Israel's decision to commit genocide in Gaza is radicalizing people in ways never before thought possible.  
  505.                                                                                                                                            ...</description>
  506.   <link></link>
  507.   <guid></guid>
  508. </item>
  509. <item>
  510.   <title>Ben Shapiro: It's an 'Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory' to Say Congress Banning TikTok for Israel</title>
  511.   <pubDate>Thu, 14 Mar 2024 16:13:53 -0400</pubDate>
  512.   <description>It's an "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" to quote the Wall Street Journal and members of Congress themselves stating that they're banning TikTok to silence criticism of Israel, according to The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro.  
  513.                           ...</description>
  514.   <link></link>
  515.   <guid></guid>
  516. </item>
  517. <item>
  518.   <title>U.S. House Rams Through Bill to Ban TikTok</title>
  519.   <pubDate>Wed, 13 Mar 2024 10:00:38 -0400</pubDate>
  520.   <description>The US House on Wednesday rammed through a bill to ban TikTok and give the President the power to ban any other app or website deemed a "national security threat" controlled by a "foreign adversary."  
  521.                                               ...</description>
  522.   <link></link>
  523.   <guid></guid>
  524. </item>
  525. <item>
  526.   <title>Belgian Nationalist Sentenced to a Year in Prison Over 'Hateful Memes' Shared in Private Group Chat</title>
  527.   <pubDate>Tue, 12 Mar 2024 17:52:39 -0400</pubDate>
  528.   <description>Belgian nationalist activist and former member of parliament Dries Van Langenhove was sentenced to one year in prison on Tuesday for being part of a private group chat seven years ago where people shared "racist" and "antisemitic" memes.  
  529.         ...</description>
  530.   <link></link>
  531.   <guid></guid>
  532. </item>
  533. <item>
  534.   <title>Gaza Seaport Aimed at 'Sending Palestinian Refugees to Europe,' Middle East Expert Says</title>
  535.   <pubDate>Tue, 12 Mar 2024 16:59:16 -0400</pubDate>
  536.   <description>The "hidden objective" behind the planned US seaport in Gaza is to facilitate the mass migration of Palestinian refugees to Europe, according to a Jordanian military and strategic affairs expert.
  537.                                                     ...</description>
  538.   <link></link>
  539.   <guid></guid>
  540. </item>
  541. <item>
  542.   <title>Jon Stewart and Steven Levitksky: The Constitution is 'The Problem'</title>
  543.   <pubDate>Tue, 12 Mar 2024 16:38:00 -0400</pubDate>
  544.   <description>The US Constitution is "the problem" with America today, so says Jon Stuart Leibowitz and Harvard professor Steven Levitksky.
  545.                                                                                                                           ...</description>
  546.   <link></link>
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  548. </item>
  549. <item>
  550.   <title>Report: Gaza Seaport Was Netanyahu's Idea</title>
  551.   <pubDate>Tue, 12 Mar 2024 14:29:07 -0400</pubDate>
  552.   <description>The Biden administration's plan to build a seaport off the coast of Gaza to deliver aid was reportedly a ploy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came up with five months ago to replace the UNRA and take pressure off Israel for starving the peo...</description>
  553.   <link></link>
  554.   <guid></guid>
  555. </item>
  556. <item>
  557.   <title>WSJ: Fmr Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Working With Sam Altman to Buy TikTok as U.S. Govt Threatens Ban</title>
  558.   <pubDate>Mon, 11 Mar 2024 10:22:48 -0400</pubDate>
  559.   <description>The US government is moving to ban TikTok over pro-Palestine content outperforming pro-Israel content and force the sale of the Chinese-owned company to a group of Zionist investors headed by former Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.
  560.                    ...</description>
  561.   <link></link>
  562.   <guid></guid>
  563. </item>
  564. <item>
  565.   <title>SD Gov. Kristi Noem Signs 'Strongest' Hate Crime Bill in America to 'Stop Antisemitism'</title>
  566.   <pubDate>Sat, 09 Mar 2024 01:32:21 -0500</pubDate>
  567.   <description>South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) on Thursday boasted that she signed the "strongest" hate crime bill in America into law to "stop antisemitism" and "ensure the security of God's chosen people."  
  568.                                                ...</description>
  569.   <link></link>
  570.   <guid></guid>
  571. </item>
  572. <item>
  573.   <title>"Don't Leave a Soul Alive": Israeli Rabbi Calls to Genocide Gaza, Says Torah Demands Killing Babies</title>
  574.   <pubDate>Fri, 08 Mar 2024 10:38:47 -0500</pubDate>
  575.   <description>Israel's top rabbi in Jaffa, Eliyahu Mali, on Thursday issued a call to genocide all Palestinians in Gaza and said the Torah demands the killing of men, women, children and babies.
  576.                                                                   ...</description>
  577.   <link></link>
  578.   <guid></guid>
  579. </item>
  580. <item>
  581.   <title>'Prison Reform Activist' Arrested for 'Dismembering Man, Storing Body Parts in Freezer'</title>
  582.   <pubDate>Thu, 07 Mar 2024 22:53:45 -0500</pubDate>
  583.   <description>Prison reform activist Sheldon Johnson, who Joe Rogan featured on his podcast last month as a victim of "systemic racism," was arrested on Thursday for dismembering a man and storing his severed head and other body parts in his freezer.  
  584.         ...</description>
  585.   <link></link>
  586.   <guid></guid>
  587. </item>
  588. <item>
  589.   <title>WashPost Column Tells Progressive Jews to Support Israel or Get Excommunicated</title>
  590.   <pubDate>Thu, 07 Mar 2024 06:19:20 -0500</pubDate>
  591.   <description>The Washington Post ran a column from Noah Feldman on Tuesday telling progressive Jews to get with the program and back Israel's genocide campaign in Gaza or face excommunication.  
  592.                                                                   ...</description>
  593.   <link></link>
  594.   <guid></guid>
  595. </item>
  596. <item>
  597.   <title>"It's Not Antisemitic to Stop Bombing Palestinians!": Protesters Crash ADL Award Show Honoring Jared Kushner</title>
  598.   <pubDate>Wed, 06 Mar 2024 20:39:13 -0500</pubDate>
  599.   <description>The Anti-Defamation League's award show honoring Jared Kushner was crashed by anti-genocide protesters who shouted "it's not antisemitic to stop bombing the Palestinian people!"
  600.                                                                      ...</description>
  601.   <link></link>
  602.   <guid></guid>
  603. </item>
  604. <item>
  605.   <title>ADL to Honor Jared Kushner With 'Major Award'</title>
  606.   <pubDate>Wed, 06 Mar 2024 05:20:49 -0500</pubDate>
  607.   <description>The Anti-Defamation League is planning to honor Jared Kushner this week with a "major award" to show that supporting Donald Trump is "now kosher," according to The Jewish Daily Forward.  
  608.                                                             ...</description>
  609.   <link></link>
  610.   <guid></guid>
  611. </item>
  612. <item>
  613.   <title>Israel's Chief Forensic Pathologist Pushed 'Hamas Beheaded Babies' Hoax</title>
  614.   <pubDate>Wed, 06 Mar 2024 04:39:30 -0500</pubDate>
  615.   <description>Israel's chief forensic pathologist, Dr Chen Kugel, helped pushed the atrocity propaganda hoax that Hamas "beheaded babies" on October 7th.
  616.                                                                                                             ...</description>
  617.   <link></link>
  618.   <guid></guid>
  619. </item>
  620. <item>
  621.   <title>NYT Stealth-Edits Headline Claiming U.N. Found 'Evidence' of Hamas Rapes</title>
  622.   <pubDate>Tue, 05 Mar 2024 07:01:15 -0500</pubDate>
  623.   <description>The New York Times, which is on the ropes over their "Hamas mass rapes" story falling apart, tried to prop up their failing narrative by falsely claiming the UN found "clear and convincing evidence" of sexual assault.
  624.                               ...</description>
  625.   <link></link>
  626.   <guid></guid>
  627. </item>
  628. <item>
  629.   <title>Michael Moore to Jews: White Christians Are "Your Enemy," Not Palestinians</title>
  630.   <pubDate>Mon, 04 Mar 2024 21:17:34 -0500</pubDate>
  631.   <description>Leftist activist Michael Moore went on MSNBC Monday to tell Jews to remember that their "enemy" is not "the Palestinian people" whom they're bombing in Gaza but "White, Christian European people, who have been slaughtering Jews for the last 2,000 yea...</description>
  632.   <link></link>
  633.   <guid></guid>
  634. </item>
  635. <item>
  636.   <title>SCOTUS Unanimously Rules Trump Can Remain on Colorado Ballot; Barrett Says Court 'Should Turn The National Temperature Down'</title>
  637.   <pubDate>Mon, 04 Mar 2024 18:46:59 -0500</pubDate>
  638.   <description>The US Supreme Court on Monday in a rare moment of sanity unanimously ruled that the Colorado Supreme Court was wrong to kick former President Donald Trump off their state ballot.
  639.                                                                     ...</description>
  640.   <link></link>
  641.   <guid></guid>
  642. </item>
  643. <item>
  644.   <title>UK: Right-Wing British Activist Sam Melia Sentenced to Two Years in Prison Over Anti-Immigration Stickers</title>
  645.   <pubDate>Sun, 03 Mar 2024 04:29:11 -0500</pubDate>
  646.   <description>Right-wing British activist Sam Melia was sentenced to two years in prison in the UK on Friday for "intending to stir up racial hatred" by sharing various anti-immigration stickers stating "White Lives Matter" and "We will be a minority in our homela...</description>
  647.   <link></link>
  648.   <guid></guid>
  649. </item>
  650. <item>
  651.   <title>New York Times in Panic Mode As 'Hamas Mass Rape' Hoax Implodes</title>
  652.   <pubDate>Fri, 01 Mar 2024 03:27:47 -0500</pubDate>
  653.   <description>The New York Times is in panic mode because their fake story about "Hamas committing mass rape" on October 7th was debunked in real time and triggered an internal revolt in their own newsroom.
  654.                                                       ...</description>
  655.   <link></link>
  656.   <guid></guid>
  657. </item>
  658. <item>
  659.   <title>Israel 'Guns Down Starving Palestinians' After 'Luring' Them With Food Aid</title>
  660.   <pubDate>Thu, 29 Feb 2024 18:58:20 -0500</pubDate>
  661.   <description>Israel reportedly "lured" starving Palestinians into the streets of Gaza City with the promise of food aid on Thursday and then gunned them down en masse in an incident being dubbed the "Flour Massacre."  
  662.                                           ...</description>
  663.   <link></link>
  664.   <guid></guid>
  665. </item>
  666. <item>
  667.   <title>Jerusalem Post: "Antisemitism Must Be Criminalized Before It's Too Late"</title>
  668.   <pubDate>Thu, 29 Feb 2024 01:56:03 -0500</pubDate>
  669.   <description>The Israeli paper the Jerusalem Post ran a column on Tuesday calling for "antisemitism" to be "criminalized"  worldwide in order to stop criticism of Israel amid their genocidal ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.
  670.                                    ...</description>
  671.   <link></link>
  672.   <guid></guid>
  673. </item>
  674. <item>
  675.   <title>Paul Krugman Touts New Book on 'White Rural Rage' by Paul Waldman and Tom Schaller</title>
  676.   <pubDate>Wed, 28 Feb 2024 01:36:16 -0500</pubDate>
  677.   <description>The New York Times' Paul Krugman wrote a column on Tuesday touting a new book from Paul Waldman and Tom Schaller titled "White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy" but judging by the responses on Twitter it doesn't seem to have gone as plann...</description>
  678.   <link></link>
  679.   <guid></guid>
  680. </item>
  681. <item>
  682.   <title>Time Magazine Cover Story: 'The New Antisemitism'</title>
  683.   <pubDate>Wed, 28 Feb 2024 00:46:30 -0500</pubDate>
  684.   <description>The entire world is against Israel genociding Palestinian women and children in Gaza: here's why they're all anti-Semites.
  685.                                                                                                                              ...</description>
  686.   <link></link>
  687.   <guid></guid>
  688. </item>
  689. <item>
  690.   <title>Washington Post Runs Vile Hit Piece Smearing Aaron Bushnell in Wake of Self-Immolation</title>
  691.   <pubDate>Tue, 27 Feb 2024 12:51:01 -0500</pubDate>
  692.   <description>The Washington Post on Monday ran a vile hit piece smearing US Airman Aaron Bushnell for self-immolating outside the Israeli embassy in DC in protest of Israel's genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.  
  693.                                                   ...</description>
  694.   <link></link>
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  697. <item>
  698.   <title>U.S. Airman Aaron Bushnell's Self-Immolation Inspires Tributes - And Zionist Scorn</title>
  699.   <pubDate>Mon, 26 Feb 2024 22:29:54 -0500</pubDate>
  700.   <description>Aaron Bushnell, the active duty member of US Air Force who chose to self-immolate outside the Israeli embassy in DC on Sunday rather than be "complicit" in the US-backed Gaza genocide, inspired a tremendous response on social media.
  701.                ...</description>
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  704. </item>
  705. <item>
  706.   <title>'I Will No Longer Be Complicit in Genocide': U.S. Airman Aaron Bushnell, 25, Self-Immolates Outside Israeli Embassy in D.C.</title>
  707.   <pubDate>Sun, 25 Feb 2024 14:53:47 -0500</pubDate>
  708.   <description>Aaron Bushnell, 25, an active duty member of the US Air Force, self-immolated outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC on Sunday after stating that "I will no longer be complicit in genocide."
  709.                                                   ...</description>
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  714.   <title>Cell Phone Records 'Prove Fani Willis Affair'</title>
  715.   <pubDate>Sat, 24 Feb 2024 10:48:12 -0500</pubDate>
  716.   <description>Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' cell phone records obtained by Donald Trump's legal team reportedly "prove that she lied under oath" about when her affair with Nathan Wade began.  
  717.                                                       ...</description>
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  721. <item>
  722.   <title>Former Google Employee Says He Was Told He Couldn't Be Promoted 'For Being a White Man'</title>
  723.   <pubDate>Fri, 23 Feb 2024 12:25:11 -0500</pubDate>
  724.   <description>Former Google employee Shaun Maguire revealed Thursday night on Twitter that he was told by Google that he could not be promoted because he's "a white man."
  725.                                                                                           ...</description>
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  729. <item>
  730.   <title>Vice News Shutting Down, Website 'Set to Be Taken Offline'</title>
  731.   <pubDate>Thu, 22 Feb 2024 18:59:48 -0500</pubDate>
  732.   <description>The antifa doxing site Vice News is shutting down, firing hundreds of employees and may even be deleted from the internet.  
  733.                                                                                                                            ...</description>
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  736. </item>
  737. <item>
  738.   <title>Google 'Apologizes' for Gemini AI Erasing White People</title>
  739.   <pubDate>Wed, 21 Feb 2024 22:25:53 -0500</pubDate>
  740.   <description>Google issued what Fox Business described as an "apology" on Wednesday for manually programming their "AI" Gemini to erase white people.
  741.                                                                                                                ...</description>
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  744. </item>
  745. <item>
  746.   <title>Jon Stewart Tells Tucker Carlson America's Dangerous Subways Are 'The Literal Price Of Freedom'</title>
  747.   <pubDate>Tue, 20 Feb 2024 15:52:22 -0500</pubDate>
  748.   <description>Daily Show host Jon Stuart Leibowitz told Tucker Carlson on Monday that the difference between America's "urinal-caked chaotic subways" and Moscow's "candelabra'd beautiful subways" is "the literal price of freedom."  
  749.                              ...</description>
  750.   <link></link>
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  752. </item>
  753. <item>
  754.   <title>"It's Embarrassingly Hard to Get Google Gemini to Acknowledge That White People Exist"</title>
  755.   <pubDate>Tue, 20 Feb 2024 12:05:06 -0500</pubDate>
  756.   <description>Google's so-called "AI" Gemini (formerly Bard) is being manually programmed to erase white people.  
  757.                                                                                                                                                    ...</description>
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  760. </item>
  761. <item>
  762.   <title>Douglas Murray Announces New Doxing Database to Keep Critics of Israel From Getting a Job</title>
  763.   <pubDate>Mon, 19 Feb 2024 17:21:02 -0500</pubDate>
  764.   <description>Douglas Murray, the director of the British Free Speech Union, announced a new initiative on Monday aimed at doxing critics of Israel for "hate speech" and keeping them from getting jobs.
  765.                                                             ...</description>
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  768. </item>
  769. <item>
  770.   <title>CNN: Kremlin 'Has Never Been Richer'</title>
  771.   <pubDate>Mon, 19 Feb 2024 09:05:50 -0500</pubDate>
  772.   <description>The Russian government has "never been richer" thanks in large part to India going around US sanctions and buying record amounts of cheap Russian oil, then refining it and selling it to the US and EU for huge profits, CNN reports.  
  773.                ...</description>
  774.   <link></link>
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  776. </item>
  777. <item>
  778.   <title>Susan Wojcicki's Son, 19, Dies of Suspected Drug Overdose at UC Berkeley</title>
  779.   <pubDate>Sun, 18 Feb 2024 17:32:43 -0500</pubDate>
  780.   <description>Former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's 19-year-old son Marco Troper died in his dorm room at UC Berkeley on Tuesday of a suspected drug overdose, according to his grandmother.  
  781.                                                                          ...</description>
  782.   <link></link>
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  784. </item>
  785. <item>
  786.   <title>Trump Ordered to Pay Over $350M for 'Fraud' in NY Civil Trial With No Clear Victim [UPDATE: $464M]</title>
  787.   <pubDate>Fri, 16 Feb 2024 13:10:52 -0500</pubDate>
  788.   <description>New York Judge Arthur Engoron found former President Donald Trump guilty of "fraud" before trial and on Friday ordered him to pay over $350 million in "damages" to the State of New York.
  789.                                                              ...</description>
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  792. </item>
  793. <item>
  794.   <title>Alexei Navalny Dies in Russian Prison</title>
  795.   <pubDate>Fri, 16 Feb 2024 09:04:10 -0500</pubDate>
  796.   <description>Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, who had 2% support in polls before he was jailed, died in a penal colony in northern Russia, prison officials announced on Friday.  
  797.                                                                          ...</description>
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