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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  2. <?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/css"?>
  4. <feed version="0.3" xmlns="">
  5. <link href="" rel="" title="phil wilson" type="application/x.atom+xml"/>
  6. <link href="" rel="service.feed" title="phil wilson" type="application/x.atom+xml"/>
  7. <title mode="escaped" type="text/html">phil wilson</title>
  8. <tagline mode="escaped" type="text/html">a geek commodity</tagline>
  9. <link href="" rel="alternate" title="" type="text/html"/>
  10. <id>,1999:blog-3520041</id>
  11. <modified>2004-05-10T14:33:58Z</modified>
  12. <generator url="" version="5.15">Blogger</generator>
  13. <info mode="xml" type="text/html">
  14. <div xmlns="">This is an Atom formatted XML site feed. It is intended to be viewed in a Newsreader or syndicated to another site. Please visit the <a href="">Blogger Knowledge Base</a> for more info.</div>
  15. </info>
  16. <entry>
  17.    <link href="" rel="service.edit" title="Blogger relaunch commentary" type="application/x.atom+xml"/>
  18.    <author>
  19.        <name>Phil Wilson</name>
  20.    </author>
  21.    <issued>2004-05-10T014:33:40+00:00</issued>
  22.    <modified>2004-05-10T14:33:26Z</modified>
  23.    <created>2004-05-10T014:33:51Z</created>
  24.    <link href="" rel="alternate" title="a clean slate" type="text/html"/>
  25.    <id>,</id>
  26.    <title mode="escaped" type="text/html">a clean slate</title>
  27.    <content type="application/xhtml+xml" xml:base="" xml:lang="en-GB" xml:space="preserve">
  28.    <p>If you're reading this, you're reading my old, no-longer-updated atom feed. The feed has moved to <a href=""></a> and I <em>would</em> auto-redirect you, but I can't. Sorry about that.</p>
  29.    <p>Please update your aggregator, and send all abuse to :)</p>
  30. </content>
  31. </entry>
  32. </feed>
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