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  3.  <channel>
  4.    <title>ACUC18 Sunday</title>
  5.    <description>
  6.      <![CDATA[]]>
  7.    </description>
  8.    <link></link>
  9.    <language>en-us</language>
  10.    <item>
  11.      <title>Awareness initiative will ‘hammer home’ membership eligibility</title>
  12.      <description>
  13.        <![CDATA[‘This is the table stakes; the one that really matters,’ says CUNA’s Douglas Kiker.]]>
  14.      </description>
  15.      <guid></guid>
  16.      <pubDate>Fri, 13 Jul 2018 16:58:00 -0400</pubDate>
  17.      <link></link>
  18.      <media:content url="" type="image/jpeg" medium="image" fileSize="178107">
  19.        <media:title type="plain">Awareness initiative will ‘hammer home’ membership eligibility</media:title>
  20.        <media:description type="plain">The initiative is a different, modern, and new way to present credit unions to consumers, says Douglas Kiker, CUNA chief strategic communications officer.</media:description>
  21.      </media:content>
  22.    </item>
  23.    <item>
  24.      <title>Play to your strengths</title>
  25.      <description>
  26.        <![CDATA[It really is who you know, says author and gender strategist Jeffery Tobias Halter.]]>
  27.      </description>
  28.      <guid></guid>
  29.      <pubDate>Tue, 10 Jul 2018 00:07:00 -0400</pubDate>
  30.      <link></link>
  31.      <media:content url="" type="image/jpeg" medium="image" fileSize="229547">
  32.        <media:title type="plain">Jeffrey Halter</media:title>
  33.      </media:content>
  34.    </item>
  35.    <item>
  36.      <title>Photo gallery: Scenes from the ACUC exhibit hall</title>
  37.      <description>
  38.        <![CDATA[Attendees at CUNA's America's Credit Union Conference visit with more than 70 exhibitors.]]>
  39.      </description>
  40.      <guid></guid>
  41.      <pubDate>Mon, 02 Jul 2018 15:59:00 -0400</pubDate>
  42.      <link></link>
  43.      <media:content url="" type="image/jpeg" medium="image" fileSize="251270">
  44.        <media:title type="plain">ACUC 2018 - Scenes from the Exhibit Hall</media:title>
  45.      </media:content>
  46.    </item>
  47.  </channel>
  48. </rss>

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