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  4. <title>Debra Hilstrom's Latest News</title>
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  10. <title>Hilstrom against private prisons</title>
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  12. <pubDate>February 20, 2016</pubDate>
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  14. <description>Rep. Debra Hilstrom, DFL-Brooklyn Center, has been an outspoken critic of the Appleton facility, and has repeatedly introduced bills calling for a ban on state contracts with private prisons. She said CCA has consistently failed to provide adequate treatment and other resources for prisoners in Minnesota. "You're paying for a very expensive system, and you're not getting what you pay for," she said, announcing plans to reintroduce the bill this year.</description>
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  18. <title>Law will monitor cashouts</title>
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  20. <pubDate>June 28, 2014</pubDate>
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  22. <description>This really is a consumer protection issue, said the legislations author, Rep. Debra Hilstrom, DFL-Brooklyn Center. This is to make sure everyone knows and understands the consequences of these sales, and so a judge can really evaluate whether or not someone in a stressful situation knows what they're getting into."</description>
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  26. <title>Elders too easy a mark for coin fraud</title>
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  28. <pubDate>January 8, 2013</pubDate>
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  30. <description>An old-fashioned sense of trust and a Depression-era-influenced desire for tangible investments has too often made older Minnesotans an easy mark for unscrupulous telemarketers selling gold and silver coins.</description>
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  34. <title>Palumbo and Hilstrom shine light on growing problem of elder abuse</title>
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  36. <pubDate>June 12, 2015</pubDate>
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  38. <description>MinnPost sat down this week with Palumbo and Assistant Anoka County Attorney Debra Hilstrom in Palumbo's office at the Anoka County Attorney's Office to talk specifics about elder abuse, and the strides that have been made in getting the word out on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
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  43. <title>Hilstrom introduced bill to make it a felony to harass someone by impersonating the victim online.</title>
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  45. <pubDate>May 26, 2015</pubDate>
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  47. <description>In cases like this, the perpetrators are doing more than hurting a person's feelings they are putting lives in danger, Hilstrom said. She noted some cases in which men seeking sex have shown up at victims' homes.
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  52. <title>Personal Stories Inspire Push for Stricter Sex Laws</title>
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  54. <pubDate>March 11, 2015</pubDate>
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  56. <description>A Brooklyn Center legislator and prosecutor is pushing for stronger sex crime laws.
  57. Rep. Debra Hilstrom's bill comes in the wake of a news story last year about a man accused of masturbating in a coworker's coffee cup. He couldn't be charged because it's technically not a crime.
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  62. <title>Family Fights to Access Late Son's Digital Data</title>
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  64. <pubDate>January 21, 2015</pubDate>
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  66. <description>"Imagine if your bank chose to treat your assets in the same way and said, 'oh, no, you died, so no one can get access to your assets,'" she says. "We'd all be outraged." Hilstrom authored a bill that would allow account holders or a personal representative of the deceased, like an executor of a will or surviving beneficiary, to get access as long as the deceased doesn't prohibit access in their will.</description>
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  70. <title>Cell phones have made stalking easier, scarier</title>
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  72. <pubDate>October 1, 2014</pubDate>
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  74. <description>Now we know that many types of stalking and harassing happen from hundreds of miles away, said Rep. Debra Hilstrom (D-Brooklyn Center), who sponsored the bill. But ultimately, it's about fear and control, and we just want to make sure that we have the tools to hold them accountable.</description>
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