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A quick overview of the site can be seen below", "dashboard_graph_last_14_days_title":"New Short URLs (last 14 days)", "dashboard_graph_last_12_months_title":"New Short URLs (last 12 months)", "urls":"URLs", "active":"active", "disabled":"disabled", "spam":"spam", "expired":"expired", "dashboard_total_active_urls":"Total active URLs", "dashboard_total_disabled_urls":"Total disabled URLs", "dashboard_total_visits_to_all_urls":"Total visits to all shrunken URLs", "item_name":"Item Name", "value":"Value", "manage_languages_intro_2":"Manage the available content for the selected language. Click on any of the \'Translated Content\' cells to edit the value.", "manage_languages_intro_1":"Select a language to manage or <a href=\'#\' onClick=\'displayAddLanguagePopup(); return false;\'>add a new one here</a>. NOTE Once translated, to set the site default language go to the <a href=\'settings.php\'>site settings</a> area.", "language_key":"Language Key", "default_content":"Default Content", "translated_content":"Translated Content", "no_changes_in_demo_mode":"Error Changes to this section can not be made within demo mode.", "manage_other_languages":"Manage other languages", "no_available_content":"There is no available content.", "select_language":"select language", "add_language":"Add Language", "language_name":"Language Name", "settings_intro":"Click on any of the items within the \"Config Value\" column below to edit", "group":"Group", "config_description":"Config Description", "config_value":"Config Value", "shorturls_filter_results":"Filter results", "user_management_intro":"Double click on any of the users below to edit the account information or <a href=\"#\" onClick=\"displayUserPopup(); return false;\">click here to add a new user</a>", "add_new_user":"Add new user", "username":"Username", "email_address":"Email Address", "account_type":"Account Type", "last_login":"Last Login", "account_status":"Account Status", "password":"Password", "title":"Title", "firstname":"Firstname", "lastname":"Lastname", "enter_user_details":"Enter user details", "create_short_url":"Create Shrunken URL", "term_and_conditions":"Terms &amp; Conditions", "report_abuse":"Report Abuse", "created_by":"Created By", "please_agree_terms_and_conditions":"Please agree the terms and conditions.", "not_permitted_to_create_urls_on_site":"You are not permitted to create a shrunken URL on this site.", "error_with_url":"There was an error with the URL you supplied, please check and try again.", "can_not_create_url_on_this_site":"You can not create a shortURL on this site.", "date_entered_is_incorrect":"The date you entered is incorrect.", "custom_short_url_already_exits":"That custom shrunken URL already exists, please try another.", "problem_creating_short_url":"There was a problem creating the shrunken URL, please try again later.", "access_restricted_enter_password":"This URL is access restricted, please enter the password below", "access_restricted_page_name":"Access Restricted", "access_restricted_meta_description":"Please enter the password to access the URL.", "access_restricted_meta_keywords":"password, short, URL, smal, link, access, restricted,", "delayed_redirect_page_name":"Redirecting to URL, please wait...", "delayed_redirect_meta_description":"Redirecting to URL, please wait...", "delayed_redirect_meta_keywords":"redirecting, short, URL, delayed, redirect, shrunken", "redirecting_to":"Redirecting to", "please_wait":"please wait", "general_site_error":"There was a general site error, please try again later.", "error":"Error", "error_page_name":"Error", "error_meta_description":"An error occurred", "error_meta_keywords":"error, tiny, URL, script, occurred, shrunken", "framed_redirect_meta_description":"Go to shrunken URL", "framed_redirect_meta_keywords":"short, URL, link, href, redirect, tinyURL, forwarder,", "browser_no_frame_support":"Your browser does not support frames and can not view this shrunken URL.", "index_page_name":"Create shrunken URLs", "index_meta_description":"Create shrunken URLs from your longer website URLs. No registration required. Completely free to use.", "index_meta_keywords":"shortURL, short, URL, tiny, href, link, path, twitter, post, facebook, longURL,", "agree_terms":"Agree terms", "enter_your_long_url":"Enter your long URL", "custom_url":"Custom URL", "set_a_custom_url":"set a custom shrunken URL", "index_password":"Password", "set_the_password_to_access_link":"set a password to access the link", "expiry_date":"Expiry Date", "set_an_expiry_date_for_url":"set an expiry date for the URL", "url_total_uses":"Total uses", "total_uses_before_url_expires":"Choose how many times the link can be used before expiring", "unlimited":"Unlimited", "add_to_bookmarks":"Add To Bookmarks", "toolbar_quicklink_alert":"Drag this link to your browsers bookmark toolbar so you can instantly create a shrunken URL for any site. If your browser does not allow you to drag bookmarks to the toolbar, try right-clicking the icon and selecting |Add To Favorites...|", "twitter_quicklink_alert":"Drag this link to your browsers bookmark toolbar so you can instantly create a shrunken URL and post it to your twitter account. If your browser does not allow you to drag bookmarks to the toolbar, try right-clicking the icon and selecting |Add To Favorites...|", "post_on_twitter":"Post On Twitter", "report_url_page_name":"Report shrunken URL", "report_url_meta_description":"Use this page to report any URLs in breach of our terms and conditions", "report_url_meta_keywords":"report, short, URLs, breach, terms, conditions,", "report_abuse_intro":"Please use the form below to report any URLs which breach our terms and conditions", "problem_url":"Problem URL", "submit_report":"submit report", "error_short_url_no_longer_active":"This shrunken URL is no longer active", "short_url_reached_usage_limit":"This shrunken URL has reached it\'s usage limit.", "short_url_expired":"This shrunken URL has expired.", "password_incorrect":"Your password is incorrect, please try again.", "no_valid_url_found":"No valid URL found, please try again later.", "api":"API", "api_popup_content":"Our API allows you to provide shrunken URL functionality to any of your existing websites.<br/><br/><strong>URL Only</strong><br/>To generate a URL via the API, send a POST or GET request to the site in the following format<br/><br/>- %%SITE_URL%%/index.php?api=1&return_URL_text=1%%API_URL%%&longURL=<strong>{URL}</strong><br/><br/>This site will then generate the shrunken URL and return it as plain text. i.e<br/><br/>- %%SITE_URL%%/a1<br/><br/><strong>Generate &amp; Redirect</strong><br/>If you remove the return_URL_text param the user will be redirected to the results page on this site instead of just the URL text being returned.<br/><br/><strong>Extra Params</strong><br/>You can also set extra information on each shrunken URL, the supported params are<br/><br/>customURL => Custom shrunken URL.<br/>shrunkenURLPassword => Password to access the URL.<br/>shrunkenURLExpiryDate => Expiry date in the formay DD-MM-YYYY HHIISS.<br/>shrunkenURLUses => Total permitted uses before expiring.<br/>postToTwitter => Set to 1 to auto redirect to Twitter.<br/><br/>NOTE Any URL requests via the API are subject to our normal spam protection measures and hence there may be limits to the amount of shrunken URLs that can be generated in any period.", "index_url_stats":"URL Stats", "index_url_stats_intro":"For shrunken URL statistics, add an exclamation onto the end of the URL", "stats_page_name":"Shrunken URL Stats", "stats_meta_description":"Statistics for shrunken URL", "stats_meta_keywords":"statistics, stats, short, URL, tiny, link, href", "visits_":"visits", "created_":"created", "visitors":"Visitors", "countries":"Countries", "top_referrers":"Top Referrers", "browsers":"Browsers", "operating_systems":"Operating Systems", "last_24_hours":"last 24 hours", "last_7_days":"last 7 days", "last_30_days":"last 30 days", "last_12_months":"last 12 months", "hour":"Hour", "visits":"Visits", "date":"Date", "total_visits":"Total visits", "percentage":"Percentage", "day":"Day", "month":"Month", "country":"Country", "site":"Site", "browser":"Browser", "operating_system":"Operating System", "ad":"Andorra", "ae":"United Arab Emirates", "af":"Afghanistan", "ag":"Antigua And Barbuda", "ai":"Anguilla", "al":"Albania", "am":"Armenia", "an":"Netherlands Antilles", "ao":"Angola", "aq":"Antarctica", "ar":"Argentina", "as":"American Samoa", "at":"Austria", "au":"Australia", "aw":"Aruba", "az":"Azerbaijan", "ba":"Bosnia And Herzegovina", "bb":"Barbados", "bd":"Bangladesh", "be":"Belgium", "bf":"Burkina Faso", "bg":"Bulgaria", "bh":"Bahrain", "bi":"Burundi", "bj":"Benin", "bm":"Bermuda", "bn":"Brunei Darussalam", "bo":"Bolivia", "br":"Brazil", "bs":"Bahamas", "bt":"Bhutan", "bw":"Botswana", "by":"Belarus", "bz":"Belize", "ca":"Canada", "cd":"The Democratic Republic Of The Congo", "cf":"Central African Republic", "cg":"Congo", "ch":"Switzerland", "ci":"Cote Divoire", "ck":"Cook Islands", "cl":"Chile", "cm":"Cameroon", "cn":"China", "co":"Colombia", "cr":"Costa Rica", "cs":"Serbia And Montenegro", "cu":"Cuba", "cv":"Cape Verde", "cy":"Cyprus", "cz":"Czech Republic", "de":"Germany", "dj":"Djibouti", "dk":"Denmark", "dm":"Dominica", "do":"Dominican Republic", "dz":"Algeria", "ec":"Ecuador", "ee":"Estonia", "eg":"Egypt", "er":"Eritrea", "es":"Spain", "et":"Ethiopia", "eu":"European Union", "fi":"Finland", "fj":"Fiji", "fk":"Falkland Islands (Malvinas)", "fm":"Federated States Of Micronesia", "fo":"Faroe Islands", "fr":"France", "ga":"Gabon", "gb":"United Kingdom", "gd":"Grenada", "ge":"Georgia", "gf":"French Guiana", "gh":"Ghana", "gi":"Gibraltar", "gl":"Greenland", "gm":"Gambia", "gn":"Guinea", "gp":"Guadeloupe", "gq":"Equatorial Guinea", "gr":"Greece", "gs":"South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands", "gt":"Guatemala", "gu":"Guam", "gw":"Guinea-Bissau", "gy":"Guyana", "hk":"Hong Kong", "hn":"Honduras", "hr":"Croatia", "ht":"Haiti", "hu":"Hungary", "id":"Indonesia", "ie":"Ireland", "il":"Israel", "in":"India", "io":"British Indian Ocean Territory", "iq":"Iraq", "ir":"Islamic Republic Of Iran", "is":"Iceland", "it":"Italy", "jm":"Jamaica", "jo":"Jordan", "jp":"Japan", "ke":"Kenya", "kg":"Kyrgyzstan", "kh":"Cambodia", "ki":"Kiribati", "km":"Comoros", "kn":"Saint Kitts And Nevis", "kr":"Republic Of Korea", "kw":"Kuwait", "ky":"Cayman Islands", "kz":"Kazakhstan", "la":"Lao Peoples Democratic Republic", "lb":"Lebanon", "lc":"Saint Lucia", "li":"Liechtenstein", "lk":"Sri Lanka", "lr":"Liberia", "ls":"Lesotho", "lt":"Lithuania", "lu":"Luxembourg", "lv":"Latvia", "ly":"Libyan Arab Jamahiriya", "ma":"Morocco", "mc":"Monaco", "md":"Republic Of Moldova", "mg":"Madagascar", "mh":"Marshall Islands", "mk":"The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia", "ml":"Mali", "mm":"Myanmar", "mn":"Mongolia", "mo":"Macao", "mp":"Northern Mariana Islands", "mq":"Martinique", "mr":"Mauritania", "mt":"Malta", "mu":"Mauritius", "mv":"Maldives", "mw":"Malawi", "mx":"Mexico", "my":"Malaysia", "mz":"Mozambique", "na":"Namibia", "nc":"New Caledonia", "ne":"Niger", "nf":"Norfolk Island", "ng":"Nigeria", "ni":"Nicaragua", "nl":"Netherlands", "no":"Norway", "np":"Nepal", "nr":"Nauru", "nu":"Niue", "nz":"New Zealand", "om":"Oman", "pa":"Panama", "pe":"Peru", "pf":"French Polynesia", "pg":"Papua New Guinea", "ph":"Philippines", "pk":"Pakistan", "pl":"Poland", "pr":"Puerto Rico", "ps":"Palestinian Territory", "pt":"Portugal", "pw":"Palau", "py":"Paraguay", "qa":"Qatar", "re":"Reunion", "ro":"Romania", "ru":"Russian Federation", "rw":"Rwanda", "sa":"Saudi Arabia", "sb":"Solomon Islands", "sc":"Seychelles", "sd":"Sudan", "se":"Sweden", "sg":"Singapore", "si":"Slovenia", "sk":"Slovakia (Slovak Republic)", "sl":"Sierra Leone", "sm":"San Marino", "sn":"Senegal", "so":"Somalia", "sr":"Suriname", "st":"Sao Tome And Principe", "sv":"El Salvador", "sy":"Syrian Arab Republic", "sz":"Swaziland", "td":"Chad", "tf":"French Southern Territories", "tg":"Togo", "th":"Thailand", "tj":"Tajikistan", "tk":"Tokelau", "tl":"Timor-Leste", "tm":"Turkmenistan", "tn":"Tunisia", "to":"Tonga", "tr":"Turkey", "tt":"Trinidad And Tobago", "tv":"Tuvalu", "tw":"Taiwan Province Of China", "tz":"United Republic Of Tanzania", "ua":"Ukraine", "ug":"Uganda", "us":"United States", "uy":"Uruguay", "uz":"Uzbekistan", "va":"Holy See (Vatican City State)", "vc":"Saint Vincent And The Grenadines", "ve":"Venezuela", "vg":"Virgin Islands", "vi":"Virgin Islands", "vn":"Viet Nam", "vu":"Vanuatu", "ws":"Samoa", "ye":"Yemen", "yt":"Mayotte", "yu":"Serbia And Montenegro (Formally Yugoslavia)", "za":"South Africa", "zm":"Zambia", "zw":"Zimbabwe", "zz":"Unknown", "export_urls_as_csv":"Export All To CSV", "shorturl_filter_disabled":"Show disabled", "register":"register", "top_urls":"Top URLs", "latest_urls":"Latest URLs", "login":"Login", "account_home":"Account Home", "register_complete_page_name":"Registration completed", "register_complete_meta_description":"Your registration has been completed.", "register_complete_meta_keywords":"registration, completed, short, URL, site", "register_complete_sub_title":"Thank you for registering!", "register_complete_main_text":"We\'ve sent an email to your registered email address with your access password. 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Min 6 characters, alpha numeric, no spaces.", "your_urls":"your URLs", "api_page_name":"API", "api_meta_description":"Our Free API", "api_meta_keywords":"api, application, programming, interface, short, URL, site", "please_enter_your_username":"Please enter your username", "account_home_page_name":"Account Home", "account_home_meta_description":"Your Account Home", "account_home_meta_keywords":"account, home, shortURL, your, interface, shrunken, short, URL, site", "your_short_urls":"Your Shrunken URLs", "faq":"faq", "faq_page_name":"FAQ", "faq_meta_description":"Frequently Asked Questions", "faq_meta_keywords":"faq, frequently, asked, questions, short, URL, site, shrunken", "please_enter_your_password":"Please enter your password", "report_url":"Report URL", "problem_url_requirements":"Enter the shrunken URL you wish to report.", "report_url_error_no_url":"Please enter the problem URL.", "register_account":"Register Account", "your_recent_urls":"Your URLs", "recent_url_intro":"Recent URLs created on this site", "email_confirm":"email confirm", "stats":"stats", "info":"info", "email_address_confirm":"Email Confirm", "short_original_url":"Short/Original URL", "created_last_visited":"Created/Last Visited", "status":"Status", "options":"Options", "admin_login":"admin login", "login_to_the_admin_area_below":"Login to the admin area below:", "admin_area":"admin area", "short_urls":"shrunken URLs", "users":"users", "manage_users":"manage users", "add_user":"add user", "received_payments":"received payments", "url_domains":"URL domains", "banned_words":"banned words/URLs", "translations":"translations", "system_tools":"system tools", "system_logs":"system logs", "database_browser":"database browser", "server_info":"server info", "support_info":"support info", "manage_plugins":"manage plugins", "add_plugin":"add plugin", "get_plugin":"get plugins", "quick_overview":"Quick Overview", "url_status":"URL Status", "top_10_urls":"Top 10 URLs", "dashboard_graph_user_registrations_title":"New Users (last 14 days)", "free_user":"free user", "paid_user":"paid user", "domain":"Domain", "total_urls":"Total URLs", "access_type":"Access Type", "actions":"Actions", "short_url":"Shrunken URL", "created":"Created", "owner":"Owner", "last_access":"Last Access", "delete_selected_urls":"Delete Selected URL\'s", "type":"Type", "delete_selected_users":"Delete Selected Users", "term":"Term", "plugin_title":"plugin title", "description":"description", "directory_name":"directory name", "installed":"installed?", "site_main_title":"<strong class=\"colored\">[[[SITE_NAME]]]:</strong> Create <span class=\"colored\">shrunken</span> URLs with <strong></strong>.", "create_url":"Create shrunken URL!", "tools":"tools", "settings":"settings", "enter_your_long_urls_below":"&#9984; Enter one or more URLs to be shrunken below", "short_url_domain":"Use following Domain of the <strong></strong> service", "agree_with_our_terms":"<small>By clicking CREATE SHRUNKEN URL, you are agreeing <br> to our <a href=\"terms.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\" target=\"_blank\">Terms of Service</a>  and <a href=\"privacy.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\" target=\"_blank\">Privacy Policy.</a></small>", "additional_options":"Click here for Additional Options", "index_save_to_folder":"Save To Folder", "none":"none", "url_type":"URL Type", "public_listing_on_site":"public (listed on site)", "private_not_listed_on_site":"private (not listed on site)", "header_shorten_urls":"Get shrunken URLs!", "eaily_create_trackable_short_urls_to_use_anywhere":"Easily create trackable shrunken URLs to use anywhere on the web, email or Twitter.", "homepage_intro_text":"Copy and paste your long URL into the box on the left or signup for a <a href=\"[[[WEB_ROOT]]]/register.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\">free account</a> and manage all your shrunken URLs in one place.", "we_use_the_most_up_to_date_sources_malware_phishing":"We use the most up to date sources available on the internet to block links being created for sites which may contain viruses, spam or malware.", "phishtank":"PhishTank", "google_safe_browsing":"Google Safe Browsing", "site_statistics":"Shrunken Site Statistics", "total_short_urls":"Total URLs", "total_url_visits":"Total URL Visits", "contact_link":"Contact", "admin":"Admin", "recent_urls":"recent URLs", "copy_to_clipboard":"Copy to clipboard", "qr_code":"QR Code", "url_statistics":"URL Statistics", "there_is_a_restriction_of_x_seconds_between_submissions":"There is a restriction of [[[SITE_CONFIG_DELAY_BETWEEN_SUBMISSIONS]]] seconds between submissions.", "bookmarklet_page_name":"Bookmarklet", "bookmarklet_meta_description":"Bookmarklet", "bookmarklet_meta_keywords":"bookmarklet, tools, short, URL, bookmarklet, api, application, programming, interface, short, URL, site", "account_tools":"Account Tools", "browser_bookmarklet":"Browser Bookmarklet", "batch_convert_links_in_html":"Batch Convert Links In HTML", "short_url_api":"Shrunken URL API", "export_url_data":"export URL data", "api_usage":"API Usage", "create":"Create", "create_additional_options":"Create (Additional Options)", "activate":"Activate", "list":"List", "browser_bookmarklet_intro1":"Get a shrunken URL for the website you are visiting straight from your browser toolbar. <u>What is a Bookmarklet?</u><br><br> If you dragged the Bookmarklet button to your bookmark bar, you can click on it when you visit any website. So you can quickly and easily shrink the domain you are visiting.", "browser_bookmarklet_intro2":"Then the next time you want to create a shrunkenened link, just visit the web page and click the \'Create Short URL\' button.", "browser_twitter_bookmarklet":"Browser Twitter Bookmarklet", "browser_bookmarklet_intro3":"You can also post shrunken URLs straight from your browser toolbar to Twitter.", "overview":"Overview", "api_overview_intro":"Our API allows you to provide shrunken URL functionality to any of your existing websites. When you register for an account, you\'re generated a unique API key which should be used in the API calls listed below.", "api_overview_intro_2":"The examples below generate responses in json but you can also use xml by replacing the end of the URL call with .xml.", "api_create_a_new_short_url_providing_a_base64_encoded_version_of_the_original_url":"Create a new shrunken URL providing a base64 encoded version of the original long URL.", "parameters":"Parameters", "name":"name", "string":"string", "your_api_access_key":"Your API access key.", "base64_encoded_version_of_your_long_url":"Base64 encoded version of your long URL. <code>base64_encode()</code> in PHP.", "return_values":"Return Values", "integer":"integer", "unique_url_id":"Unique URL id.", "short_url_including_domain_name":"Short URL including domain name.", "short_url_part_excluding_domain_name":"Short URL part. (excluding domain name)", "the_original_decoded_long_url":"The original decoded long URL.", "date_and_time_of_the_api_call_in_the_format":"Date and time of the API call. In the format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.", "example_request":"Example Request", "api_address":"API Address", "example_response":"Example Response", "create_a_new_short_url_including_some_additional_settings":"Create a new shrunken URL including some additional settings such as a custom shrunken URL, password to access and an expiry date.", "optional":"optional", "custom_short_url":"Custom shrunken URL part.", "password_to_access_url":"Password to access URL.", "expiry_date_in_the_format":"Date to expire the URL. In the format yyyy-mm-dd.", "base_domain_url":"URL to use for the shrunken URL. Must already exist on the site. No http or trailing forward slash. i.e.", "disable_an_active_short_url_within_your account":"Disable an shrunken URL within your account.", "base64_encoded_version_of_your_short_url":"Base64 encoded version of your shrunken URL. <code>base64_encode()</code> in PHP.", "short_url_status":"Short URL status.", "activate_a_disabled_short_url_within_your_account":"Activate a disabled shrunken URL within your account.", "get_detailed_information_for_any_short_url_within_your_account":"Get detailed information for any shrunken URL within your account.", "datetime_url_was_create":"The date/time the shrunken URL was create.", "datetime_url_was_last_accessed":"The date/time the shrunken URL was last accessed.", "bool":"bool", "whether_the_url_needs_a_password":"Whether the URL needs a password to access.", "datetime_url_will_expire":"The date/time the shrunken URL will expire.", "list_all_active_urls_within_your_account":"List all active URLs within your account.", "array":"array", "list_of_short_urls_in_account":"List of shrunken URLs within the account.", "account_edit_page_name":"Account Details", "account_edit_meta_description":"Account details", "account_edit_meta_keywords":"details, account, short, shrunken, URL, user", "account_details":"Account Details", "keep_your_account_details_up_to_date_below":"Keep your account details up to date below.", "title_mr":"Mr", "title_mrs":"Mrs", "title_miss":"Miss", "title_dr":"Dr", "title_pro":"Pro", "change_password":"Change Password", "statistics_private_public":"Private/Public URL Statistics", "private_statistics":"Private URL Statistics", "public_statistics":"Public URL Statistics", "api_key":"API Key", "are_you_sure_you_want_to_create_a_new_api_key":"Are you sure you want to create a new API key, any existing API connections will no longer function?", "regenerate":"regenerate", "update_account":"update account", "paging_first":"First", "paging_last":"Last", "paging_next":"Next", "paging_previous":"Previous", "datatable_empty":"No data found.", "datatable_data_info":"Showing _START_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ entries", "datatable_per_page":"Show _MENU_ entries", "you_have_x_urls_within_your_account":"You have [[[TOTAL_URLS]]] URL[[[URL_S]]] within your account. Use the table below to navigate or search for shrunken URLs you\'ve previously created. <a href=\"index.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\">Click here</a> to create a new shrunken URL.", "manage_folders":"manage folders", "add_folder":"add folder", "filter_results":"Filter Results", "by_status":"By Status", "all":"all", "by_folder":"By Folder", "short_url_stats":"shrunken URL stats", "share":"share", "edit_shorl_url":"edit shorl URL", "are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete_this_url":"Are you sure you want to permanently delete this shrunken URL?", "delete_shorl_url":"delete shorl URL", "edit":"edit", "register_page_name":"Register", "register_meta_description":"Register for an account", "register_meta_keywords":"register, account, short, URL, user, shrunken", "register_intro_text":"Please enter your information below to register for an account. Your new account password will be sent to your email address.", "by_clicking_register_you_agree_to_our_terms":"By clicking \'register\', you are agreeing to our <a href=\"terms.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\" target=\"_blank\">Terms of Service</a>  and <a href=\"privacy.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\" target=\"_blank\">Privacy Policy.</a></small>", "plugin_sociallogin_social_login":"Social Login", "plugin_sociallogin_social_login_intro_text":"Use your existing social network account to login securely below.", "terms_page_name":"Terms", "terms_meta_description":"Terms", "terms_meta_keywords":"terms", "terms_page_content":"<ol><li>Users of this website (Users) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which are subject to change at the sole discretion of the site. Your use of and access to this site indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions.</li><li>This site was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier. This service is provided without warranty of any kind. Short URLs used in spam (including email and forum spam) will be disabled.</li><li>This site may include third party content which is subject to that third party\'s terms and conditions of use.</li><li>This site may include links to third party sites which are not related to this site and in relation to which we have no control or interest. The appearance of those links on this site does not indicate any relationship between this site and that third party or any endorsement by this site of that third party, its site or the products or services which it is advertising on this site.</li><li>We may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. These companies may use information (not including your name, address email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. </li><li>This site will have no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss or damage which you incur, including damage to your software or hardware, arising from your use of or access to this site.</li><li>Users will not use this site for any purpose or in any way which is unlawful.</li></ol><br>", "":"", "cw":"CW", "please_enter_the_long_url":"Please enter the long url", "":"", "captcha_page_name":"Captcha Confirmation Required", "captcha_meta_description":"Captcha confirmation required", "captcha_meta_keywords":"captcha,confirmation,required", "captcha_confirmation":"Captcha Confirmation", "in_order_to_prevent_abuse_captcha_intro_below":"In order to prevent abuse of this service and prove you are not a robot, please complete the captcha challenge below.", "continue":"continue", "malware_protection":"Malware Protection", "invalid_captcha":"Captcha confirmation text is invalid.", "default":"Default", "english_content":"English Content", "time":"time", "":"", "chrome":"chrome", "linux":"linux", "visit":"visit", "select_report":"select report", "payment_date":"payment date", "user_name":"user name", "amount":"amount", "skip_advert":"skip advert", "you_have_not_created_any_recent_urls":"You have not created any recent URLs. <a href=\"[[[WEB_ROOT]]]/index.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\">Click here</a> to create one now.", "firefox":"firefox", "windows":"windows", "recent_urls_page_name":"Recent URLs", "recent_urls_meta_description":"Recent URLs", "recent_urls_meta_keywords":"recent, URLs, home, shortURL, your, interface, short, URL, site", "recent_urls_intro_text":"Listed below are all the recent active URLs created as public on our site. <a href=\"index.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\">Click here</a> to create a new shrunken URL.", "faq_page_content":"<div>            <h4>How can my site benefit from using shrunken URLs?</h4>            Shrink long URLs such as:<br/><br/>            <pre><br/>&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=google+maps+big+ben&hnear=google+maps+big+ben&cid=0,0,7629721680134612<br/>123&ei=AukATpvoBpDA8QPaq4mzDQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCAQnwIwAA</pre>            <br/>            Into a shrunkener version such as:<br/><br/>            <pre><a href=\"http://[[[_CONFIG_SITE_FULL_URL]]]\">http://[[[_CONFIG_SITE_FULL_URL]]]/a</a></pre>            <br/>            Then post to Twitter, Facebook, send via email, use on your existing website, advertising, affiliate links, the uses are endless.            <hr>        </div>        <div>            <h4>How can I view how many visitors have clicked on my shrunken URL?</h4>            You can see details stats including unique visitors, visiting countries, browsers and more by adding <code>~s</code> onto the end of your shrunken URL.            <hr>        </div>        <div>            <h4>Can I automatically expire my URLs after x clicks?</h4>            Yes. When you create the URL, you can specify a \'total uses\' value which only allows the shrunken URL to be used this amount of times. The URL will be expired after the total visits reaches this value.            <hr>        </div>        <div>            <h4>Can I protect my shrunken with a password?</h4>            Yes. When creating the URL, specify a password within the \'password\' input. The visitor will be prompted to enter the password when the visit the URL.            <hr>        </div>        <div>            <h4>How many URLs can I create?</h4>            There are no limits on the amount of URLs you can create.            <hr>        </div>        <div>            <h4>What are the benefits of registering an account?</h4>            View and manage all your shrunken URLs in one place. Easily view your URL statistics and share your URLs through social media.            <hr>        </div>", "contact_page_name":"Contact", "contact_meta_description":"Contact the site admin", "contact_meta_keywords":"contact, account, short, URL, user", "contact_intro_text":"Please fill out the following contact form to contact us.", "your_name":"Your Name", "your_message":"Your Message", "confirm_text":"Confirmation Text", "submit":"submit", "safari":"safari", "unknown":"unknown", "export_urls_page_name":"Export URLs", "export_urls_meta_description":"Export URLs", "export_urls_meta_keywords":"export, URLs, tools, short, URL, bookmarklet, api, application, programming, interface, short, URL, site, shrunken", "export_urls":"Export URLs", "export_urls_intro1":"Export all your shrunken URLs as a CSV file to manage in Excel or other software. We\'ll provide the shrunken URL, original URL, total visits, created date, last accessed date and more.", "export_urls_intro2":"To export everything in your account just click on the button below.", "forgot_password_page_name":"Forgot Password", "forgot_password_meta_description":"Forgot account password", "forgot_password_meta_keywords":"forgot, password, account, short, URL, user", "forgot_password":"forgot password", "forgot_password_intro_text":"Enter your email address below to receive further instructions on how to reset your account password.", "request_reset":"request reset", "error_with_urls":"There was an error with 1 or more of the URLs you supplied, please check and try again.", "contact_email_content":"There has been a contact form submission from [[[SITE_NAME]]] with the following details:<br/><br/>***************************************<br/>Full Name: [[[FULL_NAME]]]<br/>Email Address: [[[EMAIL_ADDRESS]]]<br/><br/>[[[QUERY]]]<br/>***************************************<br/>Submitted IP: [[[USERS_IP]]]<br/>***************************************<br/><br/>", "contact_success":"Thanks for submitting the contact form on our site.", "your_message_is_invalid":"Your message is invalid", "report_url_sent":"The URL has been reported.", "no_data":"No data", "url_already_exists":"URL already exists", "convert_html_links_page_name":"Convert HTML Links", "convert_html_links_meta_description":"Convert HTML Links", "convert_html_links_meta_keywords":"account, home, shortURL, your, interface, short, URL, site", "convert_html_page_name":"Convert HTML Links", "convert_html_page_intro":"On this page you can insert your page html to have your links automatically converted to shrunken URLs, and the result will be displayed on screen.", "convert_html_save_links_to_folder":"Save Links To Folder", "convert_html_page_disclaimer":"The html you insert must contain Absolute links, meaning that links must begin with http(s):// Html submitted which does not contain absolute links, will not be converted.", "convert_html_links":"convert html links", "email_content_new_registration":"Dear [[[FIRSTNAME]]],<br/><br/>Your account on [[[SITE_CONFIG_SITE_NAME]]] has been created. Use the details below to login to your new account:<br/><br/><strong>URL:</strong> <a href=\'[[[WEB_ROOT]]]\'>[[[WEB_ROOT]]]</a><br/><strong>Username:</strong> [[[NEW_USERNAME]]]<br/><strong>Password:</strong> [[[NEW_PASSWORD]]]<br/><br/>Feel free to contact us if you need any support with your account.<br/><br/>Regards,<br/>[[[SITE_CONFIG_SITE_NAME]]] Admin", "login_to_view":"Login to view.", "username_must_be_between_6_and_20_characters":"Your username must be between 6 and 20 characters", "url_is_malware_or_phishing":"One or more of the sites you have entered may contain malicious code or be a forgery or imitation of another website, designed to trick users into sharing personal or financial information. Please remove or try a different URL.", "short_url_access_password":"shrunken URL access password", "":"", "your_email_address_is_invalid":"Your email address is invalid", "you_have_no_urls_within_your_account":"You have no urls within your account. <a href=\"index.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]\">Click here</a> to create a new short url.", "folder_management_page_name":"Folder Management", "folder_management_meta_description":"Folder Management", "folder_management_meta_keywords":"account, home, shorturl, your, interface, short, url, site", "datatable_empty_no_folders_found":"No folders found.", "account_folder_intro_text":"Manage your short url folders using the table below.", "folder_name":"Folder Name:", "active_urls":"Active Urls:", "view_urls":"view urls", "are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete_this_folder":"Are you sure you want to permanently delete this folder? Any short urls associated with this folder will remain in your account but will not longer be assigned to any folder.", "delete_folder":"delete folder", "url_edit_page_name":"Edit Url", "url_edit_meta_description":"Edit Url", "url_edit_meta_keywords":"details, account, short, url, user", "url_details":"Url Details", "user_the_form_below_to_amend_the_url":"Use the form below to amend the short url.", "long_url":"Long Url", "update_url":"update url", "url_edit_updated_success_message":"Url details successfully updated, <a href=\'[[[YOUR_URLS_LINK]]]\'>click here</a> to go to your urls.", "url_permanently_deleted_success_message":"The short url has been permanently deleted.", "account_updated_success_message":"Account details successfully updated", "folder_management_add_page_name":"Add Folder", "folder_management_add_meta_description":"Add Folder", "folder_management_add_meta_keywords":"details, account, short, url, user", "folder_details":"Folder Details", "use_the_form_below_to_create_a_new_folder":"Use the form below to create a new folder.", "folder_added_click_here_success_message":"Folder successfully added. <a href=\'account_folder.html\'>Click here</a> to go back to your folder listing.", "folder_permanently_deleted_success_message":"The folder has been permanently deleted.", "email_address_already_exists":"Email address already exists", "your_email_address_confirmation_does_not_match":"Your email address confirmation does not match", "account_not_found":"Account with that email address not found", "forgot_password_email_content":"Dear [[[FIRSTNAME]]],<br/><br/>We\'ve a request to reset your password on [[[SITE_CONFIG_SITE_NAME]]]. Follow the url below to set a new account password:<br/><br/><a href=\'[[[WEB_ROOT]]]/forgot_password_reset.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]?u=[[[ACCOUNT_ID]]]&h=[[[RESET_HASH]]]\'>[[[WEB_ROOT]]]/forgot_password_reset.[[[SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION]]]?u=[[[ACCOUNT_ID]]]&h=[[[RESET_HASH]]]</a><br/><br/>If you didn\'t request a password reset, just ignore this email and your existing password will continue to work.<br/><br/>Regards,<br/>[[[SITE_CONFIG_SITE_NAME]]] Admin", "forgot_password_sent_intro_text":"An email has been sent with further instructions on how to reset your password. Please check your email inbox.", "":"", "please_enter_your_lastname":"Please enter your lastname", "forgot_password_reset_intro_text":"Set your new password below to access your account.", "confirm_password":"Confirm Password", "update_password":"update password", "forgot_password_reset_confirm_intro_text":"Your password has been reset. You can now login to the site above.", "plugin_sociallogin_unknown_or_disabled_provider":"Unknown or disabled provider", "":"", "the_url_submitted_contains_a_banned_term_domain_name":"The url submitted contains a banned term/domain name.", "you_have_reached_the_maximum_urls_permitted_for_today":"You have reached the maximum urls permitted for today, please try again tomorrow.", "the_custom_short_url_contains_a_banned_term":"The custom short url contains a banned term.", "":"", "":"", "please_enter_your_firstname":"Please enter your firstname", "please_enter_your_email_address":"Please enter your email address", "folder_already_exists":"Folder already exists on your account", "":"", "please_enter_your_preferred_username":"Please enter your preferred username", "username_already_exists":"Username already exists", "":"", "":"", "404_page_name":"404 Error", "404_meta_description":"404 Error", "404_meta_keywords":"404, api, application, programming, interface, short, url, site", "404_oops_404":"Oops, 404!", "404_the_page_you_were_looking_for_could_not_be_found":"The page you were looking for could not be found.", "convert_html_links_success":"Your html containing [[[REPLACED]]] links was successfully converted.", "please_enter_your_title":"Please enter your title", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "password_length_incorrect":"Password should be between 6 - 20 characters in length", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "original_url":"Original Url", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "please_enter_your_name":"Please enter your name", "":"", "":"", "mozilla":"mozilla", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "mac":"mac", "android-app:":"android-app:", "rs":"RS", "opera":"opera", "msie":"msie", "seamonkey":"seamonkey", "konqueror":"konqueror", "netscape":"netscape", "":"", "":"", "stats_error_url_statistics_are_private":"Statistics for this url are not publicly viewable.", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "please_enter_the_folder_name":"Please enter the folder name", "localhost:8080":"localhost:8080", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "me":"ME", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "hydra4jpwhfx4mst.onion":"hydra4jpwhfx4mst.onion", "":"", "":"", "password_confirmation_does_not_match":"Your password confirmation does not match", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "sx":"SX", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "ban_type":"Ban Type", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":"", "":""
  41. };
  42. return l[key.toLowerCase()];
  43. }                </script>
  44.                <script src=""></script>
  45.                <script src=""></script>
  46.                <script src=""></script>
  47.                <script src=""></script>
  48.                <script src=""></script>
  49.                <script src=""></script>
  50.                <script src=""></script>
  51.                <script src=""></script>
  52.                <script src=""></script>
  53.                <script src=""></script>
  54.                <script src=""></script>
  55. <script src=""></script>
  56.                </head>
  57.                <body>
  58.                                        <div class="wide_cont">
  59.                        <!-- START TOP LINE-->
  60.                        <div class="top_line"></div>
  61.                        <!-- END TOP LINE-->
  63.                        <!--PAGE HEAD-->
  64.                        <div class="page_head">
  65.                            <div class="container">
  66.                                <div class="row">
  67.                                    <div class="span3">
  68.                                        <!--START LOGO IMAGE-->
  69.                                        <div class="logo">
  70.                                            <a href="">
  71.                                                <h1 style='margin-bottom: 0; line-height: 1.3rem'><strong>4.<span class="colored">GP</span></strong></h1><small> Powered by: </small>                                            </a>
  72.                                        </div>
  73.                                        <!-- END LOGO IMAGE-->
  74.                                    </div>
  75.                                    <div class="span9">
  76.                                        <!-- START MAIN MENU-->
  77.                                        <nav>
  78.                                            <ul class="menu sf-js-enabled sf-shadow">
  79.                                                <li class="current-menu-item"><a href="">CREATE SHRUNKEN URL!</a></li>
  80.                                                                                                    <li><a href="">REGISTER</a></li>
  81.                                                                                                        <li><a href="">FAQ</a></li>
  82.                                                    <li><a href="" class="sf-with-ul">TOOLS</a>
  83. </li>
  84.                                                                                                            <li><a href="">RECENT URLS</a></li>
  85.                                                                                                        <li><a href="">LOGIN</a></li>
  86.                                                                                            </ul>
  87.                                        </nav>
  88.                                        <!-- END MAIN MENU-->
  89.                                    </div>
  90.                                </div>
  91.                            </div>
  92.                        </div>
  93.                        <!--/PAGE HEAD-->
  95.                        <!--WELCOME AREA-->
  96.                        <div class="tag_line">
  97.                            <div class="container">
  98.                                <div class="row">
  99.                                    <div class="span12">
  100.                                        <div class="welcome">
  101.                                            <h3><strong class="colored"><span class="colored"></span>:</strong> Create <span class="colored">shrunken</span> URLs with <strong></strong>.</h3>
  102.                                        </div>
  103.                                    </div>
  104.                                </div>
  105.                            </div>
  106.                        </div>
  107.                        <!--/WELCOME AREA-->
  109.                        <!--MAIN CONTENT AREA-->
  110.                        <div class="main_content_area">
  111.                            <div class="container">  
  112.                                <div class="row">
  113. <script>
  114.    $=jQuery;
  115.    $(document).ready(function($) {
  116.        $("#shortUrlExpiryDate").datepicker({
  117.            minDate: 0,
  118.            dateFormat: 'dd-mm-yy'
  119.        });
  120.    });
  122.    $("#longUrl").ready(function($) {
  123.        $("#longUrl").height("60px");
  124.        $("#longUrl").focus();
  125.        $("#longUrl").autosize();
  126.    });
  128.    /* calendar js */
  129.    var cal_obj2 = null;
  130.    var format = '%d-%m-%Y %H:%i';
  132.    // user defined onchange handler
  133.    function cal2_on_change(cal, object_code)
  134.    {
  135.        if (object_code == 'day')
  136.        {
  137.            document.getElementById("shortUrlExpiryDate").value = cal.get_formatted_date(format);
  138.            cal.hide();
  139.            cal_obj2 = null;
  140.        }
  141.    }
  142. </script>
  145. <div class="span12">
  146.    <div class="row">
  147.        <div class="span8 page_sidebar">
  150.            <div class="createUrlWrapper">
  152.                <!-- main search box -->
  153.                <form method="POST" action="index.php" autocomplete="off" class="form">
  154.                    <div class="well">  
  155.                        <h5 style="font-weight: 600; text-transform: uppercase !important;">
  156.                            &#9984; Enter one or more URLs to be shrunken below                        </h5>
  157.                        <hr/>
  159.                        <div>
  160.                            <textarea name="longUrl" id="longUrl" placeholder="http://... " title="Enter your long URL" style="outline:3px ridge #709430;  min-height:2rem; resize:none;"></textarea>
  161.                        </div>
  162.                        <div class="clear"><!-- --></div>
  165.                        <div>
  166.                            <label for="shortUrlDomain">Use following Domain of the <strong></strong> service:</label>
  167.                            <select id="shortUrlDomain" name="shortUrlDomain" style="width: 100%;">
  168.                                <option value="1"><option value="2"><option value="3"><option value="9"><option value="10"><option value="11"><option value="12" SELECTED><option value="13"><option value="15"><option value="16"><option value="18"><option value="19"><option value="20"><option value="21"><option value="22"><option value="23"></optgroup>                            </select>
  169.                        </div>
  172.                                                    <div class="termsWrapper">
  173.                                <!-- <input name="agreeTerms" id="agreeTerms" type="checkbox" value="1"/>-->
  174.                                <label for="agreeTerms">
  175.                                    <small>By clicking CREATE SHRUNKEN URL, you are agreeing <br> to our <a href="terms.php" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>  and <a href="privacy.php" target="_blank">Privacy Policy.</a></small>                                </label>
  176.                            </div>
  177.                                                <a href="#" rel="tooltip" data-placement="left" title="By clicking CREATE SHRUNKEN URL, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.">
  178.                        <div class="createButtonWrapper">
  179.                            <input name="submitted" type="hidden" value="1"/>
  180.                            <button type="submit" class="btn btn-large btn-inverse">Create shrunken URL!</button>
  181.                        </div>
  182.                        </a>
  184.                        <div class="clear"><!-- --></div>
  185.                    </div>
  187.                    <!-- additional options -->
  188.                    <div class="well">
  191.                        <div class="accordion" id="accordion">
  192.                            <div class="accordion-group">
  193.                                <div class="accordion-heading">
  194.                                    <a class="accordion-toggle" data-toggle="collapse" data-parent="#accordion" href="#collapseOption">
  195.                                        <h5 style="font-weight: 600; text-transform: uppercase !important;">
  196.                                            &#x2BC6;  Click here for Additional Options                                        </h5>
  197.                                    </a>
  198.                                </div>
  199.                                <div id="collapseOption" class="accordion-body collapse">
  200.                                    <div class="accordion-inner">
  201.                                        <div class="additionalOptions">
  204.                                            <div class="fiftyPercent">
  205.                                                <label for="customUrl">
  206.                                                    Custom URL:
  207.                                                </label>
  208.                                                <input type="text" name="customUrl" id="customUrl" title="set a custom shrunken URL" value="" autocomplete="off"/>
  209.                                            </div>
  211.                                            <div class="fiftyPercentLast">
  212.                                                <label for="shortUrlPassword">Password:</label>
  213.                                                <input type="text" name="shortUrlPassword" id="shortUrlPassword" title="set a password to access the link" value="" autocomplete="off"/>
  214.                                            </div>
  216.                                            <div class="third">
  217.                                                <label for="shortUrlExpiryDate">Expiry Date:</label>
  218.                                                <input type="text" class="uiStyle" name="shortUrlExpiryDate" id="shortUrlExpiryDate" title="set an expiry date for the URL" value="05-03-2024"/>
  219.                                            </div>
  221.                                            <div class="third">
  222.                                                <label for="shortUrlUses">Total uses:</label>
  223.                                                <select id="shortUrlUses" name="shortUrlUses" title="Choose how many times the link can be used before expiring">
  224.                                                    <option value="0">Unlimited</option><option value="1">1</option><option value="2">2</option><option value="3">3</option><option value="5">5</option><option value="10">10</option><option value="20">20</option><option value="50">50</option><option value="100" SELECTED>100</option><option value="500">500</option><option value="1000">1000</option>                                                </select>
  225.                                            </div>
  227.                                            <div class="thirdLast">
  228.                                                <label for="shortUrlType">URL Type:</label>
  229.                                                <select id="shortUrlType" name="shortUrlType">
  230.                                                    <option value="0" SELECTED>public (listed on site)</option><option value="1">private (not listed on site)</option>                                                </select>
  231.                                            </div>
  233.                                            <div class="clear"><!-- --></div>
  236.                                        </div>
  237.                                    </div>
  238.                                </div>
  239.                            </div>
  240.                        </div>
  242.                    </div>
  243.                </form>
  245.                <!-- JS bookmarks -->
  246.                <div class="bookmarkItems">
  247.                    <div class="subBoomarkItem">
  248.                        <a onClick="bookmarksite('', '');
  249.                                return false;" class="btn mrgbtm35"><span style="">Add To Bookmarks</span>
  250.                            <img alt="Add To Bookmarks" src=""/>
  251.                        </a>
  252.                    </div>
  253.                    <div class="subBoomarkItem">
  254.                        <a href="javascript:void(location.href=''+encodeURIComponent(location.href.replace('http://','')));" onClick="alert(t('toolbar_quicklink_alert'));
  255.                                return false;" class="btn mrgbtm35"><span style="">Create Shrunken URL</span>
  256.                            <img alt="Create Shrunken URL" src=""/>
  257.                        </a>
  258.                    </div>
  259.                    <div class="subBoomarkItem">
  260.                        <a href="javascript:void(location.href=''+encodeURIComponent(location.href.replace('http://','')));" onClick="alert(t('twitter_quicklink_alert'));
  261.                                return false;" class="btn mrgbtm35"><span style="">Post On Twitter</span>
  262.                            <img alt="Post On Twitter" src=""/>
  263.                        </a>
  264.                    </div>
  265.                    <div class="clear"><!-- --></div>
  266.                </div>
  268.            </div>
  270.        </div>
  272.        <div class="span4 hidden-phone column_container indexRight">
  273.            <div class="row-fluid">
  274.                <div class="span12">
  276.                    <div style="background-color: rgb(214,214,214); padding: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px;">
  277.                        <h4 style="color: rgb(23,23,23) !important; margin-bottom: 3px !important;"><b>Get shrunken URLs!</b></h4>
  278.                        <h5 style="color: rgb(32,32,32);">Easily create trackable shrunken URLs to use anywhere on the web, email or Twitter.</h5>
  279.                    </div>
  281.                    <p>
  282.                        Copy and paste your long URL into the box on the left or signup for a <a href="">free account</a> and manage all your shrunken URLs in one place.                    </p>
  284.                    <p>
  285. We use the most up to date sources available on the internet to block links being created for sites which may contain viruses, spam or malware.                    </p>
  286.                    <ul>
  287.                        <li><a href="" target="_blank">PhishTank</a></li>
  288.                        <li><a href="" target="_blank">Google Safe Browsing</a></li>
  289.                    </ul>
  292.                    <hr class="visible-desktop"></hr>
  293.                    <h4 class="visible-desktop">Shrunken Site Statistics:</h4>
  295.                    <div class="span6 statBox statBoxFirst" style="margin-left: 0px;">
  296.                        <div class="interalWrapper">
  297.                            <p>
  298. 6,279,380                            </p>
  299.                            <h4>Total URLs</h4>
  300.                        </div>
  301.                    </div>
  302.                    <div class="span6 statBox" style="margin-left: 0px;">
  303.                        <div class="interalWrapper">
  304.                            <p>
  305. 6,374,427                            </p>
  306.                            <h4>Total URL Visits</h4>
  307.                        </div>
  308.                    </div>
  309.                    <div class="clear"><!-- --></div>
  310.                    <hr class="visible-desktop"></hr>
  311.                    <h4 class="visible-desktop"> <strong class="colored"></strong> - Best place for shrunken URLs</h4>
  313.                </div>
  314.            </div>
  315.        </div>
  317.    </div>
  319.    <!-- divider -->
  320.    <div class="row">
  321.        <div class="span12">
  322.            <div class="home_separator"></div>
  323.        </div>
  324.    </div>
  327. </div>
  328. </div>  
  329. </div>
  332. <!--FOOTER-->
  333. <!-- footer ads -->
  334.    <div class="footerAds">
  335.        <script type="text/javascript">
  336. var QualiGOAdOptions = {
  337.    ad_ds               : "31",
  338.    ad_cat              : "Online-Shop",
  339.    ad_search           : "",
  340.    ad_wo               : "de",
  341.    ad_m                : "de",
  342.    ad_erotic           : "0",
  343.    ad_name             : "ad_728x200",
  344.    ad_target           : "0",
  345.    ad_trackingurl      : "",
  346.    ad_color_headline   : "0000a0",
  347.    ad_color_text       : "404040",
  348.    ad_color_url        : "808080",
  349.    ad_color_background : "f2f2f2",
  350.    ad_color_border     : "858585",
  351.    ad_start            : 1,
  352. };
  353. (function(src,params) {
  354.    var position = document.getElementsByTagName("script");
  355.    position = position[position.length-1];
  356.    qi=document.createElement("script");
  357.    qi.async="async";
  358.    qi.src=src;
  359.    qi.onload = (function() { displaynow(params,position); });
  360.    position.parentNode.insertBefore(qi,position);
  361. }) ( "//", QualiGOAdOptions );
  362. </script>
  363.    </div>
  365. <!--START BOTTOM LINE-->
  366. <div class="bottom_line">
  367.    <div class="container">
  368.        <div class="row">
  369.            <!-- START COPYRIGHT INFORMATION-->
  370.            <div class="span5">
  371.                <span class="copyright">Copyright &copy; 2023 -</span>
  372.            </div>
  373.            <div class="span2">
  374.                            </div>
  375.            <!-- END COPYRIGHT INFORMATION-->
  376.            <div class="span5">
  377.                <!-- START FOOTER MENU-->
  378.                <span class="copyright pull-right visible-desktop">
  379.                    <div class="menu-footer-menu-container">
  380.                        <ul class="unstyled footer_menu" id="menu-footer-menu">
  381.                            <li><a href="">Create Shrunken URL</a></li>
  382. <li><a href="">Terms &amp; Conditions</a></li>
  383. <li><a href="">Imprint</a></li>
  384. <li><a href="">Report&nbsp;Abuse</a></li>
  385. <li><a href="">Contact</a></li>                        </ul>
  386.                    </div>
  387.                </span>
  388.                <!-- END FOOTER MENU-->
  389.            </div>
  390.        </div>
  391.    </div>
  392. </div>
  393. <!--END BOTTOM LINE-->
  394. <!--END FOOTER-->
  395. </div>
  397. </body>
  398. </html>
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