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  8. <title>Jason Liu's Personal Website</title>
  9. <updated>2006-08-05T22:38:00-05:00</updated>
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  26. <id>,2006-11-17:in-memoriam-bo-schembechler</id>
  27. <title>In Memoriam: Bo Schembechler</title>
  28. <updated>2006-11-17T22:09:00-06:00</updated>
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  32. <p>Today was a very sad day for those of us who
  33.   consider ourselves a part of the <a
  34.   href="">University
  35.   of Michigan</a> family. For today marked the
  36.   passing of former head football coach Bo
  37.   Schembechler.</p>
  38. </div>
  39. </summary>
  40. <content type="xhtml">
  41. <div xmlns="">
  42. <p>Today was a very sad day for those of us who
  43.   consider ourselves a part of the <a
  44.   href="">University
  45.   of Michigan</a> family. For today marked the
  46.   passing of former head football coach Bo
  47.   Schembechler. I'm not usually someone who
  48.   gets overly emotional about the passing of
  49.   this or that person. But for some reason, it
  50.   feels just a little bit different this time.
  51.   You see, I grew up watching Michigan
  52.   Football. My mother's house, and the house
  53.   that I spent half of my childhood in, is
  54.   literally three blocks away from <a
  55.   href="">
  56.   "The Big House," Michigan Stadium</a>. And
  57.   my mother's not a big sports fan, but she did
  58.   sometimes watch Michigan Football with me on
  59.   Saturday afternoons.</p>
  60. <p>Coach Schembechler was not someone that I
  61.   knew personally. I've never even seen him in
  62.   person... only on the television. Sometimes I
  63.   would see him co-hosting the Big Ten Ticket
  64.   show with sports anchor Don Shane on
  65.   <a href="">WXYZ-TV</a>,
  66.   the <a href="">
  67.   <abbr title="American Broadcasting Company">
  68.   ABC</abbr></a> affiliate in Detroit, Michigan.
  69.   Instead of attempting to eulogize him and
  70.   failing miserably, I think that Don Shane's
  71.   <a href=",2132,WXYZ_15940_5152044,00.html">
  72.   Remarks on the Passing of Bo Schembechler</a>
  73.   does a far better job than I ever could (I
  74.   believe that there is a link on the page to
  75.   the video version of Shane's eulogy). He
  76.   wasn't just Coach to the players who played
  77.   under him. He was Coach to everyone who was a
  78.   Michigan Football fan. More than a few tears
  79.   will have been shed to mourn his passing
  80.   tonight, and I shall shed a tear of my own to
  81.   add to the count. We'll miss you, Coach.</p>
  82. <p>More links related to this story:</p>
  83. <ul>
  84. <li><a href="">
  85.    University of Michigan news release
  86.    </a></li>
  87. <li><a href=",2132,WXYZ_15924_5151291,00.html">
  88.    WXYZ-TV news release</a></li>
  89. </ul>
  90. </div>
  91. </content>
  92. </entry>
  95. <entry>
  96. <id>,2006-08-05:rotisserie-daycare</id>
  97. <title>Rotisserie Daycare</title>
  98. <updated>2006-08-05T22:37:00-05:00</updated>
  99. <link href="/~jasonliu/web_log/2006/08/05/rotisserie-daycare/" />
  100. <summary type="xhtml">
  101. <div xmlns="">
  102. <p>Yum, rotisserie baby!</p>
  103. </div>
  104. </summary>
  105. <content type="xhtml">
  106. <div xmlns="">
  107. <p>A funny thing happened today. During a
  108.   conversation a couple of days ago, I was
  109.   telling an Indian friend of mine about how
  110.   <a href="">Boston
  111.   Market</a> sells rotisserie chicken, and also
  112.   explaining to her exactly what a rotisserie
  113.   is. Then today, I was out shopping for a
  114.   couple of groceries with the same friend. As
  115.   we're walking out from the <a
  116.   href="">Cub Foods</a>
  117.   store, she suddenly says, "Hey, is that a
  118.   Rotisserie Daycare?" I stop short, and look
  119.   at her blankly. "Huh?" I say. She points in
  120.   the direction of some of the other stores in
  121.   the strip mall. I notice the sign above one
  122.   of the establishments, which says
  123.   <a href="">
  124.   <em>Montessori Daycare</em></a>. I reply,
  125.   "No, that says <em><strong>Montessori</strong>
  126.   Daycare</em>, not <em>Rotisserie
  127.   Daycare</em>...!" Suddenly, the image of <a
  128.   href="">
  129.   Fat Bastard</a> from the <em>Austin
  130.   Powers</em> films, saying "Get in mah belly!"
  131.   pops into my head. And then I start laughing
  132.   uncontrollably. Yum, rotisserie baby!</p>
  133. <p>"Baby: the other, <em>other</em> white
  134.   meat! Baby, it's what's for dinner!"</p>
  135.   <p style="text-align: right;">&#8212; <a
  136.   href="">Fat
  137.   Bastard</a>, <a
  138.   href=""><em>Austin
  139.   Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me</em></a></p>
  140. </div>
  141. </content>
  142. </entry>
  144. </feed>

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