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  4. <title>Tuxxedo Studios News on Fantasy Art, Glamour Photos and More</title>
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  6. <description>All Tuxxedo Studios News, including New Fantasy Art, Glamour Photos, Site Updates, Blog Entries and Press Releases.</description>
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  11. <title>Tuxxedo Studios : Imagination 2 Creation</title>
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  18. <title>Tuxxedo Studios first ever Free World Cup Soccer Game with cash prizes.</title>
  19. <description>We have put up for sale two Graphics at very reasonable prices. The first one we call MVP (for Hockey Fans), it costs $10.00 and half the proceeds will be donated to the Kids International Cup Festival. The second one we call Soccer Gold and it costs $20.00. Again half the proceeds will be donated to the Kids International Cup, however, this one is even more special because every purchase gets you one FREE entry into our 2006 World Cup Soccer Game where the other half of the proceeds will be given back to the first and second place winners of the game. Dont delay, make your purchase of the Soccer Vault today and get your FREE entry into the game. All completed entries must be submitted by May 31, 2006.</description>
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  23. <title>Tuxxedo Studios creates and hosts The Kids International Cup for Charity.</title>
  24. <description>We are very excited about this new website we have created, not only is it a great example to use to showcase our services, but the event itself is wonderful. A Childrens Soccer Festival mirroring the Fifa World Cup and if that isnt enough, all their profits will be donated to Childrens Hospitals! Tuxxedo Studios is very proud to be a sponsor of The 2006 Kids International Cup.</description>
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  28. <title>Tuxxedo Studios creates a subdomain for Brandys Brazil.</title>
  29. <description>Brandys Brazil is a great example for us to use as one of our Small Subdomain sites. Brandy is an amateur photographer with a love of her country. She wanted a place to show off her photographs and her country at the same time. Ideally she wants her site to be the one-stop-shop for Brazil.</description>
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  33. <title>Tuxxedo Studios adds website hosting and creation to their services. From small (budget minded) subdomains to large corporate domains, we do it all.</title>
  34. <description>The reason our Custom Wed Design Page is not finished...we have been too busy working on all the other sites to work on ours. We do have a couple of examples already online, and are currently working on 2 more subdomains and 2 more small corporate sites. We should have those ready very soon as well.</description>
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  38. <title>Tuxxedo Studios adds pictures, photography, animations, graphics, games and is about to announce a brand new service for unknown artists and/or others who want a personal website.</title>
  39. <description>Tuxxedo Studios has added pictures and animations to their Fantasy Art Gallery, photographs to Wildlife and Travels galleries, Sketches to the Tattoo Designs gallery, three new puzzle games to their free games page and a new graphic for sale. In addition they will be soon announcing a brand new service for unknown artists and/or others who want a personal website at minimum cost.</description>
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  43. <title>Tuxxedo Studios Announces the Winners of the 2005 Gold and Silver Dragon Awards.</title>
  44. <description>Tuxxedo Studios has picked their winners of the 2005 Gold and Silver Dragon Awards, please visit our Awards Page to view the winners and to apply for the 2006 Gold Dragon Award today.</description>
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  48. <title>Tuxxedo Studios About to Announce the Winner of the 2005 Gold Dragon Award.</title>
  49. <description>Tuxxedo Studios will announce the winner of the 2005 Gold Dragon Award December 24th, 2005. Which means that all you Fantasy Artists/Webmasters out there have only two weeks left to apply. And, to make it even a little more urgent there are only two spots left. We already have 13 of the 15 contenders awarded. Do you have a Fantasy Art Site that can overtake the current favourites? Apply today and find out!</description>
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  53. <title>Tuxxedo Studios Joins the Better Business Bureau.</title>
  54. <description>Tuxxedo Studios has joined the Better Business Bureau both as a company and online. In this day and age of internet fraud and fly-by-night businesses, we wanted to find a way to make our clients and customers as safe and secure as possible. We started early by joining "ePublicEye" and "TrustGauge" two different online monitoring sites. We partnered with 2CheckOut for our online payment processor because they have extremely reliable credit card processing and they check all unusual charges for fraud. NOW we have joined one of the most well known non-profit companies in the world - The Better Business Bureau BUT even that wasn't enough, so we also joined The Better Business Bureau's "Online Reliability Program"</description>
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  58. <title>Tuxxedo Studios adds the 2005 Gold Dragon Award for Outstanding Fantasy Art.</title>
  59. <description>Tuxxedo Studios has added to their site The 2005 Gold Dragon Award. Attention Fantasy Artists and Webmasters if your sites theme is Fantasy Art apply for this beautiful trophy and certificate today. Only one Gold Award, one Silver (runner-up) Award and 15 Bronze (finalists) Awards available. All applications and awards are free.</description>
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  63. <title>Tuxxedo Studios expands their site with more for Free.</title>
  64. <description>Tuxxedo Studios has added to their Free Ecards and Free Forum with two new offerings, Free Monthly Prizes and Free Games, to take advantage of these please use our new Free Stuff Page. In addition, we have responded to customers feedback with a new page dedicated to our Special Request Glamour Photos. You asked for more information on how we create our Glamour Photos and now you can see with our new Manipulations Page.</description>
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  68. <title>Tuxxedo Studios adds a new Ecard for St. Patricks Day.</title>
  69. <description>Tuxxedo Studios gave Tuxx some time off from his regular chores to come up with a new Ecard for St. Patricks Day. Come on over to the site and take a look at his newest creation, its a good thing the Irish like to have fun.</description>
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  73. <title>Tuxxedo Studios adds a Personal Blog for Staffs Opinions and Thoughts.</title>
  74. <description>Since Tuxxedo Studios is a creative enterprise, by default Tuxxedos staff is as well. We decided to add a Personal Blog for them to use in any way they wish. It also provides a way to keep this RSS Feed about the business and separate from personal opinions and thoughts.</description>
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  78. <title>Tuxxedo Studios adds Commercial Services to its Website.</title>
  79. <description>Due to the overwhelming popularity of Tuxxedos graphics, Tuxxedo Studios has added several commercial services to go along with their personal services and free galleries. Now you can find Banner Creation, Business Cards and Rent Our Models at</description>
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  83. <title>Tuxxedo Studios welcomes back the International Directory Best Art Toplist</title>
  84. <description>In the Online Art World there are thousands and thousands of sites. To get noticed you must be good, you must have original work and you must work hard at marketing your site. There are many great tools and tips out there for SEO but Toplists are a great way to get noticed in the Art World, especially if you are good.</description>
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  88. <title>Tuxxedo Studios Saves you Hundreds in Sitting Fees for Glamour Photos</title>
  89. <description>We all know that Glamour Photos cost hundreds if not thousands in sitting fees, Tuxxedo Studios offers this service starting at only 34.99. If you have always wanted one of those Boudoir pictures but were too shy to actually have them taken, here is the perfect way to do it without having to face a single person.</description>
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  93. <title>Tuxxedo Studios goes LIVE with RSS Feeds</title>
  94. <description>Tuxxedo Studios sets up a RSS Feed. Even though our specialty is Photo Manipulation and Fantasy Art, not news distribution, we decided to try our hand at RSS Feeds. We wanted to find a way to keep our friends, colleagues and clients informed about additions and changes to the site as quickly and easily as possible. We also want to have some fun, so the entries will not always be business only.</description>
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