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  4.   <title>Sector 7 - Halo</title>
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  7.   <description>The only site you'll even need for Halo!</description>
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  9.  <title>Halo: Combat Evolved... The Remake</title>
  10.  <date>8:06 pm</date>
  11.  <author>Wolfy</author>
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  14.  <description><![CDATA[It can't be. A 10-year anniversary Halo: Combat Evolved remake? But it is! The folks over at Bungie go for a much needed digging around their old past time. The game that made them what they are today, large and much in charge of a nice chunk of the Xbox 360's online activity, is set to be re-released on November 15th of this year. It will feature updated graphics "layer", call it an emulator with the added benefits of modern graphic technology, and of course multiplayer support over Xbox Live.<br /><br /><blockquote><div><b>"Frankie" wrote:</b><br />As a matter of fact, the gameplay engine, the physics, the controls (with some minor changes for the 360 controller and the aspect ratio) are identical. It is, in short, the Halo CE engine, but with a second graphics layer, a separate engine in fact, running on top. You can see this phenomenon yourself by pressing the back button at any time. The game will switch from old graphics to new, and back again, in real time. That in itself, is a bizarrely fun feature – one we constantly used to check to see if things truly were identical, or more frequently, simply to compare the two generations of hardware and see how far things had come. Although perversely, sometimes we switched back only to remember how good the original looked.</div></blockquote><br /><br />Read the whole article <a target="_blank" href="">over at</a>.]]></description>
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  17.  <title>Halo 3 - Behind the Scenes!</title>
  18.  <date>11:06 pm</date>
  19.  <author>JPOGDNA</author>
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  22.  <description><![CDATA[So as you can tell we are excited here, Bungie released a behind the scenes making of the Halo 3 describing all of their thinking on its creations, they spend alot of time talking about the graphics engine and then another good portion on the music. Its really well made, and you just might see some fimiliar faces from the Halo 2 DVD.<br /><br />Anyways Bungie has placed a million different size options for the video: Small, medium, large, as well as HD. They also offer both Windows Media Player and Quicktime formats for each size. <a target="_blank" href="">Go check it out!</a>]]></description>
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  25.  <title>Halo in Hi-Res</title>
  26.  <date>4:05 pm</date>
  27.  <author>JPOGDNA</author>
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  30.  <description><![CDATA[While I was surfing around I came across the press release kit for Halo 3. About 70mb of GIANT sized pictures of cutouts of MC and pictures from the Halo 3 trailer. The <a target="_blank" href="">press website can be found here.</a> And you can download the shots <a target="_blank" href="">here.</a>]]></description>
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  33.  <title>BWU 5/12!</title>
  34.  <date>6:05 pm</date>
  35.  <author>JPOGDNA</author>
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  38.  <description><![CDATA[The Bungie Weekly Whats Update has been released with a ton load of FAQ's about Halo 3. They answer alot of good questions that help fill in questions about the announcement trailer. Also give a very nice wallpaper for download. <br /><br />You can read the full BWU <a target="_blank" href="">here.</a><br />And the wallpaper can be found <a target="_blank" href="">here.</a>]]></description>
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  41.  <title>Halo 3</title>
  42.  <date>2:05 pm</date>
  43.  <author>JPOGDNA</author>
  45. <link>;id=1147460727&amp;archive=</link>
  46.  <description><![CDATA[Yes, thats right, Halo 3 has been annouced by Bungie. The long awaited game from Bungie was finally annouced at E3 this week that it was being created. Bungie realesed a short trailer to annouce it at the MS press confrence, and it looks amazing. Bungie shocked the world with their announcement they said.<br /><br /><blockquote><div><b>Bungie wrote:</b><br /> For the last year or two, people have speculated about what our next project was and surprisingly, in all that time, not a single person guessed that it would be Halo 3. Not one.<br />We declare it the best kept secret ever.</div></blockquote><br /><br />You can read the full story and download the trailer <a target="_blank" href="">here.</a>]]></description>
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  49.  <title>Halo 3, Not Halo 3?</title>
  50.  <date>11:03 pm</date>
  51.  <author>Seiya</author>
  53. <link>;id=1142658189&amp;archive=</link>
  54.  <description><![CDATA[Not sure if many of you know this but Bungie seems to have plans to rename Halo 3 to the Forerunner. I'm not sure this is a good idea as changing the name will have a huge impact in all the fan base the name Halo has built up. Besides, if its going to be almost the same, why change the name?! How about Halo: Forerunner.]]></description>
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  57.  <title>Halo for PSP?</title>
  58.  <date>8:03 pm</date>
  59.  <author>Seiya</author>
  61. <link>;id=1141265024&amp;archive=</link>
  62.  <description><![CDATA[A single person is attempting to bring the Microsoft fun to handheld. As we all know Microsoft does not have a handheld so PSPdemon is trying to mod Iris in order to make a 4 player Halo deathmatch for the PSP. Of course the game won't look as good or feel as good but still good for the guys that can't live without Halo.]]></description>
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  65.  <title>Halo co-creator's new project</title>
  66.  <date>8:02 am</date>
  67.  <author>Seiya</author>
  69. <link>;id=1141048972&amp;archive=</link>
  70.  <description><![CDATA[Alex Seropian announced that his next project is a massively multiplayer online game that's being developed alongside a TV show.]]></description>
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  73.  <title>Grab a piece of Xbox history!</title>
  74.  <date>8:02 am</date>
  75.  <author>Seiya</author>
  77. <link>;id=1140012146&amp;archive=</link>
  78.  <description><![CDATA[Microsoft Australia is auctioning off a giant billboard by pieces. The auction will be done through eBay and started 2 days ago for the first piece.  <br /><br />After changing Sydneys skyline for about 6 months this catchy Halo advertisement is now up for grabs as Xbox auctions the sign worldwide in order to raise funds for the Make a Wish fundation.]]></description>
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  81.  <title>Halo 2 for Windows Vista</title>
  82.  <date>1:02 pm</date>
  83.  <author>Seiya</author>
  85. <link>;id=1139684525&amp;archive=</link>
  86.  <description><![CDATA[Microsoft announced plans to release Halo 2 to the PC but only for their new Operating System Windows Vista. The Vista version of Halo 2 will combine the original game with the multiplayer map pack. Players will also have tools to build and customize their own multiplayer levels.<br /><br />Although Microsoft did not bother telling us the official reason for Halo 2 being "Vista Only" it can easily be deducted that they want their new OS to spread fast. This will be easily accomplished by making us buy Vista if we want to play Halo 2 on PC...]]></description>
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