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  6. <title>Liminality... the space in between</title>
  7. <description>Personal site of an American professor and translator in Korea; contents include journal essays, photographs, translations, and other writings.</description>
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  11. <title>[Notes - 7.30]Summer session ends</title>
  12. <description>My summer class is now over, and with it a very hot July promises to give way to a very hot August.</description>
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  17. <title>[Notes - 6.26]Transitions</title>
  18. <description>My monthly post for June is just a short update on things.</description>
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  23. <title>[Journal - 5.23]Review: Ready Player One</title>
  24. <description>This review is long overdue, and way too long to boot. What can I say? I got carried away. Read at your own risk.</description>
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  29. <title>[Journal - 4.18]Untethered</title>
  30. <description>Threads that have connected me to past times and places snap, one by one. Today is a relatively short meditation on one of those threads.</description>
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  35. <title>[Notes - 3.28]Free at last</title>
  36. <description>After five weeks of torture, I am a free man once more.</description>
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