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  6. <title>Liminality... the space in between</title>
  7. <description>Personal site of an American professor and translator in Korea; contents include journal essays, photographs, translations, and other writings.</description>
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  11. <title>[Journal - 10.3]My favorites from Lindsey</title>
  12. <description>Today is a special day, and I thought I&#8217;d celebrate with a little musical retrospective.</description>
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  17. <title>[Notes - 9.21]Semester underway</title>
  18. <description>With three weeks in the books now, I think we can say that the semester is officially underway.</description>
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  23. <title>[Journal - 8.31]Looking back on Europe</title>
  24. <description>We were gone for most of July on a trip to Europe, and now I am finally getting around to posting something about it!</description>
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  29. <title>[Journal - 6.28]Review: Endgame</title>
  30. <description>Here it is, at long last: my review of Avengers: Endgame (clocking in at over 5k words, so, be warned)</description>
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  35. <title>[Notes - 5.30]Winding down</title>
  36. <description>Another quick note just to check in with everyone</description>
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