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  6. <title>Liminality... the space in between</title>
  7. <description>Personal site of an American professor and translator in Korea; contents include journal essays, photographs, translations, and other writings.</description>
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  11. <title>[Journal - 3.17]The needy haunted house</title>
  12. <description>I had a weird dream a few days ago. I thought it was... interesting. Perhaps you will, too.</description>
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  17. <title>[Notes - 3.12]Daylight Stupidity Time</title>
  18. <description>Just a quick gripe about DST today</description>
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  23. <title>[Journal - 3.7]Twenty years</title>
  24. <description>As hard as it is to believe, twenty years ago this past Sunday, HJ and I were married. In honor of our time together, I&#8217;ve put together a photographic retrospective of the past ten years.</description>
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  29. <title>[Journal - 3.2]February reading review</title>
  30. <description>From film reviews we switch over to book reviews as I talk about what I read in February.</description>
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  35. <title>[Journal - 2.21]Review: Rogue One</title>
  36. <description>We&#8217;re sticking with film reviews and talking about &#8220;Rogue One&#8221; today here at Liminality.</description>
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