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  3.  <title>Healing Science at Bioenergetic Spectrum, RSS</title>
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  5.  <description>Healing Science at Bioenergetic Spectrum covers an array of esoteric equipment for repairing and protecting living tissue. Mobile Friendly.</description>
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  12.  <title>Bioenergetic Biofeedback: The SCENAR</title>
  13.  <description>Varying electric fields are studied for healing wounds and defects in living tissue.  Russian Research produced a bioelectrical feedback device known as the SCENAR which utilizes this biophysical phenomenon of bioenergetic biofeedback.</description>
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  17.  <title>Chi Swing Exerciser for Pain Relief</title>
  18.  <description>Chi Swing Exerciser relieves common ailments that cause pain and stiffness and produces many remarkable benefits.</description>
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  22.  <title>How to make a 3 to 5 ppm colloidal silver generator</title>
  23.  <description>Colloidal Silver Report describes how to make a generator and its application. Additions include a video of the Tyndall Effect and a picture of how to use a one gallon cobalt blue jar for production. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  27.  <title>Colloidal Silver, how to make and use it</title>
  28.  <description>Colloidal Silver Report includes instructions on how to make a generator and its application: Discovering the Universal Antimicrobial; Possible ways of Enhancing the action of Colloidal Silver; AGRICULTURAL APPLICATION OF Colloids.</description>
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  32.  <title>The Healing Power of Music</title>
  33.  <description>Music can influence the natural healing motility of genes, cells, and various structures in the body.  Treatise on the Solfeggio Scale included.</description>
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  37.  <title>Harmonic Translator Case History Studies</title>
  38.  <description>Harmonic Translator Case studies by inventor, John Monroe, demonstrate our relationship to the environment by way of viral organisms.</description>
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  42.  <title>Insomnia Sleep Aid Solutions</title>
  43.  <description>Insomnia disorders and the resulting sleep deprivation can be treated with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy which has been used with high degrees of success compared to orthodox treatments. Includes scientific studies and other various holistic solutions.</description>
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  47.  <title>Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)</title>
  48.  <description>Low level laser therapy for treating tuberculosis; study in patients with primary Raynaud's phenomenon; Transmeatal irradiation for tinnitus; morphometric assessment of the effect on bone repair; quantum therapy for the treatment of stable angina, and more...</description>
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  52.  <title>Mild Silver Protein</title>
  53.  <description>Mild Silver Protein Report describes application in immunity and helping repair living tissue.</description>
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  57.  <title>Ozone Generator ideal for home and small business use!</title>
  58.  <description>The first Ozone Generator manufactured by a doctor who understands ozone therapy and ozone treatments.</description>
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  62.  <title>Ozone Therapeutic Remedial Uses</title>
  63.  <description>Ozone is the most effective treatment for viral infections such as mycoplasmydial, chlamydial, and rickettsial infections without any of the long-term side effects of antibiotics...</description>
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  67.  <title>Pain and Injury Healing with Magnetic Pulse Therapy</title>
  68.  <description>Low level induced Magnetic Energy Fields of Specifically Pulsed Frequencies are therapeutically Beneficial for the TEMPORARY RELIEF of MANY BODILY DISCOMFORTS.</description>
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  72.  <title>Rife/Bare review by James E. Bare D.C.</title>
  73.  <description>Book Review on Rife/Bare instrument utilizes patented methods and techniques to produce a modern day recreation of a relatively unknown therapy device. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  77.  <title>Royal Rife Short Biography</title>
  78.  <description>Short Bio on Royal Raymond Rife explains why energy oriented medicine and their researchers are segregated from a morally corrupt society. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  82.  <title>Royal Raymond Rife Sample frequency list, part 1</title>
  83.  <description>Rife frequency list of mortal oscillatory rates (MORs) provide an example of audible resonant harmonics applied through a properly configured emitter and used as energy medicine.</description>
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  87.  <title>Colloidal Silver vs. anthrax and SARS</title>
  88.  <description>SARS Report describes application of Colloidal Silver against anthrax and other organisms.</description>
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  92.  <title>Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII</title>
  93.  <description>Latest development in the field of Vibrational Energy Medicine advances the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Abrams, Lakhovsky and Ed Skilling, by combining an advanced lymph technology with full-spectrum Frequency Technology, and by utilizing the principles of Sacred Geometry and modern circuitry design.</description>
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