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  3.  <title>HealingMindN Body Spirit Connection, RSS</title>
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  5.  <description>Healing Mind new age reviews self improvement, personal growth tools. Esoteric principles include mental discipline for human achievement and spiritual growth. Learn Meditation Quickly and Easily. The latest update to mobile technology is Subliminal Hypnosis for Self Improvement. Rex Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course has been updated for mobile devices. </description>
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  12.  <title>Coming of the Third Earth Age</title>
  13.  <description>Coming of the 3rd Earth Age; HealingMindN Regulating emotional, spiritual, and sexual health. </description>
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  17.  <title>About HealingMindN Self Improvement: The Spirit</title>
  18.  <description>HealingMindN background on self improvement site tells the site Owner's story from his younger days and how he got started in esoteric subject matter. </description>
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  22.  <title>The Ancient Mind / Energy Concept</title>
  23.  <description>How ancient mind development methods increase psychic energy potential. See links to multiple reviews on how guided meditation course on remote viewing and remote influencing works. Features works from Gerald O'Donnell of Probable Future! </description>
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  27.  <title>Healing Mind N Self Help Articles</title>
  28.  <description>Healing Mind N Articles on self improvement and personal growth tools explain esoteric principles of mental discipline for human achievement and spiritual growth. </description>
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  32.  <title>Binaural Harmonics in brainwave entrainment</title>
  33.  <description>Binaural beats are subsonic frequencies heard within the brain itself. These frequencies are created as both hemispheres work simultaneously to hear sounds that are pitch-differed by key mathematical intervals (window frequencies). The brain waves respond to these oscillating tones by following them (entrainment), and both hemispheres begin to work together. Communication between the two sides of the brain is associated with flashes of creativity, insight and wisdom. Get Your Holiday discounts on BWE from Unexplainable before it's gone.</description>
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  37.  <title>Brain Wave Science: Introduction to Psychoneurophysiology</title>
  38.  <description>Brainwave entrainment (BWE) can help you reach successful mental states to obtain your goals; for psychoneurophysiology publishers, mental health counselors, and guided meditation enthusiasts. See the new Thought Sounds 4 for professional BWE composers! Get Your Holiday discounts on BWE from Unexplainable before it's gone.</description>
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  42.  <title>Intro to Chi Kung and Ha-Tha Yoga Breathing Exercises</title>
  43.  <description>Breathing instructions and Prelude to Chi Kung Exercises includes sun-moon yoga breathing theory. </description>
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  47.  <title>Depression Case History, Circa 1942: Biotherapy</title>
  48.  <description>Depression case history, weekend treatments with Wilhelm Reich's Character Analytic Vegetotherapy: Walter Frank, 'Vegetotherapy,' This Journal, March 1942, pp 65-78. </description>
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  52.  <title>Constructs of Belief</title>
  53.  <description>The Constructs of belief are built upon the emotional securities of popular thought in the average person. Learn how beliefs based in fear distort reality. </description>
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  57.  <title>Spiritual Health vs. Depression</title>
  58.  <description>Depression as the basis for emotional corruption versus God's Word is examined. This paper derives effective exercises from different parts of for regaining spiritual health. </description>
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  62.  <title>Emotional Freedom Techniques vs. Ancient Keys</title>
  63.  <description>New School, Emotional Freedom Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Meridian Knowledge proves that there are numerous ways to unlock the healing potential of the human psyche. </description>
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  67.  <title>HealingMindN: error 500</title>
  68.  <description>HealingMindN error page explains how to restore missing webpages or dead links that caused you to land here. Includes summary of Bioenergetic Spectrum. </description>
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  72.  <title>Healing Journey: Way of the HealingMindN</title>
  73.  <description>A Healing Mind is disciplined, ready, and willing RIGHT NOW to follow his or her higher intuition with beliefs based in love, everyday. </description>
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  77.  <title>HealingMindN Self Improvement Summary</title>
  78.  <description>HealingMindN self improvement summary gives you a synopsis of tools available at this site as well as outside references. </description>
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  82.  <title>How Music Heals Body Mind and Soul How Music Heals Body Mind and Soul</title>
  83.  <description>How Music Heals Body Mind and Soul discusses how music and associated technologies influence our natural healing and human potential. </description>
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  87.  <title>Dr. Horatio Bates Method for Restoring Vision</title>
  88.  <description>Learn how to improve your sight and restore your vision using these simple exercises by Dr. Horatio Bates. Includes tensor exercise addendum and links to resources for further improving the health of your vision.</description>
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  92.  <title>Law of Attraction: Your Invisible Power</title>
  93.  <description>Law of Attraction based on Genevieve Gehrand's book, Your Invisible Power is explored from a trance state.  HealingMindN Meditation video is based in the invocation of the necessary trance state for exercising spiritual powers. Now Mobile Device Friendly with easier navigation. </description>
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  97.  <title>Marketing to Limbic</title>
  98.  <description>The limbic system is instinctive because its older than language, faster than thinking. It controls trust, attention and desire. Learn how mainstream marketing depends on your lower level reasoning. </description>
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  102.  <title>Meditation in Mental Health: Encephelo Electro stimulation</title>
  103.  <description>Introduction to meditation for the beginner includes advanced topics.  Brain electro-neural stimulation is advised for a busy lifestyle. </description>
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  107.  <title>Meditation in schools towards the Maharishi Effect</title>
  108.  <description>Peace-Promoting Meditation In The Classroom Draws Huge Response From Media, Educators. </description>
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  112.  <title>Meditations for Spiritual Growth and Mental Discipline</title>
  113.  <description>Guided Meditation intros help you relax with the correct posture and breathing. Includes HealingMindN Meditation Video and QiGong Exercise for controlling your heart rate.</description>
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  117.  <title>Mindfulness in Medicine</title>
  118.  <description>At the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, 15,000 people have taken an eight-week course in the practice; hundreds more have signed up at medical clinics across the country. Mobile Device Friendly Page.</description>
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  122.  <title>Way of the Mind Gate Mailing List Group</title>
  123.  <description>Way of the Mind Gate Group allows us to share ideas and perspectives on mind control, self improvement, spiritual growth, and related topics. Any member can start a discussion and get feedback through a convenient user group email. E-manuals will be posted on related and esoteric topics for all members to download at their convenience. </description>
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  127.  <title>Mind Training - Multiple Mentality Course 101</title>
  128.  <description>Introduction to Multiple Mentalism discusses how difficult and near impossible tasks become easy and simple to do with the proper training. </description>
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  132.  <title>The Multiple Mentality Course eBook</title>
  133.  <description>The Multiple Mentality Course, a Series of the Exercises leading to the Development of Greater Mental Power. A True Course in Right/Left Brain Training, Development of Creative Intelligence and Conscious Fostering of Intuitive Powers by Harry Kahne. </description>
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  137.  <title>Multiple Mentalism Writing the Alphabet Backwards</title>
  138.  <description>Introduction to Multiple Mentalism exercise 1 for memory improvement: writing the alphabet backwards. </description>
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  142.  <title>Multiple Mentalism Lesson 1, Exercise II</title>
  143.  <description>Multiple Mentalism lesson 1, exercise II, for memory improvement: writing the alphabet forwards and backwards. </description>
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  147.  <title>Multiple Mentalism Lesson 2, Exercise I</title>
  148.  <description>Multiple Mentalism exercise 2 for memory improvement: Transposing the alphabet. </description>
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  152.  <title>Multiple Mentalism Lesson 3, Exercise I</title>
  153.  <description>Multiple Mentalism exercise 3, part 1, for memory improvement: writing the alphabet forwards and backwards. </description>
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  157.  <title>NLP, Life Philosophy, and Mental Discipline</title>
  158.  <description>Why Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) can be used on people who have big egos and a life philosophy which teaches them that they are better than others. </description>
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  162.  <title>Paranormal Foundation: Basis for Psychic Phenomena</title>
  163.  <description>Research on psychic phenomena is scientifically verifiable, yet most of this work is left out of mainstream academia. Discover Why. </description>
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  167.  <title>Super Power Memory Excerpt: Peg System of Memory</title>
  168.  <description>Peg System of Memory from How to Develop a Super Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, the man with the most powerful memory in the world shows you how to memorize any list. </description>
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  172.  <title>Personal Story on Self Improvement</title>
  173.  <description>Personal Story on HealingMindN Medicine Man's background on self improvement tells the site Owner's perspective from his younger days and how he got started in esoteric subjects in personal growth. </description>
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  177.  <title>Glimpse at a Utopia</title>
  178.  <description>The Pleiades: Glimpse at a Utopia. Regulating emotional, spiritual, and sexual health. </description>
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  182.  <title>Psychic Research PSI and Emotional Freedom Techniques</title>
  183.  <description>Discussion on Dean Radin, Gary Craig and more psychic researchers who seek to advance humanity through their esoteric research. </description>
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  187.  <title>Remote Viewing Frequently Asked Questions</title>
  188.  <description>FAQs on Remote Viewing are answered in this candid discussion on brainwave entrainment and guided meditation. Update includes summary from March 2014 radio interview with Gerald O'Donnell including coverage of Malaysian Flight 370 disappearance. Updated for 2017.</description>
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  192.  <title>Restore Vision Naturally with Simple Exercises</title>
  193.  <description>Improve and restore your vision naturally using these simple ocular exercises by William Horatio Bates. </description>
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  197.  <title>Rex Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course</title>
  198.  <description>Rex Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course is a comprehensive Manual to help you duplicate human excellence and learn new (productive) behaviors at an accelerated pace. </description>
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  202.  <title>Self Improvement and New Age Fads</title>
  203.  <description>For Self Improvement, People crave balance through fundamental teachings. Ancient concepts can have positive effects in modern day society by teaching balance. Discover how new age fads are derivations of ancient concepts lacking fundamental wisdom. </description>
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  207.  <title>Stress and Positive Thinking, part 1</title>
  208.  <description>Stress management is explored in its causes in cures towards a happier life.  Includes excerpt on the power of positive thinking. </description>
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  212.  <title>Stress and Positive Thinking, part 2</title>
  213.  <description>Stress management is explored in its causes in cures towards a happier life.  Includes excerpt on the power of positive thinking. </description>
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  217.  <title>subliminal hypnosis for self improvement</title>
  218.  <description>Subliminal messages do not require hypnosis to affect individuals.  Discipline can be obtained through self-induced suggestions. </description>
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  222.  <title>subliminal marketing trends</title>
  223.  <description>Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream - fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies, and industry groups. </description>
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  227.  <title>How to Develop a Super Power Memory eBook</title>
  228.  <description>How to Develop a Super Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, the man with the most powerful memory in the world is in .pdf format waiting for you to download. </description>
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  232.  <title>5 Reasons Why You Need Your TRUE Feelings</title>
  233.  <description>Learn why Your True Feelings are necessary to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness according to Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. Learn how they have been distorted into misperceptions, misconceptions and preconceived notions, and how to (re)connect to your true nature. Mobile Device Friendly</description>
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  237.  <title>Visual Ray Psionics: Key to Philosopher's Stone</title>
  238.  <description>Bioenergetic emanations from the eye provide proof that psionic phenomena exists as a God-Given ability to control our lives and the world around us.  Know the living link between physical and spiritual realms. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  242.  <title>Why Worries Come True</title>
  243.  <description>The more emotion accompanying your worries, the more well defined those neural pathways become as well as a path of least resistance in your thinking process. </description>
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  247.  <title>Economic Slavery: Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People, RSS</title>
  248.  <description>Bible Scripture oriented report by Rev. Sheldon Emry, circa 1984, exposes the unconstitutional money-debt system instituted by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Contains concurrent, ongoing news clips. </description>
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  252.  <title>Evil Illuminati Minds vs a Healing World, RSS</title>
  253.  <description>Scripture oriented report exposes new world order abuse of humanity in every level of society.  Concurrent news clips and Psalms chapter 33 offer proof of their evil activities. Two important news items are provided as of 10 July 2018 covering important world events avoided by mainstream media.</description>
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  257.  <title>Holy Life, HealingMindN Reports on Spiritual Issues, RSS</title>
  258.  <description>Spiritually oriented, self improvement articles show the way to advance yourself and live through Christianity. Covers areas such as economy, health, science and wildlife conservation. Rahab, the 5th Planet from the Sun was updated with videos and further calculations as of 4/27/2018. The Definitions/Glossary page is now mobile device friendly.</description>
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  262.  <title>Way of the Mind Gate Mailing List Group Server</title>
  263.  <description>Email Server for Way of the Mind Gate Group allows us to share ideas and perspectives on mind control, self improvement, spiritual growth, and related topics. Any member can start a discussion and get feedback through a convenient user group email. E-manuals are posted on related and esoteric topics for all members to download at their convenience. </description>
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  267.  <title>Healing MindN Power Circle, blog</title>
  268.  <description>Self improvement blog has personal growth articles on mind power, psychoenergetics, psionics, economy, spirituality, and sexuality according to expert researchers in the field. See reviews and personal experiences of brainwave entrainment distance healing, emotional freedom techniques, remote viewing, and spiritual growth through psychic discipline. The latest updated blog post is Unexplored Chronological Numerology of Elvis Presley: From this revealing study, you will learn why there is skepticism, the REAL Purpose of this measuring tool, and how to actually do Numerology. Amazing synchronicities are revealed through the numbers.</description>
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  272.  <title>Sexual HealingMindN Taoist Sexology, RSS</title>
  273.  <description>Sexual Healing Mind is based on spiritual connections through physical foundations of sexuality. Achieve divine pleasure through true love. Easier to navigate site under construction. Look for the latest updates to mobile technology! How Romance and True Love are Supernatural is the latest mobile device friendly article! 9 Levels of Female Orgasm through Taoist Sexology has been updated.</description>
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  277. </rss>

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