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  6.  <description>Families Protecting The Valley is dedicated to helping the central california valley in political debate with issues like the water crisis and other government obsticles.</description>
  7.  <link></link>
  8.  <title>Families Protecting The Valley</title>
  9.  <dc:date>2017-02-25T00:00:00-08:00</dc:date>
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  25. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=652">
  26.  <description>The devastation, due to rainfall here in California is not of historic importance.</description>
  27.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=652</link>
  28.  <title>Historic Rainfall</title>
  29.  <dc:date>2017-02-23T16:29:00-08:00</dc:date>
  30. </item>
  31. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=651">
  32.  <description>Never let a crisis go to waste.  That&apos;s how the enviros think.</description>
  33.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=651</link>
  34.  <title>Crisis Theory</title>
  35.  <dc:date>2017-02-18T06:43:00-08:00</dc:date>
  36. </item>
  37. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=650">
  38.  <description>&quot;People who use words like â\x80\x9cwastedâ\x80\x9d and phrases like â\x80\x9cflushed to the oceanâ\x80\x9d only show their fourth-grade understanding of ecology.&quot;</description>
  39.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=650</link>
  40.  <title>Sports Guy in Water War</title>
  41.  <dc:date>2017-02-16T13:14:00-08:00</dc:date>
  42. </item>
  43. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=649">
  44.  <description>The article reveals that there was another dam that was supposed to be built in concert with the Oroville project.</description>
  45.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=649</link>
  46.  <title>Dam That Should Have Been</title>
  47.  <dc:date>2017-02-14T07:15:00-08:00</dc:date>
  48. </item>
  49. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=648">
  50.  <description>Most of the people of California don&apos;t realize it&apos;s the government water officials who have caused the problem.</description>
  51.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=648</link>
  52.  <title>Extended Man-Made Drought</title>
  53.  <dc:date>2017-02-09T15:25:00-08:00</dc:date>
  54. </item>
  55. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=647">
  56.  <description>So the board tells water districts they have to get their groundwater under control, but at the same time takes more of their surface water that they need to make it happen.</description>
  57.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=647</link>
  58.  <title>Board Ignores Concerns</title>
  59.  <dc:date>2017-02-02T12:53:00-08:00</dc:date>
  60. </item>
  61. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=646">
  62.  <description>That means less and less water for everyone every year...unless we create more storage.</description>
  63.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=646</link>
  64.  <title>Flood Emergency=Drought Emergency</title>
  65.  <dc:date>2017-01-25T07:49:00-08:00</dc:date>
  66. </item>
  67. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=645">
  68.  <description>This study provides a scientific approach to determine biologically relevant flow preions</description>
  69.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=645</link>
  70.  <title>Too Much Water Kills</title>
  71.  <dc:date>2017-01-20T15:40:00-08:00</dc:date>
  72. </item>
  73. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=644">
  74.  <description>Now we have some new science, sewage science.</description>
  75.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=644</link>
  76.  <title>Why Fish Need Water</title>
  77.  <dc:date>2017-01-13T12:03:00-08:00</dc:date>
  78. </item>
  79. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=643">
  80.  <description>Fresno Mayor Lee Brand says he won&apos;t be shy about using his high profile position to push water policy changes in the Central Valley.</description>
  81.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=643</link>
  82.  <title>The Bully Pulpit</title>
  83.  <dc:date>2017-01-05T14:34:00-08:00</dc:date>
  84. </item>
  85. </rdf:RDF>

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