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  6.  <description>Families Protecting The Valley is dedicated to helping the central california valley in political debate with issues like the water crisis and other government obsticles.</description>
  7.  <link></link>
  8.  <title>Families Protecting The Valley</title>
  9.  <dc:date>2018-08-17T00:00:00-07:00</dc:date>
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  25. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=740">
  26.  <description>We don&apos;t hate fish.  Trump doesn&apos;t hate fish.  What we don&apos;t like is California water policy makers who make decisions about the use of the people of California&apos;s water.</description>
  27.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=740</link>
  28.  <title>Hating Fish</title>
  29.  <dc:date>2018-08-15T11:12:00-07:00</dc:date>
  30. </item>
  31. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=739">
  32.  <description>What he gets right is that there is a lot wrong with the Golden State&apos;s water and fire policy.</description>
  33.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=739</link>
  34.  <title>Trump&apos;s Water Tweets</title>
  35.  <dc:date>2018-08-09T11:22:00-07:00</dc:date>
  36. </item>
  37. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=738">
  38.  <description>Facebook rejected her campaign video ad about the &quot;communist crimes that led to her family to flee Cambodia for the U.S.&quot;</description>
  39.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=738</link>
  40.  <title>&apos;Targeting&apos; Heng</title>
  41.  <dc:date>2018-08-08T11:08:00-07:00</dc:date>
  42. </item>
  43. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=737">
  44.  <description>â\x80\x9cDespite thousands of comments on the draft, the Water Board made minimal changes and is still planning to double the amount of water taken from our rivers.&quot;</description>
  45.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=737</link>
  46.  <title>WaterGrabRally</title>
  47.  <dc:date>2018-08-07T11:20:00-07:00</dc:date>
  48. </item>
  49. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=736">
  50.  <description>Governor Brown loves to blame climate change on our water and fire situations, like there&apos;s nothing we can do about it.</description>
  51.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=736</link>
  52.  <title>Mismanaged!!</title>
  53.  <dc:date>2018-08-03T08:08:00-07:00</dc:date>
  54. </item>
  55. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=735">
  56.  <description>The most recent article is written by Mark Arax who recalls a Congressional field hearing at Fresno City Hall in 2014.</description>
  57.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=735</link>
  58.  <title>Arax V. Nunes</title>
  59.  <dc:date>2018-08-01T11:22:00-07:00</dc:date>
  60. </item>
  61. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=734">
  62.  <description>Another race that&apos;s getting very little media coverage has Elizabeth Heng taking on long time legislator Jim Costa.</description>
  63.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=734</link>
  64.  <title>Elizabeth Heng</title>
  65.  <dc:date>2018-07-30T11:14:00-07:00</dc:date>
  66. </item>
  67. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=733">
  68.  <description>The board listened, but never heard.  They will not listen when you say it again.</description>
  69.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=733</link>
  70.  <title>Begging the Board!</title>
  71.  <dc:date>2018-07-26T11:45:00-07:00</dc:date>
  72. </item>
  73. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=732">
  74.  <description>Farmers, local lawmakers, the Modesto Bee and ordinary people want to fight for what they see as a disastrous reduction of their water.</description>
  75.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=732</link>
  76.  <title>Fighting the Board!</title>
  77.  <dc:date>2018-07-18T11:04:00-07:00</dc:date>
  78. </item>
  79. <item rdf:about=";n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=731">
  80.  <description>Primarily we must ask what&apos;s really wrong with the delta?</description>
  81.  <link>;n=5&amp;id=10&amp;nid=731</link>
  82.  <title>Delta Toilet Bowl</title>
  83.  <dc:date>2018-07-13T08:40:00-07:00</dc:date>
  84. </item>
  85. </rdf:RDF>

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