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  3.  <title>Vitamins and Nutritional Health Factors in the Bioenergetic Spectrum, RSS</title>
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  5.  <description>Healthy bio-catalysts and enzymes are necessary for the efficient metabolic actions of the body that enable us to completely function as healthy living beings. Catch the Updated Flu Season Remedies Page.  Grab the Latest Discounts from Gaiam Health and Wellness Products.</description>
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  12.  <title>Achilles Tendonitis: Causes, Symptoms, Solutions</title>
  13.  <description>Achilles tendinitis or tendinopathy is a common ailment among athletes upon over exertion and in later years. Learn the causes, symptoms and high tech treatments.</description>
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  17.  <title>Alcoholism Treatment Protocol: Orthomolecular Medicine</title>
  18.  <description>Alcoholism treatment outlines the importance of the nutritional factors that have been shown to be very successful on treating this condition. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  22.  <title>Allergy Relief Solutions: Immune System</title>
  23.  <description>Allergy Relief Solutions enhance your immune system and protect you from allergens. Offerings include organic sundries, nutraceuticals, HEPA filters, and dust mite barriers. Special treatise on fungal infections and leukemia exposes common misdiagnoses of conventional medicine. New links to organic sundries and insomnia sleep solutions. Includes brainwave entrainment products to reduce histamine activity (allergic reactions). Organic Cotton Allergy-Relief Bedding. Remove airborne pollutants from your living space. </description>
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  27.  <title>Arthritis Natural Pain Relief</title>
  28.  <description>Arthritis Solutions actually gets at the cause of joint pain and stiffness rather than merely masking it.</description>
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  32.  <title>Ayurvedic Herb Propaganda: Heavy Metals</title>
  33.  <description>Ayurvedic Herbs Heavy Metal Warnings are A Distraction From The Real Threats To Your Health.</description>
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  37.  <title>brain solutions - 11 steps to a better brain</title>
  38.  <description>Spontaneous brain regeneration is more natural than atrophy from old age. Learn how to keep your mind healthy through regular use and reducing stress.</description>
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  42.  <title>Children's Health, vitamin, and nutrition resources</title>
  43.  <description>Children's health nutrition from your favorite brand name companies are available at wholesale prices from VitaCost.</description>
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  47.  <title>Guide to Chronic Pains</title>
  48.  <description>Chronic Pain guide helps suffering patients to understand and treat their ailments. Includes comedic enticement to celebrex.</description>
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  52.  <title>European Health Directive - CODEX Alimentarius</title>
  53.  <description>CODEX, The EU Directive classifies vitamins and minerals in Europe as `medical drugs` rather than dietary supplements, which means that they're subject to government regulation in terms of dosage and availability. Please send this URGENT message to US Government leaders to protect your right to know which foods are made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Send an email today to the Secretaries of State (Clinton), Agriculture (Vilsack), and Health and Human Services (Sebelius).</description>
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  57.  <title>Protect your freedom to be healthy</title>
  58.  <description>The U.S. Delegation to Codex has just issued a formal written statement to the Codex Alimentarius Commission that the United States, during the July 4-9, 2005, meeting in Rome, will support compulsory rules created by this international organization directly overruling U.S. law regarding access to vitamins.</description>
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  62.  <title>Coenzyme Q10: A CoQ10 Bioenergetics Synopsis</title>
  63.  <description>Coenzyme Q10 report discusses the integral cellular role of this important enzyme for energy production in the body. Includes, "Statin Induced Parkinson`s Syndrome" and clinical studies.</description>
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  67.  <title>Dental Care Solutions: Restore Your Teeth</title>
  68.  <description>Proper Dental Solutions versus Artificial fluoridation by Gerard F. Judd , Ph.D., Chemist, Researcher for 18 years and Professor of Chemistry for 33 years.</description>
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  72.  <title>Diabetes, Blood Sugar Health and essential nutrition</title>
  73.  <description>Diabetes type 2 can be cured with essential nutrition in your favorite brand name supplements. Includes links to relevant medical studies and info + addendum on link between Vitamin D3 deficiency, diabetes and other chronic ailments.</description>
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  76.  <title>Digestive Health: Acid Reflux, Colon Cleansing, IBS</title>
  77.  <description>Learn how your Digestive Health is directly related to your lifestyle and how to safely correct problems like acid reflux and IBS. Now Mobile Device Friendly. Get Your 25% Discount on Colon Cleanse until the end of 2017.</description>
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  81.  <title>Ear Solutions for Hearing Loss: Treat Tinnitus Naturally</title>
  82.  <description>Natural Ear Care Products prevent tinnitus and hearing loss with Orthomolecular essential nutrition Solutions.</description>
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  86.  <title>History of Essiac, A Famous Cancer Remedy</title>
  87.  <description>Essiac, a Famous Cancer Remedy, is an example in history of the abuse by the Medical Mafia of alternative complementary treatments which threaten cretinistic orthodox medicine.  The scrolling article is an optimized pop up best reached through Bioenergetic Spectrums' index page or immune system nutrition at vitamin Bioenergetic Spectrum.</description>
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  92.  <description>CODEX, a trade organization linked with the World Health Organization, hopes to limit dosages of vitamins and minerals under the presumption high doses cause significant side effects.</description>
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  96.  <title>Eye and Ocular Solutions for Healthy Vision</title>
  97.  <description>Healthy Vision Care Products and Eye Supplements: Restore and maintain ocular acuity. Includes Cataract solutions, Study Results on Age Related Macular Degeneration, and Eye Condition Linked to Diet. Discover Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy - Get Rid Of Crow's Feet, Laugh Lines And Dark Circles. Use Code SANTA 25 until 12/31/2017 to get 25% off Eyelasticity.</description>
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  101.  <title>FDA Censorship: Freedom on Trial</title>
  102.  <description>Food and Drug Administration prohibits makers of foods and dietary ingredients from informing you of the effects those substances have on disease.</description>
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  106.  <title>Flu Season Safe Remedy Options</title>
  107.  <description>Flu Season safe Remedies include ester C, multi-vitamins, and Colloidal silver which disables bacteria, fungi and viruses. Includes pre-vaccination regimen. Now Updated for Mobile Devices.</description>
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  111.  <title>Tired, Aching, Smelly Foot Solutions</title>
  112.  <description>Foot therapy care and pedicure beauty supplements provide a healthy glow to your feet.  Includes treatments for chronic ailments.</description>
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  116.  <title>Gout Solutions: Holistic and Homeopathic Therapies</title>
  117.  <description>Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs when crystals of uric acid accumulate in a joint, leading to the sudden development of pain and inflammation.</description>
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  121.  <title>Hair Loss Solutions for a Healthy Head</title>
  122.  <description>Hair loss solutions include epidermal supplements and health conscious tools for follicle growth. Numerous factors can contribute to the irregular loss of hair, including genetics, stress, diet, physical constitution, and hair and scalp conditions.</description>
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  126.  <title>Essential Nutrition Health Factors</title>
  127.  <description>Vitamins and minerals as catalysts are necessary for the efficient use of the enzymes that do all the actions of the body that enable us to orchestrate our total function. Features A NEW MODEL FOR DISEASE: A PARADIGM SHIFT</description>
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  131.  <title>Healthy Holiday Gifts at wholesale cost</title>
  132.  <description>Holiday gift packages in your favorite brand name natural nutrition are available at wholesale cost.</description>
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  136.  <title>Homeopathic Solutions - Work in Progress</title>
  137.  <description>Homeopathic treatment is effective only when it is applied for every particular patient taking his peculiarities into consideration, not only the symptoms of a disease; it is an important
  138. condition for those who want homeopathy be really effective.</description>
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  142.  <title>How Stress, nutrition and exercise affect your health</title>
  143.  <description>STRESS is virtually always a factor in developing cancer and treating stress is an important factor in eradicating this disease. Links to Articles: History of Essiac, a Famous Cancer Treatment, Probiotics: Amazing Benefits for Digestion, Immunity andamp; More, Important updates about Immunity, Colds and the Flu, Learn How to Dramatically Reduce Your Cancer Risk Naturally, Immunity Is Critical.</description>
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  147.  <title>Libido Shopper for Sexual Health</title>
  148.  <description>Impotence advisory for sexual health offers 100% herbs as natural solutions including Ayurvedic Medicine to once again GET IT UP. Use Code SANTA 25 until 12/31/2017 to get 25% off All Leading Edge Products.</description>
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  152.  <title>Sexual Libido Secrets to Stamina</title>
  153.  <description>All natural supplement and nutritional alternative to Viagra helps men and women stay healthy. Now Mobile Device Friendly. Get Your 25% Discount on VigRx Plus until the end of 2017.</description>
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  157.  <title>Melatonin: Way to Life Extension</title>
  158.  <description>Melatonin is a natural substance made by the pineal gland located in the brain. Adequate melatonin levels help to establish healthy sleep patterns. It is released primarily during the night.</description>
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  162.  <title>Magnesium Pain Relief of Migraine Headaches</title>
  163.  <description>Magnesium is a safe, essential nutrient that can help stop chronic ailments such as migraine headaches and constipation.</description>
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  167.  <title>Natural Men's Health and Potency Nutrition</title>
  168.  <description>Men's health nutrition improves your overall potency, virility, and the quality of your sex life. Learn How! Now Mobile Device Friendly. Get Your 25% Discount on VigRx Plus until the end of 2017.</description>
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  172.  <title>Mineralized Organic Super Foods: How to grow your own</title>
  173.  <description>Mineralized Organic SuperFoods restore essential nutrients to your diet. Learn how to grow your own! Extract: One of the reasons why many people today overeat is because foods fail to provide them with the trace minerals and vitamins they require. This causes a chronic condition of "hidden hunger" which plentiful eating of demineralized foods fails to appease. In fact their cells are in a state of "inner starvation" and their endocrine glands degenerate from trace mineral deficiency, causing the premature appearance of old age. When the cells of the body fail to obtain essential trace minerals from foods, both body and brain degenerate. Premature old age is the most common symptom of such degeneration... Includes linked references and updates on organic farming and world issues on agriculture.</description>
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  177.  <title>MSG Causes Most Obesity In US And Canada</title>
  178.  <description>MSG's side effects have been known by the medical research community and food manufacturers for decades.</description>
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  182.  <title>Organic Hawaiian Noni</title>
  183.  <description>Certified organic Noni fruit is found on the big island of Hawaii. Vitalize Every Cell of Your Body.</description>
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  187.  <title>organic sundries - natural and eco-friendly</title>
  188.  <description>Buy Organic from Gaiam and Save! ALL ORGANIC PRODUCTS ON THIS PAGE ARE BY GAIAM!  Hurry, quantities and colors won't last long!  Gaiam's Best-Selling, Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set Gaiam's Best-Selling, Organic Cotton Wide Leg Pant. Hurry, quantities are limited! Gaiam's Best-Selling, Organic Cotton Mini Thermal Shrug, inventory is limited. Buy Organic from Gaiam and Save! </description>
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  192.  <title>Natural and Advanced Pain Relief Supplements</title>
  193.  <description>Natural Pain Relief Supplements are safe alternatives to prescription and allopathic drugs. Includes brainwave entrainment and electrotherapy products for decreasing inflammation.</description>
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  197.  <title>How to Protect Your Pet's Health</title>
  198.  <description>New research shows that cats and dogs respond positively to some of the same supplements we take. Lower vet bills and happier animals is our reward for optimal nutrition.</description>
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  202.  <title>Back to school vitamins and nutrition at wholesale cost</title>
  203.  <description>Back to School health nutrition from your favorite brand name companies are available at wholesale prices from VitaCost.</description>
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  207.  <title>Skin Care Solutions: Avoid the Dangers</title>
  208.  <description>Skin care and dermal beauty supplements must have safe ingredients to provide a healthy glow to your most exposed organ: Anti-Aging Skin Cream; Clear Pores Skin Cleansing; Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy; Rosacea Relief Serum; Argan Oil for dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, stretch marks and acne. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  212.  <title>Smoker's Health and Nutrition resources at wholesale cost</title>
  213.  <description>Smokers health nutrition from your favorite brand name companies are available at wholesale prices.  Learn how to enhance your immunity against your nasty habit.</description>
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  217.  <title>Stop halitosis in just 45 seconds per day</title>
  218.  <description>Remove yourself from the world's list of people with chronic, noticeable halitosis with these natural remedies formulated by an altruistic dentist. Catch the Therabreath Winter Specials. Now Mobile Device Friendly.</description>
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  222.  <title>Stress Relief Health Resources</title>
  223.  <description>Relieve stress with nutritional supplements andamp; essential nutrients at wholesale prices. Features treatise on Magnesium deprivation, Violence and Depression.</description>
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  227.  <title>Thyroid nutrition: Reasons for iodine intake.</title>
  228.  <description>Thyroid health nutrition:  See reasons for taking natural iodine resources at wholesale cost.</description>
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  232.  <title>Tribulus terrestris: Male testosterone enhancer</title>
  233.  <description>Tribulus terrestris herbal extract testosterone enhancer safely increases male physical performance levels.</description>
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  237.  <title>Vitamin C Misinformation</title>
  238.  <description>The most often published misinformation about vitamin C is that mega-doses of this vitamin are washed away in the urine and produce nothing more than expensive urine.</description>
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  242.  <title>Weight loss and diet nutrition resources</title>
  243.  <description>Weight loss health nutrition from your favorite brand name companies are available at wholesale prices from VitaCost.</description>
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  247.  <title>Women's Health, vitamin, nutrition Stress Solutions</title>
  248.  <description>Women's health nutrition resource for fighting stress and disease has key articles on breast cancer, urinary tract infection, and sexual pleasure. Now Mobile Device Friendly! Get Your 25% Discount on Total Curve until the end of 2017.</description>
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