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  4. <title>FurledSails - Sailing articles and more</title>
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  6. <description>Sailing, news, information, and stories</description>
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  9.       <title> Podcast #11 - Lats and Atts (1 Mar 2011)</title>
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  11.       <description>This show is dedicated to the people behind the Latitudes and Attitudes magazine and TV show.  We interview Capt. Woody, Dave the circulation dude, Tania Aebi, and Bob Bitchin.
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  24. Call and leave your comments or stories toll free at 1-866-235-2786.
  26. Email us at [email protected]
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  31.       <title> Podcast #151 The Complete Trailer  (17 May 2010)</title>
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  33.       <description>
  34. Brian Gilbert talks to us about his book The Complete Trailer Sailor.
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  61.       <title> Podcast #150 E-Charting (18 Jan 2010)</title>
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  64. Get Onboard With E-Charting is a complete guide to using electronic charts on the water for the recreational boater.  In this interview we talk to Mark Doyle about his book and his life on the water.   Mark and Diana Doyle have written the excellent cruising guide Managing the Waterway and Get Onboard With E-Charting.
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  69.       <title> Podcast #149 Simple Sailor 2 (26 Nov 2009)</title>
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  72. Roger Taylor author of "Voyages of a Simple Sailor" tells us about his northern voyage and a great story about an amazing whale </description>
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  76.       <title> Podcast #148 Simple Sailor (30 Apr 2009)</title>
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  79. Roger Taylor author of "Voyages of a Simple Sailor" tells us about his boats and voyages in his two boats "Roc" and "Mingming". He also used "Mingming" for the 28 Jester Azores Challenge.  See you on the water!  Part 2
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  85.       <title> Podcast #147 Phil Bolger 2 (8 Mar 2009)</title>
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  87.       <description>
  88. Boat designer Phil Bolger shares with us how his designs have come about and his philosophy on what makes a boat great.  Our friend Gary Blankenship who sails with Noel during the Everglades Challenge did this interview for us.  Hope you enjoy it.  See you on the water!
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  93.       <title> Podcast #146 Phil Bolger 1 (6 Jan 2009)</title>
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  95.       <description>
  96. Boat designer Phil Bolger shares with us how his designs have come about and his philosophy on what makes a boat great.  Our friend Gary Blankenship who sails with Noel during the Everglades Challenge did this interview for us.  Hope you enjoy it.  See you on the water!
  98. Email us at [email protected]
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  103.       <title> Podcast #145 On Island Time (16 Nov 2008)</title>
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  105.       <description>
  106. Scott Williams, author of "On Island Time:Kayaking the Caribbean, tells us of his adventures in his kayak as he crosses the gulf stream from Florida to the islands.
  108. He also sails and builds boats in his spare time.  See you on the water!
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  113.       <title> Podcast #144 Marvin Creamer Part 2 (15 Oct 2008)</title>
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  115.       <description>
  116. Marvin tells us how he managed to navigate into the many different ports he visited with no instrumentation.  We enjoyed his many stories.  See you on the water!
  117. </description>
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  121.       <title> Podcast #143 Marvin Creamer Part 1 (28 Sep 2008)</title>
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  123.       <description>
  124. Marvin Creamer tells us about sailing around the world with no instrumentation not even a watch.  He was in his 6's at the time and what an adventure he had.  He used the sun, stars,wave activity and even birds to direct him.  What an inspiration.  See you on the water!
  126. </description>
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  130.       <title> Podcast #142 Jay Fitzgerald 2 (2 Sep 2008)</title>
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  132.       <description>
  133. We talk with Jay Fitzgerald who is a die hard engine less sailor who started the Oar Club for others who are interested in the same ideas.  This week Jay tells us all about the Oar Club and how you can join.  See you on the water!
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  138.       <title> Podcast #141 Jay Fitzgerald (19 Aug 2008)</title>
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  140.       <description>
  141. We talk with Jay Fitzgerald who is a die hard engine less sailor who started the Oar Club for others who are interested in the same ideas.  He is also the author of several books such as "Sailing with purpose: the Pursuit of the Dream and two others.  See you on the water!
  142. </description>
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  146.       <title> Podcast #140 Container Yachts (25 Jul 2008)</title>
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  148.       <description>
  149. Bernie Blum tells us about container yachts which fit into a container such as you would see on a train, ship etc.  It is the boat to have if you want to ship your boat.  See you on the water!
  151. Call and leave your comments or stories toll free at 1-866-235-2786.
  153. Email us at [email protected]
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  158.       <title> Podcast #139 Ancient Mariners 2 (24 Jun 2008)</title>
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  160.       <description>
  161. Cheryl Ward tells us about how the Egyptians moved incredible weights with their ships and regals us with many more tales of the ancient mariners.  See you on the water!
  162. </description>
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  166.       <title> Podcast #138 Ancient Sailing  1 (12 Jun 2008)</title>
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  168.       <description>
  169. Cheryl Ward, a professor at FSU, tells us about her latest project which is building an ancient Egyptian ship called Min of the Desert.  She also shares with us the history of the Egyptian sailing ships.  See you on the water!
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  174.       <title> Podcast #137 EarthNC Plus (4 Jun 2008)</title>
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  176.       <description>
  177. We speak with Virgil Zetterlind about this wonderful new product called EarthNC Plus. These are electronic charts that work with Google Earth and boy is it impressive! The details in this program will amaze you so we hope you take a look at it. See you on the water!
  178. </description>
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  182.       <title> Podcast #136 Mike Harker (27 May 2008)</title>
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  184.       <description>
  185. Mike Harker who started out hang gliding discovered a whole new world of sailing after an accident that almost ended his life.  He has circumnavigated in his Hunter "Wanderlust".  See you on the water!
  186. </description>
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  190.       <title> Podcast #135 Cast Off (21 May 2008)</title>
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  192.       <description>
  193. This week we speak with Ted Field and Mark Ritts about "Cast Off for Catalina" and "Cast off for Mexico".  These videos are very professionally done and we would highly recommend them.  Ted and Mark tell us all about how they got started sailing and what made them decide to make the videos.  See you on the water!  
  194. </description>
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  198.       <title> Podcast #134 Chief of Watertribe 2 (13 May 2008)</title>
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  200.       <description>
  201. Chief from Watertribe continues his talk with us about the Everglades Challenge, Ultimate Florida Challenge, and his Tridarka Raider. See you on the water!
  202. </description>
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  206.       <title> Podcast #133 Chief of Watertribe 1 (22 Apr 2008)</title>
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  208.       <description>
  209. Chief from Watertribe talks to about the Everglades Challenge, Ultimate Florida Challenge, and his Tridarka Raider. See you on the water!
  210. </description>
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  214.       <title> Podcast #132 Dave and Anke 2 (13 Apr 2008)</title>
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  216.       <description>
  217. Dave and Anke tell us about their next project building a triloboat.  They share with us how they cruise Alaska on a shoestring budget. Also hear about their encounter with an elephant seal.  See you on the water!
  219. Part 1
  221. </description>
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  225.       <title> Podcast #131 Dave and Anke 1 (7 Apr 2008)</title>
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  227.       <description>
  228. Dave and Anke share with us their experience building their first boat Zune.  Luna is the boat they currently live on and sail in Alaska. Luna 31-foot "Bolgeresque" boat similar to the Advanced Sharpie.  Their cruising in Alaska makes for some good stories.  See you on the water!
  229. Part 2
  230. </description>
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  234.       <title> Podcast #130 Michael Storer 2 (1 Apr 2008)</title>
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  236.       <description>
  237. Michael tells us all about lug sails, as well as sharing with us what cruising he has done.  He also regals us with tales about naming boats and how not to do it.
  239. See you on the water!
  240. </description>
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  244.       <title> Podcast #129 Michael Storer (24 Mar 2008)</title>
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  246.       <description>
  247. Michael Storer who builds some wonderful boats and sells plans from Australia talks with us about sailing, building and design. Michael designed the Goat Island Skiff, the OZ PDRacer, and many more boats. We hope you enjoy the interview.  See you on the water!
  248. </description>
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  252.       <title> Podcast #128 Serge Testa (16 Mar 2008)</title>
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  254.       <description>
  255. Serge Testa is still holding the world record for circumnavigating in the smallest boat.  Need we say more?  From 1984 through 1987 Serge circumnavigated in S/V Acrohc Australis.   Serge tells all about his boat, and even how he almost accidentally caught a whale.  He also tells us what he has done after 1987.  See you on the water!
  256. </description>
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  260.       <title> Podcast #127 Floating Fox (25 Feb 2008)</title>
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  262.       <description>
  263. Kyle and Kathy Harris sailed from the US to Papua, New Guinea where they work as bible translators.  Their stories from PNG are fascinating, and when they decided to pair it with sailing Kyle said it was the best of both worlds.  See you on the water!
  264. </description>
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  268.       <title> Podcast #126 Fine Tolerance 2 (17 Feb 2008)</title>
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  270.       <description>
  271. Imagine your boat being stuck in ice and getting out on the ice to walk to another boat, then finding your boat gone the next morning!  This is exactly what happened to Phil and Liz of the boat Fine Tolerance.  Fear not, they did find the boat and the story continues.  See you on the water or perhaps ice!
  272. </description>
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  275.     <item>
  276.       <title> Podcast #125 Fine Tolerance (11 Feb 2008)</title>
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  278.       <description>
  279. Phil and Liz took s/v Fine Tolerance further north than almost any cruising sailors have gone.  They sailed the North West Passage through the Arctic passing above Canada from the Pacific through to the Atlantic.  In this part we talk to them about their trip and their winter layover in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada.  See you on the water!
  280. </description>
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  282.     </item>
  283.     <item>
  284.       <title> Podcast #124 Mississippi voyage (4 Feb 2008)</title>
  285.       <link></link>
  286.       <description>
  287. Gary and Connie Hoffman had a wonderful adventure voyaging down the Mississippi river and other waterways to the Gulf of Mexico in their Norseboat.  In their own words they did the trip because: "A life-long love of adventure coupled with a fascination with Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn going back to childhood;
  288. we also shared a desire to have a small sailboat that would allow us to expand beyond sailing on our local Idaho mountain lakes."  See you on the water!
  289. </description>
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  291.     </item>
  292.     <item>
  293.       <title> Podcast #123 Lugnut 2 (27 Jan 2008)</title>
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  295.       <description>
  296. Part 1
  297. Gary and Noel both participate in this second part, talking about their adventures in EC27.  They set sail in Oaracle from Tampa bay to Key Largo which is 3nm.  They managed to come into the finish in 2nd place among the sailboats and 4th place overall. See you on the water!
  298. </description>
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  300.     </item>
  301.     <item>
  302.       <title> Podcast #122 Lugnut 1 (21 Jan 2008)</title>
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  304.       <description>
  305. Our friend, Gary Blankenship a.k.a. Lugnut tells us about his boat building addiction or as Noel calls him the pied piper of boat building.  We also learn why he is called Lugnut among the Watertribe group.  See you on the water!
  306. Part 2
  307. </description>
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  310.     <item>
  311.       <title> Podcast #121 Capt. Robby Smith (13 Jan 2008)</title>
  312.       <link></link>
  313.       <description>
  314. Captain Smith reveals how he received the name "Captain Nasty".  He also tells us about the treasure he helped find off of Jupiter Beach and his experience afterwards.  See you on the water!
  315. </description>
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  317.     </item>
  318.     <item>
  319.       <title> Podcast #120 Capt. Robby Smith (6 Jan 2008)</title>
  320.       <link></link>
  321.       <description>
  322. Capt. Smith started his sea adventures by running away as a teen in a leaky pram,since then you can't keep him out of the water.  He was dismasted by the Coast Guard.  Capsized a boat and almost went with it and much more.  He gives you a sense of being there with him in his stories.  Please enjoy them as much as we did, see you on the water!
  323. </description>
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  326.     <item>
  327.       <title>2 week vacation (30 Dec 2007)</title>
  328.       <link></link>
  329.       <description>Dear Listeners,
  331. Due to some sickness and the holidays, we have taken a short vacation.  We will put up a new podcast on January 6th.  We would like to wish all our listeners Merry Christmas and fair winds for the New Year.</description>
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  335.       <title> Podcast #119 Sailing Grace (16 Dec 2007)</title>
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  337.       <description>
  338. John Otterbacher, author of Sailing Grace, set sail after having 8 heart surgeries within 8 months on Grace with his wife and two young children an adventure that ended 31 months and 4 thousand miles later. What an inspirational story this is for anyone. See you on the water!
  339. </description>
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  343.       <title> Podcast #118 Jimmy Cornell (9 Dec 2007)</title>
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  345.       <description>
  346. Sailing Legend Jimmy Cornell revels us with tales of his many circumnavigations with his family. He also has sailed to the Antarctic and is the author of numerous books. His new book "Passion for the Sea" is now available. His website is a must see for world cruisers. See you on the water!
  347. </description>
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