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  7. <title type="text">Autism Info Guide</title>
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  22. <title type="html"><![CDATA[Autism Treatment through Vitamins and Minerals]]></title>
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  27. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Autism is a severe neurological disorder of the brain which results in poor communication and social interactivity skills. The indications are spotted in infancy within three years of age. One in 166 people in US are autistic. Awareness of autism in the society is yet to improve but some Ngos research in autism to find [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  34. <title type="html"><![CDATA[Autism &#8211; Its Indications]]></title>
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  39. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[A child never shows any signs of autism during birth and it takes time to note the marked and different behavior. The parents and the caregivers become aware of this different behavior before the child turns three. The common warning sings and indications of autism are: 1) When the child does not like when held [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  46. <title type="html"><![CDATA[A peep into Autism]]></title>
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  51. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Autism is a neurological brain disorder exhibited by one or many children in your neighborhood. Some look very normal and show autism through their sudden outburst or strange behavior. This holds good for us as whenever we take our son to the store or to doctors chamber his uncontrollable behavior shows he is an autistic [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  58. <title type="html"><![CDATA[A Modern Approach in Teaching Autistic Children]]></title>
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  63. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[There has been a clear-cut increase in autism rate in United States. A data which shows 1person in 10,000 in 1970s now shows as 1.5 million autistic people. So a company has started a reading system for the autistic person which is a blessing in disguise for the parents and caregivers who can now improve [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  70. <title type="html"><![CDATA[Advantages of Massage Therapy in Autism]]></title>
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  75. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Massage gives a soothing effect to the body after a long and tiring days work. All love it and yield to its wonderful experience be it students, workers, officials or any other people from different walks of life. This wonderful healing human touch gives an excellent effect not only for normal individuals but also for [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  82. <title type="html"><![CDATA[Acupuncture Therapy and Positive Results in Autism]]></title>
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  87. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Today the number autistic children in the population are soaring and there is no permanent cure for this. But as parents they try different types of treatments to defer the problem and acupuncture is one such remedy. Some ailments are treated and prevented with the help of this Acupuncture. Thin needles placed in certain points [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  94. <title type="html"><![CDATA[What Triggers Autism &#8211; Is it the Result of Malfunction]]></title>
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  99. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[What Triggers Autism &#8211; Is it the Result of Malfunction Genes? Autism is a neurological brain disorder which has deformities in the central nervous system. The main causes of autism are still a mystery but people believe that it is the genetic malfunction that causes this autism in children. There is an apparent connection between [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  106. <title type="html"><![CDATA[Variety Therapies and Treatments for Autistic Children]]></title>
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  111. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Autism a neurological brain disorder affects the communication and socio interactivity of the child. Some autistic people have high functioning while some are calm and passive. Some autistic children are also mentally retarded and they may have poor speech or speech at all. Why autism occurs is yet a mystery but spot it easily by [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  118. <title type="html"><![CDATA[Train the Autistic through Research and Education ]]></title>
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  123. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Autism Research- Research in Autism Autism is a neurological brain disorder which results in improper speech and communication skills and also disability in social interaction. Autistic people have behavior problem themselves as well as with others. They find it difficult to grasp and understand the social moves and so have problem interacting with people. These [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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  130. <title type="html"><![CDATA[Timely Intervention Helps in Autism Spectrum Disorder]]></title>
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  135. <category scheme="" term="autism" /> <summary type="html"><![CDATA[A person who suffers from ASD Autism spectrum disorder is mentally and physically impaired due to the neurological disorder. They lack in social and communication skills and also have strange behavior problem. Like autism this autism spectrum disorder is also spotted either t birth or in the early stages of infancy. It ranges from mild [&#8230;]]]></summary>
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