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  5. All of our products contain FDA Approved herbs that are not only chosen for their specific efficacious value in elevating the problem at hand whether it be acne, dry skin or hairloss, but also included with them are their family of herbs. A single herb that is known to help correct a certain problem can be classified as a 'good herb' for that condition, in that when administered it generally produces good results. Now surround that 'good herb' with it's family of herbs and dramatic results occur. A 'good herb' now produces excellent results, and furthermore it becomes a safer herb to use over a extended time, for many reasons. For example a herb that is infused with it's family can carry out it's task far more effectively, so less of the herb needs to be used as it has become more potentized, it's family acting as adjuvents. A complementary process takes place, it draws upon it's family for support. In fact a perfect balance takes place to improve your health and your beauty.
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