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  20. <title>Stilton Studios Introduce new 'Chateau du Stilton Web Packages'</title>
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  22. <author>Sam Jacobs</author>
  23. <description><![CDATA[<P>We've introduced a range of Business Web packages to suit a wide range of Business needs.From Business Start-ups to Established Businesses there is a package to suit you!</P><P>We've also included a brand new Social Networking and E-commerce package.</P>]]></description>
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  26. <title>Facebook Group</title>
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  29. <description><![CDATA[<P>Stilton Studios now have our very own Facebook group.&nbsp; Join us and invite your friends and colleagues, ask the experts or simply join in with the discussions.</P>]]></description>
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  32. <title>Stilton Blog</title>
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  34. <author>Sam Jacobs</author>
  35. <description><![CDATA[<P>We have introduced a short form blog or 'Tumblog', to share any interesting new media findings in our travels through the interweb. </P>]]></description>
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