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  10. <item><title>Urban Emptiness</title>
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  12. <![CDATA[<p><em>Urban Emptiness</em> is an interdisciplinary investigation of soundscapes, silence and emptiness in Limassol, Cyprus and is a parallel project to related actions in various cities such as Athens, Edinburgh, Brussels and New York which all form part of the international network Urban Emptiness.</p>]]>
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  19. <item><title>Not(es) on participation</title>
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  21. <![CDATA[<p>Instead of writing on participation perhaps the thing to do, here, is participate: set aside academic pretenses or defenses and contribute as meaningfully as one can manage in a personal sense. By stepping in to the fullest extent of one&#8217;s skill, humility, experience, and available time, without withholding or construing things behind which to hide. I begin with some notes on the participatory context for the piece you&#8217;re reading. I then briefly outline a perspective on participation as an exercise of consensus. This perspective is articulated as a personal one, although it is theorised in social-scientific terms. In the third part I put down some auto-ethnographic notes and a local, micro-historical perspective on the politics of participation as I read these around me, in the arts, in Cyprus, and a little beyond that. And I finish with a reflection.</p>]]>
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  28. <item><title>Scale matters</title>
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  30. <![CDATA[<p>A conversation between Lanfranco Aceti  and Ioannis Michaloudis who presented their current work and understanding of the cloud and the molecular in an atomized cultural and scientific context. This is particularly important in a moment in which atomized and fractured societies, like nanoparticles, aggregate and disaggregate according to internal and external stimuli, in increasingly ruthless movements which shift and change like clouds in the winds, according to multiple and disaggregated criteria.</p>]]>
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  37. <item><title>nEUROsis</title>
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  39. <![CDATA[<p>The global financial crisis of the past eight years is heavily impacting most European Mediterranean countries, destabilising not only the symbolic structures of Europe expressed in its initial agreements as unity, stability and equality but also the idea of what the EU is and what it could or should be.</p>]]>
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  46. <item><title>Beneficial Parasites</title>
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  48. <![CDATA[<p>On August 8, 2016 at the NeMe Arts Centre, Art historian and curator at <span class="caps">CACT</span>-<span class="caps">SMCA</span> Areti Leopoulou presented an expanded version of this paper.</p>]]>
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