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  12. <title>Gulf Shores Restaurants: Editor's Pick</title>
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  17. <title>Mikee's Seafood</title>
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  21. <description>Mikee&#039;s is one of the Gulf Shores restaurants that you and yours have to visit. They&#039;ve had the same staff for years and with good reason. The service is great, the servers have a station hidden away right in the dining room so that you never run low on drinks. The kitchen staff is pretty much the same as when I lived down there a couple of decades ago. This is one of Gulf Shores&#039; staple restaurants and I expect for it to continue to be so for many years to come. Our server was Elizabeth, she did a GREAT job for us, as she always does for everyone. She too has been there for years and the level of professionalism shows.
  22. Mikee&#039;s is located right there near the intersection of the beach road and Hwy. 59. Although it&#039;s been rebuilt several times after storms, the same floor plan has been used. I have no problem with this. I like it the way it&#039;s all laid out.
  23. Fresh seafood is the specialty here and I would recommend that when you go there to eat that you have some of that fresh seafood. You can get a steak or chicken anywhere.
  25. Mikee&#039;s also offers &quot;YOU CATCH IT, WE&#039;LL COOK IT&quot;. They&#039;ve done this for years as well...</description>
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  27. <title>A Wok On The Beach Chinese</title>
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  31. <description>A Wok On The Beach - The food, staff, and everything else was just great. It felt like I was at home it was such a relaxing trip. We liked the restaurant because it didn&#039;t have any of the usual things you see in Gulf Shores restaurants. Namely kids and fried stuff everywhere. As an adult with an appreciation for a little R&amp;R, it is a super special treat to be able to relax with a bunch of people you know from the Baldwin County area.
  33. When you visit these folks, you&#039;ll want to bring your palate for distinct food. They don&#039;t have the regular fried seafood that is all too common in the Coastal Region. It is on the menu but most of what we saw other people enjoying was the sushi. One person had some fried crab claws but who can blame them. I guess I do just a little because I had several pieces of Spicy Tuna and found them to be just wonderful.
  36. If you are ever in the mood for some adult entertainment and want to feel good about yourself, we would surely recommend A Wok On The Beach Restaurant and Bar for dinner.</description>
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