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  15. <title>Sim City Unlocks time is 9:01 PST 12:01 AM EST in the USA</title>
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  19. <summary>Charlie Sin (one of the team members working on Sim City) has announced on Twitter that the release date for Sim City in the US is 9:01 PM PST on March 4th. Midnight EST on the night of March 4th Sim City is going to be available on Origin.Get your p...</summary>
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  23. <title>Source Engine 2007 source code leaked</title>
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  26. <updated>2012-09-12T06:17:14+00:00</updated>
  27. <summary>Multiple accounts of a russian website leaking the Source Engine 2007 have come about with images of the folder structure being posted by one member of Interlopers forum.The Russian translation for the originating website says that one person hacked ...</summary>
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  31. <title>CS:GO - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive</title>
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  34. <updated>2011-08-18T00:07:22+00:00</updated>
  35. <summary>
  36.    In what has been highly anticipated for years, we have word of a major update to the Counter-Strike series. Valve has announced CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). In addition to new gameplay modes, there is a stated interest in not depar...</summary>
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  40. <title>Hybrid Drives - SSD for less</title>
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  43. <updated>2011-06-03T19:28:17+00:00</updated>
  44. <summary>If you're about to build a a gaming PC, the OCZ revodrive hybrid is a must-have. By setting up SSD controllers in raid 0 (striping) and linking them directly into a PCI express slot, sustained read speeds of 500MB/s have been achieved. SSD sound expe...</summary>
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  48. <title>Ubisoft reveals Ghost Recon Online</title>
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  51. <updated>2011-05-26T02:59:20+00:00</updated>
  52. <summary>
  53.  Ubisoft just announced at E3 that they are soon to release Ghost Recon Online, a free multiplayer version of Ghost recon that will mark a departure from traditional realistic gameplay for the series. What does this mean for Future Soldier? Covera...</summary>
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  57. <title>Battlefield 3 Trailer 2 - AT Rocket Time</title>
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  60. <updated>2011-03-17T04:53:03+00:00</updated>
  61. <summary>
  62. Part II of the Fault Line series of gameplay videos from Battlefield 3 came out  yesterday. We sneak to the top of the roof after coming under heavy sniper fire and take an RPG to him this round. Part III is coming March 30th. Click-through fo...</summary>
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  66. <title>Batman: Arkham City Trailer</title>
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  69. <updated>2011-03-17T01:52:46+00:00</updated>
  70. <summary>
  71. Batman has been a consistent gaming franchise throughout my life. I remember on SNES fighting Joker's relentless goons. The cinematics look movie-quality in this trailer. Let's all hope this game gets the new DX11 version of  Unreal Engine. ...</summary>
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  75. <title>Prototype 2 Coming 2012, Trailer Released</title>
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  78. <updated>2011-03-17T01:40:56+00:00</updated>
  79. <summary>The Prototype 2 Trailer has been released as well as the news that the game will be released in 2012. ...</summary>
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  83. <title>Battlefield 3 2 Minute Gameplay Trailer</title>
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  86. <updated>2011-03-03T01:35:00+00:00</updated>
  87. <summary>I was wowed by the 10 seconds of jittery pixelated footage we got a few days ago. Today however we have a full 2 minutes of unpixelated trailer footage with a promise for Part II on March 16th, 2011!Check out the trailer after the fold....</summary>
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  91. <title>Valve time approaching real time, doomsday approacheth!</title>
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  94. <updated>2010-11-23T00:55:09+00:00</updated>
  95. <summary>Valve   today announced that Portal 2 -- the sequel to the ground-breaking   title that won over 30 game of the year awards, despite missing its   original ship date -- will now be available the week of April 18th,   2011. This two month slip no...</summary>
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  99. <title>Call of Duty 7 Black Ops Wager Match on PC missing high roller mode</title>
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  102. <updated>2010-11-21T18:13:01+00:00</updated>
  103. <summary>
  104. Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PC was supposed to have all of the features of the Xbox 360. Unfortunately I discovered today that without a doubt many more resources were put into the Xbox version versus the PC version. Wager matches limited to 50...</summary>
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  108. <title>Release Date Mania - 5 Games, 1 Crown</title>
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  111. <updated>2010-05-21T16:51:45+00:00</updated>
  112. <summary>
  113. Exciting week in the world of video game releases. Who could have   imagined that so many great games would all be released in this same   month like this? This weeks release of Red Dead Redemption definitely   took the show but what about those wh...</summary>
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  117. <title>Rodney Stuckey seizure</title>
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  120. <updated>2010-03-06T01:00:25+00:00</updated>
  121. <summary>Rodney stuckey ruterns to he bench and appeared fine but shortly after apeared to have a seizure and fell to he ground. Shortly after he was hauled awa y on a strecher and nearly needed a defibrillator. His condition is unknown at this time.
  124. Upd...</summary>
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  128. <title>Buzz Bake Sale 2009 - Matisyahu, Anberlin, Skindred Lineup Confirmed?</title>
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  131. <updated>2009-10-12T17:43:48+00:00</updated>
  132. <summary>I've just received a mysterious text message outlining the 2009 lineup for Buzz Bake Sale. In actuality, anberlin was "anb" and then the text message ended, so let me know if you get this text message too.
  134. 30 Seconds To Mars
  135. Matisyahu
  136. Metric
  137. Ou...</summary>
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  141. <title>Buzz Bake Sale 2009 Lineup</title>
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  144. <updated>2009-09-12T22:54:55+00:00</updated>
  145. <summary>Buzz Bake Sale is a yearly concert featuring more than 25 of the top rock bands from around the world and the time has come again for South Florida's Buzz Bake Sale. Without any official information on the lineup and most of the leaked information ta...</summary>
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