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  3.  <title>Sandwich Selector</title>
  4.  <subtitle>Reviews of pre-packaged sandwiches</subtitle>
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  18. <title>Ham &amp; and a unlikely mustard</title>
  19. <updated>2011-09-13T01:19:55Z</updated>
  20. <published>2011-09-13T01:19:55Z</published>
  21. <id>,2011-09-13:/sandwichselector/ssid724</id>
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  23. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[As two bits of bread and some ham go... I think this was.. a legend of the ham and mustard combination. Quite often I have been thwarted at a supermarket/mart, with a very luring sandwich with the abo ...]]></summary>
  24. </entry>
  25. <entry>
  26. <title>Bubble &amp; Squeak</title>
  27. <updated>2008-12-30T13:17:17Z</updated>
  28. <published>2008-12-30T13:17:17Z</published>
  29. <id>,2008-12-30:/sandwichselector/ssid680</id>
  30. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  31. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[I chose this because it looked like an interesting and festive reworking of my all-time favourite Cranks sandwich - the yummy 'Cheddar Gorge'. As in the original, the cheese is a wonderfully tangy, cr ...]]></summary>
  32. </entry>
  33. <entry>
  34. <title>Turkey Cheddar &amp; Bacon Flatbread (Toasted)</title>
  35. <updated>2008-07-24T20:02:54Z</updated>
  36. <published>2008-07-24T20:02:54Z</published>
  37. <id>,2008-07-24:/sandwichselector/ssid651</id>
  38. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  39. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Something other than donuts at Dunkin' Donuts? Yes, and it's actually pretty good.  Today I was looking for something for lunch and noticed Dunkin' Donuts is now selling Flatbread sandwiches.  It's ab ...]]></summary>
  40. </entry>
  41. <entry>
  42. <title>The Reggae Reggae Sub</title>
  43. <updated>2008-07-15T14:32:53Z</updated>
  44. <published>2008-07-15T14:32:53Z</published>
  45. <id>,2008-07-15:/sandwichselector/ssid648</id>
  46. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  47. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[By now, you will have probably all seen the advert for this particular sandwich, but what you may not remember is the back story of the particular sauce used. The titular "Reggae Reggae Sauce" and its ...]]></summary>
  48. </entry>
  49. <entry>
  50. <title>Japanese sandwich</title>
  51. <updated>2008-06-12T04:21:06Z</updated>
  52. <published>2008-06-12T04:21:06Z</published>
  53. <id>,2008-06-12:/sandwichselector/ssid640</id>
  54. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  55. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[A quality Japanese take on the sandwich despite being some what front loaded in the cucumber department.  A weird triple decker job with the crusts removed (as is standard in the Japanese sandwich).   ...]]></summary>
  56. </entry>
  57. <entry>
  58. <title>Ham and Cheese</title>
  59. <updated>2008-02-24T17:41:35Z</updated>
  60. <published>2008-02-24T17:41:35Z</published>
  61. <id>,2008-02-24:/sandwichselector/ssid616</id>
  62. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  63. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[This was a very tasty sandwich and definitely worth buying. The cheese was delicious and went well with the ham but the ham was a bit too strong. The bread was just normal white bread and held the san ...]]></summary>
  64. </entry>
  65. <entry>
  66. <title>Chicken &amp; SunBlush Tomato Relish Wrap</title>
  67. <updated>2007-10-08T13:53:07Z</updated>
  68. <published>2007-10-08T13:53:07Z</published>
  69. <id>,2007-10-08:/sandwichselector/ssid592</id>
  70. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  71. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[This sandwich is quite the deceiver. It looks so boring, but it is a taste explosion. SO tasty and interesting! Extra points for the yogurt dressing instead of the evil mayo. The only criticism I have ...]]></summary>
  72. </entry>
  73. <entry>
  74. <title>Chicken and Bacon</title>
  75. <updated>2007-10-03T23:51:54Z</updated>
  76. <published>2007-10-03T23:51:54Z</published>
  77. <id>,2007-10-03:/sandwichselector/ssid591</id>
  78. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  79. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Cucumber is an unusual ingredient to find in a sandwich labeled "Chicken and Bacon", and whilst it may infuriate the surprisingly large number of cucumberphobics out there, it certainly does alter the ...]]></summary>
  80. </entry>
  81. <entry>
  82. <title>Chicken, Bacon &amp; Cheese Club</title>
  83. <updated>2007-07-27T16:24:56Z</updated>
  84. <published>2007-07-27T16:24:56Z</published>
  85. <id>,2007-07-27:/sandwichselector/ssid560</id>
  86. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  87. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[A mighty sandwich but not for calorie counters. Plenty of chicken on the up side but a tad too much mayo. Should be good as an alcohol soaker-upper. ...]]></summary>
  88. </entry>
  89. <entry>
  90. <title>Roasted Salmon and Egg Salad</title>
  91. <updated>2007-07-20T11:54:36Z</updated>
  92. <published>2007-07-20T11:54:36Z</published>
  93. <id>,2007-07-20:/sandwichselector/ssid556</id>
  94. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  95. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[A typically high quality production from the daddy of sandwichiers, Pret. Egg and salmon can be a beautiful combination, but most manufactures plump for the same option of smoked salmon and egg mayo w ...]]></summary>
  96. </entry>
  97. <entry>
  98. <title>Coronation Chicken baguette</title>
  99. <updated>2007-07-16T11:50:29Z</updated>
  100. <published>2007-07-16T11:50:29Z</published>
  101. <id>,2007-07-16:/sandwichselector/ssid553</id>
  102. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  103. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Really very good. Salad was fresh and the baguette was nice and crisp and the chicken had a nice 'bit' to it.  ...]]></summary>
  104. </entry>
  105. <entry>
  106. <title>Cheesy Taco</title>
  107. <updated>2007-07-04T21:07:39Z</updated>
  108. <published>2007-07-04T21:07:39Z</published>
  109. <id>,2007-07-04:/sandwichselector/ssid549</id>
  110. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  111. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[This is NOT a taco. It's a brown bread sandwich. I can only imagine that the name was the result of some confusion at Treats. Having said that, it's probably one of the best sandwiches I've tasted in  ...]]></summary>
  112. </entry>
  113. <entry>
  114. <title>Chicken bacon and lettuce</title>
  115. <updated>2007-07-04T18:23:00Z</updated>
  116. <published>2007-07-04T18:23:00Z</published>
  117. <id>,2007-07-04:/sandwichselector/ssid548</id>
  118. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  119. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[2 Words: TRULY AMAZING this was the most deligtfull sandwich that had ever set foot in my mouth it has so much flavour and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L taste. The lettuce was a bit on the sloppy side big besides ...]]></summary>
  120. </entry>
  121. <entry>
  122. <title>Red Thai Chicken with a hint of Coconut</title>
  123. <updated>2007-06-27T15:48:45Z</updated>
  124. <published>2007-06-27T15:48:45Z</published>
  125. <id>,2007-06-27:/sandwichselector/ssid529</id>
  126. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  127. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[A brilliant sandwich, a superb symphony of a-little-bit-more-than-mildly spicy chicken with that extravagant coconut tinge. Very filling (don't eat it too fast though or you might feel a bit sick - I  ...]]></summary>
  128. </entry>
  129. <entry>
  130. <title>Seafood Cocktail</title>
  131. <updated>2007-06-20T12:38:41Z</updated>
  132. <published>2007-06-20T12:38:41Z</published>
  133. <id>,2007-06-20:/sandwichselector/ssid517</id>
  134. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  135. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Connoisseur Sandwiches look pretty ropey in their packs but being forced to try them in the past, through lack of other options, I was pleasantly surprised. On this occasion I decided to give them ano ...]]></summary>
  136. </entry>
  137. <entry>
  138. <title>Salt Beef</title>
  139. <updated>2007-05-14T16:49:46Z</updated>
  140. <published>2007-05-14T16:49:46Z</published>
  141. <id>,2007-05-14:/sandwichselector/ssid502</id>
  142. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  143. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Buying a sandwich on a train is the act of someone genuinely hungry. You know it probably won't be very good, you know it's going to be outrageously priced and you know you'll spend even more on overp ...]]></summary>
  144. </entry>
  145. <entry>
  146. <title>Tipsy Ploughmans</title>
  147. <updated>2007-05-02T14:32:25Z</updated>
  148. <published>2007-05-02T14:32:25Z</published>
  149. <id>,2007-05-02:/sandwichselector/ssid493</id>
  150. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  151. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Finally, Greggs has terminated their obsession with mayo. I never used to buy sandwiches from them, because they were all covered in the revolting stuff. They even had signs on the wall, saying that t ...]]></summary>
  152. </entry>
  153. <entry>
  154. <title>Mushroom &amp; Ham with Mustard Creme Fraish and Mature Cheddar</title>
  155. <updated>2007-04-11T13:49:14Z</updated>
  156. <published>2007-04-11T13:49:14Z</published>
  157. <id>,2007-04-11:/sandwichselector/ssid479</id>
  158. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  159. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Whistlers is the real deal.. Never thought I'd be reviewing a sandwich (toasted actually) but I had to say something! Fantastic artisan (organic) bread, baked shortly before it was made and purchased. ...]]></summary>
  160. </entry>
  161. <entry>
  162. <title>Cornish crab</title>
  163. <updated>2007-03-13T19:54:09Z</updated>
  164. <published>2007-03-13T19:54:09Z</published>
  165. <id>,2007-03-13:/sandwichselector/ssid452</id>
  166. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  167. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[Spending more than a fiver on a pre-packaged sandwich is, I'm sure you'll understand, a very serious undertaking. Any sandwich that costs that much better be breathtakingly good but this sandwich exce ...]]></summary>
  168. </entry>
  169. <entry>
  170. <title>Chicken and Bacon Caesar</title>
  171. <updated>2007-03-10T17:17:12Z</updated>
  172. <published>2007-03-10T17:17:12Z</published>
  173. <id>,2007-03-10:/sandwichselector/ssid449</id>
  174. <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  175. <summary type="html"><![CDATA[It was the look of this sandwich which attracted me rather than the bland name and packaging - it wasn't until I started opening it that I noticed it was their "Sandwich of the Week".
  176. But the first b ...]]></summary>
  177. </entry>
  178. </feed>

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