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  18. <title>Scarred For Life</title>
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  23. <![CDATA[It&#39;s Monday: time for a little (funny) story time. I will tell you why the show &lsquo;I didn&#39;t know I was pregnant&#39; scarred me for life. &lsquo;I didn&#39;t know I was pregnant&#39; is an American documentary television series. It showcased real-life situations in which mothers gave birth to &lsquo;surprise&#39; babies.
  24. ]]>
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  29. <title>No, I Don&#039;t Need To Smile More</title>
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  31. <id>,2018-04-20:/student_blog/item/no_i_dona_039_t_need_to_smile_more/</id>
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  34. <![CDATA[For those among you who don&#39;t know what catcalling is, let me enlighten you. It has nothing to do with cute kittens, such a shame. It&#39;s all about sexually frustrated males trying to get attention from females. In more formal terms it&#39;s called street harassment, sounds a bit more serious now.
  35. ]]>
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  40. <title>From Russia With Hate</title>
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  42. <id>,2018-04-20:/student_blog/item/from_russia_with_hate/</id>
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  45. <![CDATA[Hurricane Bianca is an independent comedy and LGBT film. The leading role is played by Roy Haylock, also known as Bianca Del Rio. Roy is an American costumer and drag queen, he also won the sixth season of RuPaul&rsquo;s Drag Race. Bianca Del Rio is one of my favorite drag queens by the way!
  46. ]]>
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  51. <title>Wear With Pride</title>
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  56. <![CDATA[The last couple of years more and more attention is focused on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Studies show that messages about diversity and equality for the LGBTQ+ community have widespread impact.-
  57. There are numerous charities and organizations that are fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community all over the world.
  58. ]]>
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  63. <title>Wear With Pride</title>
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  65. <id>,2018-04-20:/news/item/wear_with_pride_l0/</id>
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  68. <![CDATA[The last couple of years more and more attention is focused on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Studies show that messages about diversity and equality for the LGBTQ+ community have widespread impact.-
  69. There are numerous charities and organizations that are fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community all over the world.
  70. ]]>
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  75. <title>Let&#039;s Talk About Sex Baby!</title>
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  77. <id>,2018-04-18:/student_blog/item/leta_039_s_talk_about_sex_baby_l0/</id>
  78. <updated>2018-04-18T17:19:58Z</updated>
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  80. <![CDATA[Let&#39;s talk about you and me, let&#39;s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be ♪ ♪I&#39;m sorry, I&#39;ll get to the point of my blog.-I decided to look up the first things that pop into google when you type in &lsquo;is sex&#39;.-The first thing that comes up is:
  81. ]]>
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  86. <title>Letter To My 16 Year Old Self</title>
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  88. <id>,2018-04-17:/student_blog/item/letter_to_my_16_year_old_self/</id>
  89. <updated>2018-04-17T14:37:14Z</updated>
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  91. <![CDATA[Hi Manoesj-
  92. Okay this is a bit weird, how do I even start? It&#039;s me, 22 year old Manoesj. I&#039;m writing this from the backyard of my internship at Designers Against AIDS. I&#039;m almost finished with my degree in Commercial Communication, so we will probably go into the world of advertising.
  93. ]]>
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  97. <entry>
  98. <title>Are Flavoured Condoms Still A Thing?</title>
  99. <link href="" />
  100. <id>,2018-04-16:/student_blog/item/are_flavoured_condoms_still_a_thing/</id>
  101. <updated>2018-04-16T15:24:57Z</updated>
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  103. <![CDATA[Let&#039;s talk about flavoured condoms. Flavoured condoms are just regular latex condoms with a flavoured coating. These condoms can help make protected oral intercourse more enjoyable for the giver.
  104. So just for fun I decided to look up the weirdest condom flavours. Let&#039;s go!
  105. 1. Bacon - So your meat can look like meat (oh dear God)2. Garlic - Well, who doesn&#039;t love a bit of garlic?3. Coffee - Great for morning sex!
  106. ]]>
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  111. <title>Wait, It&#039;s Over Already ?!</title>
  112. <link href="" />
  113. <id>,2018-04-13:/student_blog/item/wait_ita_039_s_over_already/</id>
  114. <updated>2018-04-13T12:52:00Z</updated>
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  116. <![CDATA[My first week at Designers Against AIDS is already over, how crazy is that? Normally I&rsquo;m always really nervous for this kind of stuff, but here it&rsquo;s different. When I came here for the first time, I had a good conversation with Ninette and I felt at home right away.
  117. This week I took over Facebook and Twitter, I also created a new Instagram page for the Charity Store (@designersforcharity).
  118. ]]>
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  123. <title>New Instagram Alert</title>
  124. <link href="" />
  125. <id>,2018-04-12:/student_blog/item/new_instagram_alert/</id>
  126. <updated>2018-04-12T16:02:12Z</updated>
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  128. <![CDATA[Hello everyone!
  129. Today I&rsquo;m working on something really exciting: a brand new Instagram account for our Charity Store! We have so many beautiful pieces that need to be shared with the world, but no good platform to share them on -yet.
  130. After changing my feed a thousand times I finally found a set-up that I like.
  131. ]]>
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  135. <entry>
  136. <title>Adam And Steve</title>
  137. <link href="" />
  138. <id>,2018-04-11:/student_blog/item/adam_and_steve/</id>
  139. <updated>2018-04-11T15:32:26Z</updated>
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  141. <![CDATA[Today I want to talk about Todrick Hall. Todrick is an American singer, actor, dancer, director, drag queen, choreographer, songwriter and YouTuber (damn son). Sometimes I already struggle with updating my Instagram page&hellip; I don&rsquo;t know how he does it.
  142. About two weeks ago Todrick came out with a new visual album called &lsquo;Forbidden&rsquo;.
  143. ]]>
  144. </summary>
  145. </entry>
  147. <entry>
  148. <title>To Label Or Not To Label, That Is The Question.</title>
  149. <link href="" />
  150. <id>,2018-04-10:/student_blog/item/to_label_or_not_to_label_that_is_the_question/</id>
  151. <updated>2018-04-10T15:49:54Z</updated>
  152. <summary  type="html">
  153. <![CDATA[On this sunny day I wanted to talk to you guys about The Phluid Project, the first completely gender-neutral shop in the world. This project is committed to redefining gender labels. They create a place for self-expression where everyone can unapologetically be themselves. The Phluid Project is a place where you can pick out favorite outfits without any judgement.
  154. I&rsquo;m absolutely pro gender-neutral clothes, unfortunately not everyone is on board.
  155. ]]>
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  160. <title>The Lady In Red Is Back!</title>
  161. <link href="" />
  162. <id>,2018-04-09:/student_blog/item/the_lady_in_red_is_back/</id>
  163. <updated>2018-04-09T16:04:28Z</updated>
  164. <summary  type="html">
  165. <![CDATA[Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Manoesj, I&rsquo;m a senior student Communication Management at Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerp. Maybe you&rsquo;ll remember me, I&rsquo;m the girl in the red dress. To complete my education I will be doing an internship at DAA. As the new social media manager (sounds fancy, doesn&rsquo;t it?) I will be taking over Instagram, Twitter, the charity store and of course this student blog!
  166. ]]>
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  170. <entry>
  171. <title>And The Winner Is… </title>
  172. <link href="" />
  173. <id>,2018-02-03:/campaigns/item/and_the_winner_isa_b/</id>
  174. <updated>2018-02-03T17:58:59Z</updated>
  175. <summary  type="html">
  176. <![CDATA[&hellip; Mikaela Correa From Spain!
  177. During the month of January, Designers against AIDS and Pensamentos Tokio Hotel (a TH fanclub based in Brasil) held a contest on social media with the aim to find more followers for Designers against AIDS and the fanclub. The winner will get to spend 100 euros in DAA&rsquo;s Designers for Charity Online Store ( and a vintage poster from the collaboration that DAA did with Tokio Hotel in 2008 for Fashion against AIDS that was sold worldwide at H&amp;M.
  178. ]]>
  179. </summary>
  180. </entry>
  182. <entry>
  183. <title>Belgian Model Hanne Gaby Odiele On What It Means to Be Intersex</title>
  184. <link href="" />
  185. <id>,2018-01-05:/news/item/belgian_model_hanne_gaby_odiele_on_what_it_means_to_be_intersex/</id>
  186. <updated>2018-01-05T22:11:19Z</updated>
  187. <summary  type="html">
  188. <![CDATA[When Hanne Gaby Odiele was two weeks old, she developed an infection. Her parents took her to the hospital near their native Kortrijk, Belgium; the doctors did some blood work&mdash;and then they informed Franke and Annie Termote that their little boy was going to be just fine.
  189. Boy? They were flabbergasted.
  190. ]]>
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  192. </entry>
  194. <entry>
  195. <title>Our #safesexyselfie Campaign Is Back!</title>
  196. <link href="" />
  197. <id>,2017-11-29:/campaigns/item/our_safesexyselfie_campaign_is_back/</id>
  198. <updated>2017-11-29T21:14:34Z</updated>
  199. <summary  type="html">
  200. <![CDATA[For the third year running, we are holding our global #safesexyselfie social media campaign during the month of December, with the goal of informing young people about HIV/AIDS, advise them to educate themselves about the issue, to get tested regularly and to prevent getting infected with the HIV virus in the first place.Taking part in the campaign is easy:
  201. ]]>
  202. </summary>
  203. </entry>
  205. <entry>
  206. <title>Give A DAA Book For The Holidays</title>
  207. <link href="" />
  208. <id>,2017-11-26:/press/item/give_a_daa_book_for_the_holidays/</id>
  209. <updated>2017-11-26T15:16:52Z</updated>
  210. <summary  type="html">
  211. <![CDATA[We&#039;re very proud of our book &#039;Designers against AIDS-The First Decade&#039; and think it&#039;s the perfect present for someone you love. We still have a few copies left -now for a lower price- in our Designers for Charity online store:
  212. ]]>
  213. </summary>
  214. </entry>
  216. <entry>
  217. <title>Many New Products Added In Our Designers For Charity Online Store!</title>
  218. <link href="" />
  219. <id>,2017-11-18:/news/item/many_new_products_added_in_our_designers_for_charity_online_store/</id>
  220. <updated>2017-11-18T19:11:56Z</updated>
  221. <summary  type="html">
  222. <![CDATA[We have been busy re-arranging our stock, adding many new piecces to our online store (with lots more to come! ) and creating a dedicated Facebook Page called Designers for Charity (please Like it here: special thing about our store is that we are able to donate 100% (!
  223. ]]>
  224. </summary>
  225. </entry>
  227. <entry>
  228. <title>The Zombie Apocalypse and HIV/AIDS</title>
  229. <link href="" />
  230. <id>,2017-09-27:/student_blog/item/the_zombie_apocalypse_and_hiv_aids/</id>
  231. <updated>2017-09-27T19:44:02Z</updated>
  232. <summary  type="html">
  233. <![CDATA[It all started out with a simple Google search on a peaceful Friday night. I began searching "most underrated TV Series 2016" as I was frustrated to find a new series that could get my mind off waiting for Game of Thrones. I was particularly curious about this one series and immediately began to watch it.
  234. ]]>
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  238. <entry>
  239. <title>Schön Magazine And 8 Sexy Models Rap Against AIDS</title>
  240. <link href="" />
  241. <id>,2017-09-14:/campaigns/item/schapn_magazine_and_8_sexy_models_rap_against_aids/</id>
  242. <updated>2017-09-14T18:57:30Z</updated>
  243. <summary  type="html">
  244. <![CDATA[Made for Valentine&#039;s Day and still very nice to watch! Our friends over at Sch&ouml;n Magazine surprised us with this video, where 8 models rap against AIDS (or at least give it a damn good try) while showing the latest fashions.This is what it says on the website of Sch&ouml;n Magazine:
  245. This Valentine&rsquo;s Day, couples all over the world will be celebrating their love for one another &ndash; with one another.
  246. ]]>
  247. </summary>
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  250. <entry>
  251. <title>For Pleasure Only: The Clitoris</title>
  252. <link href="" />
  253. <id>,2017-08-31:/news/item/for_pleasure_only_the_clitoris/</id>
  254. <updated>2017-08-31T20:30:42Z</updated>
  255. <summary  type="html">
  256. <![CDATA[What do you know about the clitoris? Do you know what is it and what it can do?
  257. The Oxford English Dictionary states that the word clitoris likely has its origin in the Ancient Greek &kappa;&lambda;&epsilon;&iota;&tau;&omicron;&rho;ί&sigmaf;, kleitoris, perhaps derived from the verb &kappa;&lambda;&epsilon;ί&epsilon;&iota;&nu;, kleiein, "to shut". Clitoris is also Greek for the word &#39;key&#39;, indicating that the ancient anatomists considered it the key to female sexuality.It is actually important, especially for women, to get to know and understand about what the clitoris is and does.
  258. ]]>
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  262. <entry>
  263. <title>Do Gay TV Shows Cause A Rise In HIV?</title>
  264. <link href="" />
  265. <id>,2017-08-16:/news/item/do_gay_tv_shows_cause_a_rise_in_hiv/</id>
  266. <updated>2017-08-16T17:13:43Z</updated>
  267. <summary  type="html">
  268. <![CDATA[The deputy governor of Bangkok has claimed that rising HIV rates are a result of more &ldquo;gay TV&rdquo;.
  269. While speaking to Thai media after governing a conference on HIV, Thaweesak Lertprapan claimed that LGBT+ TV shows had made it more &ldquo;fashionable&rdquo; to be gay. The politician said that the &ldquo;fashion trend&rdquo; meant that HIV infections were on the &ldquo;rise&rdquo;.
  270. He said:
  271. ]]>
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  275. <entry>
  276. <title>Queer Artist Couple Gets Married In Every Country Worldwide </title>
  277. <link href="" />
  278. <id>,2017-08-15:/press/item/queer_artist_couple_gets_married_in_every_country_worldwide/</id>
  279. <updated>2017-08-15T15:48:19Z</updated>
  280. <summary  type="html">
  281. <![CDATA[Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom, who have been together for seven years, are planning to have a wedding in each of the 24 countries where same-sex marriage is legal. The artistic duo, known as &ldquo;JF. Pierets,&rdquo; are mum on specifics of the project, titled &ldquo;22,&rdquo; but told HuffPost they will take photos and shoot video for an art installation to be exhibited at the conclusion of the project, currently slated to end in October 2018.
  284. Pierets and Boom married in Belgium in 2012 and had been living in Spain for three years, but have since sold most of their possessions and will be traveling the globe with just one suitcase each.
  285. ]]>
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  287. </entry>
  289. <entry>
  290. <title>69 And A Sudden Apocalypse</title>
  291. <link href="" />
  292. <id>,2017-07-25:/student_blog/item/69_and_a_sudden_apocalypse/</id>
  293. <updated>2017-07-25T20:26:17Z</updated>
  294. <summary  type="html">
  295. <![CDATA[How difficult can it be to find a nice place for an internship? I&rsquo;m already on page 68 of 104 and still there isn&rsquo;t anything I want to commit to. Come on Manoesj, keep going. I turn to page 69 (! ) and there it is: Designers Against Aids. I go to the website and the first thing I see is &ldquo;Sex with a bun in the oven&rdquo;.
  296. ]]>
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  298. </entry>
  300. <entry>
  301. <title>We Presented The Way We Work At The European HQ Of Levi&#039;s</title>
  302. <link href="" />
  303. <id>,2017-07-20:/news/item/we_presented_the_way_we_work_at_the_european_hq_of_levia_039_s/</id>
  304. <updated>2017-07-20T13:19:25Z</updated>
  305. <summary  type="html">
  306. <![CDATA[Yesterday DAA&#39;s Ayke Gubbels gave a presentation/workshop preview at the Levi&#39;s Europe HQ in Brussels, about the way Designers against AIDS works and how we fight stigma and tell young people that safe sex is still a smart idea. Around 45 Levi&#39;s employees attended the event and also learned more about this year&#39;s Pride capsule collection and the workshops Ayke is giving in Berlin (tomorrow, July 21st) and Amsterdam (August 4th).
  307. ]]>
  308. </summary>
  309. </entry>
  311. <entry>
  312. <title>Presenting Our New Partner: Levi&#039;s!</title>
  313. <link href="" />
  314. <id>,2017-06-22:/campaigns/item/presenting_our_new_partner_levia_039_s/</id>
  315. <updated>2017-06-22T18:56:17Z</updated>
  316. <summary  type="html">
  317. <![CDATA[We had to keep the news quiet for a mighty long time, but today we can announce that we entered a sustainable partnership with Levi&#39;s Europe. To kick it off, we will be holding workshops during PRIDE Week in various European cities such as Madrid (June 30), Berlin (July 21) and Amsterdam (August 4) in the Levi&#39;s flagship store in these towns, where we&#39;ll talk about HIV/AIDS, safer sex, anti stigma, diversity, tolerance and much, much more.
  318. ]]>
  319. </summary>
  320. </entry>
  322. <entry>
  323. <title>Legalise Love, Powered By Google</title>
  324. <link href="" />
  325. <id>,2017-05-27:/press/item/legalise_love_powered_by_google/</id>
  326. <updated>2017-05-27T19:47:32Z</updated>
  327. <summary  type="html">
  328. <![CDATA[Google is launching a worldwide campaign to promote LGBT acceptance.
  329. Dubbed &ldquo;Legalise Love,&rdquo; the campaign will focus on countries and regions that have laws criminalizing same-sex relationships and/or homophobic cultures. According to several media reports, the campaign is initially focusing on Poland and Singapore but will eventually spread to every country where Google has operations.
  330. &ldquo;It is obviously a very ambitious piece of work,&rdquo; said Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, the company&rsquo;s head of diversity, in announcing the project at an LGBT Workplace Summit in London on July 7.
  331. ]]>
  332. </summary>
  333. </entry>
  335. <entry>
  336. <title>Forever Friend Of DAA: Marc Jacobs </title>
  337. <link href="" />
  338. <id>,2017-05-03:/friends_of_daa/item/forever_friend_of_daa_marc_jacobs/</id>
  339. <updated>2017-05-03T15:22:53Z</updated>
  340. <summary  type="html">
  341. <![CDATA[In 2011 Marc Jacobs created 3 different Playboy T-shirts to benefit DAA. They were sold in the Marc Jacobs stores all over the world and in the online stores and all proceeds were donated to us. During Fashion week 2011 in New York, London, Paris and Milan, Marc Jacobs made shopwindows for the Marc Jacobs X Playboy X DAA collection featuring a big red heart that said he was proud to support DAA.
  342. &ldquo;Just wanted to let you know about our latest windows at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store (403 Bleecker Street, NY).
  343. ]]>
  344. </summary>
  345. </entry>
  347. <entry>
  348. <title>Designers Upcycle Against AIDS- All Items Are On Sale Online Now!</title>
  349. <link href="" />
  350. <id>,2017-04-29:/education_center/item/designers_upcycle_against_aids_all_items_are_on_sale_online_now/</id>
  351. <updated>2017-04-29T10:21:53Z</updated>
  352. <summary  type="html">
  353. <![CDATA[Designers against AIDS (DAA) is organizing a brand new project where fashion designers and students make a new outfit from unsold second hand clothes at Pardaf Antwerp- the oldest vintage store of the Benelux.
  354. These outfits were photographed on models, can be seen as installations at Pardaf (Gemeentestraat 8, 2060 Antwerp and just around the corner of Antwerp&rsquo;s Central Sation) until the end of July and they are now also showcased online to buy:
  355. ]]>
  356. </summary>
  357. </entry>
  359. <entry>
  360. <title>Luca (12) Against AIDS</title>
  361. <link href="" />
  362. <id>,2017-04-11:/news/item/luca_12_against_aids/</id>
  363. <updated>2017-04-11T16:10:05Z</updated>
  364. <summary  type="html">
  365. <![CDATA[Today we got a visit from 12 year old neighbour Luca Van Meervelde, who is in her first year of the &#39;Atheneum&#39; high school in Schilde and who has to make a brochure about a SOA- and she opted for HIV/AIDS and Designers against AIDS! She arrived here armed with a list of questions and a bunch of lovely tulips.
  366. ]]>
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  370. </feed>

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